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  1. Great model Angel. Anyone who can do a good job on the German night fighter camouflage has my admiration. Cheers Michael
  2. Very nice build Nanond. Your before and after picture poses the question - how did you do such a neat paint job on the deck with everything pre built? Cheers Michael
  3. Graham's right about availability, though the RAAF boxing of the kit does come with some nice colour etch, the transparencies sound better than the KP as does the DH spinner/props and the fit of the Vokes filter. Only the first 2 have any relevance for a Mk XII conversion but the first 2 items are nice for any Spitfire using this kit as a basis. Not sure about shape comparisons between the 2 kits - I think their were comments in Britmodeller. I have to say I haven't got a KP kit to compare though they are planning a RAAF boxing which might be tempting. Cheers Michael
  4. Hi Colin, Just noticed your query. Interest in Spitfire Vc's appear to crop up regularly. The last time I saw this was due to problems finding the Sword Mk Vc. At that time I found some remaining stock at Hobbylink Japan. They sold out quickly after that post however they may now have new stock - https://hlj.com/scale-models/1-72-scale-supermarine-spitfire-mk-vc-trop-raaf-swd72045 I did a review of this kit on Ausseie Modeller - http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/acft kit/Louey_SwordSpitVc.html The only "issues" I see with this kit is that the undercarrige might be a bit stalky (I've compared this to my various other Spitfires and the look of the plane on photos) and my next build I would reduce the undercarriage length. The other comment I've heard is the wing span might be marginally short but I'm not overly worried about this. Cheers Michael
  5. Looks completely real. Be interesting to hear the back story.
  6. Hi, If you are in a hurry, Models and Hobbies 4U list the kit as "in stock" https://www.modelsandhobbies4u.com.au/catalogue/product/dassault-mirage-iiid/o-twin-pack-ardu-and-2ocu-plastic-modelkit The are quite a way East in Boronia but perhaps a diversion on the way to Expo might make this less of a journey. Also dropping into Ikea with the wife isn't too much of a problem - treat it like a 1 to 1 kit build with one of their flatpacks . Edit - Just noticed that Models and Hobbies 4 U are trading at Expo - maybe they will have the kits there or you could ring them in advance and get them to bring one along for you for collection at Expo. Hope to see you at Expo! Cheers Michael
  7. If you haven't seen it, there is a Lockheed site for Australian aircraft - It has a lot of detail and photos of all the RAAF P38's http://www.adastron.com/lockheed/lightning/1pru.htm Regards Michael
  8. Hi Ben, A more expensive option would be to buy the RS kit - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rs-models-92150-heinkel-he-280-v2--209388 It comes with 2 tail versions - a "butterfly" tail (might be a What if) and a normal tail as applicable to your Huma kit. If you bought the RS kit you would end up with 2 different versions of the He 280! Cheers Michael
  9. In 1/72 there are the High Planes guns https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-vickers-k-gun-x-2-accessories-1-72/ I'm sure Aeroclub had some but you'd have to find them on a 2nd hand site. Cheers Michael
  10. That's a very atmospheric and realistic diorama Shizeng! Cheers Michael
  11. Hi Merlin, I've had success with the Alclad Semi Matt finish - https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/alclad-ii-4oz-semi-matt-satin-klear-kote-varnish/ however I mainly paint with enamels though some colours might be acrylic (some whites for instance). We've used the equivalent matt varnish on my son's AFV's and some are painted in Tamiya Acrylics and there are no frosting issues with those. Cheers Michael
  12. Hi Steve, I was surprised all the Beauforts have disappeared so quickly. I was sure I saw some at a local Melbourne Hobby store "Models and Hobbies 4 U" in the last year but they've sold out too. Maybe the moulds have worn out as it is a "limited run" item. The only spot I could see them is at Aviation Megastore which have ok prices but the postage to Australia (and likely NZ) are very high so I only use them as a last resort. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/dap-beaufort-mkvvi-k072099-high-planes-models-hpk072099-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=98980 Good luck searching - They sometimes show up on ebay (There is one currently in the UK but including postage, price would be prohibitive). Cheers Michael
  13. Hi (Simon?), That's a great build of a High Planes kit. Must have taken you a lot of planning, time and elbow grease. The result is well worth it as it really does look like a prototypical Beaufort. Cheers Michael
  14. Hi Beard - Foliage Green is usually quoted in the FS34079 to FS34092 range - sounds like it did vary. The paint on this aircraft is Humbrol 149 which is meant to be FS34092. I gave it a lightened version as a post shade to simulate some paint fading though Cundy's plane was kept very clean, maybe even polished. Thanks for all the comments from all. Regards Michael
  15. Hi Giorgio, This is the 1/72 scale version. Yes, the small shark mouth is quite attractive. I have a bunch of Eduard Mark VIII's and plan to do at least one large Sharkmouth airframe but its a bit down the list. Next is Clive Caldwell's 4 cannon aircraft (actually not Eduard since it was easier to do a 4 cannon with CMR). Cheers Michael
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