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  1. Give or take some exhaust staining and nav light highlighting, I'm calling this done. Nice kit, lots of detail, good engineering, although there's a certain chunky feel to the moulding. Airfix will join the big boys if they can refine this. That said, an enjoyable build and it looks the part! Rgds, Martin
  2. Hi Tony, The answer is yes, although my upper camo wash was light and disappeared with the matt varnish. Hey ho! Did some other weathering and it doesn't look too bad. The underside looks ok, though. Just got the small bits (pitot, aerials, nav lights) to go, plus the rocket armament. Rgds Martin
  3. Sorry folks, these are not the most interesting threads to view. Not feeling that chatty. However, despite work issues, modelling continues at times: A few more decals, gloss coat, then weathering. Small bits are being painted ahead of time. I like the scheme with the RAAF decals. Rgds Martin
  4. Progress continuing to be made . . . slowly. Needs a coat of gloss to seal the decals, then some weathering. Rgds Martin
  5. Started the decals on Marcron II tonight. Thanks to @tonyot for the fuse roundels, codes , serials et al. The remainder are Aeromaster RAF c-type roundels without the red centres. Makes a bit of a change from other schemes, I think. Rgds Martin
  6. Started the decalling tonight. Using these decals: I have to say the dk decals are rather nice; thin and flexible, yet robust and not keen to curl up. Rgds Martin
  7. I think I'm doing the earlier machine without the fern, unfortunately.
  8. Agree with your comments on the shortcomings of the Revell kit. A missed oppo imho. Rgds Martin
  9. Hi Pat, Getting there. I honestly thought I'd posted a recent update, but clearly not. Here's the photo I thought I'd posted: Camo finished. Tonight I added the gear legs, and next will be the decals. Rgds Martin
  10. And here is a slightly better photo with the grey in the right place: Some touch ups a bit of a polish, some varnish, and then onto decals, I reckon. Rgds Martin
  11. So, have made some more progress on what I've now decided will be "Marcron". After many many coats of over-thinned Xtracrylics Dark Slate Green, I put on 1 coat of Dark Sea Grey (yeah, I know; it's faded, innit). However, I then realised I had copied the wrong camo pattern! D'oh! However, I had let the green cure, whereas the grey was fresh, so it came off with a light rub of a tissue moistened in ipa without too much damage. Another couple of light coats of green and we're here. Hopefully grey on tomoz. Rgds Martin
  12. Hi, I scrape off pastel dust with a hobby knife, mixing up colours to approximate the correct shade, then stipple the resulting powder on with a cut down round brush. More stippling, darker finish. Needs to be done on a matt surface, mind. Rgds Martin
  13. I am a brush and rattle-can painter, and although I have improved over the years, I have never produced a particularly realistic finish. Having seen a series of excellent finishes from someone on BM, I thought I'd try pastels. So, out came the AMT Ju 88C nightfighter which I built as an experiment. So, here's the result: What d'you think? Rgds Martin
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