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  1. Hi folks, my three year old is really into his trains at the moment, and a couple of relatives have hinted at getting him a trainset for Christmas. I, as I'm sure most of us would have had one during childhood and I can't deny being more keen on this than some of the other things he's been interested in (Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig etc). However one of my main negatives was the standard loop on a plain board getting boring quickly. So I'm keen to look into what other things I can do once the initial novelty wears off. I've read a few sites but I'm yet to find a decent and active forum to look at (si
  2. Thanks guys, good to hear similar wavelengths. As said I've been cutting back as builds seem to re-appear, or they do the same article for different versions of the same model etc and you get different magazines picking up the same model at different months so its duplication to avoid. I agree YouTube is excellent and I subscribe to a few channels, and it's free of course and sometimes the comments on the videos are quite valuable. I'll stick with paper in some form as it's nice to read with breakfast etc, perhaps look around for some books to add. I've also had in mind to make a list or sheet
  3. Hi folks, having a ponder after dropping another £4.75 on a magazine at lunchtime. Do you guys go more for books or magazines? I must have a decent pile of finished magazines (30+) and a few to catch up on, I used to buy around one a month, although I've slowed as similar subjects have started to pop up. I'm not loyal to a brand and my usual method of choosing is by the front cover highlights, I look out for at least two builds I'm interested in, and a quick flick through of those as I've noticed some of the headliners don't go past a few pages, and fairly often I leave
  4. Thanks Lars, it's an alright kit, I've put a couple of issues I've encountered in the updates but I've no idea how it compares to other ships, only the other models I've built, which are low in number anyway so I'm not the authority but I think it's a decent standard for the price of it and hours it will provide. All moved in, unpacked and everything as I'd like it without multiple to-do lists is a completely different matter though.
  5. Well I knew it had been a while but four and a half months is a poor show, in terms of progress and updates. Having a three year old limits free time to after ~7pm every day, and once chores are done and spending time with the other half I get between one and three (if I'm lucky) hours to myself. Demanding of that is the constant push to declutter following our house move, work on the house, trying to keep up with a select few TV shows and getting some time to model, and that's just the things that come to mind straight away. I feel somewhat fortunate that I didn't begin the hobby pre-child as
  6. Tomathee

    Hull Red?

    I bought some Vallejo Hull Red for the bottom of the USS Arizona model I'm working on, I added some flow improver and thinned it, but trying it out seems far too dark, well on the way to brown. I can't believe that is correct, based on my idea of what it would look like, the colour of the instructions and other build threads of similar. So on to the stupid question, do I simply add in some white until I get the lighter shade I want? The untrained Picasso in me is saying that might turn it pink but I thought I'd check before wasting an evening wondering why I wasn't getting a normal red shade f
  7. Thanks Nick, progress has slowed so your advice comes in good time. As you say an airbrush means different techniques, hopefully to be sorted out this year. In the meantime I'll try your method for the portholes.
  8. Hi folks, Have been plodding through my first ship build, enjoyable as every other subject I've tried so I'll do more at some point, must speed up completing models though. I've almost finished the sub assemblies as far as I can go and have started to plan out how I'll paint it all. First though I wondered what the done thing is re. portholes, I vaguely remember a post or magazine article or some other source mentioning that they drilled them out but is that the norm? The only other options that come to mind are ignore it and paint with the rest, put a drop of (gloss?) black in or
  9. Some fantastic work spaces and clearly a lot of work being done on them. I'm particularly interested in a couple of examples where people have used kitchen worktops (assuming) rather than a desk, and what that entailed. I'm going to devote some space to a permanent modelling area sharing slightly with a PC and that is an interesting option especially putting it around a corner. Curious on the cost as well as the planning and what other bits were needed to go with it. To add my current surroundings, see below. Recently moved and the previously passable dining table/pack away every n
  10. Howdy folks, bit of a wordy start but I've some catching up to do. As alluded to when I finished my last build thread in June (plus however long had passed since finishing the model) I put a stop to further work due to the likelihood of a house move. That eventually happened at the end of September and the several weeks since have been mostly filled with decorating and unpacking in any free time. The past week has slowed down a bit while waiting for things to happen (furniture deliveries, free days for painting etc) but by no means are we 'back to normal', if that ever existed. The spare room
  11. On with the final post, I'm not going to bother with a separate thread of the Ready for Inspection forum as there's not really anything to comment on and I'm a bit 'meh' about the final result. I'm regretting snapping up the several kits I went after on ebay when I started out 18 or so months ago. They were bought as cheap testers to pick up skills etc and based a bit more on price rather than what I wanted to build. Yes I could leave them be but the realist in me is trying to keep to a limited stash (granted it's grown from 8 max to 10 max to now 12 max) and clearing them allows me to buy som
  12. Long overdue for an update, things began moving re. selling our flat so I decided after this was complete I'd not start another one until the dust has settled wherever we end up. So it's been stretched out longer than I'd planned to keep my hand in the hobby, but hey it's finished now (or I'm calling it finished). Meanwhile the flat has sold and we have an offer accepted on a house (including mental note of new stash location and small permanent work area in the spare bedroom so hopefully an airbrush is one step closer), so the future is bright. Winding back to February I got on wi
  13. Cheers, airbrush and compressor is top of my list once we have a house sorted in the near future. Currently have nowhere suitable to use one (dining table) or store it (away from an inquisitive two year old). I'll add the book to the list of those to look out for, it's growing quicker than I can buy and read them though.
  14. Thanks for all the input, good discussion points. I have some flow improver, Daler Rowney? That I usually add in a few ml to a pot when I open it, as long as I remember. So far with the tamiya paints I've used they've been more for detail than large area where it would show up more, but I've heard before that they're bad for brushing on so I've avoided them if there's another option. I did the tracks last night and it looks passable for them being what they are, being beat up and probably some attempted weathering later on. I think the main colour painting looks rough more from my preparation
  15. Cheers, I guess I was thinking more along the lines of several years down the line at my pace when I have a few complete next to each other and this is half the size of everything else, but saying that I have a couple of 1/48 armour kits as well, also have ebay impulse buying to thank for that. The paints are all brushed acrylic, bit of a mish mash though as I'm trying to avoid unnecessary spending in general (saving for a house), and the hobby specifically (rather build up the cash for an airbrush once the former is sorted). Off the top of my head it's a Humbrol dark green and ma
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