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  1. Like the BR52, Karl Morser (with Gondala's), Flat bed, (and a few others I've not collected yet) in my stash. Would make a crazy Group Build Though, Could you imagine turning up somewhere with a massive train of german armour heading to the front Paul
  2. Looks like the Revell boxings have engines as well. Just need to decide 60's or modern. Paul
  3. Any of you car guru's know if theres a mustang model with detailed engine availible. Engineless models really bug me for some reason. Paul PS cars are not my normal subject.
  4. Been making up the Kit Tracks. To Be Honest, they are not too bad. The links themselves just require the ends tidied up. The connecting pieces I have cleaned up after assembly, as it makes them alot more sturdy. I used Tamiya White top glue, with the finer brush from the green top stuff, and it worked well. All links move freely and a test fit of the first run looks really good Cheers Paul
  5. I know your making the most realistic model, but please don't set fire to it to get accurate effects
  6. Are STGB important? I think that they are, because they are focused on one subject, and aĺlow for specialist fanatics to model their chosen subject with fellow members. GB's will mostly gather more support in a vote, because they encompass a broad range of subjects. Take the Vietnam GB, everything from fuel tanker truck to B52 bomber. More choice allows more people to find their favoured subject, so will nearly all ways garner more votes than a single subject. I think that the two types must be kept separate in votes or they would probably disappear, or be limited to certain very popul
  7. Just Got a Kit. A wonderful build and Finish. Your weathering is spot on. Thanks for spending the time and effort of keeping us updated. Cheers Paul
  8. Out of interest, is it purely out of box, or have extras been aďed? Been looking for a 32nd p-51, and really like the detail I've seen so far, good job Sir
  9. I think that the whole system is Flawed. I'm mostly a AFV modeller, and there is a heavy membership bias towards aircraft (that's just how it is). The bun fight candidates can be from many years ago. A quick check showed candidates, first thread started in 2016. How many of those original members are still active, or wish to participate, all these years later. Maybe the GB proposer should poll the people that applied (via private message) to find out the numbers still interested, and then report to the boss if the build should still be included in the actual bun figh
  10. Kitty hawk bronco, trump A10, and ZM skyhawk. Oh, forgot tamiya mossie and spitfire. All 1/32 goodness for the hard of seeing. I really must build them sometime. Paul
  11. I guess your talking about the white colour on the wheels. Could it be snow/ice build-up, rather than polished steel? Paul
  12. The hole on the spine, maybe the app exhaust, as it's mounted around that location. Dunno about the others, could be for fire extinguishing, or inspection Paul
  13. Hi Guys.. and girls. As this is the first 1/72 plane I've built in over 40 years, I've had to Improvise a display stand for wheels up. So, a bit of Bent square section Rod, a few wraps of tape, and it fits nicely in the tail pipe. Couple of underwing Pylons bodged up from tank spares, and a pair of 1/48 bomb's (?) I had laying around, complete the basic assembly. Still a few small Probes and aerials to fit after final clean-up and ready for colour. Thanks for looking Paul
  14. Sarcasm may be employed in this post, it is no reflection on any particular political party or organisation. So, why D-day Tankbuster. Well, with todays financial situation, the British Government are Looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative ground attack aircraft. As America and Europe mostly think that Britain is Doomed, a homegrown solution is required. So, Britain's Best minds swung into action and came up with their Technologically superior, world beating performance, and most deadly design. The Government, in their wisdom, decided that being the world
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