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  1. Drawn by a mate of mine, and carrying the RE stable belt and the Beaver emblem of 48 Fd Sqn (Air Sp) on the nose of the bomb Funnily enough I will be doing it as well.
  2. Moved to the correct area. The work in progress area is for just that, the Mod team are not here to tidy up because you did not fancy posting in the correct area.
  3. As above, by all means like the post but no more comments/quotes until it is complete in order to leave it as a reference source that does not need to be trawled through. Any posts will be removed until that point.
  4. I don't think we could get rates that would be better than an off site provider, there are plenty of free hosting sites and, add to that, what happens if you dont pay? Considering how few members, long term or otherwise have managed to refrain from dipping their hands in their pockets to help with the site hosting costs, despite making significant use of it, I think it would be unwise at the very least.
  5. Unfortunately not from the BM side of the process, it would normally have been auto saved in your cookies. Until you submit the post, we haven’t seen it
  6. Its been a very busy year with courses, trips abroad working on remote pacific islands, Vietnam with the UN, tertiary studies and moving house. a 1:32 F-4S Phantom conversion is nearing painting, however first I need to fix a resin wing tip that was snapped off during the house move last month The much maligned and apparently unbuildable Sukhoi Su-17 M3/M4 Fitter-K 1:48 Kittyhawk
  7. Moved to correct forum area as well as tidying up pointlessly repeated photos.
  8. Ok, I have the same issue so it must be something in the forum software etc. @Mike
  9. Lovely build and the same markings I intend to do. I have spent a lot of time in PNG over the last few years, most of it just around the corner from where that frame operated from
  10. The post is about 6 years old and he is a long departed ex member.
  11. As already said, you require over 100 posts. Length of time spent on the forum does not count, we prefer people who are known on the forum by actually contributing to the forum by posting builds, helping out with info etc. to be able to access the buy and sell area.
  12. By cleaning, are you actually taking it apart to clean it?
  13. One is for hints tips and tricks that we feel should be pinned for reference. One is for any member to ask for help.
  14. Done, there are some weird ones in there. It also auto corrects smorgasbord to its correct spelling
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