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  1. Well, Edward, if you'd like a free donation and if that wouldn't get you into trouble, let me know. My stash is similarly out of control! Rgds Martin
  2. Not that I'm looking forward to these at all . . . Rgds Martin
  3. Hi Jan, Do you have an update on when we might expect the dH Hornets? Rgds Martin
  4. But the OP may be very disappointed at the sparse riveting on the Airfix Wimpey.
  5. Hi Jan, Is the Hornet HQT technology or short run? Rgds Martin
  6. Patrice, Apologies, but I've given up on this one for the time being. The Aires cockpit fitted- with some cutting - In width- but was about 5 mil to tall to allow the wing centre section to close. With drastic thinning of the centre section and cockpit floor resin, I could have clawed back about 3 mil, I reckon: not enough. So, I have put everything away until I have a better solution. Sorry for the non-completion, and thanks for letting me join. Rgds Martin
  7. Work continues slowly, and I thought I'd post some messy photos illustrating my blab in the post above. Firstly, here are the wings, showing the work on the ailerons: And here's the state of the fuse dry fitted to the wings, with rudder removed and cockpit area thinned. Fit is pretty good, wiI probably should have gone further, but it was pretty flexible and see through, so I decided enough was enough and joined the halves, aiming to slot in the fuse from below: And here are the Aires cockpit pieces, halfway through painting and assembling: Warping of the resin was reduced but not eliminated by dipping the affected pieces in very hot water, then bending them appropriately. Earlier dry fitting makes me confident that the resin will approximately fit the fuse, however I'm sure the fit won't be exact. Further dry fitting will take place, before I decide whether to fit the cockpit fully assembled, or add the sidewalls to the respective fuse halves first. Advice welcome. Rgds Martin
  8. Hi all, Apologies for the lack of progress shots, but modelling time has been quite scarce so not much has been done. Here's a pic of the latest status: After a couple of rounds of psr, the joints are sorted, I've masked the fuse windows, scribed and added the tail feathers. I've also hacked away at the rear turret in both height and depth, and it now sits like this: I'm happy with that, especially as I plan to add a strip of thin sheet in front of the turret. With appropriate shaping, this will form the air deflector visible in photos. The mid-upper is now a bigger concern as, having added the support structure for the kit turret in the fuse, this now prevents my Lanc replacement glazing from fitting correctly. More thought required there. I am now procrastinating about starting the wings. Lots of sanding, rescribing, and adding 'pretend' detail to the main gear bays. Oh and the wing halves are warped, so may need spars adding. More soon (hopefully). Rgds Martin
  9. No photos I'm afraid, folks but I haven't forgotten about this. I have decided on doing a CBI Spit Mk VIII, and have removed the ailerons and plan to use Eduard replacements, the wing halves are now joined and I've added the replacement centre section. I also decided I couldn't make a creditable job of upgrading the cockpit, so I purchased the Aires cockpit set. I have spent the last couple of days thinning down the fuse sidewalks in preparation and I'm about to start on assembling the cockpit. Last thing I've done is to remove the kit rudder, which will again be replaced by an Eduard one. Hopefully more soon plus some pics. Rgds Martin
  10. Just pre-ordered an F.1, a PR.2 and an F.3 from Hannants. Rgds Martin
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