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  1. Thanks, Pete PM inbound. Regards, Martin
  2. Nice progress! Looks like the fit of the nacelles was somewhat approximate. Regards Martin PS if it looks busy now, what about when the RATO units go on.
  3. Hi feĺlow FROGgers, Unfortunately, I've had a major faff with both sets of Hornet decals I had. Could anybody help me out with the 41 Sqn scheme? Many thanks in advance. Regards Martin
  4. Nice upgrades, Peter! Regards Martin
  5. So the painting is essentially complete: I tried to get the camo demarcation smoothly curved instead of wiggly. Pics I've seen of camo'd Hornets show this and it looks a lot different to the WWII style. It may even look a bit "toy-like". However, that's how it's now going to stay. Next up: decals. Following that, I'm going to have to measure out, fashion and install a scratch-built windscreen. What could possibly go wrong? Regards Martin
  6. Hi Steve, Decals posted this afternoon. Regards Martin
  7. Ok Steve, Pm me your addy and I'll get them off to you. Regards Martin
  8. Hi Steve, Here are the photos. The decals are quite yellowed, but may respond to uv. Any use? Regards, Martin
  9. OK, Steve. I'll have a look this evening and post a picture when I find them. Regards Martin
  10. Thanks Dave. I tried airbrushing with a cheap Tamiya set up about a quarter of a century ago. Got some good results, but not noticeably better - or faster - than my current method of brush painting*, given masking, surface prep, cleaning of airbrush, etc. It did teach me a thing or two about eliminating seams and the importance of surface prep though. I've actually got a rather expensive airbrush and compressor in the loft - where it's been for about 15 years. Will probably drag it out when I have a proper modelling room sorted, probably about the same time hell freezes over . Regards Martin *not including Lufty mottling.
  11. After a going over with micromesh and another couple of coats of PRU blue, the undersides are finished. Been out for much of the day, but managed 4 coats of DSG this evening. I should get that finished off tomorrow, then onto the dark green. Regards, Martin R
  12. Looks good, Steve. I think I have an Airfix 'Widow decal sheet somewhere. Would that be of use? Let me know one way or t'other. Regards Martin
  13. Nice! Another one I'm looking forward to seeing progress. Please post lots of wip photos as I've got one of these in the stash. Regards Marrin
  14. Given my experience with the Hornet, I did think it was slightly ironic! Regards Martin
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