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  1. Right chaps. Total confusion! Because it's a current civilian plane topic! The Mk IX Spitfire currently doing a round trip of the globe is the subject of my endeavour. First up.... No guns and cannons, but I'm not sure about the blisters on the wings. Also wheel well mod that shows on the wing surface. Extra tanks added for range, and apparently it's a tank from a PR Spitfire that is installed behind the cockpit. With a filling tube exiting at the port side fixed window. Is that standard on PR marks?? What does the tank look like? Insights appreciated
  2. "I say, Mavis, that South American chap is a little Over the Top, don't you think??" "Yes Dear.... More than somewhat, I'd say.... Quite startling, really. More tea....?" Wish I'd been there....
  3. A-Ha! That's given us a clue, Tim Did the PR version get filled up in this style, through the side window? I'm still researching the wings for definitive info. Starting to think there's a fair bit of photoshop and image-conjuring going on
  4. None in shining bare metal...??
  5. Yea I was looking at those, trying to figure them out. Reinforcement panels?? They don't exist in ordinary Mk IX wings, do they? I'm in 1.48 here by the way, no way I'm going to tackle these items in 72!
  6. You're right @Hamden, good call. Trying to figure out if I need the tank or just the filler details later.. Thanks Will, that's what I figured. If the rest of the wing details underneath are similar I'm minded to just scratch a fairing - bear in mind all guns are removed. Ced there's some great info on line and I've even ventured hesitantly into Instagram! I may close it again after the flight.... if its possible. What a load of garbage I did watch Kevin Bridges the other night. He's got something to say about it!!!
  7. Well, it's a slightly reduced chance of loosing something, in my head anyway! And it can be almost an extra hand.... I think I've found a bit of a snag with the parts provided. Clearly I need the bigger air intake under the front of the fuselage. And I have the 2 parts together. Here it is sitting in front of the wlng. The wing, you can see, is marked to take the little intake, and the piece needed to blend this panel with the big intake into the wing underside doesn't seem to be provided. May be that Eduard supply a whole other wing panel suitably moulded for the later Mk IX. Not the end of the world, I'll have to scratch something when the time comes. Bit of a shame though, to have all the parts except one!
  8. A lot of faffing around with many tiny pieces. The seat is just placed on the supports to make sure I'm on the right track. All seems to fit accurately, even in my hands. The only mods I'm thinking of is omitting the armour plate and leave off the gun sight. Also selected the "other" Tailplanes according to the pictures I'm seeing. I'm guessing that these are for the later version of the Mk IX. Along with the pointed rudder. Do you think these guys will be carrying oxygen bottles?? Doubtful, really. They seem to be stooging along at a couple of thousand feet and taking in the scenery and Photo-opportunities!
  9. Gonna give it my best shot with polished up Ali tape. It's a favourite method of mine but I've never done this level of polish before
  10. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with that, @Hewy. I guess the Silver coating will darken like silver spoons and jewellery. There are dips etc you can use to clean your earrings....! The Alfa is on the back burner right now as I've got an Aero subject that's time sensitive. There's a Mk IX Spitfire that's embarked on a world tour and the appearance and finish is pretty stunning. Fully polished bare aluminium airframe And I'm hoping to get it done by the time they get back to Goodwood. They're in Canada already. But I will get back to this!
  11. Massive day complete with over 1000+ nautical miles in the bag and over 5 hours of flying. Kuujjuaq - Scheferville - Chapais - Gatineau, Ottawa. Maintenance day tomorrow for @ger.j.j . #SilverSpitfire #LongestFlight That's the latest on Facebook @Corsairfoxfouruncle Saturday 10.00zulu
  12. Hi Steven @StevenBills How's your build? Are you posting a WIP thread on it? Are you doing the "Silver Spitfire"?
  13. https://www.silverspitfire.com/about/flight-tracker/ Try this for the live tracker. Current status is given as.... 8249ft 211 kts Heading 189° Looking like West of Quebec heading south. Time given 23.58 GMT so seems to be live OK Give that a go see if it works Added... Teterboro USA is scheduled for the 16th but just gone midnight here to the 17th and I can't get my head around that! But either still on schedule or not far behind. Where were you hoping to catch up with it?
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