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  1. Great show, thanks to the hosting club. Who was the trader in the main hall at the back right hand side and has anyone got a contact for them. Saw something and wished I'd picked it up there.
  2. ian p

    Hurry home hunney

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if this peticular p51D mustang was ever covered by the after market decal companys TIA .
  3. Heres hopeing that thay see fit to release a vol 3 as a F4E. Shame their was no RF 4C aces or A6a aces . Sorry got a bit carried away there for a minute.
  4. Just seen on face book that Arma are doing an anniversary edition of Hawker Hurricane MK1. The poster didn't leave a link and I couldn't see anything on there web page. So was wondering if any of you guys have heard or know anything. Apparently it contains decals for 4 BOB aces, stencil sheet by Tecmod and some photo etch. Also mentioned over trees would be available.
  5. Superb especially the way you painted the frames inside the cockpit not something you see that often.
  6. PDH That would be the one thanks very much.
  7. Hi all Very quick question I've seen a new book advertised on the MK1 spitfire priced at £19.99. Now I can't find where I saw it hopeing you guys will come up trumps again. TIA
  8. Coins wow what a simple idea. Also a method which I'm keen to try is rubber O rings believe you can buy a box of different sizes for a few pounds. HTH
  9. Admiral puff there the ones thank you,
  10. Hi gang just a quicky looking for the name of the Germany decal company which is something like hehe or hans.
  11. Hi Try that well known auction site. I picked one up for a very reasonable £14.00 with more aftermarket than you could shake a stick at. Good luck. Ian p
  12. Hi Contemplating doing a 19sqn Lightning with a nmf and got me thinking what colour for the wash to pick out panel lines . Cheers.
  13. Hi Looking at adding one of these to my pile of inbuilt kits. Don't know too much about the kit could I have your honest opinion please good bad or indifferent. Also any reviews /builds on here or elsewhere. Thanks Ian
  14. Great, phantastic,excellent. Could you possibly show some more shots of just the J lm lntrigued by the colour I've got to try this on a future build. Is the base home made or bought in if so where from.
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