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  1. Skodadriver

    DC-9/MD80 STGB anyone?

    Don't forget the Boeing 737 STGB which ran from 2/18 until 5/18 I'm pretty sure I indicated interest back in 2016 and I'm certainly up for a DC9/MD80 STGB. According to my Scalemates stash manager I have 11 Airfix DC-9s, 5 Minicraft MD-80s and a PAS B717 so there is plenty to choose from. I'll probably pick up another couple of Minicraft kits while Mel Bromley still has them. I hope there will be enough demand to get it off the ground. I've been toying with starting a thread to see if there is interest in an Airliners IV group build but I wouldn't want to cut across Cliff's thread so let's see how it goes first. That's not guilt, it's a moral obligation! Dave G
  2. Skodadriver

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    If it's of any interest Revell did a cutaway A380. I saw it in the shops a few years ago but I never had a close look at an example.
  3. Skodadriver

    Winter flu jab???

    Anybody who thinks flu is like a bad cold has never experienced the real deal. I'm lucky not to be prone to illness and in a working career of 39 years the only time I was signed off sick was following a road accident. In the spring of 2016 I got proper flu - the aches, the shakes, the sweats, pains all over, total loss of appetite, weird coloured urine, the full works. It put me in bed for over a fortnight and I reckon it took me about 3-4 months to recover properly. That's an experience I'm in no hurry to repeat so when I turned 65 last year and the GP offered me the jab I took it without hesitation. Nothing bad has happened to me and I'll have it again in the next month or so. As Robert says, it's a no brainer.
  4. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    In classical mode just now. This is a stunning live performance of one of the best symphonies nobody has ever heard of. Anyone who appreciates Tschaikovsky, Glazunov or Borodin should enjoy it.
  5. Skodadriver

    And today’s scariest movie is...

    If you haven't come across it there is a truly terrifying film about a nuclear attack called "Threads". It was co-produced by the BBC and an Australian broadcaster in 1984. I remember watching Threads on tv when it was released and barely being able to speak at the end although that didn't stop me buying it on DVD a couple of years ago. I haven't watched it for a while but I'm pretty sure "Protect and Survive" featured in it
  6. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    For connoisseurs of bass playing. IMHO the best incarnation of Ringo's All Starr Band - Peter Frampton, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Mark Rivera and others. Enjoy!
  7. Skodadriver

    Breitling DC3

    8a Decals (based in Mexico) do it. It's not immediately obvious from their website which shows 1/144 as the default scale. Search by "Aircraft Index" then "DC3/C47" and Breitling should be towards the right of the page. Click on "more" below the image and you'll find a drop-down menu which allows you to specify the scale. $13 US plus postage to the UK. http://www.8adecs.com/v2/site/ HTH Dave G
  8. Skodadriver

    Jagdpanther Late Version 1:35 by Tamiya

    Doesn't look very non-military to me - there's a big sticky-out shooting thing at the front.
  9. Skodadriver

    Minicraft DC-8

    On the real DC-8 the wing is virtually a straight line from root to tip, well illustrated in this photo. The first time I built the kit (a -71) I was taken in by all the uncritical "holy grail of accuracy" reviews and didn't do as much research as I should have. It was only when I came to attach the engines I realised that the wings had a distinct downwards curve towards the tips which meant that the outer engines were the same height off the ground as the inner ones. The model looked more wrong than I was prepared to live with. My efforts to correct the problem post-build were disastrous and my fully painted, fully decalled DC-8-71 ended up in the bin. The problem was well summed-up by a reviewer on the German site Modellversium who, unlike many other reviewers, actually built the kit: Die Tragflächen waren extrem nach unten gebogen, so wie bei einer vollgetankten 747. Aber die DC8 hatte wohl einen ziemlich steifen Flügel, nirgendwo kann man ein Bild mit einer nennenswerte Durchbiegung finden: Mit viel vorsichtigem Fönen in Ordnung gebracht. (Rough translation: The wings were extremely bent downwards like a fully tanked-up 747. However in reality the DC-8 had a fairly stiff wing and nowhere can you find a picture with noticeable curvature. A lot of careful work with the hairdryer sorted this) I wish I'd seen that review before I started on my ill-fated -71. The issue with the wings seems to vary from kit to kit. I later built a Kenya Airways -71 and although the wing halves in that kit were slightly curved they weren't as bad as the first one. Like the German reviewer I was able to correct them with a hairdryer. The problem is fixable but it has to be done before the wings are assembled and, obviously, you have to know to look out for it. HTH
  10. Skodadriver

    Minicraft DC-8

    Since we seem to be reporting our purchases, I got two a couple of days ago. I'm disappointed to see the weird curved wings are still present. They really throw the dihedral which is a particular issue with the larger engines on the -70s. Looks like some careful hairdryer work will be needed to straighten them! One of mine will be KLM (if I live long enough) and the other will go into the stash.
  11. Absolutely magnificent Ian. Well done and thanks for sharing. Like John I'm tempted to try the conversion myself but I'm nowhere near finishing anything just now and I really must clear the bench before starting another model. It looks like there might be something in the highly unconventional idea of only building one model at a time! Dave G
  12. Skodadriver

    Polystyrene, Resin, Vacform - what is your preference?

    My field is 1/144 civil airliners and if I wasn't prepared to move away from injection moulded plastic I'd be cutting myself off from good kits of interesting subjects. The chances of a decent injection moulded 1/144 HS-748 or BAC-111-500 appearing are pretty slim but both are available as good resin kits and there are plenty of other examples. I don't know about other areas but in the world of airliners out and out vacform kits are becoming rare. Welsh Models, once the main exponent of 1/144 vacforms, have now largely gone over to resin or mixed media, typically a vacform fuselage with resin flying surfaces and engines. Availability aside, for me it's the quality of the kit that matters rather than what it's made from. If I have the choice between a good resin or vacform and some injection moulded abomination from Eastern Express (or Minicraft on one of their off-days) I know which way I'll go. As I'm typing this I have a Rus-Air resin IL-18 in the paint shop. It's a gorgeous kit and head and shoulders above anything available in injection-moulded plastic. Ultimately it's a personal decision. While I appreciate there may be a slight health risk associated with some types of material, from a non-scientific, non-medical background I find it had to believe that anyone who takes basic precautions when working with resin (most obviously face mask for dusty jobs and good hand hygiene) is at any more risk than they would be from solvent-based adhesives or many of the other substances which modellers use on a daily basis.
  13. Skodadriver

    Redcoat revival

    Magnificent model, thanks for sharing. You really can't go wrong with the Britannia it's such a beautiful and iconic aircraft. The Roden kit can have its moments, mainly around the engines and props, but when it's as well built as yours the result is outstanding. Dave G
  14. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    For all Bill Nelson fans and for anyone else who might appreciate this criminally under-rated musician
  15. Not sure how I managed to miss the WIP but I've caught up with it now and you've certainly done a lovely job. It's great to see such attention to detail, particularly the wing root fairings which many modellers overlook. Just one small point - Tridents were notoriously filthy and yours is immaculate Dave G