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  1. Thanks for the encouragement PHIL B Not a lot to report this week as I've been distracted by a load other commitments (and, it has to be admitted, other models!). Most of the work that I have done has been mainly filling, sanding, and priming followed by more filling, sanding, and priming followed by more....well, you get the picture!! More Sink Holes than the State of Florida! Probably Around the Third Round of Sanding!
  2. I've just noticed there's been a bit of a gap since the last update. OK, let's bore you a little more then I've had one or two, or more, issues with the kit this week, not all with the fit this time, more with the assembly method and my own ham fistedness. The seat belts are finally made and the cockpit almost completed. I had wanted to sew them as suggested in the instructions, but the supplied ribbon material frayed very easily so I bottled out and used CA instead. That made a stain mark on the ribbon material unfortunately which was a worry initially, but after the applic
  3. Its been about a week or so since I last updated this build record, so here's the next (less than) thrilling instalment : The component shrinkage problem continues, as you can see from this before and after shot of the alternator(?) mounted on the front of the engine. Before After I have made some progress with the engine, but I was not particularly happy with the size of silicon tubing supplied to represent the fuel feed lines. Looking at photos of the real thing compared to the ph
  4. So, over the last couple of days I decided it was about time to solve the steering trackrods alignment issue once and for all. My first attempt at introducing a twist into the rods however, failed dismally at the first hurdle! Hot water didn't get them hot enough to twist, and a hot air gun sort of made them a bit, well, droopy!! Further manipulation started a fatigue crack which soon became an out and out break. I Broke It! I decided at that point the best idea then was to cut the actual rod ends off, i
  5. Actually @Schwarz-Brot and @Pouln, I would suggest that the current size and shape (square headed) is just fine for the 1:8 scale Pocher 8C Monza as I think they are slightly oversize for the 1:12 Italeri.
  6. I must admit, I had thought about doing just that @Codger, but I'd promised myself that I'd keep this build as near "out of the box" as possible . However, thats not to say I never break promises . I may choose a halfway house eventually and drill out the kit eyes to fit some brass rod. I'll then connect them back together with the brass rod glued into them, albeit with the necessary axial offset. First though I'll try hot water, brute force (not too much!) and a great deal of ignorance .
  7. So, I've made a little more progress with the 179, but it's fighting me every inch of the way! Before the obligatory photos, I'll explain some of the pitfalls with this kit to forewarn any potential builders. There is a lot, and I mean a LOT of shrinkage, cavitation and flash with this kit, especially on the sprue with the front suspension arms. I suppose I should have expected it, as the moulds must be quite long in the tooth now, bearing in mind that even though Italeri only released this kit in about 2018, it's been around since being originally produced by Protar in 1983, so 37 years
  8. @Schwarz-Brot, it will be my pleasure Here are a few photographs of the incomplete build of my 8C, showing the wirelocking bolts: They certainly added that missing element to the Italeri model. I just wish I'd been able to finish it!
  9. Its been a week or two, but I have at last made a tentative start on the 179. I've been spending time trying to resuscitate the 8C, first with some success, but latterly not so well. Its now residing in a black plastic bin bag - in several large pieces! Long story, not part of this build, but lets just say I won't be buying any more of Vallejo's decal fix and decal set! Anyway, onto the 179 build. After looking this kit over, and bearing in mind my wasted efforts to detail the 8C, I've decided to make this model almost "out of the box" and not fret over detailing. The moulds for th
  10. Well, after totally ruining my 3 month build of the Italeri Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza (see below), it's got hidden away in a box until I can pluck up the courage to look at it again without crying. I've decided instead to have a go at spoiling a different Alfa kit I have in my stash instead, an Alfa Romeo 179C. This next build will probably be of the 179C that was driven by either Mario Andretti or Bruno Giacomelli back in 1981. My original plan was to have an Alfa Romeo racing car from the early days and one from nearer to today. Unfortunately, due to my ham fistedness with a
  11. Hi @Coors54. I've seen Fernando Pinto's facebook page, but have no idea how to find out what they produce! There's a whole load of photos but I want to see what they produce and prices, and have no idea of either!
  12. Just received the 3d printed wire-locking bolts from @Schwarz-Brot. They are absolutely perfect! Big shout out to Jan, many thanks mate
  13. Absolutely superb Renek. I have this kit too, so I can see just how much work you have put into your build. Well done
  14. Absolutely agree with the posts above. A superb build that has given me, for one, that incentive I needed to get mine finished as well. Look forward to seeing all the finished build photos
  15. Looks very good @Renek. Are you going to scratch build the ignition advance mechanism? I'm part way through that process! Its just a pity that no one does any aftermarket pieces for this 1:12 kit in the same way they do for the 1:8 Pocher kit!
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