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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. What is Hannant's P&P??
  2. As the Show in Moson has been cancelled yesteday we will have to find other dates to see Jiri and discuss his kits.
  3. The kit is expected end of the year according to HPH, price is to be determind and I just want a SAAF FB5 or Rhodesian FB9,
  4. Well, comparing the sprue's I can see that both are indeed Meteor nightfighters… But even if it is an upgraded tooling it is severely upgraded. If you compare the wings it is completely different. Shall we say it is a new tooling ?
  5. I doubt if it will be injection moulded. Feri is working on a CAD design in all scales and can make instructions and decals but has no financial (or technical for that matter) means for injection production unless he finds some filantropic sponsor for this. Resin seems to be more the medium as then a possible cooperation with SBS nextdoor is likely. Time will tell.
  6. The Brexit and Nuremberg Fair have connections of course but the absence of producers at the fair has more to do with modelling hobby changing and becoming a niche market. Customers are now shopping around the world for their goodies circumventing local purchases from local retailers who get their products through distributors. We all shop at Ali-Express and Lucky models or wherever Internet takes us because the kits there are cheaper then when bought locally, even considering postage . Often the parcel were cheap enough to be let through through customs without costs and we all ask the suplier to downgrade the invoice for that. Only when customs get hold of the parcel, add the tax and also add handling fees the modellers get grumpy as now it becomes expensive. That leads to the demise of those much liked but little visited and even less sponsored local modelshops and with them the local distributors. As that measn that modelling is getting less exposure in the Main streets less and less people are drawn to the hobby. That also leads to lesser overall sales for the producers. That is what it is all about All in all it means that the producers are seeking alternative ways to sell to sell to a smaller more critical market and are less depending on distributors and are often even setting up their own webstores. So what will be the added value of attending an expensive fair then? Yes there are still big European distributors serving the whole continent like Glow2B, MBK, Faller and Tiger Hobbies to name a few and these companies often take the honeurs at Nuremberg for the producers. Small companies like Robert Schneider of RS find the Fair too expensive to attend or at best they team up with others and have a combined stand. What that has to do with Brexit, well, As such not much but several European producers were missing at Telford last year and those I spoke all gave the same reason; fear of the import/export red tape and high costs. Last year it was not implemented yet and this year it will not either but for 2021 it will be. But as many British traders I spoke at Telford were determined pro brexit i am sure they will happily fill up the vacancies left by MK1 models, Fly, and PJ to name just a few missing traders. Things indeed will change for the modellers.
  7. It is a rebox. Brengun has bought all the Extratech stuff and Mr Sobotka is rereleasing it piece by piece under his own brandname. Hope he will do the Alouette II and Lama as well
  8. Feri from HAD suggested to me that he is working on a Ju86 kit of his own under the HADModels Label and it should be available in a year or so. He is planning all major scales 1/144 to 1/32! First would be the 1/48 kit with German markings. Feri did the Instructions and Decals for the Planes kit and got some -5?- models as payment for work rendered. The Planes kits will be limited as there is little production capacity with them
  9. Price will be around 525 euro but when ordering from Modelsvit directly there is no postage!
  10. Still time the kit is for September release! No decision on the decals yet…
  11. Just had contact with Zvezda and they confirmed : "we will release the C-130 H Unfortunately no Dutch decals planned - but we have not yet made final decision." Does not say if it will be long H-30 but that is commercial not so interesting So i put my money on a short one But i will keep on pushing for Dutch markings!!, After all we operate both long and short versions
  12. Model is available with Aviation Megastore. See: www.aviationmegastore.com/166660
  13. More civil versions coming eg PH-HAA as well as a SAAF kit so get ready for a lot more S51's
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