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  1. 16 minute part of this video. He also shows the decal and marking scheme instructions
  2. Probably not, we would end up moving topics in there back into the correct forum areas where they should have been posted in the first instance. no point in having another area duplicating the function of other forum areas.
  3. Because if we mentioned tech support, we would get even more of the: My broadband is not fast, can you recommend a better ISP I am having a problem installing this update Which is the best Anti Virus to use All questions that have been asked here......
  4. Gents and Ladies, Unfortunately we have had more than a few issues over the last couple of weeks in regards to tidying up the areas and dealing with less than stellar behaviour. We are spending a lot of time removing posts after members multi topic spam in the area and push other members off the front pages. Don't be that member. We also normally give a polite sort it out in regards to postage and then cull if its not sorted within a reasonable time frame. But its starting to grate that either the rules (especially by members who have been here long enough): Are not being
  5. If you had read the rules......
  6. Thats a shame mate. Hopefully after a good clear coat on the upper surfaces you will get it back again. Unfortunately I've not heard good things about some of the domestic decal producers here in Australia. Unfortunately the RAAF seems to be forgotten by the major manufacturers as well. a decent set of 32 or 48 scale F/A-18C decals for line jets or even some of the later schemes would be welcome. But crickets....
  7. Greg B

    Wellington Mk II

    Closed. Discussed in the rumourmonger already.
  8. It was in work in progress. It was not a build. I would suggest the aircraft modelling by era.
  9. I just have a niggling suspicion it’s going to be Tamiya. They re-tooled the Spitfire mk.1 because the old moulds were inaccurate but a guaranteed seller. Their A-10 is old, raised lines and an A. Prime real estate in the modelling world with no out of the box accurate C available. The only others I would suspect/like to be potential candidates are Eduard, GWH, AFV Club or AMK. Hasegawa have been quiet for years, Academy or Kinetic, could be possible but I would prefer the others to bite.
  10. Posting in the correct area would be great as well please.
  11. There are Argentinian members on here. Leave the jingoism out of the thread please.
  12. Not sure about GBU-38's; service entry for testing was around 1997. Well after the B/N went out of service, the N went out in 1984
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