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  1. Lots of work, but the result is worth it! Looks great! Vytautas
  2. I’ve already said about the number of models and the length of the shelves, and I really liked it all. The most surprising thing is that there are a lot of models, and the quality of them all is super! Vytautas
  3. Very interesting vehicle and well done But if you're carrying contraband wine on it, it should be a little dirtier, especially the lower part. Now the schlepper is very clean, which means that a lot of time is spent washing the vehicle and a little smuggling - you go bankrupt! Vytautas
  4. Everything is fine! There is nothing more to say... Do you use hairspray technology between color layers (I mean before oil)? Vytautas
  5. Lovely bit of work! Isn't really 35 scale here? Vytautas
  6. Oh yes, the Dragon models are very good at building, and if the instructions were error-free and not confusing, it would be a total pleasure. Vytautas
  7. Wow! That is utterly superb!! Awesome weathering and finish! Vytautas
  8. So I checked now, it looks like this is a problem with an internet browser. Photos are visible in Firefox and not in Chrome. It may be different for others. One way or another, but there is a problem, albeit a small one, the main thing is that the models look good! Vytautas
  9. Perfectly assembled, perfectly painted, and perfectly weathering - what more can I say here... Vytautas
  10. Good job! A little off topic: what is the scale on the tower for? Vytautas
  11. Sorry, but no photos are visible Vytautas
  12. Forgive me, I don’t have time to delve into it, now I care about staying alive! Vytautas
  13. I understand that it came out badly with cookies, I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again! I didn't want that to happen! I really had no nasty intentions! Forgive me at this time! Vytautas
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