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  1. Oh yeah...... little bit of shuffling around recommended for the main gears πŸ’‘ Are those resin engines? Silly question really 🀣......they ain't grey styrene, that's for sure
  2. Precious little time available these days for modelling activities but I managed to get the 1st window fitted. The 2nd picture looks a bit iffy, doesn't it? But it's caught a reflection. There was a surface mark when I had a good look but it cleaned up and buffed away with metal polish on a cotton bud so that was a pleasing thing to sort. I shall persevere with this method, trying to avoid the masking 😷 I found time to have a read up on the Beagle. There is a "Mark 2" type with uprated engines and this may explain the 3blade props on some. It seems that Beagle were of the impression that they would supply 80 or so to the RAF but like many other UK companies they were stuffed by the powers that be. I think the MoD purchased 20 or so, leaving Beagle's costing and business plan in shreds. The 206 did OK in the civil world though. The Australian Flying Doctor service used them too. Turns out that the plane is known as the Beagle 206, and 206S for the uprated version. The name Bassett is the RAF name for the type in their service, so I'll update the title here I guess. Not much else to report on the build though
  3. The crew members are looking a bit more like it. The large helmets have been filed to a more normal head size and then peaks for caps have been added. Some of the military harness details are removed and the rest can be done with paint. I want to try and do better this time with the windows. It's not a process I like.....🫒 but look, there's only 4 of them incl the one in the door plus the windscreen. How hard can that be?! It's the masking for painting thing that challenges me. To start with, I've removed the big internal flange from one of the transparencies.... That's it in the middle, and the other one on the left is as it comes in the box. The window can be pushed to the right depth to bring it flush with the fuselage surface. The fuselage sides have had some white applied inside and out and I'm hoping to get away with fitting the windows cleanly and no masking will be needed. That's plan A.
  4. I dropped in to the Local yesterday as I have a DCH 2 Beaver on nonurgent order, to see if it's in yet. Well,the answer was No- Airfix time is measured in months ,apparently...... But as compensation I spotted this on the Vintage Classics shelf, just waiting for a new home. I've done one already and really enjoyed the project, and the little plane is a real Looker. Plus Chris @bigbadbadge has just finished a lovely example which has put the thought of another Bassett right up in my mind πŸ˜€ I popped the box open when I got home....... and the next thing you know I'm carving plastic πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§š I have plans for this one. My 1st build was pretty straightforward and I learned a few things along the way. This wee plane is a serious tailsitter and maximum effort is required to get her to stand with her tail up and nose wheel on the ground. I made use of some of the RAF decals and printed some general civil decor. The whole airframe is finished in a half-shiny white. But there's an alternative type, in fact there may be a few alternatives- some aircraft are fitted with 3blade props and I'd guess upgraded engines. The main item I'm trying for is the different passenger door layout, and I got straight onto the change It's the port side fuselage that's getting carved, And the cabin floor is extended a little and a different seating area layout. The rear bulkhead will be omitted- there's cargo stowage behind the rear seats anyway .And any contribution to adding lightness to the tail end is welcome The door survived quite well and I think it'll do the job once the window has been added. Much of the raised riveting and surface detail has been removed already and I had a try to demilitarise one of the bone-dome helmeted aircrew. This little plane features a pair of flaps with slats and pylons much in the style of the Bae Hawk. I'm thinking I should have a go at deploying them πŸ€” So I'm under way, everything else pushed to the side....the 2nd one is always easier, isn't it?πŸ˜‡
  5. THAT'S the kinda girl I'm talking about....!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ‘ Village accessories included, should get interesting
  6. I built the MG TC kit in 1.16 MANY years ago, I think I splashed out with my student Grant money one term. (In case any youngsters are wondering, they used to GIVE you money to go to uni, rather than charging a ransome.....sorry). It survived for decades in my Dad's house and then with me, loosing the odd bit. I dig it out occasionally and look and ponder some scratch repairs and a makeover. Did this recently and put it away again. And then I spotted this on a good auction site.... .....put in a bid and BOOM.....got it! Arrived earlier this week. I'm thinking I can clone some parts like a windscreen and hood, maybe copy some MG wingnuts? So,head full of ideas and schemes, no plastic bashing yet. May end up with 2 TCs. Looking at scalemates it seems my first effort was with one of the really early issues, but I can't remember the box art. Well, one more for old time's sake!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  7. I always enjoy a bit of creative thinking on homemade decor πŸ˜€ I've had a few satisfying outcomes by thinking sideways. The issue with colour printing on clear is the lack of covering power, a uniform background is required and white is ideal as it reflects the light which then shines through the colour, almost like a stained glass window. Yellow is probably the weakest of all. Your plan for a white base paint job with clear over sounds good. And no, laser can't do white print, but laser printed (on laser grade decal paper) is waterproof straight from the printer, no need to seal the surface like inkjet print. As for the correct fonts etc, I've even resorted to hand-drawn letters on graph paper, drawn and painted. large about 40mm high, scanned and then reduced massively to the right size for the model. This process eliminates any wobbles or irregularity in the drawn graphics Good luck with the P80, I just finished a Saggin Dragon Airfix, just need the correct gloss blue to match the decals for finishing around the nose. πŸ‘
  8. That sounds arduous!! Well done πŸ‘ Now, more importantly..........πŸ˜„
  9. OK, sorry about your Dad's situation, best wishes on that πŸ‘ These toolings are quite Vintage in origin but there was a great range available at one time, of subjects that are unique in modelling. I took an interest when I got 2 Protar kits at a reasonable price. I've done the Gilera 500. Now that one had a rubber band supplied for the final drive chain ❗️ Can't see what you have got for the Triumph there, maybe the hoop on the "rubbery sprue??" So you might end up with a bit of scratch work πŸ˜‡. But results are very rewarding especially in this size. Best of luck, with your Dad and the bike
  10. All OK with the Triumph?? Hope so....I like these bike kits. I think I'm right in thinking these 1.9 scale bikes are originally Protar kits, and Italieri now have the tooling. So that would explain the absence of part numbers on the sprues. At least you have them numbered on the diagram, that's a major development from Italieri. Looking like a very presentable Triumph civilian machine could be made from this box of fun πŸ˜€
  11. I'm definitely looking forward now to see how the Auster comes together. I had a go with the little reissued Airfix Antarctic kit...on floats πŸ˜ƒ. But there's no doubt it's a bit small to work on in 1.72 as it's a small aircraft. So this should be good! As for an accidentally Dominie T1 ....BONUS!β—οΈπŸ’•
  12. Reckon you have ramped up the sales for this little Vintage Classics gem, Chris. It's gonna be "single type group build" material 😎 Gallery shots look great πŸ‘
  13. Yeah, all kinds of 3dimensional perspective factors start playing tricks, type of lens on the camera, tail sitting, swept back(a little)wings. Measuring to the top surface or bottom surface, or a middle datum line?🀯🀩 More relaxation required, I think. And those gun port covers....πŸ”
  14. Here we go, photos in the gallery πŸ˜ƒ This has been an enjoyable diversion and thanks for your company along the way. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few more Pyro kits. That's a lot of fun in a small box 🀩
  15. Just putting the finishing touches to this lovely old-school kit, built old-school style with what is in the box. And decorated as the box artwork would have it. I still haven't found any reference pictures of this particular car with the running boards and flared front mudguards, 2seats, not drilled for lightness like the SSKL racer, yellow bodywork over black, and a split windscreen.... But that's what you get from Pyro. Very enjoyable recreational build. Not too many Pyros getting featured here on BM, probably not up to the modern standards of plastic kits. One thing that needed reworking was the position of the rear axle when the wheels went on. The ride was way too high and the tyres rubbed inside the front of the mudguards. A bit of re-engineering was required. I managed to include some steering deflection on the front wheels too, and I'm enjoying the colour scheme, glad I went ahead with the kit styling πŸ‘Œ Here she is.... Well, are you feeling nostalgic yet?? πŸ˜„
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