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  1. Very nice indeed Sam. Beautiful build, superbly displayed. I agree with Ian about the detail work on the nose wheel leg - it puts my own efforts to shame! I've never been a huge Concorde fan but it certainly makes a spectacular model. Dave G
  2. Somehow I nearly missed this - I'm very glad I didn't! These are two beautiful models in what is probably the finest l airline livery ever to grace the skies. Thanks for sharing them. It's interesting that you were inspired by "BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying". I have several Burnt Ash (now Sunrise Publications) books on my shelves and they are a great source of modelling ideas. I'm awaiting delivery of their recent title about the Constellation which I'm looking forward to reading. Dave G
  3. Skodadriver

    Covid Jab

    My wife and I are due for our second (Pfizer) jags next Tuesday. My wife is an inveterate collector of random and frequently inaccurate bits of information mainly gleaned from fellow passengers on our local bus. Somebody seems to have told her to expect the second jag to have worse side effects than the first but these can be lessened by taking vitamin C. She is currently swallowing 500mg of vitamin C a day which is vastly in excess of the recommended amount but probably harmless. I think I'll just take my chances.
  4. Excellent colourful model Alex. I don't build 1/200 but I certainly understand the attraction of the Hasegawa kits. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Brasil/Gio Decals doing that scheme in 1/144 many years ago. The thought of building a model in an hour makes my head spin! Dave G
  5. Thanks very much Jamie. The Authentic Airliners "photo real" window decals are the best development in airliner modelling in the past two decades. A couple of other manufacturers are going down the same road, notably 8ADecs and PAS, but there are still some gaps in the coverage, particularly classic propliners. One day I'll learn how to make my own decals!
  6. Thanks. If all goes to plan (a big "if") I hope to have some F-RSIN stuff in RFI over the next few weeks.
  7. Hi Ian I saw you making a passing reference to a Caledonian 757 a couple of weeks ago and it's been well worth waiting for. Another beautifully built and finished AA 757 for your collection. It's going to be very interesting to see how the Zvezda kit compares. Apart from admiring the model itself it's great to have an "off the shelf" recommendation for the Landor colours. I never understood why Xtracolor did the grey but not the blue. Thanks for another inspirational model. Dave G
  8. That's one of the nicest cat photos I've ever seen. Dave G
  9. The FAQs contain a thread about posting pictures which is 27 pages long and goes back to 2016. Dave G
  10. Welsh Models for the Ambassador. It's a hybrid vacform/resin kit in 1/144. Roden for the Carvair. Reasonable quality 1/144 injection moulded kit which can produce an excellent model as demonstrated by John Viking's superb BUA build. There are several aftermarket decals available for the Carvair, mainly from Classic Airlines and TwoSix. I don't know of any decals for the Ambassador apart from what is in the Welsh Models kit. If you are interested in 1950s propliners Minicraft's 1/144 DC-4 is an absolute gem and one of my favourite airliner kits.
  11. The best reference source for the DC-6 and 7 that I know is the Airliner Tech book by Harry Gann. It doesn't give any sort of definitive pattern for painting the wings although it's obvious from photos that the paint was lightish grey on most aircraft. As @Coors54 says the purpose was to protect the wings from the effects of exhaust gases and oil leakage. This photo is a good illustration of the amount of muck thrown out by the engines. I built a 1/144 DC-6B a few years ago and I did a fair bit of research at the time which led me to the conclusion that the pattern varied from airc
  12. You could drop a note to Ray to see if he has plans for another print run. His screen-printed decals tend to come and go. I notice he has just re-issued several screen-printed Lufthansa sheets which were unavailable for a while. Dave G
  13. Wonderful live performance of Nicolai Kapustin's very Gershwin-esque Second Piano Concerto. Classical music can be great fun!
  14. Excellent work Neil, thanks for sharing. I think if I were you I'd leave the fin alone. I really only noticed it because you pointed it out. Straightening something after assembly (never mind finishing) isn't easy - I once binned a fully painted and decalled DC-8 when an attempt to straighten the wings went badly wrong. Definitely not good for the modelling mojo! Dave G
  15. Far be it from me to bad-mouth another site but I left Airliner Cafe a year or so ago after a spat with a member who thought it was clever to sneer at another poster's poor spelling and punctuation. I prefer to hang out with the grown ups on Britmodeller although I do still lurk on Airliner Cafe from time to time. One odd (and good) thing about Airliner Cafe is that you can access most of the content without actually signing up. Mike, I have Peter Gilchrist's book on the Boeing 747-400 and it lists the model of every aircraft produced to the date of publication (1998
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