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  1. Nice to see another Hobbycraft Clunk. An under appreciated kit for sure.
  2. Just did some quick math. By the time I am done, there will be 11 parts left of the original kit, maybe 15 if I can use the original gear doors........, thus making it closely resemble most currently flying Spitfires. Lol
  3. The wings are together! The problem is every time I look at the plans, I find more errors! The wingtips are suspect. There is enough material to allow correction by sanding. I only noticed the wing root trailing edge after glueing the wings together, they are almost straight in the kit, but should be more elliptical. Correcting them would require blending into the airfoil and keeping them symmetrical, not sure if I can pull that off. I also added the small triangles in the gear bays to correct the bay shape. More detailing to go in there. Most of the panel lines are close, but there are fair bit missing or wrong.
  4. Still puttering on, slowly. I got sidetracked pushing a Stahltaube across the finish line. In any case a lot of time was spent figuring out the landing gear, I finally realized trying to duplicate the actual pinions was beyond my abilities. The angles of the gear are not easy either. The mounts have wiggle room once the wings and fuselage are joined. Doing the teardrop structure is a bit of a challenge. Here is my “high tech” jig to hold them in place.
  5. I have the Heller kit, built a long time ago. Can’t tell you about accuracy, but I finished it, so it must have been an easy build. Nowhere near as pretty as yours. I wish we would get a current F94C, it was the cooler looking of the bunch. Having built the Emhar Demon, I am staying away from their F94C.
  6. Now you are going to make me cry after posting the Lancaster brochure. Not that I wanted or needed a 1/32 Lancaster in my life, I will buy one if it turns up! I did some quick math, at my current WnW build rate I have 30 years of WnW to build in the stash, yes, one a year...... I hope the team at WnW do get to carry on, having been through multiple layoffs in me career, it is not fun.
  7. Master cannon barrels, work of art! To fit them I carefully filed the existing holes larger until the Master barrels could slide in. The photo shows the full length of the inner barrels, there is still some of the kit mounts left. That will have to be removed as the barrels run constant diameter into the wing. The barrels on the kit appear to be fractionally too far apart, I may address that after I stare a little longer at some plans and photo’s.
  8. Thanks for that, I am going to modify some Eduard Brassin legs on my never ending Matchbox kit, I have good drawings, but no dimensions.
  9. I know you asking about seats, but regarding the canopy....... Having built the kit, the front windscreen from the Pavla set can be made to curve with careful heating. The only correct canopy is the Rareplanes one. The kit one and Pavla are completely wrong, I modified the Pavla one so it is half right. A new vacuform one would have been better, but I did not have that skill. Hobby Boss got it right in 1/48. The front windscreen should also go straight to the fuselage in profile, not curve down like the kit and Pavla have it.
  10. Anybody have any dimensions on Spitfire F22 main landing gear legs? I have read they are longer than previous marks , but can’t find confirmation or dimensions. I assume that they changed with the F21.
  11. There were 10 modified MLA’s operated specifically for demonstration purposes, six visited Finland in 1978. The infra-red sensor and weapons pylons were removed for security reasons, only the centreline drop tank being present. I am looking for details on how the removed infra-red sensor was covered. It has a bump, presumably covering the mounting points for the sensor. The photo’s I have are all from the front at eye height. A rear, or better still photo from below would be ideal. Any other changes anyone is aware of would be appreciated.
  12. Great work on a kit most would dismiss just because it’s Hobbycraft.
  13. The two flat plates below the cockpit. They shield the pilots eyes from the glowing exhausts at night. Look closely at a picture and you will see what I mean. The “petals” are cowl flaps. They control the airflow through the cowling to keep the engine temperature constant.
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