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  1. Gear bays were bare aluminium. I only found one photo in Larry Milberry’s book with intake covers, they fitted in the nacelle with a diamond shaped canvas center covering the dome and de-Icing vanes. I don’t think they were commonly used. The vanes by the way, were on all Mk4’s and 5’s. They were removed somewhere around 1960 from some Mk5’s at least. They were found to be unnecessary.
  2. Looks like about 1 deg dihedral according to the Astra plans, from the wing root.
  3. Nope, no bend, wings are straight. Small amount of dihedral. I will get you a number. I see hot water in your future…..
  4. Glad to see I am not the only one who fails to mask everything! As far as stash reduction, you picked the smallest kit with the smallest box. Not going to help much….
  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about the cockpit, it is all black. I detailed my vacuform Clunk, you can’t see it. Ejection seats, blast deflector and the radio compass and it’s bracket between the seats are all you can really see, and that’s with an open canopy!
  6. Nice to see another Aeroclub build, but you have to start rigging them! John even marked them for you!
  7. Most issues I have had are resolved using the IT Crowd method. “Did you turn it off and on again?”.
  8. This. One of my favourite sets. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FNCV0272?result-token=Xg5do
  9. I have ordered from them. Very prompt service. https://www.abovebelow.ca/s/search?q=Otter
  10. I was getting ready to try to build my Astra Tutor. I guess I will wait until this hits the market. If it is accurate, it should sell decently, if not spectacularly.
  11. The Zeppelins are looking good, but I think you overdid the weathering on the table.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I once flew on a different aircraft with a guy who had flown Invaders with Airspray. His job interview consisted of “Get in the airplane, let’s go flying.” Roaring over the prairie, he told him how to aim. “Drop half the load (water) on that tree.” He missed, badly. Here is what you did wrong. Tried again, missed. Not as bad, back to airport. “ You’re hired. My colleague asked if there was a sit down interview to go over his flying experience. Response was, “We are in the water bombing business, if you hit the target, you are useful, if you can’t you are useless. I think you are trainable, I don’t care what your resume says.” Definitely the best job interview story I have ever heard.
  13. The Silver Wings 1/32 Siskin has the four hinges, and I did find a photo that showed the top and bottom ones, so four seems reasonable. The rudder is hinged on the adjustable post on your drawing and it appears plenty strong enough, if engineering overkill. It’s a single engine fighter, I can’t imagine the cg moving very far!
  14. Depends on who owns it and who physically has it. WnW stopped producing, but did not go bankrupt. The tooling for their Lancaster was clearly in China as a company is selling it. The rest could be in Peter Jackson’s basement for all we know. In the end, very little tooling gets lost forever, unless sunk-that’s happened, scrapped-rarely, usually if worn out beyond redemption. At some point most molds get re-released eventually.
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