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  1. Any reason why this is sitting in WWII armour discussion? Moved…
  2. Really nice shots mate, especially the A400
  3. It would be interesting to see how the Pumas can get into some of the LZ's there. Tight would be an understatement and its a bit of an overkill for the amount of support required compared with a 212.
  4. V nice. As much as I love Phantoms, the G’s don’t tempt me enough due to the available schemes. Now the F’s with the myriad of schemes and especially NORM 81, are another story. Fingers crossed they will be next
  5. Pm one of us mods with your new email. We will change your email address after PMing you a new temp password.
  6. If it’s a green, mix in a bit of yellow. a brown, some lighter tan. black, a dark grey, blue or brown. whites added tend to be too stark when fading out a scheme.
  7. Kamov or Mil? no chance. It’s Russian, they are going to be off the purchase list for a long while because of sanctions and it’s never a good idea to buy aircraft from your most likely adversary as things like spares would be the first thing to be withdrawn when diplomatic relations go south. Tiger, so it’s faster and can climb quicker? Not a great selling point for nipping round Polish forests at 0 feet. Australia spent the $ and found it wasn’t much of a tiger at all. They can’t get rid of them quick enough for an Apache. Mangusta, doubtful. It’s low production rate and been ignored by other nations quite often. The performance specifications are one thing but not particularly indicative as to what’s important: reliability spares back up costs per hour to run weapon fit out upgradeability shared training networks shared support networks Battlefield networking and integration. And this is probably the most important part at the moment. the other airframes abilities to fly slightly faster and further are great, but not likely to be a massive consideration.
  8. Buy one pot, thin it, try it. If it works for you, buy some more. If not, try another. What works for modellers I know, doesn’t work for me at all.
  9. In the mean time, maybe some modelling would be in order
  10. No surprise here either. Having worked next door to the RAAF Wedgetail det whilst deployed, seeing what it can do and witnessing the envious looks cast in its direction by both USAF and RAF, for once maybe the procurement process will provide what’s needed. Not what’s made here (whatever national flag that may be).
  11. Getting it myself, will remind @Mike that the mice need winding up and the meter requires a good kick.
  12. No probs mate, I suppose now I'm also technically an ANZAC. So it has a very different outlook for me, a little bit more than an excuse for a long weekend where you can hit the pubs hard and play 2 up.
  13. It’s not a celebration. It’s a commemoration. Again, not a sensitive choice of words.
  14. Happy ANZAC day? Probably not the most sensitive choice of words.
  15. I use both MRP and SMS and still thin both. The consistency is dependent on the distance I’m spraying from, size of line, opaqueness of layer and pressure used. It’s easier to thin than to make thicker and besides which using an eye dropper to put a bit of thinner in and mix it around is not an inconvenience
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