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  1. Whif’s are not just aircraft. It is a repository for whif’s no matter what the genre. Just like Aircraft WIP and RFI are the repository for aircraft no matter what the genre. The matter as far as the mod team is concerned is closed and unless there is a significant change to the user demographics and what is seen in those areas it will remain closed.
  2. Unfortunately, even with your output and the recent flurry of 1930's types the requirement for a separate forum area for airliners is still not justified nor supported by the Mod team. Other Genres would have a far greater justification for a separate RFI forum within aircraft (WWII, Axi, Jet, Cold War etc.) however we are not supporting splits along those lines either. In ref to your highlighted text, your output by its location in a sole aircraft RFI finds a far greater audience in the BM membership who visit the Aircraft RFI, not just the limited airliner modelling minority. Again this was covered in the post below:
  3. Greg B

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Gents, please stop needlessly reposting images in quotes. It would be far easier for the mods to cull your posts than edit them.....
  4. Greg B

    Moving Time Again

    You get you own cell and don’t have to share
  5. I'm going to remind forum users to refrain from needlessly repeating images in quoted posts.....
  6. Greg B

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Keep it coming Jonners, my kits finally arrived last week. And Gents, no more pointlessly repeating images, its poor form.
  7. Greg B

    Posting a kit review.....

    Hi Pete, its in the correct space. The review section is for the BM review team output, the review formats are standardised and images are hosted on our own server therefore we unfortunately do not host any member submitted reviews.
  8. Greg B

    Highlighting Issues

    That's the crux of the issue. No matter what suggestions you try, the inconsistency of the airbrush will negate them all. Unfortunately, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to airbrushes and most of us have been there with an airbrush that just does its own thing. It will either frustrate you to the point of giving in airbrushing or resolve you to buy a reliable one
  9. Greg B

    Windsor Davies

    Just flashed up on my news feed that Windsor Davies has sadly passed away. Another one from my childhood memories of Sunday evenings in front of the box gone. RIP.
  10. Greg B

    Tamiya Spitfire V- new 1:48

    Closed - No info regarding possible new tool from Tamiya justdiscussion into the Airfix business model.
  11. Not quite. Desert Shield and Storm were solely the US names for their operations that happened to involve coalition members working under a series of UN resolutions. It was not a NATO effort, there were NATO member countries involved but it was not a NATO deployment. Otherwise we would have had some more countries there and certain NATO countries would have freed up ammunition from UK NATO reserve stockpiles held in their countries for use....... The correct term for UK is OP GRANBY.
  12. Greg B


    Dont send them orange crayons, they will think its a type of fruit. TimTams are pretty much Penguins, just not as well wrapped and available in some quite gopping flavours. They had a celebrity chef involved in their special editions, I think he had evidently lost his sense of taste some years ago after trying some of the monstrosities he came up with.
  13. Greg B


    The raisins and chocolate seem to be a bit of an unnecessary fluff that gets in the way of the main act. I would recommend a bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, a glass and an ice cube or two.
  14. Greg B

    The Grumpers Meeting Place

    Google parts of a brick or the OFCOM levels of swearing. Bearing in mind that the swear word filter does not get applied to a Mod, if that’s the best you can come up with as a dig against a mod for using a naughty word, then you may need to also google “Pyrrhic”
  15. Greg B

    The Grumpers Meeting Place

    Well this seems to be turning into a grump thread Personally myself and the other mods dread January as we historically have had to deal with a higher than normal level of issues. whether it is to do with mince pie withdrawal symptoms or the release in pressure after the outlaws toddle off back home after the Xmas visit I don't know. I'm neutral on the existence of the grump threads, mainly because of the timezone differences I normally see the after effects in the Mod area. Mike and the others are the ones that need convincing. I would suggest a probationary return of them on the understanding that it is very much member dependent. Like I said, its not me that needs convincing but I'm sure the other denizens of the bat cave will be along after I've gone to bed so you can try it out on them. As for the idiots, there are a number on the radar, we do visit their posts and historically those leopards never quite change their spots for long.