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  1. Well, it was on Sergey's new AMP orderlist for the traders last night as ' available soon' Sergey has a soft spot for these type of planes…
  2. I am surprised by the big bomb under the fuselage. The Fokker G1 had an internal bomb bay with two doors with plexiglass windows for observation and I do'nt think that these doors will hold bombs of any kind…
  3. Branky

    Revell 2019 1st quarter releases

    According to Revell product management the Platinum B1 will feature new F15 type exhausts without the turkey feathers, among a few other novelties. The X1 is a straight reissue
  4. A new batch of 10 Baade 154 V-1 kits will be produced but it will take 2-3 months before they are ready.
  5. Branky

    Croco models 1/72

    here you are: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beech-RU-8D-Seminole-Resin-kit-with-decal-Croco-Models-72004-1-72-/183285574988
  6. Branky

    Croco models 1/72

    These kits are made in resin and of nice quality, Production runs are about 100 kits each
  7. Branky

    1/72 Agusta A-109 LUH / HKP15 / A-109BA

    Full kits have been released and available for sale. The Belgian conversion set is currently been casted and will be available later
  8. I had the Jetstar kits in my hands at the Moson Show (they were for sale indeed but i ran out of money... ) and must say that they looked quite nicely executed. Having built a few MACH 2 kits (Alize, Triton etc) I know they can be a bit challenging at times but nothing some moddeling skills and determination cannot overcome. The build up example in the glasscase looked very nice. I think Didier made a very nice kit here but the proof of the pudding is of course in the eating. One can of course also wait till Tamagawa release it... :-)
  9. There is indeed a price increase on the RRP of the Revell kits on Mainland Europe but the Airfix retail prices are soaring up too When The Vampire T11 came out in 2013 it had a retail price of euro 6,95. The reissue for 2018 is now slated to be Euro 12,95. That is almost 100% The Blenheim went from Euro 15,95 in 2015 to Euro 22,95 now which is about 40% increase... And that with an interesting exhange rate...
  10. The base kit is about 40 Euro's in Holland..... about 35 UKP... Do I miss something??
  11. Well, with the current manangement in the oval office that T-TIP is definitely 'no deal'. "America first" So maybe we can convince Janusz of Broplan to set up a factory in the US? I think with the potential of the US market he will do good business and create jobs too. Win-win situation!
  12. Oh, before I forget, our US modelling friends can get them in the States and postage will be much better. But be quick, the sell like hotcakes: http://www.scalemodelairplanekit.com/broplan-vacuform-kits.html
  13. Broplan has 205 different models in its range, some more interesting than others and a few obsolete due to injection kits having appeared but in inetesring range as such. One may wonder why they are not for sale with all those enterprising booming US modelshops. It seems that there is a huge market among the US modellers for them so stocking the full range will definitely be economical interesting.
  14. Indeed way too much!!! But don't blame the shop. I bought a Tamiya 1/100 Embraer from Squadron at 39,99, having it shipped to the Netherlands and it costed me US$ 55,00 postage and that was excluding taxes. Indeed big business! But not for the modelling shops. Stop complaining about postage. It is what it is. If you combine orders and you will see that percentage-wise it gets cheaper by the kit.
  15. Survive in a normal matter is open to debate. These days making kits is a completely different ballgame than 25 years ago. Most of the toyshops are either taken over by chains or has disappeared completely leaving the model companies with far less exposure to clientèle. (meaning that grandfather buying a present for his grandson is far less likely to buy a modelkit these days as he just cannot get near one.) Secondly the remaining cliéntele is much more demanding (meaning wanting perfect quality, accurate till the last rivet, cheap as hell and available everywhere) but facutal buying very little as well as facing costs they did not dreamt of 25 years ago (meaning facing the Boeing solicitors and airline solicitors if you want to make a kit of the Boeing 737 in Easy yet livery) and theire fee's add up to the price cosiderably) So business as usual? With far less exposure, clientéle buying far less and the ever rising costs because everyone wants their piece of the turnover it takes much more time for the producer to actually earn money with their kits... Food for thought ...