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  1. Hi, Not exactly Temperate Scheme though very similar - The early locally made Mosquitos for the RAAF were painted in Foliage Green, Earth Brown and Sky Blue scheme - http://grubbyfingersshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_49&products_id=277 I don't think this scheme was used operationally though - most were in all Silver or the later Grey/Green scheme. Cheers Michael
  2. Michael louey

    Haze Paint?

    Hi Julien This was an interesting article about the background of Haze paint I read ages ago: http://34th.photorecon.org/html/aircraft/haze.html Probably not much help for modelling but gives an interesting guide on how it evolved. Looks like once again this was sourced from Dana Bell. Cheers Michael
  3. Hi Ray, Nice to see you've got the Barracuda on the shelf at last. For all it's foibles, it is an interesting looking plane - I have the MPM kit and a newer Special Hobby kit. I expect the Special Hobby one to be much nicer. The quote you gave was one that sticks to memory - the other was the view of observers that when folded up, it looked like it had been involved in a nasty accident. Cheers Michael
  4. Hi John, Of course you're right - As soon as you mentioned it, the memory of the 535 returned (I think it's a Swift predecessor/prototype). I must have got the false memory from the era of the movie and perhaps the mention of the DH108 early in the movie - I'll get around to rewatch it to remind me of the story line. Cheers Michael
  5. Hi John, Thanks for putting this kit together to let us see how the DH108 looks. The plane is the central subject of the film "The sound barrier" where you get an idea of how dangerous this research was. Regards Michael
  6. Hi Michael, I'm in Melbourne too and I think I've seen the KP Spitfire Vb around - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kp-kovozavody-prost-jov-kpm0074-spitfire-mkvb--1020635 It's had reasonable reviews but haven't got one myself. I think I might have seen it at Gundam Plus and/or Metro Hobbies. There is a seller with some on ebay currently - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-72-WW2-Fighter-Supermarine-Spitfire-Mk-Vb-Early-aces-RAF-KP/263766758688 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-72-WW2-Fighter-Supermarine-Spitfire-Mk-Vb-Early-RAF-KP/263878065744?hash=ite
  7. Hi Sapperastro, The only 2 stores I recall in Melbourne that had xtracolour were Snowy Mountain Models and Showcase models, both sadly closed now. I've heard there was an outer suburbs place that had some old stock but can't recall its name. Cheers Michael
  8. Thanks for all the comments. Dave, The decals are mainly Modeldecal, a range long out of print. The Xtradecal range has similar generic codes and roundels but I found they seemed "thicker" and less willing to conform to panel lines. I damaged a set of their roundels trying to get them to settle down. I think the serials might be Techmod but don't hold me to that. It should be noted the aircraft letter "A" appears in the photo to be smaller than the "A" of the squadron code. I used 2 different size codes from the Modeldecal sheet to approximate that. Cheers M
  9. Hi, I was quite happy when I heard Airfix was bringing out a new 1/72 Defiant as the MPM kit while better than the old Airfix kit never looked quite right to me. Airfix appears to have done a nice job with the new tool Defiant, the only real boo boo being the wheels which I heard were lidar'd correctly from the museum but at a time when the correct wheels had been replaced by those from a Morris Minor. When I received Alec Brew's latest book on the Defiant, it gave the impetus to build this kit as there is an image of a RAAF Defiant from 456 Squadron (the only previous photo was fr
  10. Hi, This is a model I built a few years back but was never completely happy with. The main reason was the Humbrol colours of mid stone and dark earth were so similar in tonal value they blended together as a muddy overall brown coverage. After one of the members of another forum I'm a member of drastically redid a Martlet he'd mis interpreted the instructions for, I was encouraged to do the same to this 109. I'd picked up a set of Sovereign Colourcoats for RAF Desert Scheme at Model Expo a year or so back and decided to try them out on the 109. I was very pleased with the results,
  11. Hi, Following a successful refurbishment of a RAAF Me 109F in Desert Scheme (I'll post this later), I decided to continue using the Sovereign Colourcoats paints I had out to finish a RAAF Spitfire VIII. The mid stone from Sovereign is the best match I've found for the colour chip in the RAF museum book. Previously I've used Humbrol, Gunze and Testors and none were fully satisfactory though I found the Testors one the previous best. Most (if not all) the original Mk VIII's delivered to the RAAF were originally finished in Desert Scheme but most were repainted to replace
  12. Apologies - wrong forum - Moderators please delete.
  13. Atmospheric vignette of the Golden Age of Flying Boats. Beautiful! Cheers
  14. Here's a video of the last time a Beaufighter would have run its engine - As per the title, it's the one at Moorabbin and I'm pretty sure I was one of the people in the crowd. Note in some of the later frames, there is also a "Kittystang" (i.e. a Kittyhawk with Mustang wings" in the background which also had an engine run during the day. Cheers Michael
  15. Looks pretty good for such an old kit. Very interesting looking plane the Stilleto. Cheers
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