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  1. you don't glue them in either , they just sit there . wish i had your technical turn of phrase though . .
  2. cheers gents , really appreciate the comments . got the main turrets done .
  3. that's a fair haul for 20 quid , and at 1/72 . will watch with interest beefy .
  4. beefy , jon . what you just said could not be truer . got some more stuff done , the antenna , and the rear radar , I think that's what it is called .
  5. thanks guys for the nice comments, this piece is a far cry from finished , just had a need to post . this took me nearly one and a half hours , trying to put .1mm wire through a .11mm hole , after painting , and I thought my eyes weren't just too bad , was a nightmare . I actually cheated and used generic railing instead of the wire for some of the smaller bits . still a lot of painting and weathering plus extra pieces to go on .
  6. Great to hear Jeff , well deserved .
  7. sorry i haven't posted pictures for a while , but this section took a bit , over 150 pieces , 6 pages of instructions . and it's only 3 inches high . think I need a good lie down .
  8. my chain came with the kit faraway , the one on the left is the kit supplied one , if you message me your address I will post you one , the one next to it look's like it would suit you mate .
  9. don't worry about it jacques , enjoyed looking at them.
  10. nice jacques , hope mine ends up looking like that good .
  11. that sounds like a plan beefy , will have to be done near the end though , as the super structure is all over the place and goes on next to last .
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