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  1. As the old pinned post was deleted in the last tidy up and this area is again starting to be used incorrectly. The Britmodeller Help and Support area of the forum is solely for issues/questions relating to the forum software and its functionality. To that end, the Mods get alerted when there is a post regarding an issue and will log in to read and resolve where possible. Therefore it is annoying to log in and find questions not regarding the forum software etc. but regarding such things as: Spare parts requests Paint thinning ratios What colour an aircraft was painted on a particular date Why cant I log into form www.xyz? Why do Hasegawa kits cost so much in UK? etc. Please take the time to consider carefully where you should be posting such questions as further posts of this nature in this area will just be deleted. Thanks you!
  2. The dspiae one is the same (the Meng one is made by them) and can be obtained from Ali express or eBay for a lot less https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DSPIAE-AT-PB-The-Etched-Chip-Processing-Vise-Hot/333642117954?hash=item4dae9eb342:g:KF8AAOSwG6Re~ZzJ in this case, 50% less including postage.
  3. I'm building a C at the moment for the Vietnam GB and have used an Aires seat (Quickboost, but without the moulded in belts). It fits fine, as Tiger has said, the lumps on bumps on the cockpit floor need removing.
  4. Greg B

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Thanks Gents. I’m going to see what some tightly twisted yellow and black wire looks like. Hopefully it will represent it a little bit more effectively.
  5. Greg B

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Still plodding along. About ready to close up the fuselage after I join the jet engine halves and paint the intake tunnels white. I was not happy with the Aires etch for the seat. After annealing, the brass went very fragile because of its thinness and crumbled when trying to bend. Besides which the Aires instructions were their usual unhelpful self and bore little relation to the actual placement of the belts and buckles! I had an Eduard fabric seatbelt set (laser cut by HGW) in the stash so tried that. My opinion is that it is very fiddly and the fabric is far too thick and that the colour comes away from it when you follow Eduard's instructions to crumple it between your fingers to make it more pliable. I had better results replacing the lap belts with some plain copy paper, trimmed to size and painted with thinned acrylics before threading the buckles. Anyway, after a gloss coat, wash and flat coat it sort of came together but I still prefer a resin seat with the belts cast in! Again, I'm not overly convinced that the ejection seat handles are best served in painted brass. I may replace them.
  6. Decant to a smaller jar if you can and thin with cellulose thinners. I use them both and they are far too thick as they come. Great for value but they need thinning significantly.
  7. Rough coat - your paint is drying before it hits the model surface. Probably because your mix is too thick and you are having to use more air to push it through and have it further away because of that. Thin it down further, lower air pressure and closer to the model. Second, again, its too thick. Been a while since i used their etch primer, is it the 2 pack or the single pack?
  8. Gents, how about refraining from quoting the posts with all of the pictures still there. It’s not great netiquette. Thanks.
  9. The old favourite, but when was the last time you cleared your cache? secondly, what browser? Unfortunately you seem to only one. That’s indicating it’s mite than likely to be an issue with your side if things.
  10. Wow! I dont think many other aircraft will have flown again after that!
  11. Good, hopefully he will be back on here soon. One of the nicest people in the hobby.
  12. Aircraft modellers don’t have it easier, we have cockpits, seats, undercarriage and wheels. Armour modellers can just cover it with mud and say done From what I’ve seen, a lot of car modellers would be happy with that finish and rub down between coats. Have you added a retarder to the acrylic to keep it “wetter”. Mr Colour Levelling Thinners has one added to it. Tamiya do both a retarder and a laquer thinner with retarder.
  13. Seems to be catching. I'm disappointed with the lack of info surrounding the sister magazine MIM - Aircraft. I've got a subscription through an apple app. Last issue was supposed to be published on 16 April. Nothing. Statement pushed out on the app saying its been suspended for 2 issues. Therefore 16 April and 18 Jun (thereabouts) and should have been resumed around the 13th of August. Still nothing, emailed, no reply. No info that I can find on the site. Pretty poor really, its only a few quid for me, but add them all up from the others missing the subscription.......
  14. Greg B

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Good tip Bob, thanks. I'll check that later.
  15. Greg B

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    A bit further on. The cockpit tub has been primed with Gaia Notes Evo primer. I had a pair of Aires seats so they have been pressed into service. The cockpit coaming and backseater's IP have had some lead wire added to represent the instrument cabling. On the cards for tomorrow is some further priming and spraying the cockpit tub in Dark Gull Gray - FS 36231
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