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rob Lyttle

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  1. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    I think I MAY have a basis for a wee monkey chap, near enough as a blank to try some paintwork on. It's been an ordeal....! I won't show you all the fails! I just had to keep going smaller and smaller. May not be tempted to do this again....
  2. rob Lyttle

    Well blow me it’s a Ka-27 Helix in 1/48.

    "So THIS is what he's up to now...!" Although when I read "So FF to Saturday" I did a double take. I thought maybe, it hadn't gone so well.....
  3. Hi, CC. Now don't go rushing this build. Take it steady.... Slow up a bit. I've been using ancient Monogram decals on the P40B, and they were OK. Better than OK. I found that they didn't want to slide. They released from the paper but I needed to slide a cocktail stick under the carrier and ease it away from the backing to get it moving. But the decal itself is sound, flexible and tough enough to take the extra handling. I used decalfix just in case, as I wanted to rub them back to get the raised panel lines showing through, a bit battle-weary. I love the little straight wing F84 style. Recently did the little Hobbyboss Easy build, for a bit of foil practice.
  4. There is a lady here with a stopwatch, says she's from the Guinness book, and she needs confirmation of which time zone your operating in. She says it doesn't matter about the wet paint... TV 48hr house- makeover rules apply. I reckon it's in the bag, @BIG X.
  5. He goes to a show, drinks tea, makes..... and EATS... bacon butties.... And still he's on the Case. (Just checking if this is a Bank Holiday weekend..... Doesn't seem to be though...)
  6. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    So, if you like a tidy paint scheme, but maybe don't fancy building the whole airframe.......!?
  7. Wow.... Man on a MISSION...!! One in a weekend would be good going. You up all night?!
  8. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    Monkey business... (......What am I DOING....???) The front blob is Fimo clay, which stays soft until baked at 130°C, when it goes rock hard. Back one is Milliput and if I catch it tomorrow may be firm but workable. I think I'm down to about the right size, which is a fraction of what I thought. What to do with leftover Milliput? Make some more wheel chocks, that's what! Every parked up plane should have some...
  9. Yeah, Dymo tape is the recommended solution for this, @BP85. But like you say, it's looking OK, so I hope you're cracking on with it. Now, older kits with raised panel lines..... Remember those?? ... that starts to get interesting
  10. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    I was saying previously about doing foil panels in places prior to any painting, to bring out some variations in the surface. Here's an example on a 1/32 BAe Hawk , although I wasn't going for the hard life look on this ... That's the roll of foil tape she's sitting on.
  11. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    I got a yellow wash on the fuselage stripes to get them looking as in the refs. I saw a few photos of prop blade wear in abrasive conditions. It's definitely the tips that get it, let's say the outer 1/3. And most of the wear on the BACK of the blade, which starts to make sense when you think about it. Apparently the Coral Islands in the Pacific were the most abrasive conditions. So, some dry brush work on the blades, And I got a pair of Milliput wheel chocks in place. Speaking of Milliput, I may try working with a blob of this for my next effort at making a little marmoset dude. That's not going too well...!
  12. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    If I ever have to do one, @f111guru can I contract the job out to you?!?
  13. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    Here, you can start to see a few minor issues that need overlooking... The aircraft does have a bit of a camo pattern under all the wear and tear! Three guns in each wing, and the .50s deleted from the fuselage. Gunsight, of course, and the ring and bead sight deleted... ( or broken off by the wee monkey.!) Fantail exhaust stubs instead of my straight tube type. I should say, this kit features two guns.per wing, and they come moulded on the wing uppers. One of the first things done was to cut them out of the edge of the plastic and put them away for later. They'd never survive! Note the fuselage insignia is the short-lived red border Star n Bar, and I've also just noticed that the two tail bands are yellow. That's OK .......
  14. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    I was glad that the US Army was all-over olive type, and not a splodge pattern camo style. I just can't get into that. I go to great lengths to avoid having to do it! The little Airfix Hurricane Mk1 that donated the paints was finished as G-AFKX in nmf and silver dope. But the allover dirty, dusty, beaten-up look in the pics, that's what I wanted. Faint blue wash like watercolour over the duck egg blue cancelled some of the green-ness, and dirty black Kleer washes and stains applied underneath. The fuel tank got 4 legs and a fuel pipe, and while I was at it, I took a few gouges out of it, to look like dents One thing that's in favour of raised panel lines and rivets is that, when the decals are on, you can go over the surface with a worn out emeryboard and it picks out the details through the decal. It looks more like the decals have had plenty of wear and tear as well. Same thing applies topside.
  15. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    @f111guru some one was trying out a recommendation to mix with vodka. Not kidding you...!