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  1. Today
  2. This is a good kit with great poses, and per usual for the MB kits I've got, the detail on the figures is really good. I think my only gripe with MB stuff is that, in the case of the modern ones, the weapons don't always match what's depicted, or would be correct. There's also a bit of confusion between the box art of this kit and the instructions regarding uniforms. For example, on the box art they appear to be wearing ACU and the guy on the left has an Army unit patch on his sleeve. However, he's also carrying an M16A4, which is a Marine rifle. The painting instructions look to portray desert MARPAT rather than ACU as well. The M16A4 in the kit is strange because it has a collapsible stock on it, whilst the Para SAW depicted on the box art looks to be an older Minimi style. The M14 marksman rifle is also a bit erroneous for the period as it would more likely be an EMR or something like the M110, or at least a modern M14 DMR. I'm fond of the MB modern kits and I'd hope they do more of them, I just think the weapons need a bit of updating to match the more current gear of the soldiers depicted Gaz.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I have used these in 144 and they are superb. Incredible little things really. They respond really well to CA glue so fitting them is not as much of a challenge as you'd perhaps expect.
  5. MiniArt

    It is indeed a lovely model. I've just bought the T-54-2 and it's the next stage along, with flat welded (not stamped) fuel tanks on the fenders. One tip - the builder will end up with a duplicate set of hubcaps for the 5 x 2 roadwheel pairs. Depending on which you use and on the individual vehicles in photos, this can be very useful for completing the Meng T-54B kit with the spider wheels. So far as I can see the Meng T-54B kit only provides 8 hub caps of the right size for the 10 road wheel pairs! The other two hub caps are for the enlarged hub front pair as seen (usually) in the T-55, the kit being based on T-55 parts. (Rather surprisingly, the Meng Type 69 kit (Chinese T-54) doesn't have this problem, but it remains to be seen whether Meng use those moulds for the T-54 as well in the future.) You still have the same problem if making the Meng kit with the starfish wheels, as the T-54-1 hubs won't do, but if you have done one with spider wheels as above you will have some spares - or you could swap wheels with the Tamiya kit of the T-55 which has a T-54 style set of 10 roadwheel hubs all the same size. I have not checked the physical practicalities of the latter suggestion, though. Some interesting photos here, e.g. of T-54-1 turrets in fixed emplacements,
  6. Pitot Probes 1:144 Master I’d really love to see the machines Master Models uses to make their amazing pitot probes, whilst I can get the manufacture of the 1:48 and even1:72 scale probes, this selection in 1:144, just defy comprehension. As to how you use them, normally I would say just drill a hole and glue into position, but in this scale it will be a case of, very carefully drill a tiny hole and glue. You will obviously need a good magnifier, a fine pair of tweezers and a very steady hand. They are all generic, so can be fitted to any 1:144 sale kit of the particular subject. [AM-144-013] – This is for the North American F-100 Super Sabre [AM-144-014] – Lockheed F-104 Starfighter [AM-144-015] – Republic F-105 Thunderchief. [AM-144-016] – Convair F-106 Delta Dart [AM-144-017] – BAC Lightning [AM-144-018] – Convair B-58 Hustler [AM-144-019] – Hawker Hunter Conclusion I think I need to buy a macro lens, as these items are so small my poor camera couldn’t cope with trying to focus. That said have looked at them under a magnifying glass, they are superbly made, with only a tiny bit of swarf and the blunt end. Do be careful when fitting these, as they are really sharp. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  7. US Mk-82 Bombs 1:32 Brassin Whilst some of the big 1:32 scale kits provide a decent selection of weaponry in the box, they aren’t always up to the standard we seem to have come to expect when attaching them to our masterpieces. This is where Eduard and their Brassin range come in and the ever expanding catalogue of resin bombs come into play. Arriving in the pretty standard cardboard box, the set has parts for six complete bombs. The casting is up to the usual standard, with some very fine details, such as the bomb lugs moulded onto the bomb casing, although one had managed to be broken in the box. Assembly is nice and simple, as once the fins and bodies are removed from the casting blocks and cleaned up it’s just a matter of joining them together, then deciding what fuse type you’re going to fit. There are two types of nose fuse, one short and one on a fuse extender, there is also the option of just having a plain nose cap for an un-armed weapon. Then it’s just a matter of painting, (any colour as long as it’s olive drab it seems), adding the supplied decals, and weathering as required. Conclusion As is becoming the norm for Brassin these bombs are really well manufactured. Great moulding, good attention to detail and an excellent addition to any modellers armoury. Review samples courtesy of
  8. Last week
  9. Kittyhawk

    Are you suggesting essentially building the two halves of the fuselage before joining them? I think that's what you mean.
  10. Warpaint

    Will be ordering a copy as soon as I finish typing this post!
  11. Warpaint

    New books on helicopters are something of a rarity these days so this is a welcome release. This is a fascinating subject and I'll be adding it to my collection. Thanks for the review. BM.
  12. B-17E/F Update sets & masks - For Hong Kong Models Kit 1:32 Eduard The Hong Kong Models kit is a good one, however Eduard are along as always offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have 6 sets for the Bomb Bay, Bomb Racks, Engines, Landing Flaps, Undercarriage and Seatbelts. There are also a two sets of masks, on for the E model and one for the F model. Bomb Bay (32400) This is one large brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb bay as well as the bomb bay doors. The modeller will need to supply some 1.5mm square profile in addition to what's in the set. Bomb Rack (32899) This is one brass fret, and one coloured fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb racks, as well as lugs and vanes for the bombs. The coloured parts represent warning and other placards. Engines (32397) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the engines, mainly in the form of a new wiring harness, but also includes other detailing parts for items which will be seen through the cowls. There are some detail parts for the superchargers and some of the cowl flaps. Undercarriage (32399) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the undercarriage. A new interior is provided for the tail wheel bay as well as detail parts for the tail wheel leg. New parts are provided for the interior of the main gear wells as well as detail parts for the main gear legs. Flaps(32398) This is 2 very large brass frets which provides flaps for the kit. Some of the ribs are already attached which need to be bent into position, some need to be added individually. Some work on kit parts is needed. Seatbelts(32897) This small fret provides a full set of coloured seatbelts for the aircraft. These are the new Steel belts from Eduard. They are etched from 0.1mm sheet, which looks like stainless steel because it doesn't rust, these new belts combine the best of both worlds. The resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm, and the paint that has been applied after etching is included in that thickness. The paint itself seems to be more flexible too, and the designs have added details such as shadows printed near buckles and joints to give an added depth to the design. They appear less susceptible to fatigue and will stand up to repeated movements, and can be posed much more realistically due to the ease of bending of the surface. The paint is also a lot less likely to flake off at a sharp bend, which is a worry for standard PE belts. Masks(EX543) Each set is supplied on a 4 sheets of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for all of the clear parts on your chosen B-17 model. E Model F Model Conclusion These sets will enhance an already impressive model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  13. Red Roo

    An extremely nice build here.............
  14. Red Roo

    While I agree it looks a bit like the Provost, being a three-seater it had more in common with the Percival Prentice or the original Boulton Paul Balliol. The Prentice also appeared to have too large a canopy, as a result. It also looked rather unwieldy to my eyes.
  15. MASTER

    Hello, I totally agree, seem very nice. I Wonder about my large fingers Even at 1/48 I use pincer and magnifier Thank for the nice review. Corsaircorp
  16. Hobbyboss

    Great review, another one for the "want list".
  17. The optivisor is needed for these I think!
  18. USN 40mm Bofors Quad mounts 1:350 Master Models As we saw in the Twin Mounts sets reviewed HERE, MASTER models are upping their game with the maritime releases. Once again we see a selection of resin, PE and turned brass. The resin and etch have also been produced by North Star and incorporated into the sets. The new boxes the same style too, with the resin parts in their own compartments in the foam for added protection. [SM-350-093] As with the twin sets, this set contains six version 1 mounts, each mount is made up from no less than twenty two parts, so, once again you will need your optivisors and best tweezers, along with an extra bottle of patience, as you will need them. The resin gun mount is fitted with a two resin front pieces and two PE seats complete with footrests. The gun slides are then rolled to shape and fitted to the mount, along with two hand wheels. Two pairs of twin guns are built using a resin breech, two brass barrels, PE sights and sight covers and a PE elevation arc. The gun assemblies are then attached to the mounting, which is then finished off with the rear mounted railings which have ammunition storage racks built in. The set also include a Mk51 director sighting pedestal, made from a resin pedestal, shoulder guides and deck mounting ring. [SM-350-094] – This set is for version 2 of the twin 40mm Bofors mounts and is the same build as the version above, but, unlike the twin mounts, I cannot see any appreciable differences, unless it’s the fact that version 1 is a manual mounting and version2 is power operated as there is some slight equipment differences on the mounting, but only if viewed through a magnifying glass.. [SM-350-095] – This set is for version 3 of the twin 40mm Bofors mounts and is the same build as the version 2 above, with a different rear mounted railing, and a full splinter shield to the front. Conclusion Since these mountings were fitted to almost every US warship from the frigate and larger, these sets can be used on almost any model released. Just check you references to check which mounting was used. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  19. USN 40mm Bofors Twin mounts 1:350 Master Models We’ve had quite a few new sets in from Master Models, mostly turned brass or aluminium, yet with these sets they have added another dimension with the inclusion of resin and photo etched parts. The resin and etch seem to have been produced by North Star and incorporated into the sets. The new boxes are great too, with the resin parts in their own compartments in the foam for added protection. [SM-350-091] This set contains six version 1 mounts, each mount is made up from no less than seventeen parts, so get your optivisors and finest tweezers out, as you’re going to need them. Once finished though they will look amazing when complete. The resin gun mount is fitted with a resin front piece and two PE seats complete with footrests. The gun slide is then rolled to shape and fitted to the mount, along with two hand wheels. The twin guns are built using a resin breech, two brass barrels, PE sights and sight covers and a PE elevation arc. The gun assembly is then attached to the mounting, which is then finished off with the rear mounted railings. The set also include a director sighting pedestal, made from a resin pedestal, shoulder guides and deck mounting ring. [SM-350-092] – This set is for version 2 of the twin 40mm Bofors mounts and is the same build as the version above, with a different rear mounted railing, which is complete with ammunition storage racks. Conclusion I have to say, I really like these sets, the level of detail is amazing, if rather fiddly and eye watering. They will certainly add that extra something to a model. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  20. HMS Ark Royal Gun Set 1:350 Master Models Master models continue to build up their range of 1:350 scale armament sets, but they are now increasing the items produced to add other accessories, which now includes two of the three releases reviewed here. As usual they are well up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Master Models. [350-096] This set covers all the weaponry fitted to the recently released Trumpeter kit. Whilst the kit is great, you can’t beat some finely machine turned brass barrels to add that extra finesse to the model. In this set you get sixteen 4.5” barrels, 24 long plus 24 short barrels for the octuple PomPoms and 32 Vickers 0.50” barrels for the quad mounts. You will need to cut the kit barrels from the mountings/trunnions and drill appropriate sized holes both 0.5” and 0.3”. For pre November 1941 builds you will need to remove the flash hiders off the PomPom barrels. Conclusion This is another great and useful set to give your Ark Royal model that little bit of pizzazz. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  21. Pitot Probes and Guns for Mig 25’s, Mig 31 and AH-64 1:48 Master Models The latest releases from Master Models in their series of replacement pitot probes have recently arrived at BMs London offices. They are well up to their usual standard and very sharp, so care should be taken once fitted. They are so much better than the styrene ones found in the kits. [AM-48-125] – Has been designed for all kits of the AH-64A Apache and contains the M230 Chain gun barrels pitot probes and tail antenna. [AM-48-129] – This pack includes turned brass pitot tube and resin element for the ICM Mig 25 Foxbat kit. [AM-48-130] – This pack includes turned brass pitot tube for the Kitty Hawk Mig-25PD/PDS(Foxbat E) [AM-48-131] – This pack includes turned brass pitot tube and resin element for the AMK Mig-31 Foxhound Conclusion Master Models must have a tremendous machining set up to be able to produce so many different pitot probes and to produce them with such finesse. The always look great on the finished model. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  22. AMMO

    I've used the black and the grey, thinned with a bit of Mr Levelling Thinner, sprayed through my H&S Ultra with the 0.4mm needle and nozzle then cleaned out with Mig Cleaner and clean spirit. I can safely say that they are the finest primers I've ever used. Great product. The only issue is the cap: it tends to shoot out paint when you close it, then the paint runs all over your fingers.
  23. Royal Navy 15in Mk.I Gun Barrel 1:700 Tetra The BL 15 inch Naval Gun Mk.I was the most successful of the large guns developed for and used by the Royal Navy. Essentially an enlarged version of the 13.5 inch gun, the 15 inch gun was originally intended for use in the Queen Elizabeth-class battleships, but eventually found its way into the Revenge-class battleships, The Renown-class battlecruisers and HMS Hood, the Courageous-class battlecruisers, HMS Vanguard and various monitors. The gun holds the record for the longest range shell-hit ever scored by one battleship on another in combat when, at the Battle of Calabria in July 1940,HMS Warspite hit the Italian battleship Giulio Cesare with her first salvo at a range of 26,400 yards. Tetra are a relatively new name to me. The Korean firm started up in 2013 in order to produce aftermarket detail parts for aircraft, AFV and naval model kits. These 15 inch guns can be used in a range of kits, including Trumpeter's Queen Elizabeth-class ships, as well as their Renown-class battle cruisers, their HMS Hood and the HMS Hood and HMS Repulse produced by Tamiya. The barrels look excellent, and should be just as easy to use as any others. Review sample courtesy of
  24. Earlier
  25. AMMO

    Yeah I sprayed some of the grey one beginning of last month, 99.99% sure it's rebottled stynylrez 👍🏿
  26. Primers Ammo by Mig Jimenez There are a plethora of different manufacturers primers on the market these days and Mig Jimenez has release three more in the AMMO One Shot range. Each of the three primers, white, grey and black are self levelling and water based. They have been designed to preserve the detail and to dry with a hard, flat finish. Fortunately, unlike some products they have little or no smell. You should clean the kit parts of any residue from the moulding process, but this isn’t always necessary as these primers should adhere to the plastic, or any other material such as resin or PE without problem. To use you just shake the bottle well before decanting into the airbrush cup and spraying at around 20-30 PSI in thin coats until the model or parts are fully coated. Once complete clean the airbrush out with you preferred cleaner, or you can use AMMO’s own A.MIG.2001 cleaner. White Grey Black Conclusion These are really nice primers and although I’ve only done some test pieces with them they do indeed level nicely and dry to a hard enough finish to be able to sand if required. Review sample courtesy of
  27. Apparently HONG it`s way better (I have the Meng kit)
  28. Wow - I wish I had not clicked on this link ... 1/32nd Mossie is on the wish list (no idea where I would display it) now I would have go at least Big Sin as well , that looks amazing
  29. Flesh Colours Ammo by Mig Jimenez The art of figure painting is something that some people really don’t like to try, mainly because of the flesh tones. Well with this new set from Mig Jimenez you at least have a good starting point, with the various tones and colours, which you can use to build up the look on your figures. There are highlights and lowlights in addition to the actual skin tones included in the set. A.MIG-115 Light Skin Tone A.MIG-116 Basic Skin Tone A.MIG-117 Warm Skin Tone A.MIG-118 Burnt Sand A.MIG-133 Red Leather A.MIG-134 Burnt Brown Red The paints can be both brushed or airbrushed which will please a lot of modellers, yet the new formulation has been designed primarily for brush use. Once the bottles have been shaken very well colour density looks pretty good, and whilst I haven’t used these particular colours yet I have used others in the AMMO range and they do spray well with a little bit of thinning. I wouldn’t say they were ready to spray straight from the bottle though. Conclusion This looks to be a very useful and well thought out set of colours from AMMO and will prove a very useful to those modellers with an interest in figure painting. Review sample courtesy of
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