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  1. One of my favourite liveries which looks particularly good on the 738. Love the weathering. Dave G
  2. Drawdecal is not based in Canada. He's in Florida USA. Postage costs are largely outwith Greg's control. They are obviously uneconomic for a single sheet of decals but he does charge a flat rate which means that the larger the order the cheaper the postage cost per sheet. That's scant comfort unless you want to place a big order yourself or you can club together with some fellow modellers who also want Drawdecals but Greg does offer a good product and excellent service. Dave G
  3. If you are planning to write up your build as it progresses it might be better to ask the moderators to move the thread to "Work in Progress". It would also mean your work being seen by a wider audience. Dave G
  4. Scalpel with 10 and 10A blades Four Way Nail Buffer (available from Boots, Superdrug etc) Fine nose tweezers Pin vice with dressmaking pin - used for everything from re-scribing to applying superglue Cutting mat Cat treats for diverting feline curiosity
  5. To cheer everyone up after a strange and sad week. 0:15 is priceless
  6. The A330 engines go on the inboard mounting points and the A330 doesn't have the A340's ventral undercarriage but it's a pretty straightforward conversion assuming, of course, that you are building the A330-300. Shortening to the A330-200 isn't difficult but obviously there is more involved. As to dropped flaps, it might be worth checking with Ladislav HanĨar whether he is planning to release a set for the A330. They don't appear to be in the Laci range so far but their stuff is first class and it would save you a lot of work. Dave G
  7. Excellent model. Which decals did you use? If you are thinking of building another 787, you might want to check out Authentic Airliner Decals who make excellent "photo real" window decals for the 787 and a detail sheet if you want stencils and other goodies. Dave G
  8. I think you will find your post is either moved or deleted. This area is for Forum Functionality and Software Help and Support, not modelling issues. Might be better to re-post in the "Aircraft WWII" section of the Military Aircraft Modelling Discussion forum. Dave G Edit: Ah, Mike beat me to it by a few seconds!
  9. If I feel in need of cheering up a good start is my DVD of "The High Life". For anyone unfamiliar it was a glorious cult comedy series from the mid 1990s featuring the fictional airline Air Scotia and its utterly bonkers staff. It mainly centres on the antics of Steve and Sebastian two cabin attendants and their constant battle of wits and wills with Shona the purser variously referred to as "Hitler in tights", "Mussolini in micromesh" and "Goebbels in a Gossard". Only six episodes were made and like Fawlty Towers the producers wisely quit while they were ahead. The main cast was Alan Cumming, Forbes Masson and Siobhan Redmond with Patrick Ryecart as the deranged Captain Duff who thinks he's a Vulcan and is never sure which end of the aircraft is the cockpit. Apart from the hilarity of the actual episodes, the opening title sequence is still among the best ever. "Oh dearie me .... " Dave G
  10. Very nice despite the misadventures. If it's any help I always use blu-tack to secure the nose weight. In 25 years of building airliners it's never caused me a problem. Dave G
  11. Hi Martijn, thanks for sharing another excellent model. The Eastern Express A220-100 got a rather poor review on the German site Modellversium when it came out at first so it's good to read your positive comments about it. I'm not a huge fan of EE products but I'm certainly going to have a shot at one of their A220s (most likely the -300) if I can get hold of a kit. Dave G
  12. Great result despite the problems. Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I missed the WIP. I built that kit twice many years ago, once in Thai Regional colours and once in Lufthansa Cityliner colours. Apart from the wire undercarriage which I had to re-solder on the Lufthansa build I can't honestly say it gave me too much trouble. You must have been unlucky with your example. I actually prefer the old resin kit to the newer short-run plastic version which suffers from an excessively thick fin, an error which is virtually impossible to correct. The best 1/144 ATR-72 by a country mile is PAS Models but sadly the unpleasantness in Ukraine means much Russian stuff is unavailable in the UK just now. Jon Ochoa at 8A Decals does "photo real" window decals for the ATR 42/72 if you ever build another one or think about retro-fitting. Dave G
  13. I have been indulging my enthusiasm for doo-wop and came across this gem from 1956 when I was four years old (!)
  14. Excellent result. Well done. If you are looking for a smaller model for your next project how about one of the Bombardier CRJ family from Big Plane Kits (BPK)? Hannants have the -700 and -900 in stock. Just make sure you order the 1/144 version, not the 1/72 one! There are several different liveries available from Nazca and Authentic Airliner decals have the necessary windows. Dave G
  15. Welcome to Britmodeller Patryk. Thanks for sharing your excellent model. The Airfix A300 might be over 40 years old and lacking some details but it gives a good result in the right hands. There are several Britmodeller members who specialise in airliners. We are a friendly group and will always do our best to answer any questions or offer any help we can so don't hesitate to ask. I'm looking forward to your next model. Dave G
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