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  1. As magnificent as the 225 is, I would not put any effort or money into it until the war is won. Sad to say, but bullets are more important right now. Russia is probably going to attack that spare fuselage in any case, because that is who they are.
  2. I don’t think there is a copyright on it being government, so you should find it here. http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2021/05/republic-f-84f-flight-manual.html
  3. I built this around 1978. Actually folded the wings and “detailed” the cockpit. I used a Monogram 1/48 wheel well roof from a Mig 15 for the area behind the seats-hey it looked busy! Still have it, on the bottom shelf……
  4. I think it is just due to the non-scale thickness of the doors plus the locating pins for the doors are too long, the doors need to be right tight to the gear leg. Also, on the real aircraft there is not much daylight between the dome and the door as well with gear down. Removing the locating pins for the doors off the gear legs might do the trick.
  5. I just built one of the other versions of the kit in the Canadian Group Build. You may find some of my observations/mistakes helpful. Also another builder had issues with your kit with the landing gear splay due to the radome. You might want to check that early in the build. I also have this kit on it’s way to me, I am looking forward to your build.
  6. Without getting into a battle of statistics, when you compare a single large event, which definitely does pollute, with the emissions produced by zipping components and raw materials around the planet chasing the cheapest labour and lowest cost (Emission controls? What are they?) the show is insignificant emissions wise. It would have a label on the chart, but you would not have room to colour in the bar graph. I did state “essentially zero”, but only in comparison. Blasting a Eurofighter around the sky may not be environmentally friendly at all, but even the mighty US war machine is trying to do it’s part. https://time.com/6148778/us-military-climate-change/. We all do contribute to the problem, we all need to solve it. in any case, based on other comments cancelling the show for environmental reasons seems to be either virtue signalling or gaslighting.
  7. I just tape the whole ting together to figure out nose weights. Thanks for this thread, I had always figured this kit was a dog, but at least it’s not totally horrible. I have the Modelsivit one on the stash, I think I will stick with that one though!
  8. Statistically, airshows and other large events produce essentially zero emissions when compared to other daily activities. The problem is, they are very visible and are polluting events. Cancelling them gives an impression of taking action while ignoring more useful means of actually reducing emissions.
  9. If I was to define my life, I would say I find brick walls and bash my head against them until they fall over! Shelf of doom currently includes a Novo/Frog Attacker that came with three lower wings and one upper and a Heller CL215 that fell victim to a lamp falling over unnoticed. 100W light bulb vs styrene, styrene lost. On the plus side it didn’t catch fire! The back 1/4 was banana shaped. That has been repaired. It will get done!
  10. Apparently it was based on inaccurate drawings and is too short. Probably other errors as well. It was ok for it’s time, but like a lot of kits, overdue for replacement. In my case it was a rescue, not a rebuild! Part of it could be the camera lens and position as well, at least I switched out the wide angle!
  11. All Alclad. I use Tamiya’s rattle can Gloss Black which I polish. I understand the current Alclad primer is ok, but I am gun shy now! The model actually has mistakes and sanding marks, they just don’t show up in the pictures. If you find a flaw, you have to fix the entire panel, you can’t do touchups with Allcad. What I do like about it, is it dries pretty much instantly and tolerates handling well. I am not sure how many shades. I have all of the range, it was just the modellers, let’s try this one method.
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I still have an embarrassing number of started kits. I am trying to be self disciplined and only work on those plus I can do one of my WnW stash at a time. I do break my own rule-it is a hobby after all!
  13. Another shelf of doom refugee. Finished last week. I started this sometime last century, it probably stalled due to the modellers legit fear of natural metal and all those wheels to paint. In my case I pulled it off the legendary shelf, sanded, primed and made the finish as smooth as possible, then applied Alclad’s primer. It didn’t harden, I gave it a month, no luck. I did some research and found I was a victim of the quality control issues they went through. It didn’t sand off so much as peel off. That took forever. So I sprayed it with Tamiya gloss black and ignored it for a month-I was a little paranoid at this point! Started spraying the Alclad aluminium-it crazed……. I think I applied it too thick. More sanding, more gloss black. I do have to admit this approach of endless prime and sand improved the panel lines by filling them in, which on the full size aircraft are barely noticeable. Eventually I got there. An entire package of post-it notes gave their lives while painting the panels. Kit was out of the box except for the excellent Caracal decals. They did get the wing walks slightly wrong. I noticed too late. Anyway, she is done, a beast of an aircraft, in my case and I don’t see myself doing another. A monument to perseverance or bullheadedness, not sure which. edit I forgot to add, anybody building this kit, I would recommend priming it with gloss black and mask the wing walks with 1mm Tamiya tape. Eliminates some fiddly decaling.
  14. Looking good! Nice to see another demonstration that this kit doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It captures the Clunk s lines perfectly.
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