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  1. I hear you Jon , your right about Aeroclub kits being pricey , i am lucky enough to have a Gamecock and Grebe in my collection , i also have the Gauntlet which i am using as reference to convert a Gladiator into a Gauntlet ( i look upon my Aeroclub Gauntlet as a fine wine from the cellar to be savored one day ) As for the Demon we are now blessed with one from AMG , although boxed as a Heart i think many variants can be built from the kit including a Demon .
  2. That s very nice Jon , i have one i built years ago as well as the Grebe , i also have the 1.48th version which has all Vac components and a little tricky to build but its getting there.
  3. That looks very convincing indeed , the weathering looks spot on . just a pointer , the Starboard cockpit panel is an escape hatch not a crew entry door like the Spitfire .
  4. Wow what a transformation , i thought it looked pretty good in its former scheme but the all Black night fighter finish really sets it off. Top job.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback , i think i might switch to 19sqn as i have the Blue & White checks as well .
  6. Nice little model with an interesting story , well done .
  7. Another beauty Tony can i ask what paints you are using for the cameo ? as the colours are spot on .
  8. I would say the Dark Earth is spot on i have seen many models where the Dark Earth colour is too light , Col i salute you , great model.
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