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  1. Greg B

    How do I post Pictures?

    Use something other than photobucket
  2. Nice build Matey, I’ve a soft spot for the 767 and was on an Air Niugini one his morning getting me back to civilisation:)
  3. Greg B

    Dayglo red - who sells it?

    Mr Paint does it in acrylic afaik and so does Gunze.
  4. Greg B


    See if a local pub has a rum tasting night. Book a taxi. Try and remember the nice ones!
  5. Greg B


    Lots of really good single estate rums out there and like Whisky, they have their differences. Different still types and different prime ingredients (molasses versus cane juice) make for one for every palate. i have a soft spot for Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva link or El Dorado 12 year old. The website link is good to see what you may have locally, it’s finally starting to take off here on the heels of Gin for decent rum availability. And I have a bottle in work for our happy hours in the unit bar. Out here, the locals love Bundaberg. Personally it is like meths with a bit of vegimite added for colour. Read the reviews on there for a giggle.
  6. Greg B

    Special for Irish, look for a breeder,

    So there are no decent breeders of Irish Wolfhounds in Belgium? Personally that would be my first port of call so that I could meet the dam and sire in order to see what they are like for temperament and health. Ireland is a long way to go for a pup and a long way for it to travel back.
  7. Greg B

    The Weather,

    39C here today, very unseasonal
  8. Greg B

    Weathering heresy

    Gents, having just removed 4 repeats of the Puma and a repeat of the YouTube video, please show consideration for other members by editing and removing repeated images when quoting a post. Its a pain in the 'arris to scroll through repeated images on a tablet/phone, a pain for the mods to take time to remove and is not good web etiquette.
  9. Greg B

    Have to keep signing in ?

    It’s an issue on your end. The server doesn’t remember your PC and where it has been and it’s settings. It’s all on your PC. Clear your cookies and cache and see where that gets you
  10. Greg B


    Do I have to close down this thread to prevent the sexist comments, or are those unable to control themselves going to occupy themselves with something more productive?
  11. Greg B

    RAM Models

    He knows about it, there is a trader at my local club who has just ordered from him and received the items.
  12. Greg B

    Bailey's Bridge 1/87

    Great diorama! Still used and it’s offspring. It’s amazing how many places around the world they crop up in. Around the corner from me here in Oz are 2 footbridges made from panels, a car park fenced off with half buried panels and there is an arched bridge made from Bailey panels on the training area which is an interesting bit of engineering. Linky
  13. Greg B

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    I'm good, though I do prefer playing with members of a military organisation.
  14. Greg B

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    Hopefully more than just very dark glasses otherwise visitor numbers to Camden would really drop off.
  15. Greg B

    Windows 10 upgrade fails

    Closed, this is for BM website help and support