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  1. With the current working from home situation I've managed to get an hour or so in before and after work. Doing this has allowed me to get the main fuselage components together in quick fashion. The fiddliest past has been the wing root seam for each wing. When I glued the wings on I made sure that the gap on the top side was minimal as it would be the most visible. On the underside a bit more work was required to come up with a clean result. I've recently switched over from the grey Tamiya putty to their regular basic white and I find it a lot easier to sand. Not quite sure if others find this but it's a lot nice to work with and seems to dry faster than the grey stuff. End result is the join lines are now clean and the panel line has been reinstated. In order to do this I opted for a fine pitch razor saw rather then my Trumpeter scriber as I find the scriber will dig the putty out of the filled area, totally defeating the exercise. The razor saw seems to do a cleaner job at reinstating the line, particularly on longer runs. A shot of primer shows a clean result. The inner wing inspection panels have also been redefined too as some details was lost on them with all of the sanding. While test fitting the intake I found a small gap on the right side. When fitting the intake to ensure its contours fit with the fuselage a small gap appears. I've added some plastic strip to fill the gap and that has sorted it. (Tad out of focus, soz about that) The NSI intake fits snuggly now. (Still need to reinstate the holes for the chin pods thingies) And of course with all of this going on who can forget the driver. Some Future gloss on his visor to make it shine-ee Looks like an F-16. I've hacked off the speed brakes as I'll open them up. Cheers, Mick
  2. Indeed Andre!!! Noted re intake on the fin. I think I'd grabbed one from a C kit rather than the original kit tail as it was correct. Thanks for the heads up though.
  3. Cracking stuff Neil. Did you use all of that glorious PE detail or did you give it a miss where not needed? I have the kit and it looks like there's plenty of small PE parts to be lost. Great scheme too. Cheers, Mick
  4. That's pretty good for something that isn't your usual subject/scale Wally. It came up a treat. Cheers, Mick
  5. Well, nothing like an updated in a few days...or should that be a few years. Six more like it, oops! I read the original post I a said that this should be a quick build...guess I was a wee bit off the mark. Oh well, we're back to regular programming. I left this off with a fair bit of work already done but I've decided to alter a few things. Firstly as the cockpit will be closed and the model in flight I've gone away from using the Eduard interior panel and opted for the kit plastic. Painted up it looks fine and I'd rather use the etch for an open canopy where it can be seen. Secondly the driver has bene painted. The canopy will be tinted so the colours will be dialled back from what they look like here. Looking pretty good so far. Apologies for the lack of updates. We should be back to regular now that major assemblies are glued together. Cheers, Mick
  6. Just wow. I've seen a few reviews on this and it's nothing but mic. Love those Malcom hood B models. Well done.
  7. Thanks Mark. Thanks Roberto. Thanks Maginot, much appreciated. Thanks Mark. The EDSG was Gunze Acrylic 333 and the Sky was the only lacquer of theirs that I used, I'm afraid I can't remember that specific number. The oils et al were done with Abteilung and Tamiya Panel line washes. Cockpit details were done with the trusty old Vallejo acrylics. Thanks. I wanted to added a bit of visual contrast as the scheme can be quite plan if done as factory fresh. Amongst the reference images that I had, the Korean birds were certainly the most well worn. Cheers RMCS. Thanks Steve. The got a few Airfix builds under my belt from the last two years and they've been pretty much vice less. I only wish Airfix would spend some time on refining the panel lines; I'm sure I dropped my airbrush down them once. And yes, it'd be a subject that would be nice to see in a few more schemes. Thanks Mike, that's kind of you to say that. I've since updated the photos as I dragged my DSLR out to take some nicer image. While the phone does have a 4K camera I'm not convinced of it's performance.
  8. Lovely stuff Gazza. I've heard the Aires pit is a pain to fit, as they are on most models. Good job.
  9. Holy smokes, you've gone full meal deal on that one. It looks amazing. Well done.
  10. Thanks Colin. I agree, the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 and EE Lightings are great examples of what you mention. Thanks Ken. Thanks Gatesy Thanks Andy. It's one area I wish Airfix would address. Thanks Wellsprop
  11. G'day all . Happy new 2022 to you all, hope you managed to have a bevvy wherever you are. This would have been a completion for 2021 however I had better offers! First for 2022 (so close for 2021 though). The 1/48 Airfix Sea Fury with all the Barracuda bits including cockpit set, cowl and spinner, main gear bay, wheels and brass gear legs. Master barrels pitot and cannon barrels top it off. Built using the really nice kit decals as VW645 from 805 squadron Royal Australian Navy. I wanted to try and add some interest to the otherwise ubiquitous EDSG/sky scheme, I think I came close to the mark. I can thoroughly recommend the VMS satin varnish too. Apply it wet and it comes out perfect and it's water based too. The only downer to the kit are the braille rivets on the rudder and the heavy panel lines. Oh, and the crappy two piece cowl. Cheers and a merry 2022. Mick
  12. Holy smokes, you've gone full meal deal on that Laurie. Keep the updates rolling. Mick
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