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  1. Looking v good indeed. I'm nearly complete on the sub assemblies. Just got the outer intakes, jet pipe outers and missiles and the priming can start. Its a lovely kit. I thought the ZM kit was nice, but this is another leap ahead.
  2. Not your fault, you would have either moved its containing folder or the image host has done the same.
  3. No images are available, all I get is blue boxes with imaggebb.com - image not found
  4. Probably because Tamiya’s is a Mk.7 and Hypersonic is a Mk.5. So they would look different in the head rest area.
  5. Don't encourage him, he will think its a date.....
  6. I have……. I think I’ll be past that. Even with my slow speed. As per the dates at the top, start at midnight, finish by midnight. Rules are pinned up somewhere. Completed kits have a beauty contest.
  7. You must have the same issue as me… liking it so far, getting to a stage of lots of sub assemblies where the priming can start. About to commence the pylons so you can guess how far in the sub assemblies I am.
  8. Going to use the Quinta belts from the phantom sets I have. They supply 3 seats worth per set. The kit has been washed in soapy water and is currently drying. Empty work bench…..
  9. Just had a box of 4 arrive, 2 for club members and mine. May not even make this weekend remaining in the box never mind the GB.
  10. Model shops aren't modelling. Modelling topics are about the building to completion. Its shopping, or to be more precise for the majority of this membership; Stashing. We could have a lot more topic areas, but its more places to look after, more places to move from and to and more places for members to get their heads around.
  11. Might as well sling me in for a Tamiya F-4B. Got a 32 scale Tamiya F-4S conversion on the go but its more like 75% done
  12. The downloadable version has not appeared either.
  13. Nothing flagged other than 3 attempts were made and the email warning and reset has done its job. Unfortunately, not that unusual
  14. will be watching and waiting for mine.....
  15. Sort of a forum issue - what is stored on your PC as cookies is being dragged back in to automatically fill boxes as part of the software trying to prevent what you have typed being lost. Clear your history and cookie caches.
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