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  1. I agree with you arnold , I live in a small town of 3,500 , and the only model builder , as you said who would notice . I would have answered sooner , but was locked out when I tried to respond on a different tablet , they didn't like my password .
  2. thanks guys for the likes and the history lesson , love that stuff . the masts and boats are in . looking at that picture micha showed , I just realised I put the boats in the wrong way around , some mothers do have em . don't know if I can change them , without stuffing things up .
  3. lovely work rob , I especially like the weathering as I suck at it ,I keep watching and learning off of you guys .
  4. I heard a story , the japanese raised her and called her the soya , then gave her back to the russians , is this right ? all the guns , vents and davids are now on .
  5. thanks guys , this is a really great fitting model , I didn't even need to glue the deck in , it was that well fitted . got some more of the kit together , found some old railing , thought I might as well add it . the only complaint , the poles were way too fragile to use , so I cut some .5mm brass rod .
  6. looking good beefy , might need your help later on for a sea scape I'm thinking of trying in the future , can I ask where you got those name plates from mate , they look good .
  7. thankyou for that link sam , it will come in handy . as the 1/200 scale , I have run out of room , and will be trying the smaller scales . your work on these ships is outstanding , looking forward to more ,
  8. thanks guys for the nice comments . finally got the decks painted ,
  9. sorry dimitry , little bit past my pay grade , will have to look your build up , builder previously known as jon . I'm like you mate , it's smaller than I thought . first order of business , a cradle to hold this little guy , so my big hands don't start snapping things off . the wood decks are painted on the sprues . and my bench buddy ralph found a piece I didn't know I dropped , sigh !!!
  10. saw this build on utube , came out nice . going to be a simple out of the box build . hopefully .
  11. looking good , um solderman , , those blue windows should stand out .
  12. Thanks guys , Jon , in the last picture , you will see 4 small cabinets , between the guns , l had to do about 70 of them .
  13. very nice PE work sam . I have never heard of tretra model works , I tried to go onto there site , but I can't navigate it , do you have a link for it mate .
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