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  1. This only one of several boxings! There will also be a KLM version
  2. Who is pricing those kits in the UK??? In Holland the SM55 goes for around 50 euro and the Proctors for about 20....
  3. Interesting as according to the Publisher of the book it will only be available in june But if these combinations are something to go by we're in for a treat. There is another Swedish fighter in the pipeline with the Bookpublisher along with a British trainerjet and a 4 engined transport.
  4. Great, so maybe team up with some fellow modellers in Croatia and order a bunch with Big H. I know that Krysztof of X-resin is contemplating more versions if sales allow so maybe a Yugoslav one as well.
  5. True, postage is relatively high with them if you make small orders but rise only little when the order gets bigger. Productprices are often stipulated by the pricing of the producing companies and niche market items with low volume proction and long 'shelf' time can be expensive too. It will be better of course when Airfix or revell makes a nice injection kit of it and the modelshops in your hometown carry and sell stacks of them.
  6. Why is Aviationmegastore such a big No-No? Apparent;y X-Resin prefers to sell them only through AM
  7. That would be a lovely idea, i will drop by at Moson, somewhere on Saturday, before my palinka party...
  8. According to Milan from Sword it will take about 10 days. He is just waiting for decals and instructions.
  9. Well, it was on Sergey's new AMP orderlist for the traders last night as ' available soon' Sergey has a soft spot for these type of planes…
  10. I am surprised by the big bomb under the fuselage. The Fokker G1 had an internal bomb bay with two doors with plexiglass windows for observation and I do'nt think that these doors will hold bombs of any kind…
  11. According to Revell product management the Platinum B1 will feature new F15 type exhausts without the turkey feathers, among a few other novelties. The X1 is a straight reissue
  12. A new batch of 10 Baade 154 V-1 kits will be produced but it will take 2-3 months before they are ready.
  13. here you are: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beech-RU-8D-Seminole-Resin-kit-with-decal-Croco-Models-72004-1-72-/183285574988
  14. These kits are made in resin and of nice quality, Production runs are about 100 kits each
  15. Full kits have been released and available for sale. The Belgian conversion set is currently been casted and will be available later
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