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  1. I like this a lot, Andy. The aircraft is really sitting in the surroundings and atmosphere you've created..... I mean, rather than being an artefact with a random background filled in, if you get me. There's plenty of life or liveliness in the colour and marks you make while maintaining the accuracy that's so required. The shadow under works a treat
  2. Great to see you setting about these, CC. It was the gift set of the 2 Mercedes Gullwing cars that got me started on the Uhlenhaut coupe. I have made considerable progress ON THE AMG SLS car...... And then stopped. I'll need to take another look in the box, see if it's built itself by now. As for the SLR, you can see already there are vast similarities kitwise with the race car. I saw it immediately when I looked at your Stirling Moss build. But please go carefully with the boot lid.... I did see a photo, or perhaps 2?- of the coupe fitted with a big awkward silencer box on the outside of the passenger side. I guess the traffic cops were on his case.... if they ever caught up with him
  3. That's quite picturesque.... It gives a real feel of what you're working on .... Wheel Wells, eh? Tsk
  4. Erm..... I just had another look at the sprue pictures etc..... And I'm having 2nd thoughts..... That is scary. I'd understand if you want to spend your time on something else.!
  5. Wow.... Good luck with this one! I mean, I think you should have a go, hone your modelling skills, and see what you can make of it. There's so little reward to be had in assembling a "shake n bake" superkit I've applied myself to a few old crock kits and given them my best shot. They're not going to win any competitions..... Are you familiar with the Airfix Grumman Gosling, for example? The reason I took a look at this thread is I've embarked on the L10 kit by Special Hobby. One of their early products with a short run feel and a couple of issues to sort. But definitely a breeze by comparison to this item. But I love a Lockheed Twin and this little plane is the ancestor of them all
  6. I love this forum.... Seriously, you ask a question, make an enquiry, whatever subject or specific data and... BOOM Fantastic
  7. Hi @richellis. There is a Revell kit in 1.48 of the Lockheed pv1 Ventura that might fit the bill. It's not a passenger aircraft straight out of the box but the planes were bought and converted postwar in numerous styles. I'm doing one as a Bolivian airliner.... You'll have to make the windows etc but it's a very typical looking aircraft of the time I. E. pre jet age. These kits should be a lot easier to find...They have even turned up in discount shops for £15.previously. At 1.48 the fuselage is 12 inches long - 30cm. The thing is, you don't need a whole aircraft. You might not even want a specific accurate representation of a particular aeroplane . You may be more interested in the truck /lorry and just want a load. Probably draped in tarpaulins. So a basis to apply some scratch modifications to may be all you need
  8. This should be good Something about Trumpeters attitude to the modelling world that seems to irk the community. Must admit I've never done one or even own a boxful. But look at you.... "time to fire up the computer for a bit of 3d design and print"...... No stopping you now, Johnny! Don't forget the jolly old walkaround resource on BM, if you haven't already scanned it. Right, let's go....
  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Saso. There's a lot of fun to be had trying some modelling skills on these old kits, and not a lot of money at risk! I don't have much info on the interior but there's probably loads on the net if you keep looking. Most recent I've done the DH Heron with seating (the windows are BIG...) If you try that in the Jersey Airlines styling, the original scheme is bare polished metal on fuselage lower and wings etc. The airframe is now a museum piece and painted light grey and this is what Airfix instructions show. Good luck with the plastic bashing
  10. That's why their kits are always wonky ..... says the guy from Romsey....
  11. Oh, Bronze surely, Windy...... Another little survivor parked up today, like it's not a big deal.... Not even sure if it's a Pride 'nJoy collector's prize possession - could just be a run around that has kept going. J reg suffix, now let me think..... My old Triumph T100S was F reg....... 68 or 69??
  12. A very well turned out Escort 1300 filling up.... Vinyl roof perfect, somebody has put a lot of effort into this. Sounds good too
  13. Oooooo-kay.... Thought I'd pop in and see how the Hawks are going. You know like, "page 162" caught my eye for one thing.... The start date for the thread, etc I'll just quietly close the door again,guys. Don't mind me. Nobody told me you were all put in this room
  14. Just chugging away from time to time as the opportunity arises, getting some foil on. I've done the underside of the wings too. I can't say I'm thrilled with the result, I may revise this area, but it is "only" the underside. I'll see what I think of it later. I decided to revert to my old roll of tape. It's wider, at 75mm, but the edges are quite poor with the adhesive damaged probably from sitting in a damp situation in the past. So I have to pick good areas and discard some parts, but the stuff that's good really performs to my liking
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