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  1. Personally I think it should be the other way round. If you want a beer/G&T before a flight or on the flight, fine. But make a right pigs ear of it before/during or after and it should look very much like a trip to pokey without passing go and if there are divert costs, you should be reaching into your savings to offset a good chunk of them. The number of instances where all sorts of weird, wonderful and pretty poor excuses have been proffered to "justify" the reason for being newt like and aggressive/violent and accepted by the courts are also part of the problem (not just on flights eith
  2. As this is effectively duplicated in the VAT topic - closed
  3. Well PayPal and the other money transfer options here have managed to incorporate the requirement to add the % to the final fee and then pay the Gov on behalf of the vendor. I have no doubt that it will be achievable and incorporated into the systems in the UK. It is after all a business opportunity. The cottage industries will either utilise, find another method or not sell. The money at the moment is not sent to them by carrier pigeon, they are using banking methods, question is how many of them have actually been playing the game with VAT in the first instance.
  4. So, what's this got to do with WWII aviation? Moved to the correct area......
  5. All this happened in Australia about 2 years ago. The gov here decided that the GST (VAT) of 10% needed to be added to all online purchases by the seller and paid to the tax office here directly. There was a bit of confusion at the start, but it soon was incorporated into the selling practices. ebay, Amazon, HLJ etc now add 10% to any purchase I make outside of Australia. All I have to do is bear in mind that 10% will be tacked on. The vendors have realised that to make sales, they have to do this. Bear in mind that EU is also bringing in these rules and that as the EU and the separate UK is a
  6. Probably £. No doubt for a legacy fleet of a couple of dozen vehicles, inertia in finding the replacement and war stocks of ammo etc. Bear in mind the 165 ammunition was exchanged for US stocks for Granby because the UK stocks were that old and risky to use. The attachment at the front are for the dozer or plough.
  7. Yup, really nice but as typical I prefer the Yellow retirement scheme. Same with the Luftwaffe Phantoms, I was lucky enough to see them a couple of days before they retired and I preferred the Norm 81 scheme! Just got to finish the C model now. Canopy seals masked tonight, just got decals left now
  8. Mine turned up yesterday along with another one for one of the blokes for the club. Nice innit
  9. No more airliners.net photos please gents. It’s getting tedious to have to dip in and out of posts to remove them.
  10. Just to reinforce a point, the Mod team is now keeping an eye on this topic. Any more buffoonery, well, it will not be appreciated.
  11. Ahh, the initial period after the New Year on Britmodeller. As seems to be traditional; without fail, you get to see the lovely handbags that people obviously got for Christmas being swung around. Topic closed and some extra holidays given out, which is a pity because it is a pretty nice build.
  12. Greg B

    Airfix 2021...

    And that's all folks. Threads are open in the Rumourmonger section for the releases. 2021 has been announced, the discussion about the individual kits can carry on over there.
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