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  1. iang


    This has been my experience with HLJ. Every Fedex delivery has been followed by an invoice for VAT plus collection fee, usually with two or three weeks delay. Some of the prices of WnW kits at HLJ are still quite reasonable, even factoring in VAT and the collection charge.
  2. iang


    Indeed it is complicated. What I was objecting to was your assertion that overall prevalence in the population is falling, which is incorrect. The ONS data clearly show that it isn't, and possibly beginning to rise. From a statistical point of view, the ONS survey data is a more reliable guide than NHS data. This is for two reasons. First, many Covid infections are asymptomatic, and will not be included fully in the NHS data. Second, those who are symptomatic and liable to be included in the NHS data are a sample drawn disproportionately from particular age and sex groups, which are not representative of population proportions. The ONS data are weighted by age, sex and region to estimate population infection rates (and hence the reason why they report standard errors of the estimate).
  3. iang


    ONS infection survey data released on 25/6 suggest otherwise: "Our latest estimates for 8 to 21 June 2020, suggest an average of 51,000 people in England had COVID-19, an increase from an average of 28,000 in the previous period, 25 May to 7 June 2020. Further statistical modelling, conducted by our research partners at the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester, suggests the downward trend in infections has levelled off."
  4. No doubt about the quarter-deck. For the record, the photo of the cable deck is one from an album I own, that I posted a few years back. The unidentified compiler served on Ark Royal, then Victorious, then Implacable. The cable-deck photo falls on the page between Ark Royal and Victorious, so it could be from either. Personally, I think that the light deck-head is white in that photo, but other views are equally valid. I'm looking forward to seeing your Ark finished. You are making an outstanding job of it.
  5. iang


    I think Telford 2020 going ahead is extremely unlikely, for all the reasons stated already. The question is whether Telford 2021 goes ahead, as I'd be be surprised if next year's show season goes ahead in anything like its pre-pandemic form. I don't see what will change to make these types of events safe for traders and attendees by next year. The virus is still with us and probably will be with us through 2021. The most optimistic views on the availability of a vaccine for mass inoculation are sometime during 2021; infections are still running at 3,000 new cases a day in the UK; human track and trace is still not working effectively enough to eliminate the virus; the development of the track and trace app is way behind schedule and recent evidence on easing lock-down restrictions where world class track and trace systems are in place suggest a sharp rise in the reproduction rate (in Germany it is now thought to be 1.7), so a second spike in the autumn in the UK seems fairly likely to me. And of course, at this moment in time it's almost as potentially lethal as it was in April at its peak (acknowledging the affect of dexamethasone in lowering mortality).
  6. Yes, that's right. On the serial, I've now found my original notebook with the notes I took when I viewed the original IWM film (ADM 442) on 27/5/02 - 18 years ago! I identified it as K8x91, as the second numeral was impossible to make out. A lot rests on this, as the serial in the Montevideo photo is even harder to make out, but the notes do not indicate any doubt about the identity as K8591 and I was obviously aware of the significance at the time. I don't know whether it is still possible to view these old acetate films at the IWM.
  7. Photographs of Ajax at Montevideo on January 4th 1940 show Seafox K8591 on her catapult. Though much of the front fuselage is covered with a tarpaulin, K8591 appears to be finished in pre-war overall aluminium dope and Cerrux Grey. No code was carried. Ajax was filmed soon after her return to Plymouth dockyard on 31st January 1940 and the same Seafox is visible on her catapult, is finished in a disruptive camouflage scheme to the engine cowl and floats, both of which are largely hidden from view in the Montevideo photo. I spent a long time going through this film frame by frame to identify the serial. The photograph in the book doesn't show it well as the print was made from the film at a slightly different frame. It seems very likely that this disruptive scheme was also carried during the River Plate action. From the photographs available this is probably a single blue-grey disruptive pattern to the metal parts of the aircraft (engine cowl and floats), with the fabric parts still in aluminium dope. K8581 was indeed allocated to Ajax at some point as I have a photo that shows Ajax's badge on the black fin and red prop warning marks to the floats, but these features date the photo to the period before December 1939 (and K8581 was Orion's Seafox in December 1939). Both K8582 and K8591 were embarked on Ajax in late 1939. I believe that K8582 was damaged prior to the Plate action. The FAAM also have a photo of K8591 being hoisted on board Ajax prior to any disruptive camouflage being applied, but with no black fin, ship's badge or prop warning marks to the floats. They also have a photo of two Seafoxes together at the Falkland Islands - supposedly K8581 & K8582 - but these pre-date December 1939 as both aircraft still have black fins. HTH IG
  8. In the case of 815:4A, we know for sure they were fitted for the Taranto attack, because they are visible in the photos the Italian's took after they salvaged the airframe.
  9. I've been reflecting upon their demise over the last few weeks. Before Wingnut Wings, I had little interest in WW1 aviation other than in a handful of types operated by the RNAS at sea. I bought my first Wingnut kit in the autumn of 2012, and at that time considered myself late to the party, having just missed the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29. I found building their kits transformative, as they require mastering several techniques not usually associated with modelling aviation subjects from WW2 and later. The whole process of oil painting, applying decals to large areas, and rigging can be quite addictive. They were not just the producers of very high quality plastic kits. The whole package is an experience. The subjects are well researched, have fantastic instruction manuals and come in boxes with great art work. I now find myself hooked on WWI subjects, or to be more accurate aircraft with two wings. I haven't built anything other than a biplane for about four years now, and those monoplanes that I have started are languishing on the shelf. Maybe that will change one day, but for now, I'm truly thankful for the outstanding catalogue of kits produced by the Wingnuts team and sincerely hope they find new employment quickly.
  10. John, According to the Wingnut Wings instructions, the black irregular marks are thought to be reinforcement to the central ribs with black glue. IG
  11. Thanks for the positive comments. The markings are all decals. Here's a photo in the photobox:
  12. Continuing a recent theme of WW1 German naval aircraft, here's Gotthard Sachsenberg's colourful DVII, CO of Marine Jagdgruppe Flandern. T This was built pretty much out of the box. If I was doing it again, I'd replace the Wingnut lozenge decals with Aviattic decals.
  13. Thanks for the positive comments and likes. Here's some more photos taken in the light box: Thanks for looking
  14. I've been using my time at home to finally finish some projects that have been languishing on the shelf for far too long. I bought the Duellist boxing of the W.29/F2A as soon as it came out in December 2014, and started work on both kits early in 2015. Progress was slow as I searched for alternative markings for the W.29, as I would have preferred to build a different airframe. Eventually, I picked up the original boxing of the kit, with 5 alternative decal schemes, but by that stage I'd made choices about the tail plane and fuselage layout that ruled these options out. I used Aviattic Naval Hex decals, which are superb and Colourcoats pain for the airframe and oils for the propeller and beaching gear. Weathering was with pastels and Flory washes. And with a different background:
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