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  1. Well, seems like you made it trough the night! Kudos!
  2. This model is an awful sum of mistakes, certainly one of the worth in the Italeri catalogue. But if you intend to do it like it is, good luck with your built.
  3. May I cordially point out that the smoke ring is a feature of the Macchi production line, more on the 202 and 205 than the 200, thought some late serie "Saetta" received those (and the MC 202 wing as well). Only one CR42 seems to have wore that camo as it is not a Fiat trademark. best regards.
  4. This is not the best of CR42 kit, it is the old Classic Airframe, nevertheless, once finished will look much better than the Italeri one. Good luck with your built!
  5. Hello! You will not find many colors pics of Italian aircraft but there are some collected on a book called "Wings of Italy" which by now could be out of print. I did present a Re2005 in this columns after the Re2001. Best regards
  6. Hi Steve. Mottling is part of the Airbrush quest for Graal! You can't get away! Wether it is German , Italian , of anything else, it is an initiatic passage! I have used a couple of tricks and I do not mind sharing as it could help someone in doubt. When I have to do such an exercise, I first take a look at as many pictures as I can of the bird, just to print the patterns in my subconsciousness. Then when comes the time to paint, I let my hand goes freely with the airbrush, thinking that I am the real painter, and that te cold beer is near as it is half past eleven! Be creative, thing outside
  7. No no I am on strike! Jean-Mi this is a model from the past! Thanks for the comment, my ego turns red!
  8. I did not fix it at all! AZ did issue a rectification part long after my built was done, and still, they missed it, so we still need an accurate "Lily"!
  9. Merci Giampiero et Bravo pour votre Français!
  10. Hello all. A model from the past as all JAAF afficionados were thrilled at the new of a 1/48th Ki-48 Lily! Deception was huge as the guys from AZ jeopardized the whole nose making the model a new born bin candidate. Nothing but a new nose could save the expenses,as it was not given, and it came but very late and still not correct! So, this is my attempt with a typical deco of the New-Guinea theater which was the grave of so many IJAAF units! 34° Sentai, 1st Chutai Hollandia mid 43. Best regards. 88CB8512-906D-41DF-B68A-F81BB88AA440_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 69462FA9-5393-40E9
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