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  1. Lovely model. I met Bader in the 1970s and first impressions was of an arrogant man driven by a hidden dynamo. A few years later I met a bookshop owner who had been a prisoner with Bader and he told me that when Bader was transfered out to another camp everyone was glad to see the back of him as he was an absolute nuisance in constanly provoking the germans who then searched everything and everyone thus compromising any escape schemes. I've also read an article and watched a documentary that casts doubt on the story of a collision with a Me109. The conclusion being it was most likely
  2. Fascinating movie. When you see how a Lancaster is made of a number of sub-assemblies it's easy to understand how a Lancaster in the later part of it's service could end up a mish mash of assemblies from other aircraft once the repair organisation had worked on them. I've often wondered which part of an airframe keeps the serial number remembering most sections are interchangable? According to F.K.Mason NX787 was a MK VII built at Austin Motors Longbridge Birmingham although finaly assembled at Elmdon. Then saw service with 617 Squadron as KC-T before being sold for scrap in June 1954.
  3. Here’s one I made earlier. Westland Lysander Mk IIIA S.C.W (Special Contract Westland). V9674 was one of a number of aircraft specially converted from MkIIIA airframes for covert operations. Modifications included extra fuel and oil tanks, and stripping out of armament and armour. The aircraft carries the standard Lysander S.D.(Special Duties) camouflage of medium sea grey and dark green with night black under surfaces. Code letters were MA-K in standard dull red. This particular aircraft was flown from time to time by Squadron Leader Lewis (Bob) Hodges on SOE operations to France wh
  4. Lovely rendition of the Swordfish. I have one of these lurking in my cupboard...I'll get round to it one these days. Mike
  5. Inspirational! Cracking build. I have one of these waiting in the cupboard but unfortunately the Tamiya Mosquito IV got to the work bench first. Mike
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