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  1. sorry i haven't posted for a bit , but I got a new puppy , who just wants to be with me all the time . so I have started gluing the superstructure together , as I had bits all over the place , still lots to go on it yet , but it's starting to look pretty cool .
  2. cheers guys , the bridge painted . the forward funnel the rear funnel
  3. what a pity , to have such a beautiful effect , hidden away . great work .
  4. only just came across this one martian , man you've put some detail into it .
  5. thanks guys , I really appreciate the comments . a bit more fiddly work done on the main tower .
  6. thankyou beefy , got the radar dish done . didn't have as much luck with the crane , on my last join and glue , when I some how managed to squish the tip end , tried to straighten it out , will have to see how it looks after paint and in position , might have to use the kit supplied on yet .
  7. not sure if this helps goji , but he can show you how to make your own , he waffles a bit , but knows his stuff . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtmLg8O6pDc
  8. coming along nicely ray . bit too small in scale for me though .
  9. appreciate that arnold , thats what these big kits are really , dozens of little kits in one
  10. cheers goji38 , the catapults are ready for paint .
  11. thankyou randolf . I agree with you chewbacca , they are a little over size , but I decided to go with them . they have a nice plynth to stand on , and when it is altogether , I don't think it will stand out all that much . the fore funnel , PE work is dine . onwards and upwards .
  12. very nice work sam , like the extra details you're adding .
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