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  1. Wonderful job my friend, as always !! You're killing it!!
  2. Amazing work !! The paint job is really impressive with the variations of tones
  3. Hey mate, so what’s up with the U-510? Is the paint job completed ?
  4. Tiger 1 number 331 from the Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503 Battle of Kursk The camo will be just Dark Yellow
  5. Here my Tiger 1 from Border Mode, with Voyager Photoetc, Aber fenders, PazerArt Rommelkiste, & Friul Tracks
  6. Hello there, After a long absence, I'm back, with a big update, so take a seat, a drink for those thirsty, a snack for those hungry, and let's get started. We are going to start with the result of 2 evenings of work, with the toolbox fixed to the back of the Tiger, entirely in photoetched and composed of no less than 21 parts... The coin, of the same size that one dollar gives an idea of the size Continuing a job that takes time (but is incredibly simpler), the Friul tracks. And once in place, you can clearly see the effect of the terrain on the suspension, I really like that I took the opportunity to add a wooden beam lifting system to the side, for crossing marshy areas Looking at the photos, we can see that the right front fender has disappeared, has been replaced by a metal plate. This one is redone in 2mm plastic card We continue with the installation of air filters, present on the Tigers at the early production. Since they were very fragile, they suffered from various damage. On the kit, I shaped them by heating them with a flame and twisting them with pliers The Tiger finally receives its mudguards. I had miserably missed those of Voyager, so I replaced them with Aber references, which I find much better. The exhaust covers were also very fragile, and I decided to keep the ones from the kit, and twisted them using the same methods as for the filters. To conclude, we add some shell impacts, the towing cables, and we can declare the assembly of the Tiger 1 as finished. Next step, add some accessories on the rear shelf, then finally it will be time for painting. Have a nice day Folk, best regards Vincent
  7. Thanks mate, Yeah I was thinking the same... it will be the occasion to give my best paint job ever
  8. Hello there, Little monday morning update to show you my slow progress on this Tiger. First, and it took me several days (probably because I had lost my touch a little), the installation of the photoetch on the side, which is used to maintain the towing cable. Then comes the laying of the grenade launchers, to bend yourself, which also took me a lot of time And here is what took me the most time, the installation of the parts for the on-board package. If some latches are in 3D resin, I still decided to put some in PE (especially the open ones). Note the shovel, which has been redone with a metal handle, much better than Border's questionable plastic... And as usual, for the pleasure of the eyes Here is a small update, which serves more to keep you informed of progress than anything else. Good evening to all vincent
  9. A really nice job on this carrier mate ! Congrats
  10. Hello there, After two weeks of absence, here I am again with an update on the assembly of the Tiger, so here we go; To reproduce the effect of the armor and give a somewhat rougher and more massive appearance to the tank, all surfaces are given a mixture of Putty Tamiya diluted with liquid glue. The whole is applied with a brush by smashing the surface. Once dry, the tank is lightly sanded with a 3000 grit abrasive sponge. Note that for the mantelet, the foundry effect is more pronounced, and pure tamiya glue is applied with a brush. Next, we come to the step that took me the longest, redoing all the soldering using 2-component tamiya putty. I may have watched hundreds of NightShift videos on Youtube, but it's a lot less simple than it seems. And besides, I had to do it twice. And after removing the putty from my first messed up attempt, I also had to fix quite a bit of damage. but, in the end it's not so bad I think. On the photos of the Tiger 331, we can see a basket on the side of the rommelkiste, probably a realization of a field workshop. This one is reproduced in scratch using Aber net and plastic card We can also see on the mantlet a piece of metal that comes on the sight holes, probably to protect from the sun. Neither one nor two, a piece of plastic card is glued to the desired location. In the meantime, to take my mind off things, I'm assembling the tank commander's Alpine figurine. A real beauty as usual. And let's move on to the last two items that took me a long time, the turret hatches. The pose of the photoetch takes a lot of time. And as a bonus, all the handles are redone in copper wire, stronger, thinner, more better, more everything. This job took me a whole evening Good, go, since you are wise and I like you. A little photo that makes you happy That's all for today folk, Have a nice day and best regards Vincent
  11. Amazing mate ! What his the diameter of the brass please ?
  12. Thanks mate Yep, I have bought it in England, and I'm actually reading it
  13. Huge fan of your work Pascal !!! Really Thank you 10000 times !!! Can't wait to build the sub
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