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  1. This looks like a good solution for the engines. Nice! Amodel gives a plain wing and then the nacelle of whatever type is built on. Airfix made the nacelle bulge on the wing top moulding which adds another complication to the scene. That could work with adjustment for the space between windows 6 and 7, I guess. Haven't got that far, Moa. I don't have any civil options at hand, and I'm just building "the type" at the moment.
  2. I've been looking in at times, Nickolay, don't worry! The 102 is coming along very nicely Great looking build. The Meng kit is a big advance on the old Hasegawa kit, isn't it?
  3. All the talk of Mistercraft repopping Heller moulds got me thinking, and cruising around the Scalemates histories. I've always liked the Republic F84E with the straight wings and tip tanks. I picked up a Mistercraft kit some time ago....... And it was awful! Would be a waste of glue But it doesn't look like that one is a Heller product. The history chart is a complicated tree but my reading is that the Heller tool is a different one. Am I right, and is any good?? I'll watch the build list for some WIPs.. I think there's a few F84Es lined up for this
  4. That has worked a treat! Looks great and the prop discs look good. I've tried the same a couple of times and was pleased with the results. I saw a few examples of those etched "blurred" prop discs and didn't like the look at all. You kept the height of the prop shafts up and built the intakes on top with the filler, I'd say. Tidy looking aircraft, isn't it?
  5. If you say the shape is good, Jeff, that's good enough for me!! Very envious of your time in the air. It can't have been noisier than the piston engined twins, can it? I have a long running project going with Lockheed Twins, currently the Lodestar. That lot must have been noisy in comparison. It was only as I started thinking about the engine mods that I thought about doing a WIP, so I haven't got step by step pictures of the fuselage progress. But you can see from the instructions detail here the problem with the double door side entrance. Sticking the door panel in place fills the space, but the window is way out of place The normal 3-1-3 Spacing is what's required, to match the starboard side, and that puts the new opening right on the joint. I got there in the end.... There's a lot of extra moulded details on the inside to deal with but eventually I got the kit window to go in. Couple of little triangular fillets in the corners, and rounded. All done before the join up. The seat inside the door was fitted, and the other 2 seats fixed together with a bit of floor and the half bulkhead in the starboard half so that it meshed with the details of the closed door and seat. I really like the white look, and what I'm doing is thinned coats of matt white brushed on and rubbed back, taking most of the raised panel lines off bit by bit. I did this first on the sides of the fuselage and a gloss coat of white while still in 2 halves, and THEN fitted the windows. This is to avoid the masking process which I'm not very good at! Here's a quick look at the engine makeover, I'll talk my way through it next time. Existing nacelle to the left, my version to the right.
  6. That idea has Gallic written all over it "I know, let's give all the types the SAME ID...... That'll screw their minds up, big time"
  7. I read through a build on ipms deutschland and the builder had the idea of fitting the engine fronts inverted to achieve this look. But he discovered too late that it puts the prop shaft too low and the blades are cutting the grass. Or concrete! Thanks for all the feedback, guys, much appreciated. Interesting to note that am parts are available. I'm tinkering with the kit parts to see what I can get
  8. Sounds like a good plan.....! It was the Gunship Dakota gunners who had some gender reassignment work to become flight attendants
  9. Having trouble keeping up with all the doors etc, but I do blunder through one or other every so often..... All seems to be going to plan whichever door I pick Page 5 and the seat is going in
  10. Here we go.... Some nice pics and reference material, but frustratingly no civil options
  11. I found a couple of free-to-use pictures on "commons" which illustrate the kind of engine installation that applies to the HP Jetstream. This is what I'm aiming for.... A quick zoom in gives this.... And this one.... The later BAe Jetstream developments are different again, but they're easily identified by having 4-blade props and a a big bulged addon extension underneath the fuselage. The RAF examples in the BM walkaround section sport the engine type I'm after.
  12. Frustrating, isn't it!? The only one I know of, or the only one that I've got anyway, with a passenger interior is an issue of the Esci DC3. That has a one piece floor pan with 2 rows of double seats, and I'm not sure if that's right. Certainly a lot of them had double seats to one side and single seats on the other, giving 3 abreast. But you're right, not much to be seen when all joined up.. Perhaps a back row if you're leaving the door open?
  13. This is by all accounts a great kit, and a huge improvement on their dear old DC3 from the 60s. I got one of their reissued Gunship kits, being basically the same tooling as the original, and took great pleasure in making it over into what it's supposed to be..... An Airliner. This one, Laurie, should be ace
  14. I'm having a right old bonanza with smaller multi-engined planes at the moment, and Airfix are on a roll supplying me with their Vintage Classics reissue programme! Throw in a Twin Otter from Revell and happiness ensues And all at no great expense. They've all been opened and rummaged through, amidst a little cloud of nostalgia that comes free with every box. Top of the pile, for no particular reason, is this one, First issued in 1969 and totally contemporary with the aircraft itself. I think Airfix were trying to stay ahead of the game by choosing the USAF version that was being made. Fitted with a pair of Garrett turboprops to please or to suit the US, it looks like it was destined to be used in a medical evacuation role, with an extra wide entrance. The Airfix plan fell on its face though, simultaneously with the USAF order being cancelled and Handley Page going bust. Production the plane was taken over by Scottish Aviation and ultimately by BAe, and the Jetstream succeeded for many years. But not with American Garrett engines! I'm not sure if ANY airframes were built in the style of the Airfix kit, but you'll never find a picture of one! I suppose the after market guys may come up with a viable option now that the kit is reissued....... Or maybe not. My challenge, in the meantime, is to have a go at scratch conversion and see if I can make a real Jetstream. The issue is this..... And I'm in the process of something quite different! The actual build is progressing with a few mods that I'll detail, but hassle-free and no big drama. It's just those engines. I'm sort of thinking that it was an opportunity for Airfix to make good on their error of judgement, and tool up a little sprue with the right turbine fit. Oh, and throw in a small selection of civil schemes on the decal sheet. How nice would that be??
  15. Remember, you're trying to get any weight at all on the nose. It's the main gears that'll be taking the strain!
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