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  1. Looks very nice indeed albeit a little on the shiny side perhaps a quick blow over with some matt coat just to tone it down a bit ?
  2. Well if this is your first post for a long time , i cant wait for your second one , that s a real cracker , a lovely model of the Blenheim and a great diorama as well .
  3. Fantastic , nice touch with old Pierre climbing into the cockpit plus the book underneath . Top job.
  4. cracking pair of Lightnings Tim , both fine models .
  5. Looks very nice , nice rendition of the wooden prop too.
  6. Cant say i am a fan of the wishy washy weathering look , to my eyes the colours look too faded , there are plenty of colour pics of 217 sqn Beauforts which clearly show solid colour with the usual paint chips and panel line shadows exhaust stains etc , that said i do realise these aircraft led a hard life and perhaps at the end of there service life would look a little bit washed out .
  7. Grey primer , then Humbrol polished Aluminium , works every time .
  8. Lovely job , It seems we have the same childhood memorys , my dad took me to Coltishall in the 1960s when they flew Lightnings , i too remember being blasted by the noise as it flashed overhead , great days .
  9. Wow , very impressive, looks like a fine kit and a step up from the old Tamiya kit.
  10. Thats great , Even for its age Airfix were not far off the mark , Retro modelling at its best well done.
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