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  1. Looks good Not too sure about the Red background though
  2. good looking Spit , not sure about the panel line on the engine cowling cover , pretty sure these are one piece. ?
  3. Awful but i like it in a masochistic type way .
  4. Ok nobody has said it yet so i will , YOU CANNOT BE CIRRUS joking a side thats one lovely looking Moth , I built the Amy Johnson version and i found it was not an easy ride the fit of parts around the engine being a pain to fit but got there in the end.
  5. Very nice job indeed , The Black scheme suites it very well.
  6. Humbrol Polished Aluminium or Hannants Extra colour High speed silver. Works every time.
  7. Reminds me of those decoy planes that were put up to fool the recon aircraft , nice job.
  8. And there is me fighting tooth and nail restoring two old Contrail Fairey IIIFs and along comes Kora with this beauty.
  9. Lovely looking Spitfire , you have done a grand job . i would have to agree about the powder stains from the guns , to my eye these do look to be a little bit over done however this dose not detract from a great model , well done.
  10. Wow thats a beauty, What we need now is a 1.32nd Bulldog or Demon
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