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  1. Michael louey

    Mk.IX and Mk.XVI Mosquito's and 1/72 Two Stage Engines

    I bought some 2 stage engines from Attack Squadron however I believe their resin products might have been taken over by Arma Hobby. I believe this is the item I purchased - https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-mosquito-two-stage-supercharger-merlin-engine-nacelles-set-for-tamiya-kit-ahbadl72104 Not sure if it's available anywhere else. Regards Michael
  2. Another great build Tony! Love all your models and very impressive work with brush painting. White for this subject would have been especially challenging. I'm planning on building the RAAF subject of this scheme though I think I'll use one of my Hasegawa kits as though less accurate, it has finer panel lines than the Airfix which will be more obvious in the white scheme. Cheers Michael
  3. Michael louey

    Vultee Vengeance Cutaway Drawing & Plans

    Hi Ed, I remember Peter doing a large set of accessories for the Vengeance. It must have been a favourite of his - The link here shows his other improvement sets - cowl/engine and wheel wells. I heard he was going the whole hog and planned to do a complete fuselage replacement but never got around to it. https://www.scalemates.com/companies/company.php?id=3840 These days, it would probably be easier to find a Special Hobby kit though it isn't perfect itself.
  4. Michael louey

    Vultee Vengeance Cutaway Drawing & Plans

    Hi Ross, I think you'll find the newer book by Peter Smith is still on pre order and won't be released until Feb 2019. I have the 1st book and it's a very good history of the Vengeance though I don't think it has any detailed plans. Cheers Michael
  5. Michael louey

    Pan Am Orion Clipper

    Hi Gregory, Hope you enjoy the builds. I admire your courage in getting the Discovery into your house. My wife is quite accommodating but I think a 3 and half foot model would test her patience. The Clipper though is a neat and quite manageable model. Tommo The kit I used is the latest version from Mobius. There are a number of improvements from the original (which I've never seen) which can be found on the web in side by side comparisons. Cheers Michael
  6. Michael louey

    Pan Am Orion Clipper

    Hi Gregory, While searching for the Clipper, I noticed that Moebius also produces the Moonbus and Discovery from the movie. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/search.asp?keyword=2001&search= If you want to build the Discovery, you'll need quite a bit of space - It's 41 inches long - http://www.finescale.com/product-info/kit-reviews/2018/05/workbench-review-moebius-discovery-from-2001-a-space-odyssey Cheers Michael
  7. Michael louey

    Pan Am Orion Clipper

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Kubrick and his team really did a great job creating very believable spacecraft for the movie. I think it stands up well compared to anything that has come later. It's a shame the space race slowed right down and we don't have the opportunity to jump in a Space Airliner and visit the moon now. Cheers Michael
  8. Michael louey

    Martin Baker MB5

    Thanks for all the comments guys. It's nice to have this built, especially so I can put it next to my CA-15 and compare the two as they were contemporaries. Hi Mike, I think I have sigs turned off but I did see your build while doing research on the MB5 - probably trying to work out if it had any stencils. It's a nice build and I just noticed now that the plane had the "traffic lights" in the belly. Even knowing that now doesn't really make me want to go out and add this detail but it looks great on your build. I did want to build this originally with the MB3 style tail and use my Skybirds kit to do it's later incarnation but the optional tail in the AZ kit appears to be neither fish nor fowl and doesn't look anything like the MB3 tail even though the decal placement instructions would lead you to believe you could build this version. Regards Michael
  9. Another great model! The Potez is also a quite attractive plane. I thought pre war French airliners were all meant to be as ugly as sin.
  10. When I saw one of the guys in our club bring along a beautifully made model of this subject, I knew I had to make one for myself. At the time, it was a bit hard to get locally so I had to order it along with the "missing" Pan Am decals. The spacecraft is the instantly recognisable Orion Clipper from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. I saw this movie as a boy and the early space sequences were breathtaking. Some of the latter parts of the movie on the other hand were extremely disorienting. The kit went together pretty well though it does have a few sink marks near the wing leading edge requiring attention. The after market Pan Am decals didn't come with any placement instructions and there were a lot of items I didn't use. I had to browse various images on the web and rewatch the movie to get a better idea of placement and even then I'm not sure of the underwing Pan Am markings. The clipper isn't in the movie for long and the master was one of the models destroyed on order by Stanley Kubrick. Cheers Michael
  11. Michael louey

    Martin Baker MB5

    Ok, so how do you choose your next project while your in the final stages of completing the current one? One way is to be distracted by your son playing War Thunder and choose the plane he's using. In my case this turned out to be the MB5. I've always had an interest in this plane and this is my third kit of it. I started off with the Falcon vacform and picked up the Skybirds 86 kit when it came out. The latter always looked like a nice project however I didn't help myself by standing on the nice pre cut vacform canopy a while ago. I decided to give the AZ kit a go as it was on hand. I've read the reviews of this kit and the identified issues helped me prepare for them - misaligned tailplanes and an ill fitting canopy. The canopy was fixed using plastic shims and apoxie sculpt, the tailplane slots were adjusted. One final hurdle to overcome was an unintended flight when masking the topside resulting in a detached wing and various loose bits in the cockpit requiring he canopy to be popped off and the offending parts reattached. The result is ok but it is still a bit rough around the edges. I have a feeling either the Falcon or Skybirds kits might actually result in a better MB5. Cheers Michael
  12. Hi Moa, Anther fascinating subject. The aircraft has always been of interest seeing the movie "Riddle of the Stinson" - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0136490/ They made some pretty convincing replicas for the movie. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154968193867938.1073741843.129584217937&type=3 Cheers Michael
  13. Michael louey

    RAF/RCAF/RNZAF/RAAF use of PV-1 Venturas for photo reconnaissance?

    Hi Chris, I've never heard of the RAAF ever using the Venturas as dedicated Photo Reconnaissance aircraft - They only served with 13 Squadron RAAF which was a Maritime Patrol. Obviously they would have been used in a Recon role - e.g. A59-71 Served with 13 Sqn. 31/12/44, Flown by Wg Cdr Keenan, operated the first armed reconnaissance over Ambon by a Ventura. Not sure what if any specialised camera equipment they would have used. The entry for the Ventura in ADF serials is here: http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a59.htm Good luck with your research Michael
  14. Michael louey

    1/72 Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    Hi Knight Flyer, Might be a bit late for you but I wrote up a few tips on this kit a while ago on 72nd scale aircraft forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6337&p=37789&hilit=boomerang#p37789 As just mentioned by trickyrich, maybe a spacer might be the go as without it, you'll end up with a canopy which is too wide. The Red Roo enhancement set I mentioned is available here: https://www.redroomodels.com/red-roo-resin-172/red-roo-boomerang-enhancement-set-172/ The key part here is the rear quarter window covers. Without them you'll need to scratch your own othewise you'll end up with a very non prototypical see through effect. Best of luck with the rest of the build Michael
  15. Hi Moa, Another great build. I'd forgotten how simple the Esoteric conversion kit was until your build article. I even thought it was an injection moulded conversion. I've since picked up the Azur kit to build the RAAF Delta so probably never use the Gamma kit or Esoteric conversion but it's nice to see one built. Just checking the history of the RAAF Delta, it looks lilke it is actually the same plane as you've built. Cheers Michael