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  1. Beautiful work, Andrew ! I am really enjoying following your thread. Vytautas
  2. Very interesting vehicle. I'll follow along if you don't mind. Vytautas
  3. Hi Matt, here's your profile picture blinking too: Here so I wouldn’t feel lonely blinking Vytautas
  4. Superior work, it would be great to learn quality from you, but I know that I will not be able to do it anyway ... Very nice to watch your work. If I had to pay money for watching your work, I probably would pay. It seems to me that there would be many such spectators (look, I think this is a good business plan, and for me, as the author of the plan, you should make a big discount... ) Vytautas
  5. Very good and interesting idea. Great job, you really managed to create a museum exhibit. And it looks very natural. Vytautas
  6. I second to Stef, It’s rare for red dust to look good on a tank, but you did great! Vytautas
  7. The engine really looks good. The engine visible in the tank is one of the most beautiful places in the model for me Vytautas
  8. It looks great, and a very interesting-looking tank. And as always great details Vytautas
  9. Looks really good! You are very successful in producing a very dramatic effect. Great and recognizable individual style! Vytautas
  10. Great result Rob! It looks very neat and clean Vytautas
  11. Impressive. Perfect painting and weathering, looks like 1/35 scale Vytautas
  12. Agree with others, a really great result, really like your chipping. Small note: it seems to me that there could be more dirt and damage at the hatch handles and at surfaces near them - the hands of the tankers were not always clean. Sorry to hear of your eye infection, hopefully, you'll soon recover! In such cases, chamomile compresses help me a lot. Vytautas
  13. Looks good, you did a great job. I look forward to painting, it will be interesting! Vytautas
  14. Great diorama, I really like the fact that there are so many very well-developed details and little things who look like in real life. Tremendous work! Vytautas
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