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  1. Nice job , yea see what you mean about the canopy , you might be able to polish it back to clear with a very fine sanding stick , If all else fails a vac replacement should do the trick.
  2. You might be better off using the Matchbox kit . ?
  3. Thanks Troy , as it so happens I have the old tool Airfix Hurricane sitting on the shelf of doom. I will see what the pros and cons are with the MDC wings and take it from there ( At £ 15.00 + postage I would be a mug not too ). 5 spoke wheels shouldn't be a problem , I can pinch some from a MK9 Spitfire kit and adapt accordingly . Pity you lost interest on your build , looked like it was coming along nicely . cheers K.
  4. No worries Steve , the more comments and suggestions the better .
  5. I will be starting my build pretty soon thanks to all the information gathered so far. Starting with the Hasagawa Hurricane MK 1 kit first job will be to fill and re scribe the panel lines on the fuselage + reshape the engine cowlings. I have ordered Fabric wings from MDC this is designed for the Hasagawa kit plus you also get a Watts two bladed prop ( result ) Canopy will have to be moulded from scratch unless an Aero club one turns up. I have found in my stash a pair of true details wheels plus quick boost control surfaces so things are looking up . My Spitfire prototype is nearly finished and will be in the RFI section soon. Cheers. K.
  6. I agree with Graham , comparison of the two pics clearly shows a taller hump behind the canopy than on the production model, also the wind screen front sits lower too.
  7. Lovely , that's one very nice looking P40 My motto is never bin anything because the next day you will need it. ( After the trash men have been)
  8. Looks like the only real option for the canopy would be to mould a new one from scratch
  9. Thanks mate , that's pretty much what I intend to do with the wings on my build. What did you use for the canopy ? I understand Aeroclub did a vac canopy for the prototype but it is now out of production.
  10. Thanks Troy , lots of helpful information there I now have a plan to scratch build the wings and re scribe the fuselage. If anyone has the Aero club prototype canopy I would love to hear from you. cheers Keith.
  11. I quite fancy building the Hurricane prototype in 1.48th scale , most Hurricane kits seem to be of the metal wing version. Classic Airframes did a fabric wing version but this seems to be a bit thin on the ground lately. As far as I am aware no Hurricane prototype kit or conversion set exists in 1.48th scale unless someone here knows better ?
  12. No not the same from what I can see , The Walrus sheet has the correct shade of blue for the roundels The Extra decal sheet 48031 A Type seem too dark for interwar aircraft as I have found out to my cost
  13. Fighter squadrons of the RAF page 42 quote :- Venom showing Black bands around tail booms. This originated between the wars . its Atlases and Audaxes having Black bands around the fuselage.
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