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  1. Yeah, I went to a bar like that once. Boy, those dancing girls are really pushy aren't they.....? Talk about "in your face", eh?!
  2. This is the test run for a clear prop disc. I have a thicker sheet of clear, but I don't want to make a big deal of the feature. I measured off against the kit props and that's the result..... Does look quite big, but then she is a mighty plane! Trying to sort the spinners was a bit of a fiddly job until I realised the shafts could go in the cordless drill and be turned like on a lathe. Much better! Think I'll make 3 more of these and see how they look together. Thought about trying to ghost on some coloured bands around the edge of the disc but it's just going to look like painted rings.
  3. Yea, I think that's the Lindberg line, rather than Lockheed. I could see with the 1.72 scale kit that it was well overweight. It had the look of being inflated.. The F7U Cutlass looks kinda interesting!
  4. Looking good so far. This stuff is self-adhesive isn't it? I'd suggest you get an old dog of a kit out of the stash... everybody has one! And practice various methods of finish. Worn out emery boards, steel wool, metal polish. On a test piece you can "test to destruction" if necessary, whereas on a valued model you have to go cautious. I know this isn't a rivety type of airframe, but for future you might want to look out for a dressmakers pattern wheel. Just run it along a straightedge
  5. I'll be interested to follow this one @gingerbob. My dad worked on the development of the Skyvan. I remember he had to work with a French engineer to marry up the prop to the engine. Neither could speak a word of the other's language but they got on fine with diagrams and maths. '63 or '64?? Great little plane, sometimes jokingly referred to as the Short Breadvan.
  6. Trying to make something of the supplied engine cowlings. They're not good I've already removed the erroneous cooling Gills here and drilled 4 angled holes for the exhaust stubs I punched out some discs for the engine bosses That's an extension going on the front of the lower intake and some exhaust stubs added. Trouble is, you have to do everything 4 times (or more) I'm still going along with the idea of clear plastic discs for the propellers, and improved spinners.
  7. This is the basic unit... Gills already removed, and holes drilled for the exhaust stubs. I've done 2 on each side, for want of better information. Engine boss blanks are punched... Bit of sanding round the front edge and glued on... That's a strip of Muller Corner pot curled and glued on the lower intake - I'll trim when dry. The side walls of the pot give a nice thin sample of styrene to work with. I'm going to leave the top intake and just do a paint job on it. I'm getting confusing info on cowling finish.... Either polished metal or the grey paint. Having tried the foil on one of them, it wasn't a great look, so I'm trying out with the paint finish. Looks like different airlines had different solutions on this, and I'm thinking if you have the wing top paint panels, you'd probably paint the whole thing.
  8. Completely out of context here, but considering the epic build from last year I thought you'd like to see what just got posted on my Facebook page... Anyone know what the BBMF have been up to? Sorry for the interruption. Carry on....
  9. What time I have for plastic bashing.... just not enough!.... I've got a few bits and bobs attached, like the wheels and doors etc. Most spent trying to make something of the engine cowlings /nacelles. Calling them "poor" is a kindness really. Cooling gills are wrong and in the wrong place.. No hint of exhausts. Bottom intakes look too short, and the top ones wrong at the front. Engine boss too small. Etc I'm not trying to make a "gold watch" here, but really I got to try and make something with what I have got. Trouble is, everything needs to be done 4 times or more. I'm still going with the idea of using the (enlarged) spinners with clear plastic prop discs. Tsk, it's a game, isn't it....???
  10. @Hobo I can tell you that the boss at RAF Leuchars had a Javelin in natural Metal finish. I think it's the only javelin airframe in this style. His initials were GHB, something like George Beaton...? They're emblazoned on the tail fin. XH 898
  11. Always room for one more manned missile. @Lifeline And a hasegawa kit too! Don't you just love 'em?
  12. It's been a blast, Johnny. As in your style, learning loads along the way. That's the point, isn't it!? And laser print bespoke decor into the bargain. So many possibilities....
  13. I think you're a cert for the metal wing, Johnny. He would definitely have mentioned the glaring error if otherwise. That engine block actually LOOKS heavy!
  14. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. Doing the Curtiss has been a real pleasure, and opened my eyes to an interesting area of aviation. The dear old C46 is barely mentioned in the standard histories . In Europe and elsewhere, the plane is completely overlooked, and overshadowed by the DC3s. In the research, I came across an interesting diversion... There was a mod tried that involved fitting a couple of small jet turbines under the wings - that ran on the same fuel - in an effort to boost the performance of the plane. The Brazilian airline Varig tried this, apparently... Some interesting info and documentation came up on the WIP Definitely, Trev!! There's absolutely NO excuse to douse your model in olive drab or any other form of "beige "!!
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