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  1. the cranes are ready , they possibly could be better , but I am still trying to learn about PE , so all things considered , I'm pretty happy .
  2. I ended up having a go at a dot wash , before after also started some of the PE , the catapults , needed a good lie down after this , didn't realise their was two of them .
  3. I need some advise guy's , the deck is too one colour , can anyone help me in weathering it please , it is also darker in real life . I was thinking of a grey wash !! ,and some dry brushing , any thoughts .
  4. sorry i have been so long in posting , been one thing after another lately . well I have managed to get some paint on . there is a lot more to do , but it's a start . nothing is glued yet
  5. wont know how good a job I've done till i get some primer on it iceman , still got a fair bit of PE to attach yet .
  6. thanks for the thoughts guy's , if I get have as good as your's iceman I will be a very happy modeler. thought i better make a modeling board for this build , to try and stop me knocking it around accidently . and of course I ran out of bolts ,
  7. finally got most of my stuff together , to make a start on this kit . I have also bought the pontos upgrade kit , to go with it , you wouldn't believe it , it was missing the rails . sivon at BNA is doing her best for me , just hoping pontos comes good . made a start on the stern rungs , these guides really help a lot .
  8. I think i have gone over this build at least 12 times , I find something new everytime . can't wait to start mine .
  9. cheers everyone , really appreciate the input .
  10. this is probably a stupid question , but , I've never been game to do the wash on a wood deck beefy ,I take it , it's a really light wash , barely washed over ?
  11. it's coming together well mate , really like the paint job .
  12. well my bismarck has arrived iceman , just got to get the PE kit now , no way I will be able to emulate you magnificent build mate , but I hope to use your's as reference material .
  13. a bit more rigging at the bow . just got to make a board for it now .
  14. an amazing build dubz , they would have had to have been very hearty souls for that job .
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