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  1. Depends on which branch of any given Government you want to believe. Aren't they the ones who tried to persuade us (and the world) that we had no need for pilots at all? Regards Pete
  2. She's Big, Very Beautiful and oh so British. Very well done. Superbly modelled. Regards Pete
  3. Lovely build, lovely finish! Forgive a "bone" question tho. What are the two large gas bottles in front of the driver/machine gunner? Oxy/acetylene maybe, in order to cut yourself out in times of need? Regards Pete
  4. Try these guys. Brilliant live, excellent musicians and some brilliant covers.
  5. Bl***y hell mate! That is astounding. Went backwards and forwards trying to find the pics of your model cos I thought they were reference pics. Stunning techniques in painting. Am amazed and truly blown away. You deserve all the plaudits. Regards, Pete
  6. Beautiful work. It must be a fairly sizeable beastie. I can remember standing next to one of those Scammel tractor units as a kid and it was huge. Regards Pete
  7. A lot of folks around here campaigned to get the Yorkshire Air Museum to take the Beverley but it ended up at Paull as you so rightly said. The shame was that I went and saw her there and she was still in a reasonable shape. Unfortunately the guy in charge cared not a jot and the exterior was showing its age. No idea where it went next as everything was sold at auction, the Beverley included. It's probably in some scrap yard awaiting demolition I fear. My brother in law and my uncle worked on these beasties and they were a very common sight around here. I will be watching your build with interest, good luck and do the old lady proud. Regards Pete
  8. Looking forward to your build. Something at the very back of a befuddled mind is telling me that the flight engineers panel was a different layout in the Mk10. I haven't access to my books (pilots notes specifically) so can't be sure. It may be worth a check tho before you use the etch set. Regards, Pete
  9. Beautiful, beautiful work again and the explanations of the weapon etc are enthralling. A question tho. Didn't the aircraft all have /G stencilled after the serial no? As usual I may be very wrong. Looking forward to seeing this beastie completed. Regards, Pete
  10. What I know about helicopters could be printed on a full stop. But, as far as I am concerned, that wins Best In Show by a long way. Regards Pete
  11. I had a go at cage fighting this weekend. Nobody told me those damned Budgies were vicious! Regards Pete
  12. Check out a "group" called Sinfonity - their version is just amazing and all played on electric guitars. Regards Pete
  13. Good fun ain't it? Here are a few other imponderables: Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why does monosyllabic have five syllables? The word Verb is actually a Noun. The word Re-entered has no fewer than four pronunciations of the letter e, including a silent one. I have a spell cheque function, It came with my pc. It plainly marques for my revue, Mistakes I cannot sea. I strike a key and type a word, And weight for it two say, Weather I am wrong or write, It shows me strait away. As soon as a mistake is maid, It nose before two long, And I can put the error rite, It's never, ever wrong. I have run this poem threw it, I am shore you're pleased to no, It's letter perfect to the end, My spell cheque told me sew. For dozens more very clever uses of English words, check out a little book called Words Fail Me by Teresa Monachino. have fun, enjoy, Regards, Pete
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