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  1. You and me both. When I built my Air China A350 last year I thought I had found good match in Mr Color 107 Character White. It looked pretty OK indoors but when I took the model outside for the photos it clearly wasn't grey enough, more a sort of scruffy concrete colour - definitely not what I was aiming for! If/when I build another A350 I'll have to go back to square one unless anyone else comes up with a match in the meantime..
  2. Congratulations Alistair - another fine addition to your collection. It's great to see some of your small touches like the wingtip lights. Red is a pig of a colour to brush paint (so is yellow for that matter) and you've done a good job. There are various rattle can reds available from Halfords and Tamiya when you come to VietJet. We seem to be sort of running in parallel just now - I have a 787-9 on the bench as I write this and an A321 Neo in the post from Jadlam. Currently they are planned to become Vietnam Airlines and SATA Air Açores respectively but it will be a good while before either is ready to be posted and the liveries may well change before then. All the best Dave G
  3. There was a model in RFI a couple of months ago. Dave G
  4. Best of luck. I built the Amodel Lancastrian a few years ago and it was an interesting experience, to say the least
  5. I don't claim an encyclopaedic knowledge of every decal maker's catalogue but I've never seen that livery in any of the major ranges. It would certainly make an eye-catching model. V1 Decals in Canada and F-DCAL in France both do the basic Finnair A330 if you fancy trying your hand-painting skills on the rest! Dave G
  6. What you are suggesting is perfectly feasible but a simple butt join between the re-attached stabs and the fin is asking for trouble even if you use CA glue. I don't have an unbuilt Revell 727 handy and I can't remember exactly how the parts fit but it should be possible to drill the fin and stabs to take locating pegs made from plastic rod or tube. The only alternative would be to cut the fin decal to fit around the stab. That wouldn't be easy particularly with laser decals which can't be overlapped and tend to be difficult to touch up. Dave G
  7. As somebody who specialises in civil airliners I apply the following principles: 1. Painting instructions from decal manufacturers are usually wrong 2. Painting instructions from kit manufacturers are always wrong 3. Doing your own research is fun provided it doesn't become an end in itself 4. Finishing the model on the basis of your own research normally leads to a better model Dave G
  8. Iran's refusal to hand the flight recorders to anyone in the USA is understandable and probably prudent. Nevertheless I hope they can be examined by somebody independent, maybe the French or the Germans? I'm not aware of any political issues between Iran and Ukraine (happy to be corrected if that's wrong) and the Ukrainians have a long history of aeronautical manufacturing so we can assume their crash investigators know their business. If the Iranians allow the Ukrainians full access to the investigation we can reasonably assume that the Ukrainians will not endorse a conclusion with which they disagree. On the other hand if the Iranians deny the Ukrainians full access or otherwise obstruct them that in itself will point to guilt or, at the very least, a guilty conscience. I find it very hard to believe that this was a deliberate act but an accidental shoot down or some other external factor (a collision with a military drone?) seems much more likely than a mechanical failure.
  9. Another excellent model Alastair. I really like the weathering on the wings. The windscreen is very effective - is that 8A's own decal? Have you decided on a character for the Norwegian 787-9 yet? Dave G
  10. Skodadriver


    If you have any difficulty getting hold of a 1/144 Airfix kit their "new releases" include the Concorde prototype which I assume will be the old plastic with new decals.
  11. Skodadriver

    8A Decals

    Finishing tends to be an area where personal preference and experience come to the fore and there really are very few rights and wrongs. It's more a case of what works for you and what doesn't. For example many modellers have produced stunning natural metal finishes using Alclad but I just can't get on with it at all. Personally I prefer to use grey primer whenever I can although I know that others will disagree. I think grey shows up any flaws better than white and it provides a more uniform colour for the top coat. I regularly spray Appliance White over grey primer although I stress that I decant the white into my airbrush and I have never tried spraying it on to grey primer straight from the can. If you do spray white over grey you need to watch for any "shadows" where the white isn't quite dense enough. Look closely under a really bright light, touch up as required and remember to check again if you have sanded or micromeshed the white. As always you should experiment on a scrap model or a "mule" before trying any new technique on your latest masterpiece. There are certain colours where grey primer won't work - red, orange, yellow and lighter greens are the main ones. Dave G
  12. Skodadriver

    8A Decals

    That's looking good @Scotsman07. Hope to see it in RFI soon @Ins_Tony I quit the Facebook group after a serious falling-out with another member. I won't name names beyond saying that he used to be a member of Britmodeller until he got slung out by the moderators. Presumably related to that, he took exception to me expressing the view that Britmodeller is a friendlier site than Airliner Cafe. I can't be bothered with that sort of nonsense (modelling is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable!) and I object to being publicly called an idiot simply for expressing a personal opinion so I left the group and haven't been back since.
  13. Skodadriver

    8A Decals

    Just one small correction of Tony's info, it's Jon Ochoa, not John. As well as the 8A Facebook page Jon runs a Facebook group called Airliner Hobby Model World. I was a member and found it pretty good although like Airliner Cafe it tends to be very US-centric. I left it a year or so ago but may rejoin at some point. Dave G
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