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  1. Looking through my kit instructions, I would have thought that large box, left side (part C22), would hold the batteries. They would have been big beasties back then. But this is just a guess Paul
  2. Cheers Uncle, that was the plan. Could find little info on the kit, so with mediocre skills it's good to see what its like. I'll have to paint up the tracks before fitting, and the underside of the fenders, then the top can be attached. But I'm going to try airbrushing for the first time. Cheers Paul
  3. Wasn't going to post again today. But working through instructions, and lo and behold, upper hull is complete. Some pic's for those interested. I have intentionally reduced painting, to show constructed parts/PE, and fit. Only filler is around the Upper turret seam. Next is finish the tracks then Fenders can be fitted Cheers for looking Paul
  4. Bit of a update. Between RL, stupid visa applications for work, and building up actual model, theres been a bit of progress. upper hull has had bits and pieces added to it. Turret the same, colour is a work in progress. Rear engine deck built up. Not certain about the lower PE bar, but its only friction fitted at the moment. Fender tops complete, need to sort tracks before fitting. Hull painted up and Flory Models Sand wash added, will add more weathering as I progress. First run of tracks started. I have gone with the Kit parts, as wanted this OOB to showcase Kit as it comes. They are not to bad to build (single piece pads and 2 connectors). But definatly not moveable. I'll be glueing to the wheels as the side skirts hides most of the top run anyway. Thats me up to date. Nice kit so far, nothing to taxing or complicated. still have the PE fender extensions and side skirts to sort with little in the instructions about the folds needed. But it's progressing Cheers for looking Paul
  5. Any one that's not plain green, just to get something different Paul
  6. You, Sir, are wonderfully mad. Excellent work, and a good way to show the best from these full interior kits. Cheers Paul
  7. Das. You are a font of knowledge and thanks for the advice. I'll have to think the schemes through and decide on something appropriate Cheers Paul
  8. Mmmmm.. tried different device and amorous log in, but still show for me. Anyone else having problems? Cheers Paul
  9. Hi Guys, well back from work trip. 4 days of subsea operations, then maintenance for 2 weeks. God I hate maintenance on old kit, everything you touch is rusty, seized, or damaged in someway. Pays the bills though. So after a days recovery, a visit to the mother in laws had to be endured. Took the kit and a minimal (sanders, snips, scrapper, and some extra thin) tool set, with me, so I could at least make it a bit more bearable. Here are the results: Lower Hull. Nice one piece hull with a few bits glued to it. Front section is a nice fit with no problems. The bolted Fillets will need a smear of filler as there is a noticeable small gap, but unless you were looking for it, paint would probably fill it anyway Rear plate is another good fit with no problems. Upper Hull. It's a one piece affair, with just the side armour plates added. The Instructions tell you to make up the side doors before attaching the plates, but as everything is installed from the outside, I left them for later. Bogies. Straight forward, although a little fiddly, getting the wheel units into position while aligning everything. But the method used makes everything moveable. Worse bit was the small fillets either side of the return rollers. The locating slot means they tend to move off vertical, but patience while waiting for the glue to dry does the trick. Turret. Simples, 2 piece construction, slight gap under the Gun will require filling. There are no Internal details provided for the turret, so unless you have a figure to place in the cupola, everything will be closed up. Engine deck. This whole section looks a alignment nightmare. First pic is straight forward, Outer panel, 2 doors, PE grills and 4 filler caps so far. Second pic is more complicated, as the locating brackets glue into the end plates then the horizontal plate (with the PE) locates into them. I used the main plate to get the angles right, then waited for the glue to cure before touching. I think I have it correct, but there is plenty more to add before I'll be certain. So thats were I'm at. Problems so far. Paint schemes are not labelled as to what they are. Bit of research shows Option A (which I'm going to attempt), is from Bovington as a VIII army tank. There are few few internal details, just the hatches really. Tracks look to be a bit awkward. I think I'll have to make sections with slow setting glue, then mould around the running gear. Hopefully I can then remove to paint. Any hints here gratefully received. Overall, the kits been nice so far, but still plenty to do, as I've done bits and pieces and jumped from section to section. Now I'm settled I can get round to actually finish bits. Cheers for looking Paul
  10. Wonderful build, Your finishing looks awesome. And your build thread will be my goto when I start mine Cheers Paul
  11. For sprue goo, I use clean plastic card. I have heard that chopped sprue can contain impurities (release agent, etc). Don't know how true it is. But a really useful filling material. Self levelling and really good to sand.
  12. Thanks. Yes, it's coming along. However, we are almost half of the way through the time and I'm not sure that I'm a third of the way through the Lee. Bertie, Dont Panic, we are under 2 weeks into a 12week build. Paul
  13. Hi Guys. I'm off to the Ship tomorrow, so will be missing for a couple of weeks. So thought I'd update my progress so far. If you dont include the Right side suspension / tracks / small fender, construction is complete. Apart from the pile of canvas, everything you see is OOB. There are some ammo boxes, tow rope and wood beam to add. I will admit, its been a straight forward well fitting build, apart from the indy track links (remember Rubber bands are included). Metal Barrel has a nice locating slot which makes it sit nice and straight. 50 Cal is a push fit so can be positioned as shown or in the stowage at rear of turret. Paints a bit rough at the moment but I'll polish it up when I get back, Theres still the winter effects to add. I hope everybody is enjoying their builds, and I'll be back soon Paul PS. Spot the major Boo-Boo in some of the pictures. Couldn't correct it, Doh!!!
  14. Jumbo's going well, and my next work trip looks like it might be only 1 week long (although rostered for 3). So, I think I'll start it. Dunno how far I'll get, but I'll give it a good try. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Guys. While getting the Miniart Lee, I saw this kit had just been released. I thought I'd share some Photo's, as I've found little info on it. I'm putting it here although I'm not certain if I'll build it for the GB, as that will depend on work, and my progress on the Jumbo. Box Art Nice and clear Instructions Pretty clear Schemes Three options in the box Sprues Although the part count is 640+, most of those parts are tracks Photo Etch: Nice that you get PE side skirts included As previously stated, I've seen little about it, but looks nice. If anyone wants better photos of anything, I'll try to get them Cheers Paul
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