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  1. Thats ok, its a repop that has been discussed already.
  2. Interesting choice, but as ever it makes sense due to the longevity expected of the airframe in service and the user base. I will take a punt with an RAAF frame for sure
  3. That's what I like about Tamiya, consistency in always a slightly left field subject that manages to please some and disappoint others Interesting choice, not my normal sphere but I may bite with this one, because its Tamiya. I think we can close this soon as the actual threads discussing the known choices are spooling up or will shortly spool up. No more discussion on the F-35 please take it to the dedicated thread, it will just be deleted here, not moved.
  4. I can’t help with the RAL colours, I’ve been trying to work out the matches myself and ended up getting the MRP paints. However Little Shop of Phantoms recently pushed out a NORM 81 sheet that is exceptional. The instructions might fill a few gaps for you, they have made them downloadable as well which is even better - Link https://shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/en_US.Shop.displayShop.8964./hopd-48002-luftwaffe-f-4f-norm-81 The NORM 81 scheme has long been a favourite of mine. I was lucky enough to see the repainted airframes shortly before the types retirement from Luftwaffe. Roll on the ZM F-4F that will be going straight to the front of the build pile. The Hasegawa kit is great but having built the Academy, ZM and just finishing off the Tamiya B, it’s now been truly eclipsed.
  5. Copy the URL and just paste in the thread, the forum software does the rest. For the whole thread, the URL in the search bar, for an individual post, click on the 3 horizontal dots on the right of the post and then share. copy that URL.
  6. Yep, indications on the sprues and the masks show an AF variant. There are the bits for the ejection seat, nose gear landing/taxi lights and masks that account for rear view mirrors. the B also has location pins on the intakes for the N shoulder mounted ECM fairings. Will just need the thicker wings and wheels for the C/D along with some minor lumps and bumps. The J would need an additional tail pipe sprue.
  7. Makes sense but to be honest I would veer towards a F/A-18C.
  8. They will have some stiff competition from the manufacturers pushing out the newer resin type decals. kitsworld has already pushed out, Eduard have announced, just Res-Kit and Quinta to come.
  9. I would think a C/D phantom because of the tooling indications present. An N is also a consideration. Possibly a J as a longer shot. As for the other tooling, they always manage to throw a curveball in, so gawd knows.
  10. There is always going to be a battle between accuracy and the design/manufacturability/buildability of the kit. Plastic thickness requirements, mouldability and strength all require compromise. Some manufacturers manage this well, together with inherent accuracy in the subject matter. Some don’t. I doubt that there is a fully accurate kit out there. Whether the latest and greatest kit of your pet subject ticks your boxes or is a massive let down is a personal mindset. If it prevents you from building it, gawd knows what else you are going to do because the hobby normally advances in quality when subjects are revisited. what I have seen over the years in here and other forums is bad kits built exceptionally well, and great kits built exceptionally badly. The interface between the box contents and the finished product is key.
  11. More likely linked to the forum upgrade that was going on at that time in the background chewing up server load whilst it was compiling and updating.
  12. What he said! Thanks mate Unfortunately one of the side effects of updating the forum software is that support for older operating systems and applications is dropped and functionality is lost. And, unfortunately we are also unable to stick with a forum software version for ever and ever etc. we have to upgrade for functionality, vendor support and to maintain confidence in the security of the software.
  13. I would probably guess that its been hidden by a Mod. Someone has no doubt been a bit of a silly billy.
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