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  1. @John D.C. Masters do keep us updated with any progress on the AZ kit! I have a set of decals coming, I hope, from Mr Decal. So I'm having a look at where I left off and getting things tidied up ready for the final round. I made a stand, well a base. Sort of general purpose type with an aluminium panel on wood. And the shiny Spitfire looks quite tidy sitting on it. I'm not one for posing a model on a mirror, and I'm not about to start now. This is just a bit of cleaned up Ali sheet, but it does throw a nice bit of light around. In a rush of enthusiasm previously, I decided to cut open the access hatch in the fuselage.......... Hmmmm.... I have made a new hatch door, but to be honest, I think it's a daft idea now, and I'm in the process here of fitting the door permanently closed. Apart from any other considerations, the port decoration roundel extends onto the hatch panel and I don't really want to be cutting chunks out of that. I got a set of wheel chocks made and glued to the tyres, after making a couple of flat spots to settle the tyres onto the ground. Also got the surfboard shaped antiglare panel drawn on, masked up and painted. Just a bit of a waiting game now....
  2. Messing up airframe continues... Knocking back the decal areas and getting the raised details to show through, No doubt that old fashioned raised details can be a real asset for this.
  3. While I was painting, rubbing back, washing and generally working on getting some kind of wear and tear on the airframe, I realised that the decal transfers were going to look brand new showroom condition when applied. So I've put them on now, so any further abrasion and weathered look is going to be on the decor as well. I gotta say the decal sheet performed very well, especially the big ones. Precious little carrier film surplus around the edges and tough enough to hold together without being thick and unyielding. The white lining on the fuel tank area was a bit of a pain but came good in the end. The kill tallies come in a strip and I wanted to get a little separation between each. So I ran a blade across before dipping and put each one on separately. Just 2 each side so far. I'd better get her up on her legs soon, although the flaps and inner u/c doors provide a very stable and balanced support for the model so far.
  4. Great results on a classy old kit! I see you're well into Mig acrylics and getting good results. I'm just starting out with them using brushes, but so far I really like them.
  5. This sounds like a good show. I'll have a look around for this. Your photos are much better now. Looking good. I've got a bottle of humbrol Decalfix that I use often, and when I've doubts about the adhesion. But straight on to glossy paint shouldn't be a problem I reckon.
  6. .. I've tried a couple of bottles of Mig ammo acrylic paint recently, and I think I like them. It started with the polished metal and I was impressed enough to try their mid blue and sea blue for this large "canvas". I'm not an airbrusher. But I have a fair bit of experience and practice in working with watercolour and acrylics, and I like brushes and using them....... Washes and glazes are fascinating marvels to me, so this is going to turn into a bit of an Art & Design project for a while The starboard wing there has just had one wash over the grey primer. The port wing above it has had a second and I'm rubbing the surface back so the raised lines and rivets are getting picked out. Some bits of the Ali foiled areas are starting to show. When I foiled the air intake panels I left the foil intact over the openings as masking. Well, I've cut them open now the priming is done.... And the rudder is fixed. I'm of the opinion that these trim tabs are of the automatic "Flying" type. So when the control surface goes down, the tab goes up. Or when the rudder goes left, the tab goes right. The aerodynamic force on the tab is assisting the control surfaces to do what they're trying to do. There's proper terminology for all this, like dynamic something..... Anyway, the F4U has some pretty visable linkages. The ones on the rudder are done, and I have a few others to sort out at the right time. This could all turn into a painty mess but I'm interested to see what it looks like as it's progressing. I'm well pleased with the Mig paint so far. Just remember, well weathered, coral Island, heavily used, workhorse..
  7. I was pleased to pick up this locally at a bargain price ...... and I was delighted to find that the wheel and tyre set for the Ulenhaut Coupe is very good. And perfectly sized to share with this one.... The Alfa is the SMER edition of the ancient Merit kit, and it was on hold while I tried to solve the wire wheels conundrum. I haven't given up the challenge completely, but for now I'm happy to share the wheels between the 2 cars. If only Revell would do a run of these, just the wheel sprue and the vinyl tyres, I'd have a bunch of them!
  8. I managed to get some primer on the airframe, white all over to start with. And I tidied up a few things that came to light, esp around the modified trailing edges of the control surfaces. And I just got some grey primer over the top. So I'll let that dry off and consider my options. The rivets are looking a bit pronounced in places, but overall not too bad. Flaps look OK and the cowling has shaped up. Pressing on with a few other things meanwhile and I've got several items that need to be finalised and finished off.
  9. @Quiet Mike Romsey Modellers! Highly recommended. We meet 1st and 3rd Wed of the month at Ampfield for a good time. Although this month got rejigged as Wednesday fell rediculously close to new year. Should come up on Google. Most of the news and chat is on the Club's Facebook page.
  10. Just looking at your exhaust mods in the background of the decal picture, I'd say you've nailed it from what I can see. Here's another Tangmere picture.... Of course, there may not even be an engine under the cowling here but there's nothing actually sticking out of the apertures here. Tailplanes.... And the canopy is very plain. Is the front screen a good copy of what should be there? I can't vouch for that, but what Tangmere has could be easily scratch built by bending a piece of thin clear sheet....
  11. Seems I'm wrong about the recent reissue of the 300SLR kit. Scalemates has it most recent at 2012 so I guess there's no chance of the wheels and tyres being available. If anyone on here has done the 300SLR kit and used aftermarket spoked wheels, and now has a set of these kit wheels lying around in a spares box, I'd like to discuss a transaction...!! Anyhow, reverting back to the Alfa Romeo, I have the wheel centre wingnuts fitted with styrene pins that push fit into the Ali tube axles and stub axles that I fitted many moons ago. The new wheels are drilled and fitted with the larger diameter tubes that slide onto the axles, and the wingnut pins pushed in to retain them. The Mercedes will get the same tube axles fitted, and similar pins in the wingnuts, and with a bit of luck the set of wheels and tyres will be fully changeable between the cars. A little bit of tidying on these nuts and I'm about there with the Alfa
  12. Slow and steady works fine, Steven. I thought of something that needs flagging up.... It caught me by surprise on mine and probably applies to all of the kits. When I assembled the Tailplanes onto the fuselage they fitted very well, but they angled up with dihedral. Check any pictures or reference and you can see these should be straight horizontal. I was late noticing and had to cut the joints open at the top and insert little spacer strips. My suggestion is to get some Muller Corner yogurt. The fancy shaped pots are polystyrene and our glue works on it! Being vac-formed the pot gives various thickness of material. The side walls are the thinnest. I dry fitted a couple of strips in as I forced the joints open.and that made the difference. Definitely worth the effort to get them out straight. The yogurt is OK too!
  13. Well, as you will have guessed, I have been off doing other modelling stuff, and kinda lost the plot with the Alfa Romeo wheels. After a couple of poor results with the spoke situation, I put it to one side, and promptly got carried away with lots of other stuff! I expect you know how that happens..!! Anyway, I eventually started on another car kit.... The Mercedes 300SLR from this combo, And good fun it is too! It's got multi part spoked wheels and vinyl tyres which are not bad (depending on what you're used to, of course) And here's the thing..... They're absolutely spot on size wise for the Alfa! Slightly smaller dimensions for the front two, they match the old Merit /SMER kit parts size for size all round. . The Revell wheel build has 3 parts all with spokes and I think it's too much. It's too crowded with all 3 lots. What I've done here is omitted the middle part and just used the 2 outer parts of each wheel. Also the inner rims are a bit tight on the brake drums so far. But I think there's a solution here for me. I can either share the wheels with the Mercedes, or approach Revell spare parts dept to see if they can supply a set. It's an old tooling, but they reissued it quite recently as the combo gift box with the 300SLS so it could be worth a try, if I can work out how to contact them.
  14. Like a scale model of the Stad de France. Esp with the green mat!
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