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  1. Decals can be annoying with older kits. I would suggest you experiment with thinning the paint. It looks like it is drying too fast to give a gloss finish on both kits.
  2. Outstanding in every way! Your detail painting skills are a marvel. Thanks for sharing.
  3. USAF nailed it with this one. https://airshowstuff.com/v4/2021/a-10-demo-team-unveils-new-special-paint-scheme/
  4. Excellent work! I am looking at two in my stash right now. One day......
  5. Things have been happening on this beast, most of which involves filler, sanding and priming. I did manage to fit the carb intake and horizontal stabs. Getting the elevators to fit is an ongoing trial. The leading edge of the fin seems a little thin, I might bulk it up a bit. Dark spots are my favourite filler for building up leading edges-gap filling superglue.
  6. Very nice, I am part way through this beast myself. I hope it looks as good as yours.
  7. Just to flesh out the drill bit as rolling tool. The drill bit shanks run up to 1/2” typically for home use. After that, improvise. I live on a farm with a shop, so I have hundreds of bits, a couple of which are actually sharp.... You can typically find cheap sets at your favourite hardware store. As you found, with the larger size, if it’s a tube, you can use it. Where the drill bit’s really shine is rolling things like Wingnut Wings machine gun tubes. You can play with the diameter and roll them to the point where it is a perfect tube with the mating parts just touching.
  8. I use drill bits to roll PE. They can had in sets in 1/64 increments.
  9. Great work! Weathering is perfect!
  10. I am not normally a fan of “What if models.” But yours looks totally plausible. Beautiful modelling. A lot of work to just avoid the splinter camo though.
  11. Here is a totally different take on the accident. The presenter is very well connected in the warbird world. The full legal investigation won’t be completed for a long time, but I don’t think it will have much to add.
  12. But if you know you are nuts, you can’t be nuts.
  13. I didn’t know this kit existed until a few weeks ago when I noticed it at a friend of mines. It is different in a good way. And now you are going to make me try to find out what the “thing” is!
  14. Nice pair! That sounded ok in my head, but looks wrong in print, not sure why. I am ashamed to admit, I have never built a Catalina. Someday I will have to rectify that. I used to fly with another pilot who had flown them water bombing. He said you could put full aileron on and count to three before anything happened.....
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