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  1. I'm just trying to organise a couple of pictures that illustrate the the difference in size of the nacelles and engines between the PV1 Ventura and the Lodestar. See if these make sense when looked at.... Fitting a pair of P&W R2800 18cyl engines in the airframe must have really raised the performance. It's like having two P47 Thunderbolts harnessed together, or a pair of F4U Corsairs !! Quite a ride, I'd like to think. All credit to Lockheed for their construction of an airframe that could handle the upgrade and extra performance. It puts me
  2. Maybe I should shake one and see what happens
  3. Here's an interesting article that I stumbled on a minute ago. Several pictures that may be useful for reference. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.gacetaeronautica.com/gaceta/wp-102/%3Fp%3D5547&ved=2ahUKEwi1sIPRnLjuAhUHTcAKHYDUATIQFjAhegQIJhAB&usg=AOvVaw25mnMNkCOtugG8yVPlKTxC&cshid=1611617953210 Crikey that looks complicated. Hope it works.....
  4. Tell you what, Chris, it's not that far off the scale. Not as much as I feared as I clicked the link with some trepidation. If you work it out as the equivalent of numbers of pots /bottles of alclad or similar...... Or a supply of that famous but scarce buffing powder that is occasionally seen on here. It's the preparation of the surface that is going to be the nightmare. One micron, eh?? That's not going to be any help for the likes of me! Love the look of the Pucara, and the kit looks like a gem
  5. Let the overall panic of a GB contributor be P, and the number of individual builds by the contributor be X. Then the coefficient of Linear Anxiety = P x D /X where D is the number of days left to go. (I so wanted to put a sigma in there, but I can't find a Greek alphabet anywhere handy on this..... )
  6. Another cowling constructed and a milliput intake made on top. And various other things sorted out. General Arrangement with the parts slotted together shows the state of play. In the background, loitering among the debris patiently, is a Heller Caravelle in 1.100 scale that needs finishing for the Heller Group Build. I'd better get on with it!! They're just starting to "call them in" The kit was first issued in 1957 and was Heller's first ever plastic kit. (mine is a reissue). This makes it totally contemporary with the 2nd prototype aircraft and the first b
  7. I'm no expert, Judy, but I'm sure in my mind that books are exempt from UK vat, along with food and children's clothes, and Health & Safety clothes and shoes. I don't think any brit government has had the gall to try and apply it to books. If they have, they've been extremely sly about it. Kits and modelling supplies are a different story, of course
  8. It's great, isn't it...... And the rewards you get from the finished articles...... They are heart-warmingly good looking models. I just saw a pair of F84Gs on an auction site, and only just escaped without clicking buttons...!
  9. Afraid I missed all this action! I've been loitering in the Heller Classic Group Build for months and this endeavour has passed me by. I've got one as well, Mike, and it's always near the top of the pile, so I'll go back to page one and have a good read through. My only suggestion, looking at the alignment picture, and I've only had a fast whizz through...... ..... is the method I've seen a few times here, to get the jig to hold the the fuselage and the floats in correct alignment, and then make the legs to fit. But I'll go back and enjoy a read up on this
  10. OK, just a trial fit with the one outside panel I have, complete with diagonal slot, and the matching (unaltered) gear leg, and it's looking about right. Nothing fixed yet, just a trial fit
  11. General foil application proceeds, and the only variation from the norm is the use of piedish Ali on the balsa wood sections, on the bobbins. I know it seems quite bendy and pliable when you've got a pie in it, but when it comes down to this scale it's a bit more rigid and unwilling to take a compound curve shape of any degree. It will stand a good amount of filing and abrasion though! I also decided to fit formers in the wheel bays at the spar position. There's a piece very similar to this in the 1.72 MPM Lodestar kit with just some kind of leg retention mechanism suggeste
  12. Yea, Shorts was a lame duck by then, I'm afraid. The MOD bailing out of the Belfast Heavy Lift and giving all the money to Lockheed was a real body blow for the company. Any and all foreign interest evaporated instantly. Many good men and much expertise were laid off in the late 60s, my Dad among them. I remember biking to school and one of those beauties out on circuits and short finals into what is now the City (George Best) Airport. But all the British plane makers were getting systematically done in by the powers that be at the time. The little Tucano looks and soun
  13. There's a fair few snags to sort out yet, Dennis, and catching up with things left behind, but it does feel like it's on the way, with a major modification issue solved. Have you had a look in your Lodestar box recently?? Or just relaxing?
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