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  1. I don't envy you trying to make something of the little Skyray kit. So good luck with your efforts to breathe some life into that. The other 2 look like some fun
  2. Absolutely amazed at what you have made there! So I clicked on the little video, and I continued to be amazed!! And when it finished, it did what YouTube does........ It cued up the next of your videos - The one featuring the Bugatti throttle linkages working.....!!! Man....... That's off the scale. I was waiting for you to turn the key and start the engine up! So, good luck with the painting. I'm staying tuned as I like!
  3. Running rails and flap mods are proceeding with the Ventura following the usual kind of procedures. Alignment is a key consideration when fitting the various extra parts...
  4. Two up. The second one is always a bit easier Starting to look like a Lockheed Twin!
  5. A bit of action on the Academy Ventura. Having come this far in dealing with the Fowler flaps on these Lockheeds, I reckoned it would be rather slack of me to omit this one from the procedure! While I had the bottom panel on the cutting mat I decided to remove part of the wheelwell roof to make the space where the wheel /tyre would retract into, and I made a corresponding shape in my rear spar. There was a bit of a panic as I started in with the glue when I noticed that the engine assembly had to go in the nacelle half first!! That was dramatic.... Anyway job done and I can work out the painting thing later. This is not the build sequence that I've got used to. I gotta get the thing assembled first, before the paint goes on. I got myself a tube of this Perfect Plastic Putty at the LMS. Holy Cow...... HOW GOOD IS THAT STUFF???!!! I fear nought with THAT tube in my box of things
  6. You're not hanging around then....!! Quite a benchful you've got going on. Just so you know, I've started a little project on the side - Scalemates has it listed at 1967, but there's ©1964 engraved on the plastic wing inside...... This boxing is a bit later. To be honest I was surprised at how few Airfix kits I have in the pile
  7. Ah.... You had me wondering for a minute, @CrazyCrank...... You're talking about the BONNET....!! Over the engine, yes? Now I get it. Looking forward to seeing what you can work out with that...
  8. Port engine is fitted. I think that's the best I'm going to get. I went for a quick look around on the Seaplanes and Flying Boats GB...... Some great stuff going on, and I have one of these...... Just wondering if I should take a dive in, and try to knock it together before the deadline. Not that much to it, but the decals are a little skewed out of register..... Like I haven't got enough to do.....
  9. I've turned another step around the back rim of the cowling, and it didn't fall apart. And strips of yogurt pot, one each side, cut with some curve around the corner of the pot so that they sit slightly flared on the cowlings, to represent the Gills in an open position. There's tidying up and trimming to do, and redoing the Ali foil, but I think it's an improvement on what I had.
  10. There's an issue with the modified cowlings on the Lodestar that I'm trying to resolve. They're just a bit too big in diameter to fit on the nacelles and allow air to get to the intakes on top and bottom. The nearer one has the foil stripped off and the addon cooling flaps. It's been back in the drill and turned to reduce the diameter down level with the step I had turned previously. That leaves it a little short. Hmmmmm. Im wondering if I can extend the rear with thin strip added on the edge, or if I have enough plastic there to turn another little step for the cooling Gills. It's all getting a bit tricky..... The tailwheel is on, with a scratchbuilt leg and fork. I searched every sprue in the box! I'm sure it's supposed to be there right next to the wheel parts but..... If it was there, it's gone now. Anyway the part is very frail and breakable - like with the Hudson! - so I'm better off with a brass leg drilled in.
  11. Is that the straight-winged, bubble-top earlier version?? Republic did a swept wing "development" that was basically a new aircraft, but to keep the politicians happy they described it as improvement and called it an F84F
  12. Yayy... Party on round at Nicolay's.......
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