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  1. It looks very good, like a real one. Maybe the muffler shines too much? Vytautas
  2. Excellent job! Vytautas
  3. Hi, I made from scratch the floor of the fighting compartment (for some reason, Dragon did not provide that) Then I combined the cannon base, floor, and gearbox shaft into one block: I made several pipes (or wires?) and connected to the gearbox:
  4. Hi, Looks really good! You can use oil paints such as lighter and darker than the base color yellow, green and brown, with a small amount of diluent. For a better view, you can use cooler shades in deeper, darker areas, and warmer ones in well-lit areas (as in real life - sunlight is warm yelow, shadows are cold blue). The more shades, the better the modell looks Vytautas
  5. robw_uk I used the extra plastic only for the muffler. In other cases, since I did not need high relief, the thickness of the existing model part was sufficient to create a crumpled view. Vytautas
  6. Sorry robw_uk, at this time I don't have any photos of the process, just the result Vytautas
  7. Hi Simon, I glued a piece of plastic to the muffler, carved wrinkles and then sand them smooth: I usually use such tools for carving: I really like carving . Here are my unfinished projects: Pz.38 and Jagdpanther Regards, Vytautas
  8. A little more progress today. I added some wires and pipes to the engine (not all yet!) To make it easier to work, I connected the tanks with two beams on which I put the engine Vytautas
  9. Thanks! Steve, no, not primed there. Because I’m lazy, I don’t use primer robw_uk, I created a project and album on Scalemates for photos. Of course registration is required to do this. Reaguards, Vytautas
  10. Impressive. Perfect weathering, looks like a real SPG! Vytautas
  11. Thanks Simon! I hoping to post progress later this week Vytautas
  12. Dragon kit (Dragon 6857): I added some missing details: 1) lever, pedals, spar on the floor 2) wiring installation tube I also made cable plugs and handles and making holes in radio rack dampers for radio hardware I added the some missing bolts, sanding the left wall in the engine compartment to the real thickness (I want to make the engine compartment open), crumpled fenders and muffler. The details are glued into separate blocks that will be painted separately:
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