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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Greg B

    F-35A Crash

    Reading a flight safety report regarding an Airbus and a cup of coffee just before entering the N Atlantic Tracks. Looks like the whole centre console doesn’t like hot coffee. I think $20k didn’t even cover the diversion costs. accidents happen, things fail and there is always error.
  2. And as ever it’s straying into the political spectrum more and more, maybe unavoidable but it increases the chance of teddy being thrown in the corner from either side of the centre. Therefore it’s probably best that this is closed until it’s decided otherwise. At some stage we will have 20/20 hindsight, just not right now
  3. Unfortunately I'm not convinced that there is a strong enough reason to further complicate the forums and sub forums in order to save what is just in effect a couple of mouse clicks to move to the next page and then scroll through. It would take far more mouse clicks and effort to navigate round the additional RFI, WIP It would open a can of worms for the other genres outside of aircraft, resulting in yet more sub forums It would increase the Mod burden yet again and result in even more time spent clearing up after the: hard of understanding couldn't be bothered to check/read before posting On checking the other major forums, they have a single RFI and WIP for all genres mashed in together, we are already providing genre specific areas. It ensures that WIPs and RFI's have greater exposure to browsing members whose interest may be piqued by something out of their normal interest area within a genre. Additionally, if likes are your measure of success, please ensure that your post is titled, tagged and scaled correctly. There is no option in the forum software to enable click boxes and besides which If posters cant title and tag as it is, its more than likely futile to enforce.
  4. Yep, it’s a lightning. Already been confirmed as a release for DCS and additional images are out there
  5. Grainy or sandy texture is too much air and the paint drying before it hits the model
  6. And that's about it for this thread until its closure is confirmed or signs of life are shown.....
  7. It has been discussed in the Bat Cave. Unfortunately we are unlikely to add personal galleries for a few reasons: Its likely to just be a duplication of effort - potentially one post in the RFI, one in a Group Build and one in the Gallery followed by the end of year total. Possibility of four threads for the same set of pictures? If members just stick to posting in a gallery, it detracts from the purpose of the RFI and complicates members efforts to easily find model subject categories Each member would require a gallery to be set up individually and locked off for them alone to access. Extra mod time to implement and keep an eye on things As Al said above in his post The best method would be for a member to set up his or her own web gallery and link to it from their signature.
  8. The only pop I can see going on is your one. As ever, Edge is not a particularly great piece of software. If the admin team tried 3 separate web browser software alternates to Edge, and they worked with the shortcut you are having issues with, then Res ipsa loquitur in that it suggests that it is not really an Invision issue. However we will flag it. Whilst Invision is far from being bug free, Edge is however, renowned for being sub optimal in regards to following standardised web protocols. So good in fact that the market share for web browsers is predominately Chrome (>60%)and that MS quietly dropped support for Edge ( market share <5%) and introduced an updated version in Jan 2020 based on the Chrome engine. A simple bit of research would confirm that most issues against Edge are no more than simple statements of fact. So, the first question to ask then is what Edge are you using, old or new? is the new Edge shortcut symbol. And to confirm something, I get to use the now recently old Edge on the Defence systems out here (Win 10). Its that great, that for the majority of legacy websites on our intranet and for current websites in the real world, we have had to separately request and install Chrome, or use IE.........
  9. It works in Firefox and Opera too. As ever, edge is not a stellar browser to use.
  10. Greg B


    I think a shot across the bows is due again in regards to the swearing policy on this site. No more please.
  11. Greg B


    Spending a little more time in working out where to correctly post topics so that the Mod Team don’t have to in this case, move it from Aviation Chat to a more suitable area........
  12. Greg B

    Signing in

    Have you cleared your cache and cookies? It’s not a BM issue as the sign in info is only stored on your machine
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