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  1. And here we go! Great work! Painting soon? Cheers.
  2. A real cool piece of modeling. hats down my friend.
  3. Pretty good work but you will have to remake the rubber seal between the fire wall and engine cover (where there is much putty) and leave the seam on the back as this is a trademark of the 109. best regards.
  4. Stew is correct concerning the presence of Aotake or not; the green should have a more dark and blueish shade as it is a Navy plane, and to me the U/C down whitness are a bit oversized. Very nice model indeed, cheers.
  5. Seems like the old Aeromaster decals have done the job after all those years! Cheers.
  6. Thanks a lot Gents, for info, the colors are the maritime RLM 72/73, cheers.
  7. Obrigado! Yes years ago I did post this one on Hyperscale! Cheers.
  8. Helo Mike. The slats are usually open on the ground on the pics and do not seem to be related to the flaps down.
  9. Could it be a re-boxing of the excellent ICM?
  10. Yes Jean-Mi I own a Silhouette and I could not do without it from now on! It really makes a big difference in the quality of the finish and on the unity of the weathering. I did learn all by myself, and I know some tricks which are helpful. I avoid decals and use them only when the machine limits show up. Cheers old man!
  11. Here is the story. I have done this model some years ago as it was a real nice rendition of the Dornier 217 and the modeling world had cried for it. Using the CMK resin set, which was painful to fix, I came up with a KG2 "Holzhammer" plane, took some pics and went on. Since then I have changed of computer two times and I thought that those pics were lost. Yesterday while cleaning Google photos they were back! Being all joy I share them with you, and the last pic will show you where the model finished its life, when my shelves collapsed killing nearly 50% of my collection! Since then, shelves a
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