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  1. Something a bit more joyous and with some stunning scenery.
  2. As a guess for the more modern types: 1:48 Buccaneer 1:48 Jaguar 1:72 Chinook 1:72 Tornado 1:48 Eurofighter Typhoon left field for a 1:24 kit would be a 2nd generation Harrier. for the WWII types I would hazard a guess at: a Fairey Battle Ju 52 Ju 88 but as ever, who knows!
  3. Looked at both kits in the plastic. I went for the AMK kit. You should be able to pick it up with the brass gear legs as well either as an upgrade box or as part of a special edition release, that is a big plus. Mike also built it here: Link
  4. World at War, a series that needs to be re-broadcast on the streaming services. I’ll also add its recent contemporary - Vietnam by Ken Burns.
  5. Very surprised nobody has added Das Boot (The original 80's series, not the terrible remake). I would also add two more good German series to the list: Heimat Babylon Berlin
  6. There is a wanted and a free to a good home. That covers both bases instead of another forum area for wants.
  7. Thats a must buy if it is any good.
  8. Hmmm, the PM trail that Mike and Julien have been dealing with (unfortunately for them with more than some patience), and your actions after a warning and suspension, indicates a very different viewpoint and story to what you posted above Closed
  9. Those are the same seatbelts that are also boxed by Eduard. Only difference is that the etch is painted. However, the Eduard instructions recommend that you crumple the belts between your fingers to make them more flexible and lifelike. I used them on my F-4C build in the VietNam GB and all I found was that the ink rubbed off and they tore! Easy enough to fix with some copier paper painted with well thinned acrylics in the colours you want and then trimmed to width with a scalpel:
  10. Keep it coming mate. We seem to have similar taste in kits. I have the Hasegawa special boxing of this scheme in the to do pile
  11. Having the same problem, emailed them and was just sent a picture of a seat with the belts on...
  12. Nope, no indication in your account details of multiple attempts or weird IP addresses. Only potential I can see is the use of an android device, with the flubot going around thats a bit of a concern. But nothing flagging here. Flagging your email on a check system shows its been breached - check here https://whatismyipaddress.com/breach-check
  13. From looking at the speed that the Tamiya B's sold at, and the age of their 1:32 F-4 moulds combined with the fact that they ignored the flat (B/N) and slatted wing F-4s (Late E/F and S) in that scale, I would not be surprised if Tamiya dipped their toes back in the 1:32 Phantom market. But as you said John, a Spey F-4 is going to be a bit more niche. I still think it would sell very well because of: Its a Phantom Lots of interesting and varied schemes But its a UK machine, historically with model companies the centre of gravity for releases has been US/German/Japanese. UK comes a long way behind. Personally, I'm all for more modern tooling F-4's in 1:32. The Revell kit is fine, but has inaccuracies and the Tamiya kit is a better build, but again simplified compared to todays kits. If Sprue Bros release a good B, I'm up for one at least.
  14. Cheers, yep just checked the references and the USN seat had the bottle in the seat pack
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