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  1. Back again! I've just been reading your WIP which I managed to miss. Thanks for all the useful information particularly about making the decals. If it's any help here is how I dealt with a nose wheel leg which had to be attached at the start of the build.
  2. "What ifs" aren't usually my thing but that is excellent. I wasn't sure about the World Images until I realised how much Margaret Thatcher hated them and after that I became a convert. I was sorry when everything succumbed to Chatham blandness. My own favourite was Avignon (named after the artist who created it, not the French city) which was only carried by Deutsche BA and never made it to the main fleet. An Avignon A380 would be quite something! Dave G
  3. That's gorgeous Einar. The Caravelle is a truly beautiful aircraft and you have really done it justice. I have been working intermittently on an F-RSIN 10B for about two years so I know the issues. I hate wings split on the top surface and if these are the F-RSIN wings on your model you have done an excellent job with them. I'm going to have to re-scribe most of the detail on my wings the next time I work on them. That said, F-RSIN have really caught the character of the Caravelle particularly around the nose and the hard work will be worth it. Dave G
  4. Spiral, no question about it. Got withdrawal symptoms when Laure and Gilou walked off hand in hand and I knew that was the end after fifteen years and eight series.
  5. Many modellers get excellent results straight from the can but personally I prefer to decant most Halfords paint into my airbrush. The main exception is primer which works fine from the can. To decant take an empty paint jar, a piece of kitchen foil, a drinking straw and some sellotape. Put the foil over the top of the jar (remove the lid first!) and poke a hole in it big enough to take the straw. Tape the straw over the nozzle of the spray can, push it through the hole in the foil and squirt into the jar. Once you have decanted enough paint remove the foil and replace the lid on the jar but don't tighten it. Leave the paint for a couple of hours to let the gases boil off. Before using the paint give it a gentle shake and if any bubbles are still visible leave it for another half hour or so. There is no need to thin the paint for airbrushing and if you keep the jar tightly capped the paint will remain usable for up to 24 hours. I use a Paasche VL which is a big, tough beast of an airbrush and I find a spray-through with an aerosol airbrush cleaner (Spraycraft or Badger) followed up with a thorough cleaning with cellulose thinner works well. I usually strip it down completely once a week or so. That is very much specific to my own airbrush and a finer one would probably need more detailed cleaning. My strongest advice is to try any unfamiliar technique on a scrap model or a cheap kit knocked together for the purpose before you tackle your masterpiece. Find what works best for you. Just because I prefer to airbrush doesn't mean it's the best way for anyone else. Finally check out Halfords Racking Grey as well as Appliance Gloss White and Fiat Capri Blue. Racking Grey makes an excellent Boeing Grey. It is usually shelved with the workshop paints rather than the car colours. Hope that's some help Dave G
  6. Excellent result, thanks for sharing. Authentic Airliners make some beautiful models and you've certainly done the 1-11 justice. My aunt, uncle and cousins were stranded abroad by the collapse of Court Line and Clarksons Holidays in 1974. I believe that was the biggest holiday company failure prior to Thomas Cook and it's an event well remembered in our family! After the collapse G-AXMH found a new life with Dan-Air. Dave G
  7. If you need any more convincing about Fiat Capri Blue here is one of my own models from a couple of years ago. The point made by @Airbusboy is very valid but it applies to most colours. I'm currently trying to match Air Baltic green and I've come up against exactly the same issue. The most important thing is that the person building the model is happy with the result.
  8. Revell 54 is nothing like the current BA Blue and I doubt if a mix of 51 and 54 is much closer. Revell are simply plugging their own products and Skodadriver's first law of airliner modelling "Kit painting instructions are always wrong" has stood me in good stead for 25 years. Far better to pop into your nearest Halfords branch and pick up a can of Fiat Capri Blue.
  9. Excellent result Julian, thanks for sharing. In a sense you have built a BOAC Britannia since XX367 was originally G-AOVM which flew with BOAC from 1958 until 1964! I've built both the F-RSIN and Roden Brits and they each have their good and bad points. Roden offer "mainstream" moulding quality and transparent windows for those who want them but their engines and props are a bit of a pain and they omit some details which F-RSIN get right. It's very much a case of swings and roundabouts. Dave G
  10. Lovely build Einar. It might be old but the Airfix Trident is still the basis of a fine model. I never flew on a Trident 1C but I did manage one flight on a 3B just before BA retired them. Flying in a rear-facing seat was very strange and I thought we were going to run out of runway but G-AWZJ rotated in her own good time and the rest of the flight was very enjoyable. I was surprised how quiet the cabin was since the Trident was noisy even by the standards of its time with a sort of "crackle" that could never be mistaken for anything else. Happy days! Dave G
  11. Thanks for sharing your excellent model Paul. You really can't go wrong with the Roden DC-3, it's a a gem of a kit. Dave G
  12. Some excellent 1950s rockabilly from Janis Martin aka "The Female Elvis"
  13. Thanks Alex I loved flying on the 146 series although British Airways had six abreast seating which made theirs a bit cramped. A full power westwards take off from London City was always a fun experience. I remember one in particular on an Avro RJ100 with only about 30 passengers - it was like being shot from a catapult! I was sorry when they retired. Dave G
  14. That's just stunning Mike - love the spinning props! You've really caught the character - I always think there is something faintly sinister about the IL-18 even in that beautiful, fun livery. Have a big round of Dave G
  15. Thanks very much Mike The Brussels Tintin livery is fantastic and the Smurfs scheme is also wonderful. I'm pleased to see that both aircraft are back flying after the pandemic. PAS decals have sheets for both schemes. The Smurfs is probably do-able but with Tintin you have to mask the demarcation between the black and the pale blue and just thinking about that fries my brain
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