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  1. £7.99? Do they think we're made of money?!? My Frog Voodoo is priced up at six shillings.
  2. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    The door is open, and hung! Blank inside of course, but hung nevertheless. A stewardess or two will brighten up the scenario. And some steps again. As for the Javelin, I realised I need black airframe numbering for XH898 on the side of the fuselage- the kit ones are white. Wrong number of course, but it would have got me started. Think I've rounded up enough lettering to sort it in black.
  3. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    Gotta few bits sorted and I'm inching forward. The big Reg no. decals are on the wings and the carrier film isn't looking too bad. I took the precaution of separating the first D from the main block, and trimmed the hyphen right down. That is where it's most visible, in that big space between Props drilled out and fitted with Ali tube shafts, and the second cowling is shaved down ready for some Ali cooling gills Remember I was going on about the Javelin kit getting the bare metal finish...? George Beaton's plane is apparently the only option, so I need a "GHB" on the tail fin. Well, I have a solution, and it's on the Italieri decal sheet. The Classic Air option has the Reg HB-ISC. I reckon I can make a G out of the C, and the HB is sitting right there! If I can pull that off, that would make it 4 Airframes out of 1 sheet. Cool...!
  4. rob Lyttle

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    You're doing great with this one!
  5. rob Lyttle

    BAe Hawk T.Mk1

    Bull's eye, Shelley!
  6. Those wings are a real treat, well done Graham!! Lovely bit of upgrading. I can see what you mean about the Court livery now. Funny how reference pictures of something you really want are so hard to find. The upside is, nobody else has the information either! It all looks good to me, buddy
  7. rob Lyttle

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    If it's a single seater, I make it around 66 cm or 26.5"!
  8. rob Lyttle

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Some great advice and information being shared on here. Many thanks esp. to @bentwaters81tfw for expertise. I need to be making notes! For entertainment purposes, here's the only Voodoo kit I have left in the pile... There is an original price sticker on the Box end from "Sports & Hobbies of Gravesend - looks like 6/1..... that is 6shillings and 1 Pence UK pre-decimal money! (Don't ask, Nik,..... don't ask!) To be honest, it looks better than the Matchbox 2seater. Moulded in Japan! This build is nudging me to build a 101.
  9. rob Lyttle

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    @Silver Fox, I did mine closed and I don't remember any problems. Probably a little bit of light sanding to get the surface cleaned up around the hinge line zigzag
  10. rob Lyttle

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Looking good! Paint job on the tailplanes is looking magnificent!
  11. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    I did a few mods on the rejected hostess, and with an adjustment to her legs and shortened arms she is much improved. She is on the left. On the right is No.2 gunner girl. By a strange quirk of Milliput the breeze has caught her skirt a bit! The shoes are larger than required. Funny the things you can get involved with.... Great link, Hakan, to the railway modelling supplies site.
  12. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    Wing top panel for reference, including extra panel layers to break up the uniformity Also take a look at the Voodoo thread I linked for Nikolay. Some compound curves dealt with there, and other issues with foil.
  13. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    A Milliput Makeover, including some hair extensions around the helmet. Let's see how she paints up. @Biggu, the real issue that governs size is compound curves. So, a wing is nearly always a single curve over the aerofoil section. On the DC 3, I went from the ridge outboard of the nacelle to the wingtip attachment line. Italieri represented it on their wing, and I reproduced it on the Airfix by foiling to the outside of the band, and then putting the wingtip piece over it to the inside of the band, so double layered on the joint line. Doing a big piece, I like to keep the backing on most of the Ali tape, just a strip peeled where I'm going to start -- in this case along that ridge next to the nacelle. You need to make sure the foil is aligned to cover the area required and not wander off the edge. The backing prevents a sticky shambles here. Once you are happy with the alignment, then you can get the peeled starting edge stuck down around the front spar area. Don't worry about the leading edge or trailing edge. The Golden Rule is, get the middle on and work out. Get access to the edge of the backing, and you can start pulling it back with one hand while your other thumb slides along top of the wing smoothing the tape on, right along the middle. That's not really on message for answering all you asked..... but I'm not deleting it now! I'll come up with some other coherent notes. Remember, don't try this stuff out on your Pride and Joy. Get some practice in on an old junk kit you don't even like!
  14. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    Sorry guys, doing a bit of 1/1scale. I'll get back to you
  15. rob Lyttle

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    Not sure, @Azgaron. Is railway HO/OO gauge around 1/72 ? They always look smaller when I see a railway display. I figured OO was short for 1/100. Serious shortage of civilian figures in modelling world