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  1. mike romeo

    Missing parts Mosquito Airfix

    Yep, I had that problem with the exact same parts. I contacted Airfix and, after an amusing mistake involving being sent some random spare parts for a 1/72 Hawk, the right parts arrived.
  2. I still don't understand why the edging of the anti-glare strip yellow on an otherwise blue and white decorated 19 Sqn plane. Was Flt It Doley yellow flight commander or something? Regards Martin
  3. mike romeo

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    The latest SAM has an article by Paul Lucas discussing RLM83 as blue. Away from home, so can't tell if it discusses hue but there are speculative colour profiles.
  4. mike romeo

    Revell me262 1/72

    Hi Adam, Further to the above, it's a nice kit and easy to assemble. Fit is reasonable, apart from the canopy which, as others have already stated, is worth replacing. One thing not previously mentioned is that the stance with wheels down is a little 'nose down', whereas it should be nose up. One BM member (The Wooksta, I think) mentioned a fix he had which, IIRC, involved deepening the main wheel leg attachment holes somewhat. Perhaps he'll see this and elaborate further. regards, Martin
  5. Nice, Adrian. When I did the old frog Beau, I replaced the engine cowlings with Aeroclub ones. However, I had to bulk up the nacelles behind with milliput, as the new cowlings made them look a bit anaemic. Regards Martin
  6. Yeah, that'd be nice. Not sure it will, though.
  7. Carrots: explanation for RAF pilots' increasing success against German night raiders, to disguise the use of airborne radar. Clearly a reference to a forthcoming 1:72 DH Mosquito NF. XXX. Whadaya mean, you don't think so?
  8. mike romeo

    1:48 P-38 Droop Snoot decals

    That's a very handsome P-38, Elger. I would indeed like the scans, thanks. I'll send you a pm with my contact details. Regards Martin
  9. mike romeo

    1:48 P-38 Droop Snoot decals

    Hmmm. As I surmised.
  10. mike romeo

    1:48 P-38 Droop Snoot decals

    Hi, Having just obtained an Academy droop snoot, I'm not too impressed with the rather boring exanple portrayed by the kit decals. However, a cursory google and inspection of the Hannants website has not turned up any AM decals for the droop snoot in 1:48. I'm looking for a generic USAAF machine with invasion stripes; not fussed whether its nmf or OD/NG. Anyone know if there is anything along these lines available? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Martin
  11. mike romeo

    Airfix Advent Calendar

    Bah, humbug!
  12. mike romeo

    1/48 Hawker Tempest

    How dare you have fun while building a model kit you bought with your own money! Have some sense of decency, man. This is Britmodeller after all! Regards Martin
  13. mike romeo

    RN F-35B Frenzy - FLY NAVY

    Fred, Great builds and a good post! With my pedant head on, the ITF is actually the Integrated Test Force. Regards Martin
  14. mike romeo

    Airfix Advent Calendar

    Hope they add 'teasers' to 2019 kits b4 the formal announcement. I loved those in previous years. I know how excited I'll be if there's something that looks like a Mosquito . . . . . . or a Hornet.
  15. mike romeo

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Very hard plastic, as I recall. Parts may meed to be sawn from sprues.