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  1. Hi, I've done some of the above: one aileron and tailwheel are on, but when dry-fitting the second aileron, I saw I'd lost a couple of the attachment arms. This'll have been due to clumsy handling on my part. I have since replaced them with plastic rod bent over a candle flame and cut to size. Once that's dry, I'll have a go at attaching the remaining aileron. Handle carefully . . . In other news, I dry fitted the canopy. After a tiny fettle on one side, it fits well, so this may remain off for now. Finally, I added some sprue soup to the a
  2. Les, Probably. There would have to have been a rib there anyway between the aileron and flap, but of course this may not have shown up on the surface. Rgds Martin
  3. So, still making progress on the Hornet. After filling and sanding, I treated it to a scoosh of primer. That highlighted a number of issues which I addressed with more filler and more sanding. So, this is where I am now, having rescribed (badly) the upper surfaces. I'll have a crack at the lowers surfaces later, and I hope to get on a coat of paint tomorrow to highlight any further work needed. On my next one, I may add masking tape wing spar caps. Rgds Martin
  4. Hi folks, As my last post stated, slow progress continues to be made - and I have some pics to prove it! Here's the state of things at the moment. You can see the side window masking. The only filler used on top is the patch in front of the tail fin.The other white bits are correcting fluid, cleaned up with a cotton bud dipped in enamel thinners. Here's the underside: Bit of filler on the gear leg sink marks, and a shed load on the nose, where the join led to a concave surface. Looks to have cleaned up ok, although
  5. It is indeed the Dragon boxing. Personally, I found the Academy a much easier build. Rgds Martin
  6. Brilliant, thanks, Heather. That's exactly what I needed. Personally, I thought yours looked very neat - even up close as in your shots. Rgds Martin
  7. Hi Heather, any chance of a few close up shots of the main gear legs? Struggling to see how the drag stays fit. The best current fit will require some reshaping of the stay end and before I do that it'd be good to get a second opinion on how they fit . . . . . . given that the helpful Heller inset drawing isn't. Thanks in advance. Rgds Martin
  8. The plastic is finely moulded with not much contact area. I think the best advice I could give would be, "handle with care!" So, do as I say, not what I do! Rgds Martin
  9. Due to the design of the kit, the completed airframe feels like the minimum of plastic containing the maximum volume. Seams keep popping under my klutzy handling! However, side windows are now masked and main gear struts added. The latter have large sink holes that will have to be addressed. After that, it's onto making up the engines and an explorative scoosh of primer. Rgds Martin
  10. Thanks, chap! So, both are very similar in diameter and actually pretty accurate. Must have been an illusion. Rgds Martin
  11. So, work has continued since my last pics, although not much progress has been made. The gaps and joints have been fixed, mostly with correction fluid, although some milliput was also used under the nose. Although the joint was quite good, it was a bit concave, so filler was used to level up the centre part slightly. I then spent the evening beginning masking the side windows. Not my favourite modelling task, tbh. No pics because there's not much to show. However, thought I'd post to tell you all I hadn't forgotten about you . Rgds
  12. So, just to chuck in another point, the FROG prop blades - I think - look a bit short in diameter. Les, can you confirm, or is it an illusion caused by the larger diameter spinners? If they are a different diameter ro AZ / SH, which is correct? They're also broader in chord. Rgds Martin
  13. Hi Les, While I don't personally doubt your figures, it may be worth having @David A Collins post here directly (if he would be so kind) his figures for Hornet spinner max. diameter. (And I too cannot see any panel lines on the photograph beyond those on nacelles / radiators). I can see slightly raised front and rear spar caps, though. Rgds Martin
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