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  1. Outstanding work as to be expected from you
  2. How the hell do i miss the best threads when im on here every day ?
  3. I feel i need to reply to this although i dont know really know how to express what i actually mean by typing a reply because it never comes across as meant when spoken. Ive witten and re written a reply several times and decided its best not to elaborate in detail but suffice to say kids only repeat what theyve seen and they dont appreciate the implications or repucussions because its been normalised theyve seen ir so many times . Such as a swastika . Im 54 and i know what a swastika "means " but i also know a swastika started off as a religious symbol It doesnt mean anything to Winston and its not your "fault" I apologise if ive overstepped the mark or offended and will remove the post if required
  4. My plan is to finish one i"m actually happy with 🤣
  5. Ok so these are photos of the plane he"s using as his inspiration .........................................🤔 OUtstanding , well done sir
  6. Fantastic looking mosquito Forgive me for hijacking the thread but can anyone tell me the name of the armoured cars ? I have a photo of my grandfather against the wing / mudguard of a vehicle with squared off wheel arches such as those in the photos and i am struggling to figure out what it is Thanks for any help and apoligies once again
  7. I experience exactly the same thing especially if something goes wrong , then my enthusiasm plummets cos i feel all the time spent on it was wasted.So it all goes back in the box and the next box in the stash is opened . And the same happens again ha ha Your build looks to be going great though , looking forward to the finished bike
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