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  1. Greg B

    Jeez, it's all changed...

    Some really good advice here gents, keep it up for pinning My tuppence: What works for someone else may not work for you, be it paint, glue, airbrush, thinner or even kit. Find what works for you, especially for paints; just get a couple of pots of brands and experiment (that's where the cheap kits come in). Technique is the same process. there are lots of ways to skin that cat. Don't practice on a big hairy lion first, try a more gently tabby! However,whilst you should not be afraid to try, don't be surprised if it doesn't turn out how you expect it to, sometimes it may even be to your advantage! Airbrushes and Paint Brushes, either way, its all down to practice, lots of lovely practice and learning what paints and mix ratios (plus pressure for airbrushes) works for you. Sometimes the kit wins the day. Most of the time its you, learn on those days that the kit is showing signs of winning to walk away and come back with a different approach (98% of us have a shelf of doom or a kit that fought all the way). Ask here how someone has done something you like the look of. The denizens here like praise because in most cases they are human. Apart from @Martian Hale, he's not. Finally, never carelessly carry over one shoulder a rucksack with lots of dangly straps at model shows. The locals here like a good pitchfork and bonfire session.
  2. Greg B


    Very similar to Lynx in Afghanistan, 2 of us at night with bergans, weapons and some bits and bobs.
  3. Greg B

    Search function

    Time someone last commented.
  4. Greg B

    Search function

    Because Chat gets culled every so often to reduce the server space required.
  5. Greg B

    Another 1/32 Lancaster

    Locked - being discussed in the rumourmonger area.
  6. Greg B

    Primer for Resin

    Alclad primer, never had any issues with it and resin
  7. Greg B

    Mr.Finishing Surfacer - DOTTY DISASTER!

    That is drying before it reaches the model. I would say that it’s still not thin enough.
  8. Greg B

    A midlander! for my crimes!

    Only became Australian due to the clothes I wear
  9. Greg B

    multiple email notifications

    I’ve looked over your account, nothing untoward there and we can’t see what you follow. So I changed your notifications to one by email per week and saved. Then changed again to one per day and saved. Hopefully that will resolve it.
  10. Greg B

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Here you go for a basic set of panels:
  11. Greg B

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    It’s not Marston matting, it’s PSA (Prefabricated Surfacing Aluminium) which is very different, Marston has big holes in it, PSA has square corrugations. As can be seen, pieces are also, colour coded on the tips for their position in the build. It’s laid diagonally for runway’s in order to prevent bow waving from the aircraft, where the slack in the mats could be taken up as a heavy aircraft moves forward. Pans are the normal parallel laid sections as per the photo, and taxiways for Harriers were normally about four planks wide for the main gear and gaps before a couple of planks were laid for the outriggers. I have a Pam somewhere electronically with the pattern, used to kick tin with an ADR Sqn and one of my mates was on the San Carlos job as a young sapper so we may be able to confirm what was used. However l’m pretty sure that most of the AM2 went on the Atlantic Conveyor and there was then a massive flap trying to get all the PSA they could from all the different ships it had been squirrelled away on.
  12. Greg B

    1/48 Eduard P-400

    I'm keeping an eye on this build. There is a P-400 just down the road from me at the moment that is very sadly, slowly rotting away. Its one I want to do in the future in its better days.
  13. Greg B

    Puce coloured blocks

    Windows 10 is pretty stable, google likewise. If you can do a google search for how to find your graphics hardware it may give a better idea. Have you updated your drivers etc?
  14. Greg B

    Puce coloured blocks

    What’s the operating system, web browser and graphics hardware you have on your PC’s as it rather sounds like it’s an age issue with hardware not coping with new for software and it’s higher requirements