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  1. I built that Alouette and turned it into a Dutch SAR plane without much trouble. Put some extra detail on and in it and fiddled indeed a bit with the glasswork as i wanted to open part of it but I did not encounter any serious problems. Actually i had a lot of fun with the construction. Still have a few in my stash for other Dutch and South African Alouettes. A G-kar for one for which i have to cut away a lot of glass. Look forward!
  2. There are a few Fokker In between wars airliner kits currently in developement, Also the S13 but that is stricktly home market. All in resin. Not this big F36 and slightly smaller F22 though.
  3. Yeah, i had a marriage aranged between the old blister Airfix Mustang and and Aer Lingus F27 and it was muuuuuuchh nicer!
  4. They are! and a thin wall makes it just easier to cut out doors etc and create nice cabins. Vacu's just need some more TLC to build satisfactory. I prefer them above most resin kits.
  5. Sorry to have spoiled you breakfast… and ruined your day.
  6. Pff, half the world is building Star wars models… The other half build Spitfires, Both are wasting their time as in the same time they could do something worthwhile instead of 'playing' as my mum calls our wonderful, useless, senseless purposeless pasttime… have fun with your hobby. That what i is all about… but now i am wasting my time
  7. sorry. link should be: www.aviationmegastore.com/48093
  8. Yes, roundels with Springbokke and the later castles,. Plus all serials and stencils needed. It is a reprint of the original Kits at war set K7-5 see: https://lmadmin.lhshop.nl/product/48093
  9. Decals will be reprinted and available at the end of the year due to long waiting time at the decal printers... Sorry. Only 50 sets will be done so if you want one of the SA Pelicans don't wait too long
  10. Plans to resurrect that Dutch Decal SAAF Shackleton decalset are in motion but it will be a shortrun of maybe 50 sets.
  11. Last news from Sergey of Mirko Mir: "The model only today (05-08) began to be produced in series. By the end of the week the circulation will be ready. So it should be on the shelves at your local modelshop in about 2-3 weeks.
  12. everything should be ready in July according to Sergey from Mikro Mir
  13. That is a disclaimer put on by all accessory sets like ground equipment, armament sets and decals as Aviation Megastore is often getting complaints of customers getting stuff they did not think they ordered eg decals come without a model. As Aviation Megastore is not a modelling shop but also caters for diecast collectors and other hobbyists not prepared to put in any creative talents in their hobby they often ran into trouble having to take back stuff as being 'not comparable to the picture on the site" Time limitations precludes exhaustive descriptions with the products. But when in doubt about a modelling product, just drop AM a line.
  14. This only one of several boxings! There will also be a KLM version
  15. Who is pricing those kits in the UK??? In Holland the SM55 goes for around 50 euro and the Proctors for about 20....
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