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  1. Hmm... maybe everything is not bad, but there are some suspicions... One of them is about the tires: for some reason, it seems to me that the tires have a serious defect. It looks like the tires don't have inner tubes. I don't want to be a bad messenger, but if I'm right, you've got a lot of extra work ahead of you... (You obviously know, but I still want to remind you that the inner tube of the tire has several seams and several inscriptions.) Vytautas
  2. Completely agree with the others. Personally, I can add only one word - Wow! Vytautas
  3. Completely agree with the others! One small thing - the breech is a massive piece, but in your model, there is a strange empty space inside the breech body behind the breech block. https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/nashorn-walk/#bwg113/7375 Here are Nashorn walkaround photos: https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/nashorn-walk/ Vytautas
  4. Hi Nenad, Splendid job so far, great result, looks great. Vytautas P.S. In fact, what you're doing is terrible. Now I will explain why: Seeing your tank, I WANT TO OPEN A NEW BOX of Border Tiger and start gluing a new model, putting aside all started and unfinished things (by the way, all my models are unfinished). This means that you with your tank are a big threat to me
  5. Hi Kelscale, tremendous work! Vytautas
  6. I can only echo previous comments - the paint and weathering is excellent. Vytautas
  7. Agree with all the others, a top job. Congratulations on an incredible model! Vytautas P.S. I hope that the impressions of your model will help me finish my Marder
  8. Really nice work there mate! I can only echo previous comments - the paint and weathering are excellent. Very nice detailing, they will add a lot of realism to the model! That's turned out very nicely indeed Ed. Vytautas
  9. I am absolutely sure that you will solve fitting problems successfully. Good luck on the build Darryl. I’m going to enjoy following this build Vytautas
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