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  1. After four weeks of lockdown I have painted, weathered and assembled most of the superstructure. There's still things to add like the 20mm AA guns, baskets, foremast, life boats & life rafts but the main parts are all done. The mainmast still needs weathering and finishing off too which will be the next job. I've got a AK weathering deck wash, but it's too dark for what I want, so once I eventually get to it, a thin wash will go down on the deck.
  2. Some more progress on the superstructure and amidships. Most of the superstructure has been weathered and is now having the smaller additions added.
  3. Done a bit of weathering on the bottom of the superstructure and finished the smoke stack in its entirety. (Maybe some weathering pastel to simulate some soot but that's all). Despite building and painting most of the main superstructure components, I'm gluing the parts in place from inside out and bottom to top. I did get the ladder on one of the Bofors mounts backwards, but I'll try fix that later. Again the Pontos instructions were a let down by pointing out the railing around the stack was number 167. This piece is in fact the railing for the conning tower. The proper railing was 655 on a completely different fret. It's a shame really, the Pontos set is fantastic in so many ways but its let down badly with errors in the instructions, vague and small images, unclear diagrams in important areas and no instructions on what to do for the tons of leftover etch you'll have. If the instructions were done like a wingnuts kit, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  4. First bits of decking have been added. Bits and pieces like life rafts and ladders etc will be added afterwards. Might try weather the superstructure a little bit first..
  5. Some more progress with the horizontal surfaces getting a coat of 507A. Having not done a project like this before, I wasn't sure where to start with the painting. I figured vertical surfaces would be easier to do in terms of masking up for the horizontal surfaces afterwards and I found it worked quite well. The other upside is I've broken very little in the way of PE bits while masking and painting. Now itll be touch up painting fixing the over spray. Then I might actually glue some of these parts in...
  6. So on the day before we went into a 4 week lockdown, I decided to take the superstructure home to work on if time allowed. Turns out time allowed for some work and this is where it's at. The superstructure has received its blast of colour coats on the vertical surfaces. Colours look awesome dont they?
  7. Thanks, I'll go through each gun & paint according to the vertical surface behind it. What of guns which have nothing behind them like the pom poms on top of the main turret and stern? I was going to resort to 507A for those as a default colour..
  8. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies here's a quick question, gun mounts like the pom poms, bofors 40mm, the 4in guns and the many single 20mm ones, are they all painted the same grey as the horizontal surfaces or would they be painted a colour in line with the area of camouflage they're sitting in?
  9. Yup, they arrived the other day thanks. Might be a few weeks before I can finally use them as we're going into lockdown tomorrow and I'll be working from home and unable to build.
  10. Yeah I dont know why some of the photos are missing throughout this build, as the photos are posted on my fb modeling page and copied into here so they shouldn't be disappearing.
  11. So despite being idol on here for a while, I haven't been idol when it comes to building. Over the last couple of weeks I have completed the paravane booms, jack staffs, swinging booms, brake waters, derricks and other little bits & pieces. I then decided to put it altogether to see just how far along I've come. Sadly, not as far as first thought. Still so much more to do. I've since started the main battery, so that will be next, then I have to start shaving bits off the deck. Hopefully by then I'll have some paint to use. Things like the foremast and smoke stack are not complete due to needing a coat of paint before the small detail bits can go in, so certain steps are close to completion, but not quite, which means there's a lot to keep track of. This also applies to the superstructure railings, ladders, baskets, binoculars etc. Arguably I could be slightly further along if the instructions were a bit more clear cut. Quite a lot of time is spent figuring out the instructions. At any rate, it's good learning for the next one.
  12. Crane complete. The instructions were typically ambiguous,which could use more and higher resolution images to illustrate but having previously done the derrick earlier on, the same method mostly applied. What made this harder was that there was a piece of brass missing from the kit (which was supposed to be attached to another brass crane piece). I had to source some 0.5mm brass rod which did the job just fine in the end, which attached to the roof of the crane cabin.
  13. Hi all, Not sure where to post this question, but I guess here is as good as anywhere else. Back on the 23rd of December I ordered a couple of sets of 1/200 Royal Navy figures off the North Star Models website. I received an email from them on the 7th of January saying that the order had been shipped along with its respective tracking details. I have tried tracking this order but the tracking number does not exist in the system on the couriers website. All my emails to North Star have gone unanswered, which is frustrating. Has anyone dealt with these guys before? I'm kind of at a loss about what to do. I understand international shipping can take a while, but if the tracking number does not exist, then I don't expect it to magically show up.
  14. Paravanes completed. I did not enjoy making these. They were rather troublesome.
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