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  1. Demon anhedral done to death. Short answer, it is zero.
  2. Thanks for the motivation guys. If I was to summarize my life in one sentence it would be. “Robin finds brick walls and bashes his head against them until they fall over, even if he could walk around the wall.” I have stacks of near perfect kits I could build instead, but I keep falling for these. It won’t be perfect, but it will be as perfect as I can get it.
  3. Progress! Wings are on! Now do I have enough milliput? The wing roots would have been massacred less if I had realized the wing roots on the resin engine would never match the existing ones.
  4. For cabinets, try the usual online used sites and auctions, there are usually a fair number of very well made commercial display cases going for peanuts in my part of the world. Can’t imagine it would be much different stateside.
  5. Nice setup, all I see missing is a good stereo-and the clutter of proper work desk.
  6. Can’t believe I missed this until now. Love that paint job! I was instructing (civilian) in North Bay at the time. I got to sit in the black beast. Even got to spend time in the circuit in my Cessna with it’s trainer sister. We gave it the right of way! Got to see it’s final departure to retirement as well.
  7. Thanks very much!
  8. Very nice, almost makes me want to build it. Oh wait, I am currently wrestling the Matchbox Spitfire F22. I think I will leave it at almost!
  9. Any of you guys have an actual number for the dihedral on the F94C? All I can find are some questionable three views in the books I have or online. I could eyeball it, but would rather not.
  10. I like your attitude. Build them. Ignore their value. Besides if you took the most ridiculously priced eBay WnW kit and divide it by the hours to build it, it would still come out as cheap fun. I “possibly” have too many of them, all of which will get built!
  11. Top photo is port wing, just beginning to fill in kit lines. Lower photo is after several hours work on the starboard wing. Fill, sand, prime, sigh, sand, fill some more, scribe, rivet prime sigh. Several redo’s before I can move on. Not sure I have an improvement. I figure another 6hrs work before I can think about joining the wings to the fuselage. Did I mention I have a Tamiya MkIX I could be building instead?
  12. Beautiful work as always. You set a standard I always aim for when I start a new kit.
  13. To quote the doctor showing me my X-ray after falling off a ladder a few years ago, “Not a single bone in your wrist is where it’s supposed to be.”-get a better, taller ladder.
  14. Thanks for the kind words gents. Keeps me motivated!
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