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  1. ArtickWarspite

    1/350 HMS Dreadnought in dry dock at Portsmouth

    Looks absolutely stunning! Great dry dock too. Looks like a lot of time and effort went into this.
  2. ArtickWarspite

    1/48 Hurricane

    Really nice build! Looks fantastic!
  3. ArtickWarspite

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    I'll do some more looking int this. I had some more information stored on a hard drive about this which recently packed up, so when time allows I will back track and look at my sources. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind as to comment with your supportive words. I'm going to take a small break and build a commission 1/600 HMS King George V, but will be researching more for the next aviation painting. The feedback you guys have provided has been noted and will be incorporated into the next one. Any ideas as to what aircraft you want to see painted next? At this point we'll keep with the WWII subject..
  4. ArtickWarspite

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Thanks, yes that is a fine print. I like how the sun creates a strong contrast against the aircraft which in turn enhances their lines.
  5. ArtickWarspite

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate the feedback. There were multiple reasons that the aircraft ended up at that angle, though the majority is Inexperience as I was ultimately fixated on creating as much space in the painting as possible, and that angle created a lot. Also the model I'm currently building of it was a work in progress and things like roundels & letters etc were all hand copied and those shapes in particular are extremely hard to draw convincingly. Will definitely do another one as it was quite enjoyable. I have also done extensive research into this, and the 249 squadron Operations Record Book say he flew the following Hurricane's during September 1940: Flew P3384- on 2nd September 1940 & made forced landing after dogfight. Flew V6610- 3rd, 5th September Flew V7313- 8th September Flew V6566- 9th September Flew V6683- 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th – 19th, 22nd– 27th September Flew P3834- 13th September Flew P3615- 20th September Also here: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hurricane/RAF-249Sqn-GN.html And there is also another painting of his Hurricane wearing the GN-H code ramming the Me110. Just google image it. All the sources I have found all point to GN-H. Aside from your Hurricane, I have not seen any reference with GN-D.. Also try and get a copy of Brian Cull's book 249 squadron at war. From memory that may tell you what flight he was in...
  6. ArtickWarspite

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Hi everyone, Here's my first attempt at an aviation painting. I do quite a bit of painting as a hobby so it was inevitable that this would one day become a subject. This one will be going into a show at the end of the month. The Hurricane in question is Hurricane MK1 GN-H (V6683) flown by F/O Percival Ross Frames Burton during the Battle of Britain. I chose this subject simply because I was building a Hurricane at the time which became the model for the painting. Having not done one of these before, some feedback would be good if you could!
  7. ArtickWarspite

    Trumpeter Vampire F.Mk5 1/48 Gold shark

    Fantastic finish! Well done! Sorry to hear about the jeans.. I'm totally the same.
  8. ArtickWarspite

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Been looking forward to this kit. Glad to see that you enjoyed it. Any idea roughly when it will be released? Will get a copy of the magazine too- you've built a great looking model which oozes inspiration.
  9. ArtickWarspite

    Vickers Wellington X 3170

    KJ-A/DV778 was a Wellington Mk1C that was brought down near Juist Island on a raid to Bremen 26/6/42. My Great Uncle was the wireless operator on it. Researching this, there doesn't appear to be a lot of information for 11 OTU. I found there are some very knowledgeable people on the RAF command forum. If you're still looking for info, you might find something there.
  10. This is the Airfix 1/600 Ajax kit, but it was dressed up as the Achilles for a commission build. The kit has had the WEM PE set, resin turrets & Brass barrels added in. The Airfix kit is around 50 years old, and the detail on the kit is extremely basic, but the photo etch went some way to improving the appearance. But for such an old kit, it was pleasantly surprising to see the overall fit was pretty good. The hull was a little warped but lined up almost perfectly without much effort. This was a reasonably enjoyable build despite not having worked with PE on such a small scale before. That was challenging.
  11. ArtickWarspite

    1/48th Hurricane decals

    Tried this last night, and yes, they look so much better than the 30 inch ones. This is a much better fit. The height is perfect. The top of the GN codes fit just below the slid back canopy hood and the bottom just touches the wing root join. The width looks good too, so I'll go ahead and order these X32046 decals. Thanks for your help everyone, it's greatly appreciated.
  12. ArtickWarspite

    1/48th Hurricane decals

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I've printed out a couple of letters at the specified size and will test fit them and see how they go. If they're slightly thinner then I won't mind very much, but if it is significant, then I'll be in touch.
  13. ArtickWarspite

    P-47D "Smokepole" Tamiya 1:48

    Top shelf build! Lovely finish and effective weathering
  14. ArtickWarspite

    Airfix 1\24 spitfire Mk.VB tropical

    Certainly looks the part! Well done!