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  1. Aren't the colours for UK WWII roundels as printed on PrintScale sheets much too bright?
  2. Hi Pete, No need for apologies. They don't show up well on the photos. Rgds, Martin
  3. Thanks, Pete. In answer to your question, yes she was. 199 Sqn. I have added 8 Mandrel aerials on the underside in the appropriate locations (taken from information in Streetly's book on 100Gp). I have also added a Window dispenser. Rgds Martin
  4. Finished pics now included in RFI. Thanks for following. Rgds Martin
  5. Thanks, Echen. Thanks, Colin.
  6. Yep. Wasn't too interested in the pre-1930 bit. I thought the quest for fighter speed and firepower chapters, together with the bombers to attack Germany one, were good. I also thought that better use of illustrations (eg how the various fighter specs. linked together chronologically, tables of Air Staff organisation, etc.) could have added clarity. Rgds Martin Thanks Roger. Thanks, HS!
  7. Thanks, Adrian. I should really finish my Matchbox A-20 for the gb, but I've lost interest. I fancy something oob. Airfix Tempest? Sword Tarpon? Tamiya He 219? Got to get my mojo back for starting my Airfix Sunderland! Tell me: what did you think of the book? Rgds Martin
  8. Back in April 2020 I started building an old tool Airfix Stirling Mk III. Progress was made for a number of months and then I lost interest. Interest rekindled, work restarted in Dec 22 and I finally think it's finished. Aftermarket was restricted to some etch intended for the Italeri beast, DK decals and some internet-purchased Paragon engines and coals intended for a Lanc Mk II. I also used parts from the new tool Airfix Lanc to improve the kit turrets. Apart from that, the major ingredients were filler, sprue goop and styrene sheet n' rod. Build thread here: Excuse the cr*ppy glamour shots.
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