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  1. Looks very nice indeed , at least it didn t end up looking like the 1.48th Revell offering a few years ago , now that did have some real howlers .
  2. He has a point there , somebody pass the oily rag.
  3. fantastic result no wonder your brother in law is pleased.
  4. Fantastic , i love it when these often overlooked old kits get the treatment they deserve , just goes to show with a little extra work these old kits still have plenty of life left in them yet . Now lets see what you can do with the Frog Beaufort .
  5. looks good , i may be wrong but should the underwing serial number on the port wing be reversed ?
  6. Lovely job on a pretty hard kit to build ( i have both Classic Airframe kits MK1F & MKIV ) and both got started then stalled.
  7. Considering all the shape issues its turned out rather nice .
  8. That s great , nice finish and the stand is a great idea , being 1.32nd scale that s not a small model either.
  9. Lovely Defiant , looks very nice indeed , pretty sure the turret would have been painted Black ?
  10. Blimey , there s one you dont see every day , a fantastic piece of modelling of the first order 10/10
  11. Very nice indeed , good to see these old kits still being built . If i recall this was the better option at the time for a Blenheim , the Airfix kit suffered from engine cowlings being to long over the wing , and the tail being the wrong shape plus thousands of raised rivets. The trick was to cross kit the Frog with the Airfix kit to produce a decent MKIV.
  12. Hi Rob , just stumbled on this WIP , all looks good so far. I am currently building the same kit ( MK1a ) just a pointer regarding the wings , using the Tamiya 1.48th kit as a reference the Airfix kit has thick raised lines above and below at both wing ends plus two blobs on each underside of the wings ? i have removed these as well as the one on the fuselage side , not only dose this improve the appearance but also when you come to apply decals they will sit nice and flat . Another vast improvement is ditch the kit wheels and invest in some Barracuda resin wheels , these have a much better appearance with correct hub detail ( they even have DUNLOP written on the tyres ) Will keep watching with interest. Cheers Keith.
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