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  1. Bit of Update on this. Construction is complete, well, apart from a M60 for the main door. Everything was straight forward, lots of small bits and pieces, and extra PE armour on nose. Painted in Tamiya Olive Green (XF-58) as it's a bit lighter than Olive drab, Tried clear coating (50/50 mix of Tamiya clear/Thinners), Brushed on. Never normally do this, and Think I need to get airbrushing for a more refined result. Got many Decals to place, and then weathering. Wish Me Luck Paul
  2. Thought it was something about Stinking Apes Ill get me coat
  3. Hi Guys. Need some advice from the aircraft experts in here. I've purchased the AK Interactive True metal set, Tried a quick test, and really happy about the finish I can achieve from just a very small dab on finger tip then rub in and light polish with Kitchen towel. Test Pictures are from a Deceased tamiya Tomcat wing, with a hand painted Tamiya Olive green paint coat underneath. The Gun Metal picture shows how important a good undercoat is I Know I'll be able to refine the results for future projects. The real question is which colour is the best for a Mig-21 (or other) bare metal finish types. First Picture is Dark Aluminium, Second is Aluminium, and Third is a comparison side-by-side shot. Picture 4 is Steel, 5 is Gun metal, 6 comparison side-by-side. I'm leaning towards the Aluminium or super shiny steel. But advice from all you aircraft guru's would be most appreciated. I will also try Fixing decals directly onto the finish, and a bit of light weathering. If anyone has other tests they want tried, I can try to oblige Cheers Paul
  4. Done a bit more. As the weather was nice and the wife had cut the grass, just had to try a few shots outside. As you can see, Vietnam has a massive problem with enormous dogs wandering around. Need to work on smoothing the nose area a bit more, and theres still another armour plate to fit on the nose. A few more bits (steps, aerials, etc) and basic body will be complete, and I've already made a start on the rotors. It's all hand painted, as I have zero skills with airbrush ATM. I think AC modelling will force my abilities. On a side note, picked up the 1/48 eduard Mig-21 today, But dont know what to build next, after finishing Gun Truck. Choices are: 1/32 ZM Skyraider OR 1/32 Kittyhawk Bronco (with Big Ed set), OR 1/48 Mig-21 I think Bronco would be nice, but would probably miss deadline, so not really certain. Cheers for looking Paul
  5. diases

    M35 Gun Truck

    That's the one I was looking for, but couldn't find anywhere. As for 50 quad, hopefully there will be something soon, as fav club M16 has been a success. Paul
  6. My italera kit has the a frame gear etc. I can't take close ups of anything you need for scratch building Hope it helps Paul
  7. Been working away at this. Fuselage has been closed up. Nice and easy really with no fit problems. I particularly like that the cabin floor is really flush with door sill, as doors gonna be fully open. I Left the cabin seats in stowed position, and placed a pile of building materials (can just see them), onto cabin floor. Couple of ropes securing them and its done. Now the awkward bit. The nose is made up separately, and to be honest is not too bad. Instrument panel is decal behind PE and does the job. There's two left sides of the nose, so you can make different exhaust positions, which is nice. The PE grills are a good fit But DON'T bend the large one as per instructions. As the whole grill bends around the nose its easier to carefully place one end and glue it stages around the nose. It's a good fit and will give a better finish than I achieved. Then we come to Fitting the assembled nose to Fuselage. It's really Tight and took a couple of attempts to secure. I think I have it now, and will see later today how its gone. The undercarriage has the option to have bent leg or tripod set up. I believe that the version I'm doing had Tripod gear, So that's what I had used. I will remove the locating boss for the bent leg gear(by Forward bottom Strut), and Fill. That It for the moment. But more later, when I'll hopefully have Underside armour fitted(another one to ignore the instructions, as Its multiple angles/bends). and plenty of small exterior details to add. cheers for looking Paul
  8. Buy, buy, buy It's only a matter of time, and your resistance will crumble
  9. Hi there. Well, the model is started. Cockpit area, no main instrument panel yet, as it's attached to the engine firewall. Main cabin, not alot to say really, Apart from the seats. The lower portion legs are to short, and quite a poor representation. So I've butc.. modified them to be in the stowed position. I'm thinking of putting a small load in the rear of the cabin. The access to the tail boom (I spent to long inside that black hole when I worked on Wessex), needs something. I'll try scratching a net to fill it. So this is the main internals built. As you can see the pilots are really high up compared to the cabin (made them easy targets). Enjoying so far. Next are the fuselage sides, cheers for looking Paul
  10. Hi Guys, thought I'd split my time between Gun Truck and this Beasty Kit comes with the markings for US marines UH-34D, HMM-364, S/n 148762. Unfortunately, the aircraft was shot down near Tam Ky on 3rd December 1965 A few selected Sprue shots Moulded detail looks nice Looks Like multiple Landing gear choice, although I need to check Instructions Nice PE Detail Even the Blades have a moulded in Sag. As a Ex Wessex Liney it looks about right. Looking Forward to this as it's first aircraft model since late 80's. Let battle commence Cheers Paul
  11. Truck Build is Complete. Mirrors were fun, very delicate clean up required, and a guess on actual placement of one mount point Tailgate has real chain and a PE hook. very fiddly, but looks OK. But now onto the M113. Made a quick start on it, but now need to start sorting internal colours and decals before continuing. Couple of picks for a taster. M113 sprues need a lot of flash removed, so progress will be slower. But If I get it finished quickly, I picked up a 1/32 Cobra Gunship and a 1/48 UH-34D today, so may try another build. Thanks for looking Paul
  12. It's mig African earth PO38. It is less vivid than most Vietnam earth pigments I've seen, and I personally like the colour better Paul
  13. Update time. Beavering away at this kit, trying to avoid starting something else, as my GB completion rate is woeful. So the truck is just about complete, some mirrors for cab, and underside mudflaps on flatbed. Still need to work on weathering the beast, but starting to look the part. Not happy with the yellow on the grill/bonnet, so will need to find a solution. But its a good solid kit, and looks the part. Cheers for looking Paul
  14. diases

    Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Hi. Out of interest, what ordinance is supplied as standard with kit? I have the 1/32 ZM skyraider, and then had to buy the weapon pack (think I found last one in the world). Not a nice feeling after splashing out. I believe the latest offerings (of the raider) include the weapon pack for free. Wonder if they may have learnt a lesson Paul
  15. To be honest, you could buy the M54 for £40, and a tamiya M113 ACAV for £14. Then pick the decals of choice. TADA.. a gun truck model for about £65, a bargain. AND if you look at some of the pics on the web, truck and scratch building could be even cheaper. Food for thought Cheers Paul
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