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  1. Thanks for sharing. I find it ironic that the older Scorpions would be the only ones likely to shoot anything down, given the accuracy of the unguided missiles and unreliability of the Falcons. Until the “Who cares if we miss Genies”.
  2. Nice to see another Clunk! I wish I had seen your WIP, The Mk5’s all had extended horizontal stab’s as well as wingtips. Ironically, the extended wing tips could be removed, and had to be for the tip tanks to be fitted. When the RCAF hung on to some Clunks for service as EW trainers, they removed the extended tips, kept the extended stab’s and created the 5D.
  3. I didn’t think I would see one cross the finish line so quick. Well done!
  4. You clearly possess the trait I admire most-sheer bloody mindedness! Nice work!
  5. Nice, I think I may have had that one in the dim, distant past. We forget in our pursuit of perfect weathering on the rudder pedals of say, a 1/72 FW 190 that once we just wanted something FW190 shaped to display.
  6. My search failed, I can link to the content in my signature, but not with just the title. If I try, I get this, after I select “display as a link instead”. How do I display just the title, but still function as a link? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235059868-matchboxrevell-132-spitfire-mk-2224/
  7. Looks great! With the RB wires, I find if you leave one end free, they will always remain straight. For strength, I would recommend using piano wire on the centre section. I use it on my WnW landing gear accepting the lack of scale appearance.
  8. A little late to the party, but look at a photo, hardly a panel line in sight! There are rivets though. The new kit has massive trenches. Some scratch building in the cockpit, Falcon vac clear parts, and I would pick the older kit every time.
  9. Hollowed out the carb intake. The carb had a door that was closed on the ground which forced the air up and through a filter in the fairing, so if you look in, all you see is a slightly bent piece of aluminum. It only took as long as New York City Serenade to hollow it out with my Dremel tool and some careful carving. Door was added using some card. I hollowed out some of the fuselage because from certain angles you could see the air had nowhere to go. I Painted it black, the door aluminum and the intake trunk Medium Sea Grey before installing the intake.
  10. Absolute masterpiece! Modelling at it’s best. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. Someday I will master an oxidized aluminum finish.
  12. It sits level, my high tech cardboard film studio is uneven! Wing looks droopy too, it’s not. Blame the photographer-me!
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