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  1. Hi all and thank you for the replies, so here is the road block, I made a plasticard mould and then poured in some ceramic, unfortunately some air bubbles came out so I need to fill them.... Cheers! Alessandro
  2. Hi all, I painted also the italian gun "elefantino" with its ammo boxes, all items are Model Victoria. Cheers Alessandro
  3. Hi all thank you for the comments, So the figures are completed, now it's time to play with them, diorama setup stage! Cheers Alessandro
  4. Hi all and thank you for the kind replies, here is the italian soldier! Cheers Alessandro
  5. Hi all. I went on with the figures, I still have 2 to paint, then the diorama base. Cheers Alessandro
  6. Hi all and thank you for the replies, here are some more figures I painted recently, I also tried with questionable success the Crossdelta decal set on the tankers trousers, he still needs some highlights and shading process. C&C welcome! Cheers Alessandro
  7. Thank you very much indeed for the replies, now it is time for a new project, or better, to end another one (yet another building!!!)
  8. Thank you very much indeed for the replies, now it is time for a new project, or better, to end another one (yet another building!!!)
  9. Hi all this is my first entry here as a completed diorama, feel free to add your comments, be kind please! You can find the WIP of this small diorama here Enjoy! Alessandro The house has some internal fittings, I choose to close the back and to make it removable, here is what's hidden inside The attic full of unused things... The first floor with two bedrooms...
  10. So, that's what they say here, "every nice thing has an end", so here is the diorama completed, I weathered the tracks and the running gear, then I glued the tank to the diorama. Feel free to add your comments, later I will post in the Ready for inspection forum. Cheers! Alessandro
  11. Thank you Nick, here are two more figures, then I added some dirt and glued them all to the diorama base. It will end soon! Cheers Alessandro
  12. first three figures are ready, just need a little dirt, first from left is armed with a MP28, second with a Mauser Kar 98K, third is a tanker; the first is a Dragon stock kit, with Hornet composed head, second is a Yoshi slightly modified, with a Hornet Head and third is again a Yoshi with Ultracast head Cheers Alessandro
  13. And the roof is finished, it took a long time to the end! Now it is at its 95% done... Feel free to add your comments and cryticisms! Cheers Alessandro
  14. Hi Mate, in a few words yes, the charis were copied from a Tamiya, taken from the german soldiers at rest, all the rest is scratchbuilt. Cheers! Alessandro
  15. Ok some tiles are glued on the roof, I will add a wash with some dark grey and some other paints to blend them togheter, then add some other details on the roof and it's over!
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