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  1. Very nice indeed , I too have one lurking in the stash and after seeing your fine job I might just dig it out . Just curious but are the wind screens on the right way ? looks like the front should be on the back and vice verser ? or is it my eyes playing tricks again ?
  2. Great looking Hunter As said above the Italeri kit is a re pop of the old Academy kit which suffered from an undersized cockpit and main undercarriage wheels , you might want to change those to after market as well ?
  3. Bang on , One of the nicest Tamiya Lancasters I have seen , Great dio too .
  4. Your very welcome Gary , keep up the good work
  5. Lovely job , Now why not try your hand at a Contrail / Sanger Beaufort ?
  6. Wonderful , that sir is a very nice ME262 indeed , 10 /10 in my book.
  7. Very nice job ,the old girl still scrubs up well , as said above they were very good kits for their time although the Mosquito & Hurricane had shape issues. My favourite was the Typhoon .
  8. Nice Mosquito top job on the finish and weathering , however I think you may have put the code letters on the port side the wrong way round should be TH- H not H-TH although I just know someone is going to prove me wrong
  9. Yes I know what you mean about failing eye sight Ian , lovey Spitfire by the way mate.
  10. I love it , cracking looking Typhoon , one very tiny nic pick , the area under the sliding hood should be black not cameo. Ref :- Camouflage & Markings no 4 page 78.
  11. Very nice work indeed , love the weathering , looks spot on to me .
  12. Wonderful job , I too thought it was the real thing , one thing puzzles me though ? should the prop still be in place ? Surely the aircraft would need to be jacked up off the ground to remove the prop ?
  13. Whats not to like ? that's a little beauty . Maybe a coat of flat varnish to tone down the shine , other than that top job.
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