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  1. Very nice! I made this model when it was new in the 1980s, can't remember how good or bad the fit was but I was happy with result then.... except the commander figure who I thought was very undersized - compared to the figures that came with the Merkava mk1 that was released about the same time he was tiny! And looks like he's in a painting by Munch, poor chap. It didn't come with any stowage or fuel cans in the 1980s IIRC.
  2. M26 Pershing coming up in next few days and I'm even happier with it so far....
  3. The last armour model I made was in the 1980s when I was in my teens. Wanted to try my hand in again so chose Tamiya's cheap original Panther A as a tryout. Very simple construction, the major thing for me was that this is first time I've painted camouflage with an airbrush. Lots to learn, I know the tracks are wrong, and there's a bit of silvering on one of the decals...but as a returnee I'm quite pleased with it! I didn't bother with the supplied crew figures as they were a bit caricature. Next up will be an M-26 Pershing so I can re-enact February 1945 on the living room
  4. ∆ I thought we gave that up after 1956! Time to stop pretending to be exceptional. Our best hope is cooperation and collaboration with our neighbours and develop the technologies to be ready for the next war, not the previous wars. The Challenger should be the last manned tank and the F35 the last manned combat fighter.
  5. If there is another high intensity land war between wealthy nations.... I suspect any large slow moving object will be toast very quickly. There will be nowhere to hide. Semi autonomous fast unmanned AI systems will dominate. For actions against low-tech and non-state actors, I suspect smaller faster lighter vehicles that can be quickly deployed and with low logistical dependencies will be a better bet.
  6. What a monster. What are the spinning things on top of the turrets?
  7. The surface is quite rough - but the plastic underneath has quite a rough surface too. But I think I've found a way forward, using acrylic gloss black with a bit of fairy liquid as a wash, I've been able to pin wash it and then brush off the excess with a dry brush. So I'm getting there. For the decals I've basically hand brushed gloss varnish over the whole panel where the decal will be applied - still not getting a uniform gloss surface, then I will brush matt varnish over that once the decal fully dried, using setting solution to pull it down.
  8. I'm making myself a very nice Tamiya 1/35 Panther, using some Revell enamels which were obtained by mistake (long story). And very happy with my pre-shading using humbrol matt black and matt white, with Revell Afrikabraun and Dunkelgraun for the camouflage - coming up very nicely. BUT.... now I want to apply the decals and a pin wash, and I just cannot get a gloss coat applied at all! I've tried spraying with Tamiya TS-13 clear (decanted into my airbrush with 1:1 thinners) - and the matt camouflage paint just completely absorbs it and stays matt! That having failed, I've now tried Revel
  9. So tried painting wheels while on the hull... Nah I'm going to have take them off and paint them individually. But on the hull and bodyshell... Wow pre shading is working well here.... Painted the hull black, then white in the middle of "open" panel areas, away from edges....then base colour coat (dull desert tan) and already it looks like it's been in the field for months.
  10. Hi folks, as returnee after several decades I've decide to try some armour, based on my naive thinking that armour is more forgiving than aviation. In last couple of months I've made a Airfix 1/48 Spitfire mk14 and an Eduard 1/48 Mig-21MFN - fairly pleased with the results (the Spit went in the aircraft ready for inspection forum) but the Mig-21 was a bit messy and I found it a real struggle, both construction wise and paintwork. But it seems to me that tanks get bashed about, covered in mud and generally abused so should be more forgiving when it comes paintwork quality and getting wea
  11. Any chance of some underside shots of your amazing MiG? I'm making the weekend edition MFN at the moment and am also opting for wheels up so any pointers on how the closed undercarriage covers should look would be great.
  12. Fantastic! I am making the Weekend edition Eduard 1/48 Mig-21 MFN at present.... finding it a bit of a struggle tbh, all these fiddly vanes, scoops and vents on the fuselage that basically have to be glued directly on with no guide pins or grooves, to say nothing of all the tiny aerial fins. Its not going to end up anywhere near as good as yours! Classic daft laddie error... I forgot to put the nose cone in before I glued the fuselage halves together .... think I've managed to rescue it but then when I used clingfilm to protect the nosecone while I assembled everythi
  13. Think it was F-84 thunderstreak, mid 1970s, no idea what make it was, maybe Revell.... I was about 5 or 6, badgered my dad into buying it in the shop because he was getting my older brothers proper gliders - big kits made from balsa and doped paper for line launching Anyway I made a right mess of it and covered it in some old green gloop from brothers kit box. After that I'd occasionally get a kit then hassle my eldest brother into making it for me - he was quite good at it (he's nearly 60 now and is a very talented amateur painter and also now has a full blown train set in a spare bedroo
  14. I think patience pays huge dividends and I think its paid off here - I'm surprised its turned out so well (and much thanks for all the positivity folks )- as a 13yr old I had no patience and even though I was careful, I had no tolerance for watching paint dry. Now in my early 50s its a bit different, a a few minutes here and there prepping the next bit is a great distraction from work and the travails of teenage daughters. Have settled on my next kit.... Eduard 1/48 Mig-21 MFN. There's an all grey colour scheme that to my eyes looks exactly same shade as the Tamiya fine surface
  15. Lovely! The Tempest should be almost as celebrated as the Spitfire but it barely registers now in the public consciousness. Was searching for a Spitfire vs Tempest thread here, must be one somewhere!
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