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  1. Thanks for the input much appreciated. Luckily, I have a 1st edition of Enemy Coast Ahead and I have a copy of Paul Brickhill's "The Dam Busters". Both of these books were written while military secrecy was still observed and therefore, they don't contain the details which are now available to other authors. Max Hastings book is a good read and throws new light on some old legends. I'll look into the other books mentioned and take it from there. Thanks again Mike
  2. There seems to be a plethora of books on this subject, and I'd like to hear some recommendations please. Mike
  3. A lovely rendition of the Tamiya mossie. I've built a few of these and in spite of the kits age they are still the bench mark. The weathering looks perfect. Mike
  4. I hadn't noticed before but the footage of the Lancasters departing always shows the rear turret traversed towards the camera. Was this a standard takeoff routine or just for the occasion? Mike
  5. I remember many many years ago I used to drink at the White Lion at Warlingham in Surrey. An old boy was telling me his story of how he baled out of his Hurricane, and on the way down a local farmer shot him in the backside as everyone believed what the BBC was saying. That Germans were being shot down in great numbers; it therefore seemed unimaginable to the farmer that the man in the parachute could be anything other than enemy. I bet he wasn't the only one to get a warm greeting after baling out.
  6. According to The Design And Development of The Avro Lancaster, Royal Aeronautical Society publication D.C. Wood C.Eng FRAeS " The Merlin engine itself underwent changes for production reasons (Merlin 22 1280 bhp with two-piece cylinder block) and power development, ( Merlin 24 1620 bhp). Sub-contract manufacture by Packard produced the Merlin 28 (1300 bhp with Bendix carburetters), Merlin 38 (1390 bhp version of Rolls Royce Merlin 22) and the Merlin 224 (Packard version of Rolls Royce Merlin 24). All these engines were directly interchangeable although Lancasters with Packard built engines were designated Lancaster Mk III as they required a different set of engine maintenance tools." Hope this helps. Mike
  7. I'm about to start on a 1/48 Mustang in a bare metal finish and I'm tempted to try acrylic paints which is quite a departure from my usual solvent based paints. Which brand of acrylics does the team favour and which are the most accurate for colour and easy to use? I'll be grateful for any tips especially preparation for decaling.
  8. 5: Modelling flaps down? When parked on the dispersal area, prior to engine start, would the Lancaster's flaps be extended or retracted? With the engines stopped the aircraft has no hydraulic pressure and therefore the flaps and bomb doors droop under the effect of gravity.
  9. I've just enquired with Airfix about Humbrol enamel paints and the official word is they have all been withdrawn; but my correspondent didn't know why or wasn't free to say.
  10. Thanks chaps I think I'm heading in the right direction.
  11. I'm planning a Beaufighter using the Tamiya 1/48 Mk X boxing. I assume these aircraft would not have been armed with rockets AND torpedo but either one or the other. The Tamiya kit also provides underwing serials but I don't think these would have been carried until post-war? Any thoughts or tips please.
  12. Hi Rick X-20A acrylic (NOT lacquer!) thinners has done the trick. I've been model making more than 50 years and my working environment hasn't changed, but the tape certainly has. Thanks for the suggestion it works a treat and as I work mainly in enamel paint there's no collateral damage to paint work. Thanks again Mike
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