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  1. I've been a bit slack lately with putting up progress shots. (uploading then through a 3rd party makes me feel a bit unmotivated sometimes), but in this case some feedback would be helpful; As mentioned earlier, this kit (while beautifully detailed), had a big problem where the floor which holds the cockpit, radio compartment & turret was warped, and it required a bit of surgery & shaving away to get it fitting properly. The rest of the build was good overall. The vague instruction made things into a nice challenge in parts, but now that it is 90% complete, a problem with the canopy has now arisen- it is not wide enough. It appears too narrow on the fuselage. I don't know if it was due to my earlier fit issues, (once the interior was in, the fuselage fit was reasonably good), or if this is a common problem. More to the point, what can be done to resolve it? Not quite sure how to tackle this one..
  2. Thanks for that. I did not know the deck was painted dark grey- I have not seen any photos to suggest that. Must not be looking hard enough.. So once the paint wore off, the deck was left as is until it's late war refit?
  3. Yeah I'm not sure either, though it seems to be generally accepted that it was unpainted- which is fine as I'd prefer it that way. Compared with a painted camouflage deck it adds a nice point of interest with a bit more colour. All of the colourised images I can find all point to an unpainted deck.
  4. Thanks, makes sense. In future I'll refer to the kit as the 1/200 Trumpeter HMS Nelson 1945 version. :P In the mean time, I hope to be starting the Academy 1/350 Warspite in the coming days (with Pontos set). I'll be following your recommendation on the 507A & 507C paint guide.
  5. Thanks Jamie, comprehensive as always. Your detailed answers are always very much appreciated. Going back to the kit, the Nelson went in for refit in late 1944 wearing the disruptive scheme, and emerged in 1945 wearing the Scheme A with the blue rectangle? So the Trumpeter kit is the 1944 version with the paint scheme from 1945. Considering the job they did on their 1/350 Warspite paint chart, this sounds about right... So by rights, the kit modelled by Trumpeter & subsequently Pontos would be the 1944 version before the late 1944 Boston refit? What colour would the deck have been during this period? Can't image it was unpainted teak throughout her career..
  6. Actually, while I'm thinking about it @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, in regards to the HMS Nelson, the Trumpeter 1/200 kit comes with the paint diagram for the 1944 version with the blue rectangle running down the hull. What is the correct scheme & colours for the 1943(?) version? It's the green & white wavy one I'd want to use. There appears to be a few different variations around the place and considering the time & monetary this investment will ultimately cost, I'd like it to at least be correctly painted. By the way, thanks again for the earlier clarification on the RN Dark & light grey. It's been a great help!
  7. Thanks Jamie, I'll keep that Flyhawk set in mind when it comes time to build it.
  8. Thanks Jamie, I've continued searching around on these kits and have found the following items: Trumpeter HMS Hood TRU 06601 Barrels & Props (forgot that Trumpeter actually make this set) White Ensign 35014 Full PE set KA Models Wooden Deck Big Blue Boy upgrade set with 14 PE frets, resin blast bags, & brass barrels Artworx Decking Hobby Boss USS Arizona Lion Roar PE set with brass barrels & resin blast bags Eduard Full PE set (more detailed PE but no railings) Eduard Full Railing set (separate to full set) Artworx decking Trumpeter HMS Dreadnought 1915 White Ensign PE set (for Zvezda kit, but most parts are compatible) White Ensign Aerials (those round things the rigging runs through) Artworx Decking Too bad all the upgrades are available for the Zvezda kit, when Trumpeter have done 3 different versions of it the Dreadnought. Having built the Trumpeter 1907 Dreadnought, the plastic masts were really flimsy. I guess brass masts are only available through sets like Pontos? It appears most of these upgrade sets (with the exception of Pontos) are not quite fully complete. It's a shame they don't make full upgrade kits for all shiips- it would be so much easier to figure out what to buy...
  9. Hi all, I've been struggling lately with aftermarket parts for some of the model ships in the stash awaiting to be built. While I'm aware there are certain aftermarket bits available for these ships, there seems to be multiple of the same thing by different brands, plus other bits and pieces from other manufacturers available in different places all for the same ship. As a result, finding the best parts for the best price which are currently available is confusing and time consuming. What I'm looking for is a comprehensive list or a place which stocks everything I need to complete each ship. (I don't want to buy 6 different things from 6 different sites for example). This includes any PE, wooden decks, brass, rigging, resin blast bags, white metal & searchlights. In the stash I have the following kits; Academy 1/350 HMS Warspite Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Dreadnought 1915 Hobby Boss 1/350 USS Arizona Trumpeter 1/200 HMS Nelson I am aware that Pontos provide upgrade sets for the 1/350 Warspite & Nelson, but is there anything else you need to complete them? If somebody out there can help compile a list of upgrades for each ship and where to get them (preferably all together), then it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. After years of building kits, I've now found myself having this problem. I'm building the Italeri 1/48 Avenger (the old Accurate Miniatures kit). I used for the first time the Testors acrylic grey primer (TES 4680). I left it 3 days before I went back over it with some black pre shading. Now when masking it up with the Tamiya tape, it's tearing off quite large sections of paint. I've never had this problem before. Might have to go back to the Tamiya primer.. If sections of paint have been removed by tape, do you need to strip the whole thing back and start again or can you remedy it effectively?
  11. Really nice build! Seeing a UK Phantom in that scale is a nice change. Beautifully done!
  12. Heh, no you wouldn't. It looks more impressive from a distance. Close up you'll see all the glaring errors and misshapen/misaligned mistakes due to my inexperience with small scale PE.
  13. Been meaning to post this for a while now (apologies in advance for the rushed photography) This kit features full phot etch, brass barrels, 3d Printed secondaries & wooden deck. This is a commission for a client of mine and he wanted the teak decking as opposed to the dark decking this ship apparently had in 1941. As expected with an older Airfix ship, it wasn't without problems, but overall it caused less than I thought it would. My skills on the PE & rigging caused far more issues..
  14. Another one of my projects on the go is the 1/48 Italeri (Accurate Miniatures) Grumman Avenger. This is undoubtedly one of the finest kits I've seen in terms of detail. It's very impressive. However, this kit is let down by the poor and vague instructions. Plus true to form and continuing the trend of warped and misshapen kits that have plagued me lately, the cockpit of this kit had warped and twisted (not sure if it is because it has sat in a stash for the past 12 years..), but as a result, the fit in the interior is a bit off, and some cutting and shaving has been required to correct the best I can. The fuselage halves will soon be closed up but test fitting looks promising. But again, detail wise it's to drawer.
  15. Been a bit slow with my documentation lately, but this is one of the kits currently on the go. Airfix 1/600 HMS Cossack. Not much to say about this kit as there really is not much to it. The detail is very basic, the fit is well below average. It's been spruced up with the WEM PE kit and 3D printed turrets & brass barrels. There's not a huge amount left to do on this kit, which will be a relief when finished. This is the third of three commissions for my client. (the previous being the 1/600 Achillies & 1/600 King George V
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