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  1. Hi Mike, For the Spiteful, there is the old Pegasus kit in 1/72nd which I built a long time ago. It was a very rough kit and these days I'd replace the canopy, spinner/props and probably the radiator (molded solid so you have to whittle away the opening in the front). The kit must have been reissued as this review below discusses metal parts and vac canopies mine didn't have - https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/gb/hobbinsspiteful.htm Samples of both versions here on Britmodeller! Co incidentally, we had our club meeting last night where I brought my "in progress" AZ Martin Baker MB5. Our club vice president mentioned he'd recently picked up the Silver Cloud MB5 recently at a swap meet for the princely price of $5 AUS! He was shocked when he went home to see what these kits go for on Ebay! @Magpie22 - Dave C mentioned you had built the Silver Wings kit a while ago and you opinion of the attractiveness comparison of the MB5 and the CA-15 and he still disagrees with you! Cheers MIchael
  2. Michael louey

    1/72 PZL P.11c Arma Hobby

    Great work Wojtek. The markings look painted on. I guess this kit will supersede the Azur kit I have which in turn replaced the Heller kit . I've got their PZL 7 and it's a great kit. Cheers Michael
  3. Michael louey

    Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II RAAF

    Great model Alfisti. Lots of detail and even the ADF member looks accurate in their uniform! What colour did you use for the grey camouflage? I have a photo I took at the Avalon air show of A35-001 on my wall paper and I've also attached a picture of A35-002 to show what the actual plane looks like. Cheers Michael
  4. Michael louey

    1/72 Seafire F.45

    Hi Fred, I think you've done a wonderful job, especially considering that you were incapacitated at the time. Not sure this would have made any difference but i've heard of issues of resin not sticking and one suggestion was the quality of the superglue. I've been told that not all superglues are the same - the stuff at supermarkets has more impurities which doesn't matter most of the time but maybe in cases like yours it would. I've bought a brand called "Bob Smith" here in Australia which seems to be effective in all the tests I've put it to. Cheers Michael
  5. Michael louey

    Which 1/72 Wirraway suits converting to Harvard Mk.I?

    Just for a bit more info - The original MPM kit was reputed to have the issue of the fuselage having a constant taper from nose to tail, whereas the cockpit area of the real plane has parallel sides which is present in the High Planes kit and I believe in the new Special Hobby kit. Just to see what you'll be getting, our club had a CAC display and had more Wirraways than you can shake a stick at. Here's a full display link: http://s15.zetaboards.com/72nd_Aircraft/topic/10537018/1/#new And here's a look at each Wirraway kit - Original MPM Wirraway High Planes New Special Hobby kit "Rabual" And with the single seat modification.
  6. Michael louey

    Junkers Ju388L-1 1/48 Conversion

    Beautiful build. I've always loved the 388 and your's looks right on the money (even if it is in 48th Cheers Michael
  7. Michael louey

    Which 1/72 Wirraway suits converting to Harvard Mk.I?

    Hi M M, The MPM kit mentioned by Graham and the Special Hobby kit you mentioned aren't the same mould. Special Hobby created a new mould for their kit and it has no relationship to the MPM kit. The High Planes kit is better than the MPM kit for accuracy but will be a lot harder to build than the latest Special Hobby kit. As far as I can tell the 2 Special Hobby boxings are the same plastic with different decals and the "Rabaul" boxing has an extra resin part to do a "once off" single seater conversion of the Wirraway which will not be relevant to you. Cheers Michael
  8. Michael louey

    Airfix 1/72 Dornier DO17 discontinued?

    Hi Andy, I've heard the ICM kit is in many ways "better" than the Airfix kit other than some problems with the representation of some areas of the engine - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/998409-icm-72304-do-17z-2 Might be more available for you than the Airfix kit. Cheers Michael
  9. Michael louey

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I RCAF

    Great work Bill, especially with all the setbacks. And yellow is always a pain to work with. I can understand the 2 year old wanting to fly it as it looks so attractive. Makes sense to as it is a "Trainer" Cheers Michael
  10. Michael louey

    Fine Molds Me 109G-2 3 Squadron RAAF

    Hi Roman, Yes, the red overpaint was performed by 3 Squadron. Red spinners were standard recognition markings for the Desert Air Force. 3 Sqdn would have known it was critical to remove all the standard Luftwaffe quick recognition markings (White spinner, yellow undercowl, white wing tips and fuselage band as well as the national markings). This would have been especially so when flying such a recognisable enemy aircraft like the Me 109. By the way, the painting was done by RAAF personnel not RAF - big difference. 3 Squadron was one of the few regular RAAF squadrons operating outside the Pacific Theatre (The other was 10 Squadron RAAF retained in England in Coastal Command and a few sent to Singapore). The whole establishment including ground crew was sent to the Middle East. Cheers michael
  11. Hi, Normally I don't duplicate posts on various sites however I thought this might be a good place to get on the soap box. This plane is the famous "Black 6" restored to flying in England as it was after being captured by 3 Squadron RAAF. It was taken over by the RAF Intelligence Unit as it was the first Me 109G that had been captured intact. Eventually it made it's way to England and the whole story can be read in Ref 6 below. What my view is (and of a number of other Aussies I talked to at Model Expo a couple of weeks ago) is that this plane really should be in the War Memorial in Canberra. It was taken as a war trophy by 3 Squadron RAAF and by now there is no need to do any more evaluation of a Me 109G . Now it's not like we would just ask for it for free. There's a nice Me 109G-6 in the AWM gifted by Great Britain after the war which is pretty original and has a whole less provenance with regards to Australian connections than "Black 6". A straight swap seems fair. Well, on to the actual model and notes which are hopefully of help to anyone wanting to model this subject: Recently after purchasing the Kecay book "Captured 109's", I decided to finally build the Me 109F-4 captured by 3 Squadron RAAF. It was repainted in RAF Desert Colours and given the serial HK849. At the same time, it was a good chance to redo the famous Me 109G-2 "Black 6" also captured at a similar time. I modelled this plane a number of years ago but was never happy with the paint job due to trouble with the Xtracolour paints used. This time around I decided to use mainly Gunze lacquers with some Testors instead. It was also a chance to make some updates to the paint scheme based on addtional reference. There are numerous interpretations of the "Black 6" as operated by 3 Squadron RAAF with none of them agreeing though there are some common agreements. A list of the references I had at hand were - 1. IPMS Modelcraft (Article by Peter Malone and Fred Harris) 2. IPMS NSW News & Views 3. Dave's Decal Instructions 4. H Model Instructions 5. Kecay "Captured "Me 109's" 6. "Black 6" by Russell Snadden 7. "War Prizes" by Phil Butler 8. Photos from ADF Serials 9. Photos and observations from Peter Malone. The main areas of agreement from all references were that the plane had a red spinner and most of the original RLM 78/79 finish was left intact. Other than that the views on overpainting the original Luftwaffe markings varied markedly. The interpretation I finally worked with is as follows: 1. The spinner and undercowl were painted red (This is the view of Refs 1 and 2 who I believe would have talked to 3 Squadron members including Bobby Gibbes who flew the plane) 2. The rear fuselage band was painted over in yellow - Ref 2 has this as well as another Czech book I recall viewing. Discussions with Peter show this likely by matching the band with the yellow in the roundel. Note the yellow band appears slightly wider than the original white one. 3. The wing overpaints appear to cover the tips and crosses, the latter in a square pattern. This can be seen in one photo of the underside and the wing walk stencils can be seen in Ref 6 so the overpaint is likely to have matched the underside pattern. Colours are likely to have been mid stone upper and Azure Blue lower as these were the closest match and were available as standard RAF paints. I expect they would the flying surfaces (ailerons, flaps) to have been left as is as there were no markings on them and practice was not to paint flying surfaces if not needed. 4. The fuselage markings and fin were likely overpainted in mid stone and some azure blue. The actual sections for each paint are hard to tell. It is possible that only the swastikas were overpainted on the fin however I decided to follow the full fin overpaint of Ref 5. It is possible that Dark Earth was used however its always hard to really interpret colour from black and white and if they had mid stone, I expect they wouldn't have bothered with a 3rd colour in addition to Mid Stone and Azure Blue. 5. The tail plane was replaced from an F version due to damage as was the canopy (other than the windscreen). I've actually painted the tail plane using a different brand of paint (Humbrol) but this is just being pedantic. Patches on the rudder where access to replace the tailplane was performed are likely to have been primed in red oxide primer. 6. Gibbes is reported to have practiced gunnery in the plane - Ref 6 so the guns can be retained. 7. The head armour was lost with the original canopy so this can be omitted. 8. All roundels are non standard. Neither the Dave's Decals or the H Model Decals were really correct and the later were out of register so a bit of customising work and a bank of generic roundels (Xtradecal and Aeromaster) will help. Note the roundel on the starboard side is smaller than the one on the port side. The H Model codes seemed ok as was their fin flash (which is also non standard). 9. You'll have to trim a part of the original fuselage Balkenkreuz to cover the First Aid hatch as this was not overpainted. (Note this was later overpainted when the airframe was taken over by the RAF but while the RAAF codes were retained - Ref 6) 10. Some original Luftwaffe stencilling is retained though all the items near the number 6 and fuselage crosses were overpainted. The wingwalks were still in place. Hope all this will help others who are planning on building this subject. It is a popular one as I saw a 1/48th one at Model Expo last year and I know Paul Gloster built one the same year I entered my original one at Model Expo. Noel Barnes has one on this site and he based his markings on the Dave's decals instructions. Please note that this is just my personal interpretation and it's quite possible (and likely) that there are still some errors in it. Regards Michael
  12. Michael louey

    Airfix 1/72 Fairey Swordfish Mk.I

    Always amazed when I see the flawless brush work and the perfect tone of the plane. The rigging is also great! Cheers Michael
  13. Michael louey

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Great build. Looks real even though we all know it's a model! Type of build that actually moves me to buy a magazine. Cheers Michael
  14. Michael louey

    TU-22 Blinder Esci 1/72

    Hi Nikos, You've done a great job on the Tu 22. It's always impressed me with it's look and the guys at NATO must have thought the same giving it a supportive name instead of the derogatory ones they sometimes used ("Barge", "Forger", "Fagot"). Pity (or good for us in the West) that it sounds like its performance didn't match its looks. Cheers Michael
  15. Michael louey

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    Hi Pat, As Graham Boak mentioned, Kookaburra also produced a set of paint chips in their Luftwaffe Modeller's Guide which was supplement to their series of Luftwaffe colours. I think it would have come out just before the Monogram publication - https://www.amazon.com/Modellers-Luftwaffe-Painting-Supplement-Camouflage/dp/B004X234K4 Karl Reiss had a paint chart in the publication Markings and Camouflage Systems of Luftwaffe Aircraft in WW2 and this would have been the earliest chart but it's printed not paint chips. Regards Michael