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  1. White Ensign used to do them. A post on the ship forums here might produce a result. Mike
  2. Beautiful spit. Looks the part...well done.
  3. Now if this appears in 1/48 I'll be over the moon.
  4. Lovely Mitchell and eggs. I'm about to embark on similar any minute now. Mike
  5. This is just what I was looking for, very helpful especily lease lend RAF which is not my comfort zone. Many thanks Mike
  6. Hi Jamie Happy New Year Thanks for the input and as I guessed its a can of worms. I'm going to follow your suggestions for the interior colours and for the outer surfaces it seems to be anyones guess as these aircraft weathered badly and were retouched as neccessary. Just sent you an order for various paints as I need to stock up. Thanks again Mike
  7. Thanks for the input guys i've a feeling this is going to be a can of worms but an interesting discussion Mike and Happy New Year
  8. The Airfix kit gives two alternative finnishes. SM-V FV923 305 Polish squadron England September - October 1943 or EV-W FL212 180 Squadron 1943. I prefer colourcoats paints but I'm unsure of which paints I need from their extensive catalogue as there seems to be more than one gray, olive drab or interior colour. Any advice or tips for the following would be most welcome :- Interior colour Olive drab Neutral Gray Also can someone recomend a good reference for RAF Mitchells? Thanks in advance.
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