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  1. That’s pretty typical for Kitty Hawk in regards to weapons loadouts. Lots of ordnance, minimum info! I had the same drama with their Fitter. From what I can remember from googling is the individual ordnance tends to have a bespoke pylon unlike the standardisation you have with NATO aircraft. Best option is to search for pics of the ordnance you want to hang, then have a look at the pylons they use and compare to the KH. Hopefully there is a SME here to go further!
  2. Mine arrived on Sat in Oz. Its very nice. German Navy or Lizard scheme, the agony of two good choices!
  3. Keep taking the tablets, it will clear up one day
  4. Love it, I have a soft spot for the Norm 81 schemes
  5. Moved to the correct area. It does not belong in a discussion area for WWII aircraft
  6. And there we go, the re-arrangement had changed the discussion forum area into a container for other sub forums instead of a discussion area. The forum software apparently has its own mind! Sorry for the inconvenience gents.
  7. Probably my fault. I was tidying up redundant vendor areas yesterday and it re-arranged the vehicle area for some reason. I thought I had sorted it all out
  8. On that level note. Closed.
  9. Gents, The new editor has only just sat behind that desk. No doubt the learning curve like in any new role or job is steep and a few commas here and there is not exactly justification to break out the torches and pitchforks. Save that until he gets his Spitfire marks confused please. And if if anyone would like to pick up mine or the other Mod’s grammar, feel free. Mike doesn’t care, Julien (not Julian) wonders “Wot his Nana has to to do with it”? And I have the keys to the naughty corner
  10. Who knows then? Maybe they were worried about running short of rounds and decided that a couple of hairy Aussie dropshorts crucifying a set of pipes would frighten the opposition?
  11. I would doubt that it would have a particular pipe band or piper, but could not be sure. The pipe bands in the Aussie Army are affiliated to Inf Regts. “Presented to” is fairly commonly found on pieces given to people leaving a unit.
  12. RAA is Royal Australian Artillery . The additional A.1.E is probably A Bty, 1 Tp E for gun.
  13. And it’s getting locked again. This Post does not meet the criteria for posting in this forum area
  14. The account settings/signature page does not have the space available to impart what is clearly laid out in the FAQ area for signatures. It is your responsibility to read and comply with those requirements in the FAQ. They have been there since before you became a member in 2013, I would politely suggest that in those 6 years you had the time to find, see, read and adhere to them.
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