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  1. Lovely model. As an aside when I was at photographic college one of our tutors had served with 2nd TAF on the continent as a photographer. He told me stories of how during the harsh winter of 1944/45 Typhoons and Tempests which were inevitably parked in the open had to have their engines started and warmed up throughout the nights or they would freeze up never to start again. Naturally it was the erks who got that job. Mike
  2. Well it fooled me, it looks 1/72 with all those details and perfect finish. I haven't tried a vac form for more than 20 years as I do remember the effort required just to get the parts ready. Well done! Mike
  3. Does the earlier Mk 1F (AO9186) contain the same sprues as the latest Mk 1 (A09190) just different decals? In other words could I make the bomber version from the Mk 1F ?
  4. I built a Chastise Lancaster a few years ago and did a lot of research. My conclusion is that most of the mines would probably have been red primer. The reason for this was that the original weapon was to have been shrouded in a wooden casing to make the weapon more aerodynamic and to behave like the smaller test versions. As we now know the casing continualy failed upon impact with the water and Wallis struggled to find a solution. Also the raid had to be executed in a hurry before the middle of May to make best use of the water levels at the reservoirs, which meant the bombs were already in production. By chance it was discovered that by lowering the drop height the steel case of the bomb remained intact although the wooden casing continued to disintergrate. It's reasonable to assume that those already manufactured had their wooden overcoats removed including those that had already been delivered to 617 thus exposing a metal case in red primer there being no reason to have painted it otherwise. The bombs also had to be carefully balanced to avoid dangerous vibration in the aircraft so any idea of last minute painting doesn't seem credible. Some of the well known photographs of the dambuster Lancs were in fact taken after the raid as testing continued until Bomber Command effectively abandoned the idea of continuing attacks on dams as the Germans were now well versed in the attack method and had captured a weapon intact. Losses were also a deciding factor. Again it is resonable to assume that the mines that were left over after the raid were then properly painted and marked as per regulations and stored. My guess then is that most weapons on the raid were probably red primer.
  5. Lovely model. I met Bader in the 1970s and first impressions was of an arrogant man driven by a hidden dynamo. A few years later I met a bookshop owner who had been a prisoner with Bader and he told me that when Bader was transfered out to another camp everyone was glad to see the back of him as he was an absolute nuisance in constanly provoking the germans who then searched everything and everyone thus compromising any escape schemes. I've also read an article and watched a documentary that casts doubt on the story of a collision with a Me109. The conclusion being it was most likely friendly fire. Never the less an interesting and brave man.
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