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  1. Super job mate ! So, to be sure, you have use XF-20 as base color and XF-63 as base color for the camo right ?
  2. Hey Pascal! Nice work mate ! Congrats (Vincent from LaRoyale)
  3. Hello guys, Working really slowly, I offer you the latest advances on Judy; First of all, looking at pictures of Japanses aircrafts during ww2, we can see the sheet metal of the fuselage pushed back on itself, because of its thinness and wear. It's like oil canning on submarines. So, we a special blade, I reproduce the effect Then, the sides of the cockpit recieved some metals wires for more details The paintjob begins with a pre shading, using XF-1 The main color is cockpit green XF-71 from Tamiya, very diluated to preserve the preshading effect Adding some XF-11, I create some variation and lights effect All the details are painted with brush and acrylics The weathering is completed using AK washes and some pigments That's it my friend, have a nice day and best regards, Vincent
  4. Thanks Thanks mate, Oh, nice detail, i did not see it
  5. Thanks Buddy Thank you for the following mate ! It was the will to honor these suicides missions, who are too often forget
  6. So the camouflage color is just Dark Grey XF-63 ? or you add anther color with? And sky Grey also with antoher color ? Or did you use these 2 colors as base tints ? And nice work on the 88 gun ! Congrats
  7. Amazing work ! The building, the tank, the crew, the whole diorama ! everything is perfect ! Congrats
  8. Hello fella ! Wonderful paintjob here ! Can you tell me witch colors did you have used for the upper hull and the camouflage please ?
  9. Pretty nice effect ! I didn't kenw this technic ! I will use for my U-boats !! Nice work buddy
  10. Nice beginning mate ! My ultimate wish is to build a VII C 1/72 U Boot in dry son in one of these U Boot Pens (U-Bunker in German)
  11. Hello There, My first official build on this forum! So, let's start it with the most beautiful dive bomber of the second world war, the Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei, "Judy" for the allies. The model will be at 1/48 scale and comes from the excellent FineMolds. I choose to represent this aircraft as a Kamikaze one, a very important subject i think, and who deserved to not be forget. I have bought some extra for the kit, a figure from CMK, photoetch from the same brand as the it and Montex mask because I hate masking First of all, all the airrcafts who flew for a suicide mission were were rid of all that was superfluous. So, the bomber seat, the machine gun defense and the radio are removed, so I scratch the support of the radio and add some metal wires All the pilots who go for the special attacks had a special ceremony before the last flight. The night before, they cut thier hairs, send them to thier family (or nail clipping), and just before climbing in thier aircrafts, they drink saké to the emperor. They also tie around their heads a headband, called hachimaki in Japanese, on which was painted a hinomaru and patriotic inscriptions. I find this picture very moving So I decided to present this headband around the head of the figurine, using putty tamiya Then, the cockpit recieved some scratch to complete him That's all for tonight, Sorry for all the orthograph mistakes, I'm trying my best XD Have a nice day and best regards Vincent
  12. Probably the most beautiful japanese aircraft carrier ! Cant wait to see this one completed !!
  13. Outstanding ! Probably one of the most beautiful U Boot I've ever seen
  14. I will be very happy to met you in real, I think I will go in Jully 2022
  15. Hello folk, My most recent build, a small diorama of the operation Desert Storm, in February 1991. The kit of the tank comes form Rye Field and the figures are Alpine resine references. For this build, I have try a lot of new methodes, especially for the figures (I'm the most beginner as possible), and also for the diorama. I have follow the excellent videos of Uncle NightShift on Youtube (I'm pretty sure that a lof of us knew him). The whole model, diorama, accessories and figures are painted with Tamiya acrylics, and the weathering with AK and Mig references. here the building : https://romandiemaquettisme.forumgratuit.ch/t408-the-american-way-of-war-m1a1-abrams-rye-field-model-1-35 And the pics; Honestly, I consider this small diorama as my best build ! And I'm very proud (I'm the best)(just kidding) For the tittle, it comes from an article about the american army and his capacity of improvisation during wars Have a nice days guys, Best regards, Vincent
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