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  1. Dusty joined ZZ Top in 1970 - 51 years ago. I could be wrong but I think they held the record as the longest running band without a change of membership. Sorry to learn of his death. ZZ Top were unique.
  2. Another AA beauty Einar. The F28 is an attractive aircraft and it really suits the Braathens livery. Dave G
  3. After being around cats for nearly 69 years I thought I'd seen it all but that is definitely a new one!
  4. That was certainly an historic problem according to Cats Protection. They started National Black Cat Day a while ago and it seems to have been quite successful.
  5. Hi john. It will be either Czech Airlines or Tarom. I still have to take the final decision.
  6. Absolutely superb John. Apart from your excellent build anything in Lufthansa blue stripe is right up my street! Great (?) minds must think alike because I also have a Revell/BraZ A310 inching towards completion although mine will have PW engines. It takes work but it's still a good starting point. Dave G
  7. Another lovely model Einar, thanks for sharing. I tend to agree with @Viking that multiple stripes round a model's nose are best avoided! In fairness to 26 Decals your problems probably arose because most of their Caravelle sheets were designed to fit the Airfix kit which is inaccurate around the nose. Anyhow, your hard work and skill have produced a superb result which more than justifies the effort. Just one small suggestion. A couple of years ago I built a modified Airfix kit in Alitalia green strip livery using 26 Decals. I overlaid the 26 windows with Authentic Airliners window decals and I was pleased with the result which you can see here. I think they add a final touch and I wonder if you would consider "retrofitting" them? Dave G
  8. As Dave Swindell has pointed out, Airbus do not use Coroguard. The stuff they do use, Aeroflex, is close to RAL 7004 in colour and I normally use Revell Aqua 36374 to represent it. (You can get the same colour in enamel as Revell 374). See this thread for some further discussion. Coroguard isn't a colour as such and it varies widely depending on lighting conditions, wear and tear etc. If I have to replicate it I usually do a by-the-eye mix of Tamiya XF16 and XF-56 and you can see the result here if you're interested. Dave G
  9. Steve's story reminded me of this old but funny video. Best watched without the annoying music.
  10. You have been busy recently Einar! Thanks for sharing a beautiful Finnish pair. I don't know the Authentic Airliners DC-9-14 but I have always liked the Minicraft MD-80. It's not flawless but it still builds into an excellent model. What is coming next from your production line? Dave G
  11. Excellent result Julian, well done. Although I'm not really a fan of resin I love RusAir kits which have always given me good results. I really must build the Tu-114 in my stash instead of just admiring it! Thanks for sharing Dave G
  12. Hi again Alex. That's another beauty in a handsome livery from the past. F-DCAL's service can be hit or miss - they have just sent me the same order twice! Hope the cats are well - they don't seem so interested in your models any more Dave G
  13. That is gorgeous Alex, one of my favourite 747 liveries and a reminder of what a good kit the old Revell 747 is. I must get round to finishing the one I have been building for about three years! Dave G
  14. Splendid as always Alex. It's good to see the Air France livery for a change. Dave G
  15. Lovely job Chris. F-RSIN kits need effort (sometimes a LOT of effort!) but they provide basic, accurate raw material and if the builder puts in the work the result will be an excellent model as you have demonstrated. I really enjoy F-RSIN kits and I've built several over the years. I currently have a Viscount 700 at the decal stage and a Caravelle 10B in mid-build. If you really want to see "rough around the edges" you should check out the Caravelle but its outline accuracy is spot-on. Incidentally the company name is F-RSIN which is a play on a French airliner registration, same as F-DCAL. Thanks for sharing and all the best Dave G
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