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  1. Personally, I think you've done a terrific job on the stressed skin.
  2. That looks really good.
  3. I agree that the switch to GSB occurred in the JX serial range. Given that JX841 was GSB, and JX878 was in TSS, it suggests that there was some overlap on the production line, with the switch mid-way through the JX serial range with -5 Hellcat JV, JW and some JX serials in TSS.
  4. This might help complete the picture for the stern light (note also the anchor fluke just visible): And zoomed-in
  5. I have a better image somewhere.... Which I've now found:
  6. Indeed it does - my mistake. Should have realised it was the starboard side Crisp was showing:
  7. Crisp, The brass overlays provided by Tetra (and the Merit one moulded on) are fiction. Underneath the crane overhang was just a row of circular scuttles. The overhang itself had tapered triangular shaped supports. And with more exposure: HTH IG
  8. I've no objection, but I'll need to check with Lee Howard, as he filled in one or two parts of the ship that I missed and sent me the photos. I used the builder's model to help detail the model:
  9. Victorious, Ark Royal and Renown during Operation Tracer (9.6.41 -15.6.41). I don't see any Hurricanes on either Victorious or Ark Royal, so I think it pretty safe to assume that this photo was taken after they were flown off for Malta, narrowing the window to 14.6.41 - 15.6.41. And an enlargement of Ark Royal I also don't see any evidence of the darker band of 507A at the waterline. Her logs (at TNA) will give details of when she was painted at Gibraltar. I have copies of some of them for 1939-40, but only late May 1941
  10. I agree with worn 507A over 507C at the time of sinking. In the IWM photo with a fresh coat of paint in a band above the waterline, the port side pom-poms are in place, so it's definitely after the Bismarck chase. The other structural feature that helps with dating is the splinter screen added at the after end of the island at flight-deck level, which was fitted in October 1940. When 800 Squadron Skuas left Ark Royal in April 1941, they were quite extensively photographed, and this might be the best episode that can be dated accurately to give an indication of her appearance a month or so later. The well-known film of Skuas taking off from Ark Royal, filmed from the port-side looking towards the island, captures 800 Squadron leaving. The full version of this film can be seen at the FAA museum. Alternatively, there are photos of Ark Royal in company with Victorious that provide datable evidence for her appearance in June 1941. If i get a chance after work, I'll scan and post later.
  11. I believe it's 1/48th scale? It's a magnificent model. I have a complete photographic walk around.
  12. This sort of work takes time, but is worth it in the end. One question, given the amount of moulded on detail you are removing/modifying, would you not be better off taking it all off and starting with a smooth hull to which you add the Tetra details plus any hand-made bespoke replacements that are not supplied in the aftermarket detail set?
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