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  1. Still here! Small update. Not having a huge amount of spare time at the moment, so varnish *wait 2 days* decal *wait 2 days*, you get the picture. Anyway, decals on, awaiting matt varnish and weathering. Pic shows only one of the 4 white cross decals not to fold up, split or manage to shift position whilst drying. So only one pic. From one side. Was going to attempt Corsairfoxfouruncle's solution to small component handling, however said small components have vanished. Next time, next time.
  2. Thanks for that - you know, I'm going to give that a go!
  3. Looks great! I have their StuG III O to build so watching yours with interest. Very interested in these early variants.
  4. Yup, still building! Slightly daunted by the quality of the other fantastic builds on this GB, but here's where I am so far. Managed to get the pioneer tools / crane / aerial / jack stuff on after a little bit of a struggle; thery're beautifully moulded and super fine so much care and swear involved. The location points are dimples rather than holes but apart from that slight ambiguity it all eventually stuck together. There are two small circular components on the hull front that I'm giving up on for the moment (lights?)- I can't really see them or hold them properly, even with tweezers! So just some tidying up of sprue gates and stuff (thankyou photographs) , a final smear of dunkelgrau and then on to decalling, detailing and weathering - hopefully this week!
  5. Quick update, lower hull and running gear together and a splosh of Humbrol 67. Obviously a lot of tidying up to do but got it together eventually with a bit of fettling. It might be me, but I found the rear idler assembly a little bit of a trial. Eventually got it together by cutting off the little stubs - axles? - from the inside faces of inner idler wheels D4 on both sides. All fell together nicely after that. Thank goodness for the enlarged assembly photo on the great Henk Fox website - I really couldnt resolve the tiny instructions printed on the back of the box. Anyway, here we are at present:
  6. Thanks! I've built a few of their kits and they're all nicely moulded. They also offer interesting variants, such as their Pzkpfw ii Ausf. D with the torsion bar suspension.
  7. Box 'n'Sprues shot to get the ball rolling. Nice looking kit with semi one-piece tracks, my preferred treatment for 1/72 if done well. More slide-moulding (I think) in evidence in nice deep detail on suspension units. Gluing styrene and brushing paint starts tomorrow...
  8. You've made a fantastic job of these Carden classics. Such a lot of great models about in 15mm these days!
  9. Well here's my rather cack-handed attempt at Airfix's excellent new 1/72 Tiger 1. Probably not as detailed as the Revell or Zvezda kit but it really scores on tne repesentation of the schachtellaufwerk. (Btw I've used the complex version even though you might not know it from my model...) - I think it gives the tank a sense of heft that I haven't often seen in a 1/72 representation. And most importantly, I think it's a really enjoyable build. Anyway, here's some photos. I know that the base paintwork for the winter camo was probably dunkelgelb but I thought that the dunkelgrau wasn't entirely improbable. I also thought it would show the markings better, but that was before I (i) didn't read the instructions and neglected to add the left side balkenkreuz before attaching the tow cable and (ii) made a general nause-up of the decal application. My eyesight (failing) and fingers (old and shaky) conspire against me these days. In slight mitigation, the white paint isn't quite as claggy on the model as it looks in the photos. And I'm awaiting the Aber set for the hull m/g. Hier sind die Bilder!
  10. Raring to go. Impatience got the better of me with the 15mm models I was intending and I did 'em over Xmas! Never could wait. I have an Ausf-D from 'first to fight' / wrzesien1939 which I'll be doing instead if that's okay. Looks fantastic on the sprues!
  11. Spectacular! I love these little Zvezda kits but that's one of the best I've seen made up. Great detailing.
  12. Room for a little one? I have a number of options in 15mm ... (!)
  13. Very nice. See you have a few more of the Bandai SW mech - lovely crisp mouldings, ain't they! Am currently planning the colour scheme on their tangerine-sized Death Star II...
  14. Love em. Looks like a collaboration between Willy Messerschmitt and Oliver Postgate. Looking forward to the G6...
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