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  1. Gents, this thread is for the Mach 2 VC-10 and the discussions should be limited to that subject only.
  2. I’m on a UN training exercise with the JGSDF and Vietnamese Army at the moment as an observer, somewhere outside of Hanoi. Having spent last Saturday on an official tour of some museums regarding the conflicts here, the scope is huge for this GB. From Spitfires to Blackbirds!
  3. I see he has escaped again from his daily task of leaving crop circles behind
  4. That’s not good at all hope he is on the mend quickly as he is one of the nicer blokes out there
  5. Some of the posters on this thread may need reminding that it is considered to be poor form on here to rubbish other modelling websites. It would be disappointing to have to deal with it if it occurs again.
  6. Closed, no new news or rumours...
  7. Greg B

    Airfix 2020

    1:24 Harrier G.R.7 or EE Lightning. Though I would think a 1:48 Lancaster would be more likely.
  8. Same email address I used and had a response within 24 hours. I had also moved and they were happy enough to change the address.
  9. No, couldn’t find an order status and resorted to email and PayPal receipt details.
  10. Mine has just turned up from Sincere in HK. V nice, and a nice leap forward from the MiG-31. So it does exist
  11. Look under your user name in the top right of the screen, under account settings look for signature.
  12. That's because its your signature....
  13. Unfortunately not. Best approach is to use word or similar and then copy and paste.
  14. As this thread is already straying into contentious territory. All I am going to advise is that if you are going to reply to this thread. Consider very carefully what you have typed before clicking on submit. That should be a very clear and unambiguous hint as to whether or not this is being monitored closely.
  15. Yep, size your photos appropriately. It can only enlarge as far as the pixel count will let it.
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