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  1. You can try putting the tires in the freezer, and after that, while the vinyl is cold, sand it with sandpaper. Vinyl hardens when cold, but it depends on the chemical composition - different manufacturers use different materials. Vytautas
  2. Gotta agree with what others have said, this is top-notch work! Vytautas
  3. Looks very good. It seems to me that small inaccuracies are good, they enliven the model and make it more interesting, and this matters. Vytautas
  4. The accumulated dust effect looks perfect! I know it sounds weird, but I really enjoy working with them. And I say this sincerely... What I like the most is that I can precisely control the sag. Vytautas
  5. Perfect modeling! What soft are you using for that? Vytautas
  6. Very interesting-looking tankette! And а very nice camo. How did you make it? With a sponge? Vytautas
  7. Looks great, it's time to paint! Vytautas P.S. The hole for the cranking handle is not too small compared to the handle diameter?
  8. Yes, of course! You're absolutely right. But there is a problem - at the moment I don't have a new box... Vytautas
  9. In fact, this is not difficult, the main thing is to understand that there should be a large bulge next to a large cavity, and if the cavity has a smooth outline, then the bulge should be sharp, and vice versa. In real life, this is not always the case, but on a small scale, it is acceptable. If the thickness of the plastic does not allow for a deep cavity or high bulge, you can glue a piece of additional plastic. I did this with the fender. Thanks, John. Yes, Porsche made great cars! Vytautas
  10. In all this, I see the accurately described my own portrait. Absolutely precise! I used to worry about unfinished models. But then I realized that this is not a job that must be done without fail, but a hobby, that is, an activity for pleasure. After I realized this, I no longer worry about unfinished models. I realized that my hobby is making unfinished models And a small update: I reworked the rear and filled the gaps inside the engine bay. And I redid one spotlight - thinned the plastic and polished the inside. I want to make this spotlight with broken glass. It looks like a trifle, but it took more than an hour! Vytautas
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