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  1. Beauty! Regards Pete
  2. Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd break into a distillery. Is this Whiskey? asks Daffy. No more Whiskey than breaking into a bank! replies Elmer. Pete
  3. There ain't too much wrong there methinks. The dusty, weathered look is superb. Regards Pete
  4. Excellent work. It certainly looks "used". Regards Pete
  5. Lovely build. They were only in service a short time (thank goodness). Some of em, a lot shorter than others Regards Pete
  6. A big thumbs up here! Regards Pete
  7. She certainly looks as if she's had a hard life. Very well done. Regards Pete
  8. Will echo everyone else, for a first effort that's outstanding. I had a group of "cadets" that had been building models for ages that couldn't match that one. Regards Pete
  9. Totally convincing! A very nicely produced WIF. Regards Pete
  10. Beautifully modelled and presented. It's kinda shocking to see and could literally be any conflict from WW2 onwards. Regards Pete
  11. That's beautiful and has triggered bucketfuls of nostalgia. My ride was a late 50s/early 60s (very beaten up) Matchless 250 single. Loved it to bits apart from being covered in oil on the lower legs every time it was ridden. Regards Pete
  12. Get my vote just for having the cojones to tackle masking it. Have to agree with previous post, it does look a little "dazzling". As you stated, the back ends got covered in crud just from the exhaust smoke and everything else got dusty and grimy. Tankies usually have better things to do than clean a vehicle. Regards Pete
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