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  1. Skodadriver

    Revell 747/Enterprise Shuttle: took a punt

    Dennis, Ray's suggestion for filling the windows is a good one but another way of going at it is to roll a thin "sausage" of Milliput, apply it to the window line inside the fuselage and push it down so that it just protrudes through the window openings on the outside. You can then use a wet finger to smooth it and when the Milliput has set you should just need a light rub down with wet and dry to finish the job. Both techniques give good results but because I'm ham-fisted and inevitably end up with super-gluey fingers I usually use Milliput. Isopon P38 can be used in place of Milliput. It's main advantage is quick drying but it's very smelly. The most important thing is never to try to fill windows withe any sort of solvent based putty (Green Stuff or the like) as I found out the hard way a long time ago. Authentic Airliners Decals don't do a set of windows specifically for the 747-100/200 but when my 747 Classic is ready I intend to use one of their windscreens and the generic Boeing cabin windows. Dave G
  2. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Sorry to hear the news John. Like Steve I've been there three times and it certainly doesn't get any easier. You will have many special memories of fun, companionship and all the other wonderful things that cats bring us but above all you gave Newt and her brother the gift of life which is the most precious thing of all.
  3. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Gosh three Beggars Opera fans! I came in at the end of the thread and missed Egi Vandor's post. Should we form a fan club? The guitarist was Les Harvey, brother of Alex. I think he was Maggie Bell's boyfriend at the time. The accident happened in Swansea
  4. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    I assume that must be directed to me since I posted the link sometime last summer. Beggar's Opera were a Glasgow-based band and regular performers at the Glasgow University Students' Union where I saw them many times. They always put on a great show and being equally fond of classical music I loved their arrangements of well known classical pieces like "Poet and Peasant". Virginia Scott joined them after I'd left Uni. The "Mark 2" Beggars Opera she played in only had three of the original members and wasn't really the band I knew from my student days. Another well known female rocker of that era, at least in Scotland, was Maggie Bell who was in Stone the Crows and later went solo. Her most famous recording is probably "No Mean City" which became the theme song from Taggart!
  5. Skodadriver

    Revell 747/Enterprise Shuttle: took a punt

    Revell aren't known for producing a new kit when they can recycle an old one! The photos in this article show pretty clearly that it's the standard 747 Classic plastic and hence ideal for BA but I've never wanted a 1/144 Space Shuttle so I've no hands-on experience. It seems to come with PW engines. The Revell PWs are a lot better than the GEs in the E-4B (not exactly hard) but they're well short of modern standards and personally I'd replace them. Dave G
  6. Skodadriver

    Revell 747/Enterprise Shuttle: took a punt

    Just to add a few comments about the Revell 747 Classic. There isn't really any need to wait for the re-release since it's currently available as the E-4B. That gives you the standard 747 Classic fuselage, flying surfaces and undercarriage along with a set of exceptionally hideous GE engines. Since you'll be replacing the engines for a BA aircraft anyway, just sling them in the bin where they belong and follow Tom's advice to replace them with BraZ items - PW JT9s or RR RB211s to taste It's basically a decent kit which really looks like a 747 but it's a thing of its time and not up to modern standards in terms of detail. For all except the very earliest aircraft the small dome behind the upper deck needs to be removed. The flap-track fairings could do with some reshaping aft of the trailing edges. Plastic card and Milliput are your friends. The detail is almost all raised and general refinement and rescribing will be in order. None of these jobs are difficult and certainly shouldn't put you off the kit. I have one making (very) leisurely progress across my workbench as I write. It's an enjoyable, straightforward kit and a pleasantly "old-school" build. Dave G
  7. Skodadriver

    Roden PS-84/Li-2 Aeorflot 1:144

    Nice to see you back Martijn especially with such an excellent and unusual model. If I remember correctly Eastern Express’s so-called “Li-2” is just a reboxed Minicraft DC-3 with no attempt to correct its many inaccuracies. Your Roden/Brengun combination is clearly the way to go for an accurate model. Thanks for sharing Dave G
  8. Skodadriver

    Boeing GB going for 2021? @13

    If it involves airliners I'm up for it. I'll keep my options open but a Norwegian 787-900 with the lead singer of a famous British rock band on the tail is a strong contender Dave G
  9. Skodadriver

    A320 conversion to A319 or A321

    VC-10 or Super VC-10. I come over all warm and fuzzy anytime I see the BOAC VC-10 publicity films
  10. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

  11. Skodadriver

    Tu 134 Zvezda 1/144

    Beautiful model of a classic airliner. I particularly like your subtle weathering. Dave G
  12. Excellent work. If you photoshopped out the stand in some of the photos, particularly numbers nine and twelve, they really would look like pictures of the real aircraft. Dave G
  13. Skodadriver

    And this is Art?

    Must admit I'm a fan of Jackson Pollock. Seeing one of his huge canvases in the flesh (so to speak) is quite an experience and he did invent a new technique! There's a very good Oscar nominated biopic of Pollock called with startling originality "Pollock". The film was a labour of love by Ed Harris who directed and starred in it. It's well worth a look and fills in a lot of the background about Pollock the man and how he came to create his art. Unmade beds and sharks in formaldehyde are the sort of "art" that gets my goat. At least you don't have to look at a buried aeroplane. I think it's also fair to say that because an artist produces some rubbish it doesn't follow that everything he/she produces is bad. There are also quite a few artists who are having a laugh, Marcel Duchamp and his "Fountain" being one of the best known examples.
  14. Skodadriver

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Great model I remember having a Trabant tour in Berlin a few years ago although it was in the standard car not the estate version. It was highly entertaining mainly due to the driver who was a real Trabant enthusiast and incredibly knowledgable about the weirder side of Berlin's history.
  15. Skodadriver

    There goes the neighbourhood.

    Bodies inside would have been really interesting ...