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  1. This is a great little kit, Dennis, and that's good progress already on a good idea. Colour scheme wise the field is wide open..... Do you want historical accuracy or are you up for imaginative schemes? That pea-green example looked OK I guess, though probably not the one I'd choose. Hmmmmm.... Keep looking
  2. I think I should throw my hat into the ring here, and stop prevaricating. At least put a marker down, a statement of intent. I quite fancy having a go at this, I've been doing a bit of research on the type and the era, and it's thrown up some interesting information already. Airfix states 1904 on the box, but I'm reading up on the 1903 Gordon Bennett race, and I've seen it referred to as the 1902 production. I got 2 cars for £12 and the other one is a PYRO kit, remember them?? Any way the box contents are just as you'd remember them.... Should b
  3. So Irwin, it isn't exactly a "Masterclass", is it?! But I am learning things as I go
  4. More wings, less strings, Johnny I'll take that! Speaking of the strings, I've been around the houses a bit with this rigging. Where I'd left it was- all I had to do was trim the surplus protruding from the under side of the bottom wing. Well, when I did that, it pulled out of its place - it should have been trapped in the hole by the strut. Tsk!! Then, referring back to my reply to Chris....".You see, I got some of that and also some stretchy craft monofilament type for bead necklaces etc, and now I can't remember which is which", I realised I had 2 options for
  5. And Tony hits the ground RUNNING... I see one of the wings has had a test out with some magic powder already. I took a bit of interest in the type when I was doing the 1.144 Minicraft kit. I remember, with the fuselage in hand and the clear cockpit dome in place, it suddenly reminded me of the 2001 spaceship, you know, with Hal on board Later.... Aha here we are, Found it. Just open the door, Hal....! "I'm afraid I can't do that...."
  6. Reading the way the author has phrased things shines a bit of light on details. So for example under the Basset section it reads, "....... will eventually replace the sturdy Anson." That kind of suggests that some Ansons are still around. I guess the remit for the publication was to promote the "cutting edge" of the RAF - the capability and what is imminent so squadron hacks and glider activities aren't going to be the right stuff. I must admit that the organisation is in a parlous state. Without the Reds and the BBMF they'd have trouble organising a Fly Past. I've comm
  7. I THINK it is.... You see, I got some of that and also some stretchy craft monofilament type for bead necklaces etc, and now I can't remember which is which. This one has a tremendous amount of stretch, more than you'll need for bead jewellery, so that's why I think it's the knitting in stuff
  8. I'm just reading up on the Fleet Air Arm a bit so I might be able to throw something in for this!
  9. Bit of a headache marking everybody's work No doubt Mr T got in with a good opening salvo. Some excellent work all round, guys. All I can see, flicking up and down etc, is the Dominie /HP Jetstream, and there's a Pioneer as well as the Twin Pioneer. Anybody say Varsity....? The Kestrel is included, as a precursor to the Harrier but again they are being a bit forward with this, although they have a picture of it in flight with RAF markings so who am I to judge...? No Vampire T 11 or other, maybe deleted by then?? Somebody said Chipmunk, didn't they? Missile
  10. Just a couple. I'll need to do a check through. 4 copter types listed..... Oh hang on, Mr T got them all
  11. Right on all counts. There's also an artist's impression of the HS 801 which became the Nimrod. So I think they cheated a bit here as the type was clearly not "current" but they were thinking that it was "imminent".
  12. No, not listed as active aircraft. I'm not sure what the time line is for it, but the status of the aircraft wouldn't be "active" or "operational" I guess.
  13. Right, afraid time is a bit short at the moment, and my mind is wandering off making plans for the "Unarmed" and the "less than a tenner" group builds, both of which are right up my street. But I've finally succeeded in fitting a mid wing on the Triplane. Some dexterity was required to get the landing wire through the hole in the middle wing, then through the strut location hole in the bottom wing, then glue the attachment points and fit the thing while pulling a bit of tension on the landing wire Further bits of etch are yet to be done on the inner strut, and the doub
  14. Good going Mr T! Yes Valetta.... No sign of the Bell or Hastings and Oh yea, you bet, John Bloodhound is one of the 4 missile types listed I should say that the F111 is on the last page to illustrate going "forward into the future" The Devon is in And the Comet No mention of gliders - that may be looked on as recreational perhaps? I made a list for my own reference and sanity. 29 fixed wing types 4 whirlies 4 missiles
  15. I can't think of the First specifically, probably the railway shed and footbridge for a Trix train set. I do remember my Dad coming to the rescue a couple of times though. One was with a Fokker Friendship on the retracting main gears, and also a fine scratch rescue job on the drive wheels of a Scammel tank transporter
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