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  1. First-class job. Looks like 1/35! I like these colors Vytautas
  2. That is outstanding! Lots of detail and shades, really looks great! Vytautas
  3. Exactly! But be sure to do more of them so that they don’t fit on one tank. That would be a good reason to make another tank! (Here to maintain world order - nothing happens without a reason) Vytautas
  4. This changes the situation. Think, if you did Pz III J as a matter of urgency, you could move some stowage things on it. I'm not saying it's necessary to do this, but it's worth thinking about... Vytautas
  5. Excellent work, very nice detailing! I thought that everything would not fit on one tank, and you would urgently have to make another one so you could transport everything else... But succeeded! Vytautas
  6. Seconded - sorry to hear that. Health to you all! Vytautas
  7. Looks really good. I really like the seats, the neat and meticulous work Vytautas
  8. Excellent work Rob. Great floor, a little dirt and will look perfect Vytautas
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