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  1. Thanks Nick , i stand corrected.
  2. No worries Greg , although as far as i am aware i only had two requests in the Wanted section Gladiator three bladed prop and Aeroclub Avro Tutor , Is there a limit to how many requests you can have ? cheers Keith.
  3. Put a request in the wanted section for a Gladiator Prop , in one day gone the next ???? What went wrong ?
  4. Hi Keith


    ..apologies for not contacting you sooner. You kindly offered a copy of the May 2020 AMW issue with the Gladiator feature. I'd very much like to take you up on your offer ..if still open.  Can I Paypal you ?



    1. keith in the uk

      keith in the uk

      Sure no problem , let me have your address and i will pop it in the post for you .

      Cheers Keith.


    2. FalkeEins


      Hi Keith


      I'd like to message you ..but I'm being told you can't accept messages  ...



    3. keith in the uk

      keith in the uk

      E Mail me at k.tierney1@ntlworld.com 

      Just need your address and then i can post the mag . :like:

  5. Outstanding that s a lovely collection you have there.
  6. Wow , thats a great save , i think it was first built by someone returning from the pub after 15 pints and deciding to do some modelling.
  7. lovely , thats a cracking job . i have one but am holding out for the 1.48th ICM kit .
  8. That s great , remember building this kit way back in the 70s , if i recall it was in Scale Models Mag for the Battle of Britain series of aircraft. Cant remember who built it but the main faults of the kit were the engine nacels over the wings were too long , and the tail being the wrong shape, The builder cross kitted it with the Frog kit and if i recall turned out a little stunner.
  9. Brilliant , love the early Harriers , the GR1s & GR3s have that nice clean look about them. Great job.
  10. Great job , i have just finished building the same kit as the second prototype in all silver finish , not the easiest of kits to build .
  11. Perfect , one of the best schemes the Stuka ever wore , reminds me of the old Revell 1.32nd Stuka box art from years back.
  12. Oh errrr missis , what a super looking Spitfire , looks just as good as the more expensive Tamiya offering. A small pointer if i may , loose the Red crow bar , this is now becoming a classic mistake a lot of Spitfire builders make . Red crow bars are only fitted to restored aircraft for safety reasons not on wartime aircraft.
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