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  1. Greg B

    Takom T-55A - how to select which options?

    I’ve just got the same boxing and am going to do a machine that was nearby when I was out there. Are there any pitfalls to be aware of for the kit, not having built a clanking thing before it’s a new unknown for me
  2. Greg B

    Bargain Harrier

    Just geo coverage for the Caucasus, Hormuz Straits and Nevada training areas. In the pipeline are Vietnam and the Falklands. The Harrier is sublime, the Hornet is similar and I still love the Viggen for getting there stupidly low, fast and leaving behind a lot of craters.
  3. Greg B

    Avatar Picture

    You will have to resize it on your iPad before uploading it. The forum software will not do it for you.
  4. Greg B

    Hello fom Pennsylvania USA

    Welcome to the forum matey, quite an impressive CV I’m sure that some of the denizens here will be asking questions to draw on your first hand experience and knowledge of an interesting period with a magnificent aircraft
  5. Greg B

    Pictures in threads

    I think this needs a rather large bump. With particular attention to be given to quoting and pictures. It’s good forum manners to remove the pictures when quoting, saves others scrolling through pointless repeats and saves the mods deleting them individually (an easier option for us would be to cull the reply completely).
  6. Greg B

    Greetings from Sydney, NSW

    Welcome to the forums! From a transplanted Brit in Sydney
  7. Greg B

    Lost topic

    Nope, no post or anything in the admin logs indicating anyone had removed it.
  8. Greg B

    Lost topic

    Where did you post it and what was the title?
  9. Greg B

    At last the UK Police get some teeth

    Just a subtle reminder to ensure that the tone and invective of this thread remains on the non ranty side.
  10. Greg B

    New model from WnW; the H-P 0/400!

    Closed - Already discussed in the Rumourmonger Gents.
  11. Locked - already being discussed in the rumour area
  12. Greg B

    Manufacturer's input allowed here? Your opinion pls

    And closed as it’s not a rumour, nor discussion about something in the works.
  13. Greg B

    Manufacturer's input allowed here? Your opinion pls

    Input is allowed, as long as it is not started by the manufacturer nor is it accompanied by advertising directly for sales, for example “buy it here”. Other traders/manufactures have presence on here and it levels that playing field. Ultimately, manufacturers have their own areas to play within.
  14. My sensible head would like: 1:72 C-130 (stretched H/J) 1:48 Lancaster 1:48 Sea King (with interior) 1:48 Puma 1:48 Wasp/Scout 1:48 Jaguar (new tool) 1:48 Buccaneer (new tool) I would really like a 1:24 Lightning or Hawk
  15. Greg B

    Uk Wedgetail?

    I shared office space with the Wedgetail mob in the Middle East last year. From speaking to a couple of RAF lateral transferee’s into the RAAF who have worked the battle space management on both platforms, the Wedgetail is far more capable. Either way, something needs replacing and there isn’t much choice out there.