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  1. Never made it , Car broke down when my Alternator decided to pack up half way there.
  2. Wow Colin , another stunner on a par with your Hurricane , will it be a merlin engine Heinkel 111 next ? NOW DONT JUST LOOK , SEARCH FOR THE BARSTEADS , AND NEVER FLY STRIGHT AND LEVEL FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS OR YOUR A DEAD DUCK , NOW LETS TRY THAT AGAIN.
  3. Woooh Kevin , thats a cracking little Beaufighter you have created there , so glad you got the picture size sorted out , now we can all see what a lovely model it is .
  4. Very nice indeed , i can see why you went for the nose art you naughty boy.
  5. Brilliant stuff , makes me want to dig out the DVD and watch the film again , now flood the cowling , over the wing and plenty of it., stand clear.
  6. Damm , that s a mighty fine Spitfire you have created there sir.
  7. 2mm short or not , i would never have guessed and who cares anyway ? to my eyes that s one lovely looking Spitfire ( apart from the Red crow bar ) she s a real beauty.
  8. As the saying goes NEVER THROW ANY THING AWAY, a perfect example of what can be done with what many would consider throwing in the bin. brilliant saves.
  9. Wow , there s one you dont see every day , lovely little model.
  10. Lovely , for its time the Frog kit was a much better option than the Airfix kit accuracy wise , the Airfix kit had a number of faults , the tail was the wrong shape and the engine naceles above the wings were too long however the trick was to graft the Airfix nose onto the Frog fuselage making a MKIV Ah happy days.
  11. Cracking job if ever a new tool kit was needed , its this one. ( COME ON AIRFIX )
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