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  1. You're too kind, Jean. I consider myself an average modeller with lots of experience! Many thanks! Thank you!
  2. Hi folks, I have been working on and off in trying to improve the 1960s (?) Revell tooling of the P-70 into an RAF Boston III intruder. The extent of AM used was quickboost flame damping exhausts and DK decals; the rest was just good ol' fashioned modelling bl**dy-mindedness. Things wot I done: - reshaped engine cowls to a more aerodynamic profile, - added rudimentary gizmology to the fuselage interior, - corrected nacelles to better represent intruder exhaust arrangements, - shimmed glazing for a better fit, - added front and rear bulk
  3. Cheers, Col! I'm also casting longing looks at the 1:48 Eduard G-10 Regensburg Weekend in my stash, but that may be a Gustav too far. Rgds Martin
  4. Hi folks, we'll see how it goes, but if possible, I'd like to join with the Heller K4 and the AZ G-14A/S. Rgds Martin
  5. Hi, I wonder if I could join this gb, please? I have grand ideas of doing a TSS Aussie TF.X, a Spit Vc and a RNZAF maritime scheme Kittyhawk. More likely, would only be 1 or 2 of these. Rgds Martin
  6. Progress on the Boston intruder continues at my usual glacial place (Why does the, "Black . . . . black!!!!" Fast Show character come to mind?) Anyway, she's on her feet and defo not a tailsitter. The nosegear leg has bits of the original, bent plastic rod, brass tube, araldite, sprue soup and super glue, so a bit of a bodge up and, sans doute, very fragile. Quite happy with the finish tho', despite shimming, glasswork fit is only so so, as are the frame lines. Probs do some touch up there. Also, If I do another of these as the mount of Bill Newton, VC, I may try sma
  7. So, things look a little better now. I finished off the decals, sealed them in with klear, then added a very thinned layer of mid grey colour. It took a bit of effort to get the right thickness, but after a matt coat, it looks like this: For a faded RDM2 finish, that'll do it for me. Painted the props and main wheels today, and I'm currently repairing the nosewheel leg. Some scratchbuilding will be required. More soon. Rgds Martin
  8. Thanks, Chris, It was touch and go, though, and I've just wiped off the nose gear leg (sigh). BTW, I've also got 2 of the MPM Bostons, but the thought of accurately aligning all the little exhaust outlet fairings on the cowlings really puts me off. Rgds Martin
  9. Thanks, Adrian I don't know what it says about me but further to your comment above, I've just bought Revell's old tool Lanc from ebay and sold on the new one! Rgds Martin
  10. So, a bit more progress. I got some thin coats of 'scale black (half black / half brick red) on. I then masked off the fabric parts of the control surfaces, and dry-brushed on some anthracite. Then just dry-daubed various combos of scale black, pure black, anthracite and very dark grey. A few decals on from the following sheet: Which leaves us here: Looks awful, doesn't it? Never mind. I think it will look better with a light grey filter coat, an overall flat coat, and some pastel work. We'll see.
  11. Looks very nice. I hope to help support this effort in due course. Rgds Martin
  12. Having masked and applied the glasswork, then fairing it in as well as I could with shims, filling gaps with klear, and then using correction fluid to deal with any remaining issues, I added a few thin coats of 50 : 50 black : red. That will act as a base for subsequent shading and weathering. It already looks quite matt and sooty. Here are the pics: The last pic shows the reason for the nose down sit in the other shots. I have wiped off the axles for the nose gear. I'll try to fix that after painting is finished. More
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