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  1. Greg B

    SAS Personal Weapons from the Seventies

    Easy to do a search that shows during the Oman campaign, SLR’s, GPMG and the 7.62 conversion of the No 4 Lee Enfield for the sniper rifle. Doubt there was much more exotic stuff
  2. Building it myself, no nose weight so far and test assembly indicates the CofG is far enough forward
  3. Greg B

    I bought a truck

    I would love a defender. But don't want to come back from a trip away and spend a weekend under it fixing the bits that failed or dropped off whilst it was sitting idle on the driveway. Definitely an enthusiasts masochists car. Every time I see one of the ADF Defenders coming up for sale I'm tempted, then have a serious word with myself!
  4. Nice work Tony, I’m really enjoying this build, your brush painting skills are cracking. However, i’m not enjoying tidying up after posts because people use the quote function but leave all of the photos in place. It’s annoying for other users to have to scroll through repeated photos and annoying for the Mods to clean up what should have been done as part of forum etiquette......
  5. Greg B


    Probably about time to dust this off and remind a minority of members that we have a no swearing rule. This also includes the use of symbols as letter substitutes and acronyms in an attempt to bypass the filter
  6. Greg B

    Help and Support....

    And a bump for the hard of understanding
  7. Greg B

    Bell 212 AAC rotor colours

    Not really, more in action
  8. Greg B

    Bell 212 AAC rotor colours

    I’ve got a shed load of shots of them during my time in Brunei, if there is anything you are after give me a shout
  9. Greg B

    Airfix 2019

    He did not change your message, he quoted and then changed the quote as an attempt at levity.
  10. Mmmm, your real life experience evidently does not include social interaction skills..... I think we can do without you and your five slides here. Its not worth the buffoonery.
  11. As Steve said, plus read the post regarding swearing in Chat.
  12. other members give you credit for informative, helpful or amusing posts. Not the site software. Additionally, you are only as good as the contents of your previous or following post. That is a subtle hint. We don't spoon feed here, you are expected to make a modicum of effort.
  13. Greg B

    Model shows and competitions

    What Dave said. Plus it’s good to place your kits amongst others in the same category and have a good look at them in order to gain: 1. Inspiration. 2. Realisation that you may have missed something or could have tackled it slightly differently or better. 3. Confirmation that you have done some things well and can build on that and incorporate again. As said before, judging can be subjective and what works in one show won’t get anywhere a show later. However, it’s not about the bits of paper or metal that you get for entering, it’s about the build. And that is why you, me and the rest of the members are here. Finally, the real reason for shows is the Stash
  14. Greg B

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    That is what makes it so unfair. Hopefully it will be just a speed bump on his way through life and he recovers quickly