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  1. Using 72modelers dimensions I came up with a sketch. Hasegawa is distinctly smaller. I think I will correct it as it will bug me if I don’t. I know this is all academic as the Academy kit is the most accurate of the kits, but the Hasegawa is hardly unbuildable. I am just building the kit markings of VF-162 btw.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. It was this thread that pointed the error out to me, just to give credit where credit is due. Post 10.
  3. It has been noted that the Hasegawa ventral fins are undersized. Can somebody with both kits let me know how much I would need to enlarge the ventral fins? Eyeball is telling me about 2mm should do it.
  4. Finally got my pilot notes to open on my ipad. “Wing tip tanks may be fitted for long range ferrying, in place of the extended wing tips”. Tony is absolutly correct. I did not know the extended tips were that easy to remove.
  5. Other photo’s in the link do show them. I believe only for the ferry flight across the pond. Hopefully the pilots manual I ordrered will shed some more light on them, but I have a stong suspicion the “g” limit with them fitted and fuelled was ridicuously low. So they would have gotten airborne and used that fuel first. There is mention of them being tested in Larry Milberry’s book plus naked 5 wingtip photo’s appear to have the plumbing fitted same as the 4.
  6. Thanks for the info. Nice builds, the pretty and the not so pretty. Looks like rocket pods for mine, unless a photo turns up. I should really build my Scorpion to add something ugly to my cabinet!
  7. Sorry Wez, I mis-read your post, I finally found a pic of the Belgian CF100’s, confirming they could carry the tanks. I think they were only fitted for the ferry flights over. My theory is that they restricted “g” loading so much you might as well leave them at home. For combat obviously, they could not carry them, unless your combat involved ramming the other guys..... I am going to do an RCAF scheme, but have not seen a photo of an RCAF a/c with them.
  8. Modeldecal might have had it wrong, that is why I am hoping for a photo. The CF100 did have an issue under certain atmospheric conditions where the turbine blades would lengthen slightly contacting the ducting with predictable results, I forget the details. The Javelin had the same problem, the solution in the Javelins case wase to provide an “abrasive” surface on the ducting so the blade tips would be sanded downif they touched the ducting, keeping the engine running. Downside was a reduction in thrust until the engine was overhauled with new blades.
  9. That sounds an awful lot like the 5D’s of 414 Sqn. The 5D had the either Mk4 wings fitted or the 5 extended tips removed, but kept the longer horizontal stab. I would have to look it up, but the long wing 5’s disappeared from service when the Voodoo’s showed up in the 60’s.
  10. Any of you guys aware of any in-service photo’s of Mk5’s with tip tanks? I know the 5D’s could carry them, but that is with a Mk4 wing. I can’t seem to find anything but references that they were tested with them. Carriage would have course made it unarmed, but maybe for ferry use?
  11. Nice to see an Emhar kit finished so nice. I am currently battling the Demons in the Demon kit. The Fury sits in the stash. These kits are deceptive, you think they will at least go together easy like a Matchbox kit-wrong!
  12. Nice to see the models showed proper respect and took their shoes off. Heels can be hell on the finish.
  13. Sad to hear of the departure. I hope things work out and the gentle humour of this site crushes all negativity.
  14. My standard answer to comments like this is. If we had the same attitude towards sex, there would be no human race. Just do it. Trust me it's fun, and you get better. And if you don't, who cares. The fun is in trying. (Trying to build better models, you dirty-minded lot!)
  15. Wow, three of the most involved WnW kits, and you have finished all three. Well done. The Re8 looks like you could point it straight down and have it stay there. The air has nowhere to get out of the way of the rigging!
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