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  1. Hi all. I had a minor setback over the weekend. I was hoping to have started if not completed decalling by Sunday night but issues with lifting paint around the elevator joint had me striping paint, sanding and feathering existing paint and then masking and re-applying the white, orange and silver. Much gnashing of teeth and swearing ensued. It took several hours for the repairs but they've come out fine. I'll let those pics speak for themselves. Since affecting the repairs I've applied the gloss coat and started the decalling with the roundels first. It's finally got some personality. I think the next lot of pictures will have it finished before delivery to the customer. Cheers, Mick
  2. Hi all Some good Thursday night progress on the Winjeel. There's a few small touch ups to do on the white around the elevator hinges. Once they're done it'll be clear coat ready for decals on the weekend. Cheers, Mick
  3. thanks Ian. I've been taking my time with it Ian and progress picture haven't been high the list. It's being built for a customer and he has asked for it to be failry clean. Hey Rob. I've got a mate who built the NKR one. Lots of scratch-building and gnashing of teeth were some of the phrases he used. Cheers all.
  4. G'day all. Far too long between drinks and the Winjeel has taken shape and even has its first colour. Today's job was two hours of masking followed by ten of painting ten minutes. I love this modelling caper. Some fresh Gunze H14 Orange mixed with a dram of Gunze H33 Russet and the 1/48 Redroo Winjeel is starting to look the part. The scheme I'm doing is a bit different to the box options but nothing a few extra pieces of tape won't sort. The locations for the roundels have been masked as the decals are slightly translucent and I don't want the line between the two colours showing though. It's something that has reported in a few online builds. Cheers, Mick
  5. Thanks Alan. The mix of colours work quite well. One question regarding the chipping of the forward half GSB. Am I correct assuming it is the green chromate colour and then wearing further down to the bare metal? Cheers, Mick
  6. Thanks Andy and Kagemusha. It's an older build but thanks for the nice comments. @Kagemusha, the GWH P-40 certainly looks appealing as a desert scheme subject.
  7. Hi all. Father's day here in Oz so it was a day of colouring in the Corsair. Tamiya flat white, Gunze intermediate blue, Gunze Navy Blue and Gunze Midnight blue. Now to start dinging it up. Cheers, Mick
  8. Friday night and more progress. This time with the underlying chipping colour. The idea here is that I'll lay down some chipping fluid and then a patchwork of Sea blue. Over that will be a faded and distressed layer of the overpainted gloss sea blue. I've carried the same primer colour to the rear fuselage as it was in the original 4 tone USN scheme so the primer will be directly beneath the camo colours. The primer colour is zinc chromate from the Mr Color lacquer range. Cheers, Mick
  9. Thanks Alan. Looks like I'll go for a partly fuel stained section of the GSB and chromate for the chipping colour of the rear half. They're the photos I was looking at. Cheers, Mick
  10. Those images are really good Alan. Thanks for them. The GBS main well with the white & primer chipping would be interesting combination but it makes perfect sense with the painting schedule they went through. Does the primer colour of the tailwheel bay would also carry onto the fuselage. I assume that it does so I was going to use the chromate primer colour for chipping purposes. I'd seen a similar photos of 307 in the same flight, however I thought that it was post prang. You can see quite a contrasting line between the forward and rear fuselages halves at the line just below the windscreen. Is this not correct? Though now looking at a different image it is visible that the line is not a neat straight edge along a panel. Perhaps a fuel stain from the leaking forward tank? This would support your comment regarding the image being prior to its prang. I've seen another image of 307 on the ground looking like it was just joined together as it's looking pretty average. It's taken front the starboard side and shows the join line at the sliding canopy clearly. This is really great stuff. Thanks for your help with this. I've got a mental picture of how I want this to go now. Mick. Thanks SAT.
  11. G'day Alan. Thanks for that excellent information. I had wondered about the chipping colour below the GSB as I knew 5307 was a repainted airframe. The blue underneath the GSB makes sense. I'll go back over those silver areas with an appropriate blue. Would it be plausible that the main gear bays would be chipped in the green primer? My line of thought here is the original four tone schemes had the green primer wheel bays however the GSB was later applied over it. So green chipped painted would make sense here, yeah? And with regards to the rear half of the airframe, am I safe to assume that the primer was the green chromate as 5272 was delivered in the three tone scheme? Again, thanks for the great info. Mick
  12. Thanks Rob. It's an easy one to put together so the pace has been good. I'll have some more up over the weekend. Cheers, Mick. Thanks Calum.
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