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  1. Looks fantastic, great work on your Grach!
  2. Hi all, hectic couple of weeks as I've just started a new job but I'm getting back into the swing of things and intent on finishing this F-5 before the 16th. I've painted the wheel wells and gear doors (still on the sprue) I've also started painting the wing tanks and blending the camouflage along the fuselage (though I can't find the light green I used at the moment so that'll have to wait). The engine nozzles are also on now, just a touch up needed where the silver has gone astray. Thanks for looking in!
  3. Great work, top job for just 24hrs of work!
  4. Hi all, finally got the dark green down. Need to touch up a few areas but that's the hard part done. Wing tanks are up next and I also need to blend the scheme along the fuselage then it's on to the undercarriage. Thanks for looking in!
  5. Hi all, after a lot of sanding and some filler the intake has been sorted... Wings assembled and its been primed now, the scheme is fairly simple so hopefully crack on later. Thanks for looking in!
  6. Beautiful Mustang, top work Brad!
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