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  1. diases

    Panther Question.

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses. The build idea is for a panther that's had anything useful (engine, transmission, turret, etc) removed. From what I've read, spares were in short supply, so a backlog of repairs to various vehicles would occur. I'm guessing that some tanks (the most damaged/broken) would be stripped right down to gain spare parts, allowing multiple others to return to the front. Eventually, if I'm thinking correctly, you would have a lump of armour left, which would be stored until replacement parts arrived, or scrapped. It's going to be quite large when (if) finished Funnily enough, the strabokran is part of the scene, and is going to have a turret hanging from it. Interior kit's, Ausf D and Bergpanther from Takom. The early/mid kit is going to be the stripped down hull. I have the Ausf D late for a complete vehicle, as I love zimm. Dunno if Bergs going to be removing kit from hull, or towing it at the moment. I found this chaps flickr very useful, lots of images for many vehicles: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130556552@N02/albums It's going to take a while to complete, but hopefully I can do it. Cheers Paul
  2. diases

    Panther Question.

    Hi Guys. I have a question, and hope that the brains here can help. I'm planning a panther build, and interested in having a stripped down hull. The plan is for a field maintenance type scene, Anyone know the minimum amount of road wheels that could be used the move a panther hull. Or if a trolley of some sort could be used. It could be a case of just dragging the wheel-less hull with some sort of winch equipped vehicle, but not certain. Any help gratefully accepted. Paul
  3. Cheers Silenoz What a nice picture, and never seen it before. Definitely going to add the missing ERA mounting points/lugs. I think I have something I can use in the stash, tube if possible, but rod would work Thanks again Paul
  4. Not a lot of progress lately. Real life limiting build time, etc. Front hull plate has been populated, and secondary locking clamps installed. A bit of breakage to clamp on right, as one of the rods snapped. If it was a older non ERA version of the T-55 then the roller is all built as a stand alone unit, so easier to build. Both rollers are built, and base colour applied. Interesting to see how they work as center wheel has a much larger axle hole, so sits loosely between the outer wheels vertically but clamped between them horizontally. Chains are installed with wire links instead of the kit plastic ones, as they are so thin cutting them free of the sprures snapped two, but 0.81mm brass rod is same size and could be bent to correct shape. That's were I'm up to at the moment. Going to decide final paint scheme today and get the front semi painted before installing the roller top connections, as it's going to be a busy area to get at afterwards. Cheers for looking, and comments very welcome Paul
  5. Hi All Good news, Track building is complete, and base coat of dark iron applied. Roller arms fitted for a idea of size. Tomorrow will be finishing roller construction and front hull fittings. Starting to look like a tank now Cheers Paul
  6. So, having a wardrobe fitter in all day today and tomorrow will allow plenty of progress... hopefully. First up was the pesky clamps for the roller These look easy, but as I had to fit the hull mounts to the hull for clearance purposes, turned out to be a right pain. First, I'd painted the base colour green, so the locating holes on the mounts needed drilling through, then the two halves can be positioned and glued. I've been careful with the glue, so they operate at the moment, but theres still a connecting rod to fit between each pair, and I think that may mean locking them into position. I'll find out tomorrow. Second top deck fitted. top deck fitted really nice, but as you can see in photo, I messed up by fitting one grill reversed, but with paint shouldn't show that much. I may try removing/refitting. The other plate 9top left in photo) is weird. Instructions seem to show a curve in it, but there are no mounting points apart from how I fitted it, also seems to small for hole. guess I'll have to check instructions later on to see if theres more to add. Third, the dreaded track factory First the good news, individual links in a bag, so no cutting from sprures, and plenty of them. minimal flash to scrap. They look detailed enough, and made up quite quickly. I've made up a complete side and can easily be fitted over wheels. made a start on the other side, but lost will to live part way through. guess that's first for tomorrow. Well, that's todays effort. tomorrow will be painting top deck and tracks. then forward hull build, roller and tank connections. Should keep me busy. Cheers Paul PS. painted the lower hull in the new Tamiya dark green II, you can see it in the track shot, on the rear sprocket, I think it looks OK. But comments about the colour welcome
  7. Cheers for the Info, silenoz. I'll have to invest in one, or try to steal one from work
  8. diases

    Type 69-II

    Following with much interest, as my AMV is basically the same kit. Looking good so far. Cheers Paul
  9. diases


    excellent work, Glynn. As others have said, fantastic paint work, and is it really only 1/72nd. Transporter looks mighty fine, and makes a nice combo. Cheers Paul
  10. Not much done last week. bit of paint and a bit more on the roller. but gonna have a full day today. So hopefully a interesting post later with more progress Cheers Paul
  11. Nice work Silenoz. Always thought about soldering PE, as I'm never happy with the super glue finish I get (may just be me of course) What sort of solder iron do you use? I'm guessing its a adjustable temp level sort with a very fine tip. After seeing your results I may have to add one to my Christmas List. (might still go to Telford yet, still in two minds) Looking forward to seeing what the boxes look like after final fettling, and some paint. Cheers Paul
  12. Listening to American Football and modelling, after the wife's gone to bed. Great So, spent a couple of hours sorting the suspension and wheels out. Here's the evidence. went together easily, but remember to use the correction sheet and not the manual (research into kit had prewarned me about this). Detailed suspension linkages are nice and the wheel's even have bearing detail if you wanted to show a damaged cap. So that's the hull sorted construction wise, bit of filling required (my fault), but mostly went together easily and not to fiddly. Bit of paint/weathering next, then onto the dreaded track factory. Comments welcome Cheers Paul
  13. Cheers Guy's. The roller does make it look different. Not much progress in the last few days, as real life has to be addressed after being away so much in the last few months. Think I've decided on a colour scheme, but in two minds. It's a 2014 Syrian Arab Army scheme, but the thought of doing a on-going conflict tank makes me a bit morally confused. I guess I'll have to decide eventually. But I think that the first paint will be dark green everywhere(apart from the rubber side skirts, tyres, etc) , as nearly every picture I've seen has a green base colour. I'm guessing its the export standard colour, but if anyone knows better, please correct. Hopefully basic hull/wheels will be complete in a couple of days, then can get the correct positioning for the roller, height wise, to set up the top support wires so they look under tension. Hope everybody is enjoying themselves, and look forward to seeing more progress. Cheers Paul
  14. Trips just 4weeks, so will have a few weeks after I return. So, I've made a Start. First up is the changes to the Front, to allow the mine roller to Fit. AMV has a Frame for ERA blocks on the lower front hull, and extra protection armour under the front part of the hull. Extra armour is no problem, as its designed as anti mine use, so fits nicely out of the way. ERA Frame has to be left off as the mounting points are the ones used for the roller. I think Ill try to incorporate them somewhere, as they would be re-fitted if the roller was removed. So, I've started with the main roller arms, as these were needed to get the correct spacing for the mounts I replaced the kit thin bars with copper wire, as they had many, many sprure mounts and are very bendy. I'll straighten them up bit now they are glued in place via the mounts . Lower mounts were made and locating lugs removed. The Takom kit has a smooth front top section, so Roller mounts were placed on arm to give the correct spacing and glued in place. You can also see the Upper mounts, which were just placed on the original kits locating points. Some shots of the arms roughly fitted, there are wires,etc to connect the upper mounts to the arms, and I'll have to work out which ERA frames/blocks will need removing for operation/clearance. So lower/underside of hull is sorted, upper front needs attention. Thoughts about the kits? Well, mineroller is a nice addition to make something different. Seems detailed and, if you take note of item positions, reasonably easy to build. Some delicate items will require careful cleaning up. But, If my imagination and weathering skills are up to it, should make a good companion. T-55 AMV kit, not much to say yet, as I've hardly touched it. Hope everybody is enjoying this GB, and enjoying the other threads Cheers for looking Paul
  15. Some photo's from Bovington Tank. sorry about the photographer being a bit hit and miss Hope these will help someone Cheers Paul
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