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  1. Thanks Space Ranger
  2. Does anyone know the FS 595 equivalent of the medium grey used in the U.S. State Dept. aircraft, in the one-grey-wraparound scheme? Beech 1900D N85516 Beech 1900D N85516 UH-1H And is it the same grey their C-27J's were painted in? TIA Regards. Pete
  3. Hi 72modeller it helps and I have already downloaded the full MIL-STD-2161 in pdf. What I was referring to is just the color of the upper part of ALL the landing gear struts (I've since found out it applies to all the three members, not just the MLG). Check out the following links (F-35B) Wiki MLG Wiki NLG ...and compare the color of the same details in the F-35A... Wiki ...and F-35C rocketumbl.tumblr.com Pete
  4. I've been Google-image searching pic's of various details of the F-35B, in order to accurately build Italeri's 1/72 scale kit. I've noticed that, unlike the F-35A and F-35C, the F-35B's top portion of the main landing gear struts is painted what appears to be a medium/dark (metallic?) grey, instead of the customary gloss white. Can someone cast some light, i.e. FS color? TIA Pete
  5. Kari and Antti, thanks for the quick feedback. Best regards. Pete
  6. Pete57

    TO 1-1-4

    For the records, the TO 1-1-4 has been rescinded by the USAF several years ago (15-20, if memory serves me right), so recent/current color schemes are not covered. Best regards. Pete
  7. Antti, Slightly OT, do you happen to know if the Fouga Magister's were left natural metal or painted a silver varnish instead? TIA. Regards. Pete
  8. I use acrylics only. Lifecolor's UA 144 / FS *33448, labelled French Sandgrey / Camoscio Francese / Chamois Francais / Sand appears, to my Mk1 eyeball, to be reasonably close to the actual color. Regards. Pete
  9. Hi Antti, It does help. Thank you so much. Pete
  10. Is the chamois color used in some of the interior areas of post-WW II French aircraft, like the Fouga Magister, the Atlatique, the Alizee, etc, the same as the WW II color by the same name? And, is it a primer or is it sprayed over some kind of primer? TIA
  11. Hi John, Very true, as a matter of fact, I was referring to the predecessor of the MIL-C-8779 COLOR, whose very first edition's date was May 22, 1963, i.e. over a decade after the X-3's construction began. Also, I don't rule out the possibility Douglas used its own proprietary paint or one of its suppliers' proprietary paint. The Northrop X-4, likewise show non-standard cockpit interior colors, while Bell seems to have stuck to the Medium Green (42 first, and ANA 612, later) they used in their wartime P-39's, P-63's and P-59's. Regards.
  12. Thanks Corsairfoxfouruncle, different pics from the ones I'd saved, but still mighty useful ones. It looks like, with the exception of the Bell Aircraft Co., all the other manufacturer's of X-planes possibly followed non Military Specification's. Sticking to Douglas. the D-558 Skystreak shows, in the color-picture's on the web, a very dark grey or black color, in line with the specs of the time, both on the canopy frame's inside and the seat bulkhead.. The D-558-2, on the other hand, shows also some bluish-grey, not unlike the X-3's, inside the front part of the ca
  13. @John R. Like I said in my post, I don't have the kit yet, so unfortunately, I cannot give you an opinion. @bentwaters81tfw You're absolutely correct, I saw the whole process in a Youtube video today. What I meant is that there are walkaround pics of the cockpit as seen thru the windows, that being tinted, do not display the actual color. @ bobmig I had already taken screenshots of the Museum's X-3 from that very website. But it doesn't help so far as the actual color is concerned...
  14. Hi, I've got the AZ Models, 1/72 Douglas X-3 model on the way. On the walkaround's, the general, cockpit color appears to be some kind of bluish-grey, even when not viewed thru the (blue tinted?) closed canopy, with Dark Gull Grey FS36231 coming to mind. However, the fact that FS36231 began to be used around 1953, on aircraft like the NAA F-86 Sabre, gives me some doubts... Can someone cast some light? TIA and Season's Greetings.
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