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  1. Hi Tempestfan, Just a note about the 2 editions - I have the English version by Eagle Editions and its a great book. I did read somewhere that Axel Urbanke did note that even though the German version doesn't have the colour art, it does have extra photos not included in the Eagle Editions book. Not sure about the picture quality comparison as I've never seen the German edition in person. Cheers Michael
  2. Best build of the Beaufort I've seen yet. Cheers Michael
  3. Hi Red Dog, The Eduard 1/72nd scale book gives a full story about the 4 gun Spitfire. I had the 1/48th book for a while and this section was absent. You also might find these threads interesting about Mk VIII spitfire colours in general and Caldwell's aircraft in particular: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10285&hilit=caldwell http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6416&hilit=caldwell Some of the pictures are no longer showing and some links are broken on the threads but some of the paintings/sketches are here: https://wepidgeon.com/pidgeonpost/?tag=caldwells-spitfire-squadron Colours on the sketches/paintings by Pigeon are only listed as Brown and Green but Peter's comments re stencils on the brown sections of camouflage confirm this is Dark Earth not Earth Brown. Cheers Michael
  4. Hi Red Dog, Interesting comment about the white codes on Caldwell and Trimble's aircraft. As can be seen in my build, the 1/72 Eduard Aussie 8 kit includes codes for both in Sky Blue. Here's my kit of A58-484 which uses the Eduard decals and are also Sky Blue. A look at a review of the 1/48 kit seems to show sky blue codes for the Caldwell and Trimble schemes: https://www.eduard.com/eduard/plastic-kits/limited-edition/aircraft/1-48/aussie-eight-spitfire-mk-viii-in-australian-service-dual-combo-1-48.html I wonder if they corrected their decals for the 1/48 kit in later issues. I got the 1/72 kit quite soon after the release so I believe it always had sky blue codes. One of the advantages with Eduard doing 1/72 versions of their 1/48th kits is they normally apply lessons learnt from the larger scale version. Cheers Michael
  5. Hi, I've got the Aussie 8 booklet and there's no mention of the use of Earth Brown on Mk VIII's. I've also had a number of chats with Peter Malone about Spitfire V's and his view is the main overpaints of factory colours was replacing Mid Stone on Desert Scheme aircraft with Foliage Green. Dark Earth areas were left alone. On Mk VIII's it's possible to see outstanding stencil markings on the original Dark Earth areas. Overpaints of roundels to reduce their diameter - the view was this was done with RAAF Dark Earth a similar but slightly darker colour than RAF Dark Earth. Some Mk V's have been shown in Foliage Green/Earth Brown/Sky Blue but it is likely this might have only been done for airframes requiring major repairs/overhauls. In any case on MK VIII's the only likely overpaints with Earth Brown would have been roundels (if they didn't have stock of RAAF Dark Earth). I've just completed a Mk VIII in the Dark Earth/Foliage Green scheme posted on the site: Regarding the Foliage Green/Sky Blue scheme, this is quite a standard scheme and appeared on a lot of aircraft. There are numerous examples in the Aussie 8 book. I've built Ron Cundy's aircraft in this scheme. Hopefully Peter is on and can help you out personally. Cheers Michael
  6. Beautiful model Andrew - I've always thought all the Takao class were powerful looking cruisers. - not surprising when you find out how much they exceeded treaty limits. You've done a magnificent job on the Chokai. Cheers Michael
  7. Thanks for the comments. Tempestwulf - The Vc is already complete. I posted it the day before. I only started the Mk VIII after it was finished but only got around to the photos after this model was finished. Bertie - There is a Wirraway that has been parked while I put the Mk VIII in the express lane. I also plan to start a famous opponent of the Spitfire but with a twist. I'll leave that one for when its ready for display. Cheers Michael
  8. This wasn't on my production line but having all the paints out for the Spitfire Vc I was working on and having reread the Eduard "Aussie 8" book again, I decided to do a quick build of "Sweet as a Song", a really attractive looking scheme. The plane is the aircraft of Squadron Leader Tom Trimble who I'd been listening to an audio interview about recently. Tom worked after his RAAF career at ARL (Aeronautical research labs) in Melbourne now absorbed into DSTG. I suspect he was the boss of one of our well known Britmodeller members . It's finished in Foliage Green/Dark Earth/Azure Blue with the original large roundels overpainted with RAAF Dark Earth. All the main paints were Colourcoats other than the Foliage Green which is Humbrol 30. Hu 30 is meant to be the equivalent of Authentics HB1 which I used as a match for Foliage Green on one of my Boomerangs. Painting out the swatch showed it to be a close match to HB1 so it was conscripted into use. One difference is the consistency of HB1 and Hu 30. Like many modern Humbrol paints Hu 30 is more like a paste and needs extensive thinning to make it ready for an airbrush (or paint brush). The build went together pretty easily as I've done a heap of this kit. The only real variation was using the closed door/open canopy option supplied by Eduard as the nose art of the plane partially overlaps the cockpit door. Some variations with the finish are the aluminium painted tyres to reduce sun wear and the extensive exhaust staining caused by testing lean fuel mix to extend range. The only after market parts were the Falcon canopy and the Barracuda treaded tyres. Cheers Michael
  9. Very nice build - interesting to hear about the difficulties getting the kit together. I have this kit as well and chose it over the Brengun after hearing about the better accuracy. As long as its not "unbuildable" or really crude I'd choose the more accurate kit over the easier to build kit every time. Cheers Michael
  10. My first go at the reasonably new Airfix Spitfire Vc. Its had some upgrades after some of its shortcomings were noted - mainly the spinner/prop for the DH type used on all RAAF Vc's. These were replaced with the upgrade set from High Planes. Other bits added from the High Planes set were the exhausts and the covered wheels. Some spare undercarriage covers were sourced from the Eduard kit. The aircraft had a short career with 79 Squadron RAAF. The plane never had time to have its original serial replaced by its RAAF id. The pilot for most of the time was Alec Chomley. The colours are Foliage Green/Dark Earth/Azure Blue. The original Desert camouflage had the Mid Stone replaced by Foliage Green and there are no evident stencils. A lot of help was supplied on the colours by @Magpie22. Originally I was going to model another 79 Squadron Aircraft but the scheme needed a bit more work on top of the available decals and I decided I wanted a quick build to see how the kit went. This aircraft was recovered by Langdon Badger and restored with parts from other aircraft and is now on display in South Australia. The nose art is the August Vargas Girl. The decals are from DK. The kit went together very well, a lot easier than the Sword kit and I think it has adequate detail and the dimensions appear pretty good. The only concern with the shape I have is the wing dihedral which looks a bit too acute. the under fuselage nav light isn't supplied though the location for it is moulded - I used some Krystal Clear. Cheers Michael
  11. Hi, I normally just phone Craig on the number on his facebook page to order however in this case due to the size of the order I got his email to send a list for review. I'll PM you his email to keep it from being public. Cheers Michael
  12. Gorgeous model and paint as normal Roman! I'd love to be able to build a German nightfighter like this. Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Peter, Just noticed another option that one of the guys mentioned before: Some of the F111A's bought as attrition replacements arrived in early 1980's in SEAC scheme. If this was the time your dad was working (sounds a bit late by your description), these could be an option. The F111A kit is available albeit a bit more expensive than some of the other boxings. Here's an interesting story/photos from Aussie Modeller: http://forum.aussiemodeller.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16638 And a kit costing about $100 landed in Australia https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144060201575?hash=item218aa83a67:g:LpUAAOSw9Rtg3uCb The A's were delivered with short span wings and operated that way for a short time. Also just found this set of instructions for a combined C/G kit Hasegawa issued at some stage which shows the changes in parts for the 2 versions: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/3/9/101139-29-instructions.pdf Cheers Michael
  14. For an interesting read on the Australian F111's, have a look at the book Controversy to Cutting Edge by Mark Lax Its currently out of print and a bit expensive 2nd hand (approx $100) but it looks like it will be re printed soon (see link below) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/192261517X/ref=olp_aod_redir_impl1/357-2490998-1288049?_encoding=UTF8&aod=1 Cheers Michael
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