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  1. Very tidy scratch building, Serge! You truly have the eye. Regards Martin
  2. Thank you. I think the Hornet would be a good candidate for an Airfix re-tool just on its looks alone. Regards Martin
  3. Another finisher from the FROG Squad GB, this was my attempt at improving what FROG provided. Off the top of my head, I did the following: - removed the moulded in interior detail and scratched a 'pit - removed the fin and dorsal fillet; replaced with a cut down Airfix Mossie fin and scratch-built strake - reshaped nose and tail cone with milliput - removed raised lip at rear of cockpit opening - opened up and enlarged radiator inlets; added scratchbuilt rad detail - thinned down wing leading edges drastically, moving point of max thickness rearward - cleaned up landing gear legs and added support stays from brass tube - replaced tailwheel with Vampire nose gear - replaced main wheels with resin examples - reshaped and rescribed engine nacelles - added spar caps, and fuse main spar cover from Tamiya tape - added nav lights from clear styrene - drilled out cannon troughs - windscreen cut from clear sheet to dimensions supplied by @David A Collins - smash moulded canopy - added bomb racks from Airfix Typhoon and bombs from Tamiya Mosquito - substituted rocket tail fins from the Hobbyboss Typhoon Phew! Not surprising it took me over 3 months. The decals are from the kit and Xtradecal RAF roundels. Paint was xtracrylics PRU blue and dark sea grey plus Tamiya dark green rattle can (not the RAF dark green, I later realised!). The observant will spot the howler I made when painting the camouflage. Enjoy! Martin
  4. And it's still the 20th in my time zone, so the Hornet has, after all, made it into the gallery! Pity about the Tiffy, though . . . Thanks to the GB fuhrer and his unter-fuhrer. Regards Martin
  5. FROG dH Hornet F3 Kit F239 After over 3 months elapsed build time (although I work full time with a youngish family, so modelling time is somewhat scarce) I finished my Hornet, with the intent of trying to get something a bit more Hornet-like on my shelf, in the absence of a more definitive boxing. Had a number of setbacks on the way, but learnt some new skills and, while it's far from the ultimate Hornet of my imagination, it'll do until Airfix get their finger out. Build thread here: Regards Martin
  6. OK, so after some consideration, I decided I'd come too far not to get this finished so, ignoring curing times for klear and paint, I got some rudimentary framing done this evening and attached the canopy. So, I'm calling this finished! Thanks for all the encouragement along the way! Regards Martin
  7. We won't believe it unless we see the pictures .
  8. So, after some procrastination, on Friday evening I had a few goes at smash moulding. 6 attempts later, I got one reasonable one. I cut the sliding section down this afternoon, and . . . Sorry this won't be finished, but I gave it a good go. Thanks to Dave and Pat for letting me join, and to the rest of you for your support and your wonderful builds. Regards Martin
  9. OK, wasn't going to do more on this till the Hornet was finished, but felt the urge to mangle plastic again while waiting for my desk vice and heat gun to arrive: The black dots are sprue soup to fill sink marks. Hope to finish the filling and sanding tomorrow. Regards Martin
  10. P45 and "a couple" makes . . . ?
  11. Thanks, Jason. I completely agree with you re the need for a new-tool Hornet. Are you listening, Airfix? Regards Martin
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