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  1. Guilty, thank you for the compliment. The MiG was nice but I preferred others in that category. As I said, the Draken was lovely, I have quite a few in 1:48 to build and its a cracking kit of a cracking aircraft.
  2. I saw that little beauty at the Illawarra show last weekend. Your photo's dont do it justice. Hard to chose between that and the Luftwaffe F-104G for the best 1:72 Jet there.
  3. Moved from the Cold War forum area. Please post in the correct area
  4. School of Military Engineering has a new museum at Holsworthy. Open on weekdays, you can get the train there but will have to walk around to the front gate (15 minutes). Access I can confirm for you, you would need your passport as a from of ID.
  5. A big thank you to those members who have made a donation towards the running costs. As you can guess, it isn’t cheap and as we grow so do the monthly costs to our hosts, so every little bit helps to keep us going
  6. The Ken Burns documentaries are sublime, very much like World at War for the interviews and footage. Put me down for the build as well please, I may be around depending on the job but I have one or 3 phantoms, crusaders and skyraiders!
  7. Clear your cache and cookies. Its not a forum issue as what you have typed is remembered solely on your device.
  8. That’s just a function of the software that saves what you have typed in case you lose the net. Just clear it and type, it won’t alter your last post.
  9. I had a few winch down and up trips on those cabs during that period dropping myself and the trusty hound onto the River Class ships on OPS G and I. The major difference between them and the light blue job cabs was that they would turn up regardless of clouds in the sky
  10. Easy enough to do we need a link and for you to stop shouting in capitals...
  11. Greg B


    That’s a shame mate, Spinone’s are a little bit more taughtly strung than Bracco’s. mine is so laid back he is well past horizontal. He watches thunderstorms through the patio doors (normally sitting next to my 6 year old daughter) and any loud bangs see him go into a point and looking for the expected pheasant to fall out of the sky. However he was brought up next to a tank range and spent his formative year in a Regt of 600 Sappers with frequent nights in the Sqn Bar so he has seen it all, twice! He works as a therapy dog at a local hospital now. Anyway, probably not grumpy enough for here! So i’ll just whinge about the weather....
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