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  1. Hi John, Good to see you making progress on the Hare. Remember from my build to paint the tail boom stripes - The decals won't fit. Regards Michael
  2. Welcome back Milos. I remember you from some of the forums you mentioned and I once bought a resin FW190 conversion from you. Hope to hear some interesting news about 190's. I'm building a Zvezda 190A-4 using Exito decals currently. Cheers Michael
  3. There's a useful reference on Fw 190 Landing gear at Hyperscale in 2 parts - http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/fw190landinggear_1.htm http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/fw190landinggear_2.htm I refer to this when adjusting my models. Regards Michael
  4. Hi, I built this a while ago but didn't create a build thread. I did however, post the completed model along with a link to hints on building it on the 72nd scale forum (which Armoured Sprue is a member of too). Hope the linked tips help. Cheers Michael
  5. Very nice Greg. I'm doing this very same airframe in 1/72nd right now using a Brengun kit. Hope it comes out as well as yours.
  6. Hi gingerbob, Thanks for the comments. The cannon fairing colour is based on a photo in the Aussie 8 book which is included in the Eduard boxing. It also has a colour profile based on Peter Malone's (author) opinion. Cheers Michael
  7. Thanks Toryu. I'm well aware the lighting setup isn't ideal. I'm basically jerry rigging some reading lights around my workbench. Maybe one day I'll look into proper lighting and a photo booth. Cheers Michael
  8. Hi, My 3rd Eduard Spitfire VIII, this time basically a "Aussie VIII" version. This includes the resin wheels that come with this boxing as well as the normal etch/masks. In addition I've added the Eduard exhausts that came with a Czech boxing of the Mk IX. The canopy is a Falcon Vacform. The colours of this aircraft have been up for debate since the 60's. The only constants are the white tail/wing leading edge, Medium Sea Grey undersides and Dark Green upper component. The alternative to what is seen here are 1. A green spinner 2. A pink Elephant 3. A secondary upper colour of light (interior?) green instead of Ocean Grey. I've had discussions with one of our senior club members and he recalled a discussion with the pilot Norm Smithells (Turnbull) who in later life agreed with points 2 and 3. In any case I've followed the Eduard guide which was done with the help of Peter Malone who knew Norm and discussed this subject with him a number of times over the years. The only main variance from my other Mk VIII's is the underwing bomb racks and the Eduard resin exhausts and wheels. The Eduard wheels fit better than the Barracuda ones but that could just be me being a bit more experienced with the build.
  9. Hi, This model is a combination of 3 different kits - a kind of Frankenstein. The main parts are the CMR wings and the AZ fuselage. Additional parts from an Eduard kit are - Spinner/Propellor, 2nd set of cannons, etch aerial, tailwheel, main undercarriage covers and rear view mirror. A quickboost aerial mast has also been added. Originally the model was meant to be a CMR kit however I had a warp in the tail which broke during attempts to rectify it so the parts have been parked for a possible future project. The Eduard spinner was used to ensure the black spinner cheatlines fitted correctly as they were designed for the Eduard kit from the "Aussie 8" boxing. This model represents a short lived experiment by Clive Caldwell to see how effective the Spitfire VIII would be for ground attack if fitted with 4 cannons. The Mk VIII was designed to enable quick fitment of this configuration in the field so some spare cannons were added (you can see they are still in a type of primer in the model). Caldwell found the handling deteriorated badly with the extra weight in the wings and wouldn't be suitable for novices so reverted the plane back to its normal configuration soon after. The main driver to use the CMR kit is that it has optional parts for the wide cannon bulges required for a 4 cannon spitfire as well as having the correct ejection ports underwing. The Eduard kit would have required quite a bit of surgery to get the same result.
  10. Hi, This model represents the only Hawker Hurricane directly on RAAF charge - V7476. It was supplied as a gift to the Australian government for evaluation purposes. It spent the war mainly based around Melbourne for familiarisation purposes as well as at one stage being used to test an anti g suit. Arma have released a boxing for this aircraft in its 2 later schemes however this mode was built from the standard Expert set kit using Aussie Decals for the serial and kit decals for the remainder of the standard "B" scheme this plane was delivered in. Overall the kit is nicer than all the other kits on the market with especially good fabric detail representation. The only issues I had with the kit was some sinkage in various parts - instrument panel, radiator faces, undercarriage wheel covers and the rear tailplanes. The 1st two were easily hidden with the optional etch pieces in the "Expert" kit, the 3rd was fixed without too much issue but the last was a bit tricky due to the fabric effect in the tailplanes which you would want to retain after filling.
  11. Nicely built and photographed Finn! As you can tell by my avatar, I quite like the CA-15. I've built the CMR kit and can say from experience, it's a bit of work as you've described. For completeness, there have been a few other ca-15 kits in 1/72 - Eagles Talon vacform mentioned above. I've heard the wings are fine but the fuselage might be a bit short/small. One of our club members is planning to graft the Eagle Talons wings to the CMR fuselage so he can properly detail out the undercarriage bays. NKR - I've got one of these and it looks remarkably similar to the CMR kit though the small pieces are in a wafer and the resin is green, not cream like CMR. Since NKR mastered and produced their kits in the Czech republic, this is not likely to be a co incidence. NKR did however also issue some variations of the CA-15 such as the original radial engined concept and a racer version . Finally there is a Kora kit which based on photos of its breakdown is different from the CMR kit. The only examples I've seen on the net would cost a lot to get to Australia. Cheers Michael
  12. Great looking Macchi! I got to sit in one of these at East Sale in the 80's
  13. Great model Angel. Anyone who can do a good job on the German night fighter camouflage has my admiration. Cheers Michael
  14. Very nice build Nanond. Your before and after picture poses the question - how did you do such a neat paint job on the deck with everything pre built? Cheers Michael
  15. Graham's right about availability, though the RAAF boxing of the kit does come with some nice colour etch, the transparencies sound better than the KP as does the DH spinner/props and the fit of the Vokes filter. Only the first 2 have any relevance for a Mk XII conversion but the first 2 items are nice for any Spitfire using this kit as a basis. Not sure about shape comparisons between the 2 kits - I think their were comments in Britmodeller. I have to say I haven't got a KP kit to compare though they are planning a RAAF boxing which might be tempting. Cheers Michael
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