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  1. Looks great. I know how difficult it is to connect so many panels at different angles, although at first glance it seems simple. You really did a great job! Vytautas
  2. Far to energetic. Leave it be, paint, dry brush the edges and call it detail..... I have to admit that the idea is right. The more pin marks, the more detailed the model looks. As we have seen, the pin marks problem exists and cannot be ignored. It should be noted that in the models they have decreased catastrophically. This phenomenon can be explained by the simplest economy: producers try to make production as cheap as possible and profits as high as possible. It is clear that manufacturers have tricked modelers and made production cheaper by reducing the number of pin marks. This cannot be ignored, because if it continues, the pin marks will not remain at all in the models. Therefore, I propose to require manufacturers to have at least 2 pin marks per square centimeter of the model. Such a requirement is, in my view, reasonable and fair. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. This is just a goal for now. But if we strongly demand that manufacturers return us pin marks, I hope that will become a reality... Vytautas
  3. Exactly! Take a break from those planes, make some tank! Vytautas
  4. I looked at everything, tracked down all the clues Vytautas
  5. Same here, agree with all the others, a top job. Vytautas
  6. I just looked at all the planes you made. I got very interested, and I tried to find at least one poorly made, and I did not found it. It seems to me that this is contrary to all laws of nature! Vytautas
  7. Stunning detailing! Until I saw the photo with the lighter, I thought the ship was much bigger. Vytautas
  8. Looks great, a top job! I really like these colors. Vytautas
  9. Wow! That is utterly superb!! Awesome weathering and finish! Vytautas
  10. I can only echo previous comments - the paint and weathering is excellent. Looks just great! Vytautas
  11. I’ve noticed that the better a model is made, the longer you can look at it. I looked at your Raiden for a very long time and didn’t get bored. Fantastic paintwork! Vytautas
  12. Thanks, Nanond, really appreciate that. I really look forward to seeing your Marder I. Vytautas
  13. Thank you all for such kind comments! Oh yes! I really like the small details. Life also consists of them... Absolute lies and slander! - I don’t drink beer, I drink wine! I also can't do it the way I want. But I haven't paying attention to it for a long time, I just do it the way it turns out. Vytautas
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