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  1. Skodadriver

    Douglas DC 7C

    According to Scalemates the kit dates from 1955. There might be more detailed information on findmodelkit.com but I find that site so annoying I've stopped using it. I suspect that the odd scale puts people off. The old Revell kits were generally pretty decent - the DC-8s, Boeing 727 and Boeing 707 all scrub up quite nicely if they're well treated. If you're looking for a good kit of a classic propliner the Minicraft DC-4 is hard to beat.
  2. Skodadriver

    Montrose bridge.

    Many thanks for such an interesting link.
  3. Skodadriver

    Montrose bridge.

    Thanks Roger. My uncle passed away in 2011 aged 97 so I can't ask him for any more information. He had some difficulty getting demobbed because officers who spoke fluent German were in great demand but once he got out he went back to Montrose where he taught for about ten years before promotion took him away. I clearly remember him speaking about the bridge being attacked (more than once I think) and the girl being killed in one of the raids. I also remember his observation that it was ironic he was never in any serious danger while he was in the RAF but a small girl was killed in a normally quiet place like Montrose.
  4. Skodadriver

    Montrose bridge.

    My uncle was training to be a teacher in Montrose when WW2 broke out. I'm not sure if the child who was killed had been one of his pupils but he certainly knew the family although by the time of the incident he was serving in RAF intelligence.
  5. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Flap of course! The idea of not having a cat is totally unthinkable
  6. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    ... which is why we haven't had a cat flap for about 40 years. I may have told the story before but our first cat (her name was Cindy) was a voracious hunter and one night while we were fast asleep she brought a dead mouse in through the cat flap and laid it carefully on the bedroom floor at my side of the bed. When the alarm clock went off I got out of bed, barefoot of course, and stepped my whole weight on the mouse which promptly burst. We never got the stain out of the carpet and cleaning the blood and guts off the sole of my foot at 6:30 a.m. is an experience I'm in no hurry to repeat. To Cindy's great annoyance the cat flap was locked there and then and later removed. We've never had another one.
  7. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    It's just a normal manifestation of cat-ness. Merry usually prefers to go in and out via the windows but if my wife or I happen to be sitting right beside a window it's suddenly essential for the door to be used.
  8. Excellent build, well done. By pure coincidence I was going to post this in "What music are you listening to" but it seems more appropriate here:
  9. Skodadriver

    Aircraft: The Jet as Art.

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply, including digging out your copy of the book and quoting from it .....
  10. Skodadriver

    Airliner desk models

    Why not try building your own? There are some very nice 1/200 kits from Hasegawa. The only trouble is that if you get bitten by the airliner modelling bug there is no known cure.
  11. Skodadriver

    Smart or dumb ?

    SSE have tried twice to persuade me to let them install a smart meter. I'm always deeply suspicious when a large corporation tries to make me follow a particular route when the reason for taking that route is far from self-evident. I can't see anything in it for me and how I use the electricity I pay for is nobody's business but mine. I believe there is some sort of government target for installation of smart meters (which makes me even more suspicious) but I don't know if that's a UK or Scottish thing. I've heard it said that smart meters make it more difficult if you want to switch supplier. Since SSE has just informed me that my monthly payment (electricity only) is going up by almost 20% that's something i'm seriously considering.
  12. Skodadriver

    Diesel cars

    Like you I've never owned a diesel car and never really wanted one. Since my wife retired our mileage is probably about the same as yours, maybe a bit less since I normally use my motorbike for solo travel. We last changed our car about three years ago and the head mechanic at the dealership, who we've known for years, went out of his way to warn us off diesel mainly because of our low mileage but also because of a number of problems he knew about. Sourcing a petrol engined car to our specification (Skoda Octavia Estate, Elegance trim, not more than a year old) wasn't easy - there were probably six or seven diesels for every petrol car available - but we did eventually track down an ex-Skoda fleet example which has proved very satisfactory. Ultimately it's your decision but personally I'd go for petrol.
  13. Skodadriver

    Aircraft: The Jet as Art.

    I have a copy which I acquired along with a number of kits from the estate of a modeller who had died. It's a unique book but I don't think I would have bought it The pictures are mainly photographs of aircraft passing overhead which Milstein has then removed from all context and presented against plain white backgrounds. It took me a while to realise they were actually photographs and not paintings. The technical quality and presentation standards are beyond reproach but unless you want to weather the undersides of your models the book's value is limited other than as a piece of coffee-table art. The author of the foreword says "[Milstein's] problem was how to rise above the high journalistic standards established by professional aerial photographers and achieve an artistic level that met his stringent requirements. [His] solution was to photograph aircraft from an unusual perspective and to do so in a systematic way that no one else had tried. " That about sums it up. Dave G
  14. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

  15. Rob, I recently used the 26 BOAC SVC-10 sheet and I was a bit disappointed with it. Like Graham with Halcyon Days I found the decals stiff and reluctant to conform, particularly around the nose. They also refused to bed into the detail on the fin, no matter what I did to them. I got there in the end but it’s not a model I’m pleased with. I’m a great fan of 26 Decals and the problems were as unexpected as they were disappointing. I know Ray is now using BOA to do his printing so hopefully these issues will be a thing of the past but I thought I should give you a heads up. (Apologies for thread drift)