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  1. And yet it has an excellent safety record, certainly no worse than any other comparable aircraft. With the exception of China Northwest Flight 2119 and possibly Atlantic Airways Flight 670 I don't remember any fatal crash involving the BAe 146/Avro RJ which was attributable to a failure of the aircraft itself.
  2. You can get replacement engines, GE or PW as you wish, and a complete replacement nose section from BraZ Models if nobody comes up with the kit parts for you. The missing windscreen is arguably a blessing in disguise since the kit nose/cockpit is completely wrong and using the BraZ part would give you a more accurate model. The front gear is probably the biggest problem although it's possible to make a replacement from plastic rod, strip and tube. Dave G
  3. Thanks for the heads up Des. I notice you live in NE Angus. It's maybe unlikely with French/Belgian sellers but could it have anything to do with the "Scottish Highlands and Islands" delivery surcharge nonsense? That has occasionally affected me despite living about 40 miles north of Edinburgh with a direct motorway link.
  4. The World schemes were a bit of a shock when they replaced the staid and slightly boring Landor. I wasn't sure to start with but I became a fan when I discovered that Margaret Thatcher hated them! I really like the quartet particularly Chelsea Rose but they are all fine models. Excellent work, have a round of Dave G
  5. I've somehow missed this thread until now. The MD-11 is looking fantastic! I just wish I'd seen your way of attaching the wings when I was struggling with the kit a couple of years ago. I found the general fit absolutely awful and I eventually gave up on it when I couldn't get the wings to fit no matter what I did. After about a year in the corner of the loft it was binned in a purge of models I knew I'd never finish. Respect from me for making such a superb job of a "challenging" kit. I look forward to the finished result. Dave G
  6. That's fantastic Paul. All the fine work displayed in the WIP thread has paid off. It's the first time I've seen the AA windows on a DC-8 and they really look the business. The Delta widget scheme is old school and classy and suits the DC-8. I love your runway base - the last photo is superbly realistic! i haven't tried Vintage Flyer decals yet although I have their Alitalia DC-7C sheet in my decal stash waiting for me to build the model to take them. When I see the close ups of the DC-8 I can easily understand why VF have such a good reputation. (I would never dare to take such close photos of any of my models!) It's been a great couple of weeks for airliners in RFI. Let's keep them coming! Dave G
  7. Thanks Vince. The grey is Halfords Racking Grey which is one of their workshop paints rather than a car colour. It's very close to FS16515 so if you don't have access to Halfords, Xtracolor X150 Canadian Voodoo Grey or anything else matching FS16515 is virtually the same colour.
  8. Hi Alistair That's a really nice A320 in a simple but attractive scheme. I've never built the Zvezda kit - I still have plenty of Revell kits in my stash and to be honest the dropped flaps put me off since I always build my models in "gate" configuration. I agree with Ian's advice about weathering. Personally I take a "less is more" approach. A badly weathered airliner looks awful and with the odd exception (like this) airliners don't usually get filthy. On the other hand there are some types, particularly trijets, where weathering is essential for the character of the model. Tridents were notoriously dirty and a Tu-154 without exhaust staining just looks wrong. As well as the pencil suggested by Ian artists' pastels are useful (rub on wet and dry paper then use a brush to transfer the powder to the model) but you need to take care with subsequent handling. You might find it helpful to get hold of a book called "Modeling Airliners" by Aaron Skinner (the American spelling is correct!) which contains some useful advice about weathering. It's currently listed on Amazon for around £14. It's not a big book but it's a mine of information. For future models you might like to consider adding aerials, anti collision beacons, wingtip lights if the kit doesn't provide them and possibly pitots. Small details like these can help to make the model come alive. As Ian says, we're going to be in for some great models once you hit your stride. Dave G
  9. Thanks Ian. Yes, I love the Malev livery too. This model is part of my ongoing "European flag carriers" project but I would have built a Malev model sooner or later anyway. Oddly the only time I've actually seen a high speed rejected takeoff was a Malev 735 at Hamburg. It was the full works including the airport fire service having to cool the brakes before the aircraft could return to the terminal. I was glad I was spotting and not on board! I haven't checked the AA windows against the Revell kit but the Daco windows were designed when it was the only show in town and they fitted the Zvezda model perfectly. Decals from 26 and F-DCAL, which were also designed for the Revell kit, match the Zvezda kit too. I fitted the engines after painting, in fact after I'd applied the decals to the upper wings and the engines themselves. The fit isn't great but it's no worse than the Revell kit. I filled the gaps with superfine Milliput, let that dry, sanded it very carefully then applied Mr Surfacer 500. Once that was dry it was also sanded very carefully (1200 wet and dry used wet) and then touched up with brush-applied Xtracolor X150 which is a very good match to Racking Grey. Finally I used 6000 grade Micromesh to blend everything together. From a normal viewing distance I think it looks OK. The next time I build the kit I'll still leave the engines off until after painting but I won't apply the upper wing decals. I masked the leading edges while I was working on the engines and the tape accidentally lifted part of the thicker black line on the left wing. Dave G
  10. I present the Zvezda Boeing 737-800 in Malev livery circa 2006. The model is OOB apart from some Daco PE and one or two small details. It was straightforward although there were a few minor annoyances such as finding one of the side struts for the main undercarriage broken when I opened the box. I somehow missed a couple of nasty sink marks on the rudder until the dark blue showed them up, a mistake I won’t make twice. That said, the positives hugely outweigh any negatives. It has the correct window line, accurate engines and accurate winglets with the options of plain wingtips and split scimitars. The Zvezda undercarriage is exquisite if a little fiddly and gives the correct stance - no more cutting down the Revell main gear! You even get a choice of cockpit clear sections with and without eyebrows and the spare could probably be donated to an Airfix 727 or 737 as an alternative to the Daco part. As usual paint was Halfords Appliance White and Racking Grey. The blue is Mr Color 35 Cobalt Blue. It has a slight purple cast (which doesn’t show up well in the photos) and it was the best off the shelf match I could find for the elusive Malev blue. Metallics are by Revell and Tamiya. The titles, fin logos and registrations are by Drawdecal. Detail decals, including replacement door outlines, are from the spares box. They are mainly Revell and Daco in origin. To my surprise and disappointment I had problems with the Authentic Airliners windows due to a significant mismatch between the window spacing on the kit and on the sheet. As usual I had made tiny pin marks on the front and rear windows of each cabin and the emergency exits to guide decal placement and I had also masked the blue paint by reference to the rear cabin windows but when I came to apply the window decals I found it impossible to get them to fit properly. I tried a bit of bodgery but the result just looked wrong. I checked an unbuilt kit and found that the decals were significantly short, for example 24 windows from the aft emergency exit to the rear window measured 85mm on the kit but only 82mm on the decals. The original Drawdecal windows and several other 738 decals in my stash agreed with the kit and it was pretty clear that either I had got a rogue set of window decals or AA had got it wrong. Off came the AA windows and on went a Daco set which fitted perfectly. The Daco windows were then carefully overlaid with the non-framed windows left over from the AA sheet which had to be applied individually, all 84 of them, a lengthy and tedious job which taxed my limited patience (non-existent according to my wife) and my ageing eyesight. I‘m not convinced that the result really justifies the effort, certainly not close up, and my next 738 will probably have PAS or 8aDecs windows. The decal issue had nothing to do with the kit and I thoroughly enjoyed the Zveda 738. I’m already planning another one, probably Luxair with scimitars. I’ve also just received a Zvezda 737-700 and it will hopefully appear as Westjet’s tartan-tailed C-GQWJ which was a regular visitor to Glasgow a couple of years ago. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  11. Some relaxed late-night jazz from the wonderful Hailey Tuck
  12. Just to add to what Ian said, the Holts website has a "Find stockist" facility. If all else fails you can get HL Grey 01 or any other colour you like online but since it has to be sent by courier it's not really economical for a single aerosol can. Be careful if you're buying it out of a rack - there is another paint with a very similar name, HL Grey M01, which is metallic and NOT what you're looking for. (Don't ask how I know that ...) Dave
  13. Hi Alistair That's a lovely model of a troubled aircraft. I wonder when we'll see them flying again? Don't worry about the landing lights. We all miss something sooner or later - about a year ago I posted a model in RFI with the window decals on upside down. If you're looking for Boeing Grey in an aerosol I would recommend Halfords Racking Grey. It's been my "go to" Boeing Grey for years and most of the other airliner regulars use it as well. You'll find it with the workshop paints, not the car colours. Tamiya TS-17, also an aerosol, is good for leading edges, cowling rings and so on. For what it's worth Holts HL Grey 01 is good for Airbus Grey. It's very slightly different in colour from Racking Grey. By coincidence I'm also planning a Westjet 737. I got a Zvezda 737-700 in the post this morning and I hope to finish it as C-GQWJ with its tartan tail specially for the YHZ-GLA route. Looking forward to your next airliner Dave G
  14. That's wonderful Ian - gorgeous model in a gorgeous livery. KLM 737s are a regular sight at Edinburgh and there is a tendency to take them for granted. It needs a model like yours to show how attractive they actually are. By coincidence this morning my friendly local postlady delivered an actual Zvezda 737-700 courtesy of Hannants. It looks lovely in the box. I have a set of Westjet tartan tail decals on order from 8aDecs and if my model of C-GQWJ turns out half as well as your "Finch" I'll be very happy. Dave G
  15. Thanks Ian. It's a while since I painted the wheels but I almost always use Revell Aqua 78 Panzergrau for tyres. Thanks Alistair. I came across RJS Decals by chance a couple of years ago. This is the second time I've used one of Richard's sheets (the first time was a Flybe Q400) and I really am most impressed. Unfortunately the entire range only extends to six sheets covering three airlines plus a set of corroguard for the A380. If enough of us buy his products I hope he might be tempted to do some more.
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