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  1. Started yesterday, not much progress to show, but its a start. Cockpit floor. I decided on the round control column (standard style is provided in the box), as I think it makes it more interesting. So thats the first 5 pieces assembled, The seats. I've seen different styles on some of the other kits, but this is what KH provide. First problem encountered, the Bar along the rear frame has been replaced with brass rod, as the kit parts snapped while trying to remove from the sprue. no problem but annoying all the same. Second problem, and really
  2. Hi Guys. Well my Kits finally arrived, and looks impressive at first look. Standard box top Usual sprue shots, and a bottle of tamiya paint for size comparison. Canopy came in its own box to protect it. Last sprue shot is the weapons provided. Looks like it can take a fairly large load. This is the paint scheme I'm tempted to go for, hadn't seen the underside until recently, and quite like it. But that may change depending if I load her up with many weapons For the wife to say thanks, hehe
  3. Aha, the year I we born. I must have seen them hanging in the local toy shop when I was dreaming of doing models, as a young un.
  4. Well still no kit, so started on the PE flaps, fiddly blighters. Lots of supporting ribs that require careful handling while aligning them, still working on a good way to fix them, and may even try soldering (on a spares box item). I'll post a few pic's tomorrow, as there are 6 pieces to make up. Wish me Luck Paul
  5. As a man of a certain age, I vaguely recall that sort of airfix packaging. What year is it actually from? Paul
  6. Hi Guys. This is my entry, and should be arriving shortly. Found a review of the kit, here. on britmodeller. www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955799-north-american-t-6-texan-132-kittyhawk/ Going to try: If my skills allow See below, but if used, probably the brazillian red/white/blue scheme New thing to try. I'm not certain on the colour scheme yet, as I've just seen a download of the instructions, and one in particular is sparking a interest This will be my second aircraft in many, many
  7. Hi everybody. Well, it seems I will have a kit in a few days, But off to work next week, so will be late starting or at least posting, as ship internet is rubbish. I'm hoping to take it with me, and get a few bits sorted while away. So I have not forgotten this one, just a small delay Cheers Paul
  8. Damn, work stop play. But it's hopefully only a week's work. Good luck everybody, and looking forward to seeing all the progress Cya soon Paul
  9. The rests are poorly made to be honest. They would probably have been better made with a mix of brass and Photo etch and plastic, to give a bit more rigidity. But I'm guessing they are correct, as they restrict turret movement, so would need to be able to be knocked off instantly for combat beach landings. I know the water proof covers had some sort of explosive removal method. I could increase the resin pour height to take the strain from the hose off them. Hoping by tomorrow to have it mocked up fully, and see how it behaves. I'll have to make certain the carpet
  10. Hi guys, hope everybody is well, and enjoying their builds. Cracked on with all the small bits and pieces today, and apart from 1 piece, the construction is complete. Everything still needs painting though. Rear mud flaps installed. Beware the instructions though, as they show a rhombus shaped piece fixed to the end. It's actually fixed to main fender, and then the fender end piece fixes to it. Makes a much better fixing point. You can see it through the hole in the end of the fender. Tow rope is moulded item, but I found it didn't match the locatin
  11. Hi Ozzy. Saw a build video on Andy's model HQ, looks like a really nice kit, and we'll engineered. Got the tamiya metal barrel, and eduard kits for it as well, and hoping it will look the biz when it's done. Just need to get through the bunfight now. AND resist the temptation to start it. Paul
  12. Mr Amazon let presents today. Resin for the build, and the M40 for the future (hopefully) M4 STGB. Damn, that M40 has a big Barrel. Been doing a little on the MLRS, but can progress this a bit further now Cheers for looking Paul
  13. Hi Stix I'm not worried about the pour really, resin is resin, and I've used it for work before. It's more the sealing and final finish I'll achieve. I'll have the tank firmly fixed to the base, and going to find something to fill the hull with in case the resin starts filling the hull, as I may need to acquire more before I get to fender level. I'll also build up the seabed around the tank to hide the rough square I have now. One good thing is that I'm from norfolk, and see the seabed a lot while I'm working offshore, so have a good knowledge of how it should look a
  14. Lo Guys, not a lot done on this, as distracted by my PzIII build. Slowly, very slowly working away at the Cab. Lots of little bits and pieces, and decals were a right pain (Lack of access). Lots more to paint up before even close to Finishing the Cab. Started the rear launcher section, but will save that as a separate post as there is a lot to it Cheers Paul
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