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  1. G’day folks. An Ag Cat you say? Yep, an Ag Cat. Last year (2019) Jamo released this limited run kit to the market. It’s not something that I would gravitate to as I prefer military types. A colleague at work and fellow modeller asked me to build a model for him as a commission. In his sign off he mentioned that he’d been looking for one of these kits as he has fond childhood memories of it. As a young fella his parents' house backed onto the Eagle Farm airport here in Brisbane well before the new Brisbane airport was ever built. Due to its proximity to Moret
  2. Thanks @F-32 I'm pretty happy with this one @GRK. I think I'll come back to it to add a little bit more.
  3. I can certainly see you enjoy the painting and weathering stage. Great to see a late war vessel too.
  4. That looks like one beast of a ship. The rigging looks fantastic as does the rest of it and the simple presentation is great. Mick
  5. Wow. SO much work to get up to the deck before the fiddly stuff starts. Keep going. Mick
  6. Thanks Shaun, it's kind of you to say that. If you ever in Brissie, stop by and we can talk shop and other stuff! Mick
  7. Thanks @swralph! Cheers @jackroadkill. If it's the images that referring to about the filter, there's no filter applied. Just stratight off the phone. Cheers @phildagreek Thanks @supersonic Cheers @Farmerboy Thanks @PhantomLover Thanks @Tbolt Thanks @wellsprop
  8. Hi all. I've just finished up the very nice 1/48th Eduard Tempest. This is the series two boxing that corrected the short comings of the main gear. I've added some extra resin into it by way of the spinner, exhausts, controls surfaces (sans rudder) and wheels; all from Barracuda. The main gear legs and doors are from the Eduard Brassin set and the kit etch was used in the cockpit. I opted for the raised plastic IP and decals as the etch item was a far 2D; perhaps okay in 72nd scale kit but not in a 48th scale kit. The radiator flap has been cut out and fabricated from a thinner mat
  9. Thanks Calum. A quiet two hours yesterday morning before the online frivolities! Thanks Erwin. That's kind of you to say that.
  10. Hi all. I'm close to the finish line with the Tempest and I call the stencil cut paint masks a success. It's the weathering and final assembly to go. The next post should be in the RFI section. Cheers, Mick
  11. Todays marking are bought to you by the Silhouette Cameo 4. (said with a Sesame Street tune in my mind). I've ummed and aahhed about getting one of these and I recently bit the bullet and what a great decision. I'm a convert. My first effort with it has been the upper wing roundels on the Tempest. Tamiya paint brews are the blue and red. The most work is drawing up the artwork but once done it can be resized as necessary depending on the scale and it's 1:1 size. I can see myself making lots of roundels and codes for subjects. Cheers, Mick
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