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  1. Apologies @djparkins I should have read more carefully and engaged brain before engaging keyboard but anything involving Brexit even indirectly tends to give me red mist.
  2. As a fellow Remainer I'm afraid I don't think your post really answers the point that is troubling most of us, certainly me. What is the position about direct-sell goods coming INTO the UK? If the seller uses a platform, most obviously eBay, the platform will deal with VAT matters but many small manufacturers only sell directly. My understanding is that a foreign direct seller is required to register with HMRC and account for UK VAT. In my area of modelling interest, civil airliners, that would seem to affect a seller like Authentic Airliners, a small German-based company (actuall
  3. So how does that work in practice? Are the small one-man decal or P/E businesses that we depend on still able and/or willing to sell directly to modellers in New Zealand?
  4. The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart is probably the best resource. You need to have Adobe Flash enabled on your computer otherwise it won't work. Dave G
  5. That just highlights the absurdity of what is proposed for the UK. At the moment registration for "distance selling" is only required above a threshold of £70,000. Oh well, if it comes to the worst I have family in Germany and could probably set up a smuggling route .......
  6. I was in Dundee a couple of weeks ago to stock up on Revell Aqua and a few other bits and bobs. Apart from the one of the colours I really wanted being out of stock (of course) I didn't notice anything particularly unusual although I can't say I looked very closely. Personally I don't regard Hobbycraft as a source of kits and if it wasn't for them being the only stockist of Revell Aqua in the area I'd never go near the place.
  7. The Tamebay site linked by @bentwaters81tfw says "For goods sent from overseas and sold directly to UK consumers without OMP involvement, the overseas seller will be required to register and account for the VAT to HMRC". Out of interest does anyone know if any other country in the world expects small foreign sellers to register and account for VAT or the equivalent? I normally only buy abroad when the product isn't available from a UK seller and it's necessary to buy from the manufacturer directly. In the last year or so I have ordered from Russia (PAS Models), USA (Phase Hangar),
  8. I came across this short but helpful explanation on the F-DCAL website. Dave G
  9. Laser decals are translucent and must be applied over a white background. You cannot overlap them or use them to cover a colour demarcation so you have to take that into account when doing your masking. The sheet will have continuous clear film meaning each decal has to be cut out individually. Otherwise they work like any other waterslide decals. Dave G
  10. I'm only in London once or twice a year and I haven't been to Hamleys for a while. They used to have a reasonable selection of kits, paints and sundries but the last time I was there it had diminished significantly. That was probably five years ago and I haven't been back. Agreed. I've already said I don't count Hamleys as a model shop but the way things are going "proper" model shops are getting thin on the ground and it's better to have kits sold by other outlets than not at all.
  11. I'm pretty sure you're right unless you count Hamleys (I don't).
  12. Sad news but not completely surprising and I think closure would have happened eventually even without Covid. I was last there about a year ago and the shop struck me as not really knowing what it was for - some books, some plastic kits, some model railway stuff, even some cuff links and other trinkets but not really a comprehensive stock of anything. It was also a bit out of the way and needed a special trip if you didn't happen to be using Waterloo.
  13. I have the A321 NEO so I know the parts exist but why Revell did what they did is beyond understanding. G-KELT would be an interesting choice but if not there are plenty of other attractive liveries to choose from - Air Seychelles and Vietnam Airlines spring to mind.
  14. Undercarriage for the A320 NEO?
  15. Britmodeller member @Turbofan has done some fantastic work on cutting and shutting the 747-8. It's not a -400 but have a look here to see what can be done. The Revell -400 is best forgotten. Apart from shape issues around the nose, the angle of the wing is wrong which means the engines sit too close to the ground and at a weird angle. This can be fixed but it's a big job which involves cutting the wing roots out of the fuselage and reattaching them at the correct angle. Cutting down the 747-8 is definitely easier. BraZ Models do mail order so if you're willing to pay po
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