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  1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've only just noticed this thread. I have used Halfords primer for a couple of decades, sprayed on to bare plastic and overpainted with every conceivable type of paint - enamel, acrylic in all its varieties, automotive, polyurethane, metallisers. You name it I've applied it over Halfords and I've never, ever had an adverse reaction either between the primer and the plastic or the paint and the primer. Spray it on, let it dry, rub it down lightly (I recommend 1200 grade wet and dry followed with 0000 grade steel wool) and you're ready for the top coat. While it's a bit rougher than Tamiya primer, Halfords is a LOT cheaper and more readily available in my part of the world. It's always a good idea to try an unfamiliar product (or combinations of products) on a scrap model or a cheap kit quickly knocked together before tackling your masterpiece. Dave G
  2. Instead of trying to engage in sensible discussion I should have remembered When I saw how the thread went subsequently I had exactly the same thought as Chris Stringbag.
  3. That's a beautiful piece of work and a model to be proud of. It goes to prove my long-held view that in the right hands most of the old Airfix kits can give superb results. Well done and thanks for sharing Dave G
  4. This is just silly. I wish I hadn’t wasted MY time trying to post a serious reply yesterday. Moderators, any views?
  5. I'm not sure if this is meant to be a serious topic but we all make mistakes from time to time, it's part of the human condition. It's also very easy to forget that not everybody is as familiar as we are with our own type of modelling. Also bear in mind that posting something in, say, Ready For Inspection, involves a fair bit of time and effort. There is no check list for what has to be included (heaven forbid) and sometime things just get overlooked. My interest is in 1/144 airliners, I never build anything else. A few months ago I posted a thread in RFI about a heavily modified Minicraft Boeing 707 I had just finished. I went into quite a bit of detail about the modifications and corrections I had made but I simply forgot to mention the scale. All regular airliner modellers know that the Minicraft Boeing 707 is 1/144 but a few posts in somebody who obviously wasn't a regular airliner modeller asked (very politely) what scale it was. Only then did I realise my omission and it was the work of seconds to correct the thread title. See posts 3 and 4 in this thread. I didn't "ignore" the scale and nobody "allowed" (??) me not to post it. You do realise that I actually gave up my time to photograph and write up the model in the hope that others would find it interesting and informative? I would have been pretty damn annoyed if anybody had accused me of "wasting our time" because I forgot to say that the model was in 1/144. If anything is unclear about a model, for heaven's sake ASK. Most of us are only too happy to clarify anything that is unclear or add information we have accidentally omitted. Dave G
  6. If they plead guilty or are found guilty they will be dealt with in accordance with the national sentencing guidelines. Sentencing is a matter for the judge under reference to the guidelines.
  7. Apart from Telford and Perth the shows I know are one day affairs with clubs and traders typically setting up around 8 a.m. for a 10 a.m. opening and taking down after close of play around 4 p.m. so there is less need for stuff to stay in a hall overnight. While this scenario could certainly happen at one of our shows we're maybe a bit less vulnerable than the model railway guys who really have to set up the day before. The other thought that crossed my mind was insurance. No amount of money could fully compensate for the wanton destruction of a model which has taken years to build but I hope some sort of recompense will be forthcoming.
  8. This really is shocking. I wonder if the perpetrators targeted the model show or just decided to break into the school and stumbled across the exhibits? My heart goes out to those modellers who have had years of work trashed for nothing more than a bit of "fun" by a bunch of knuckle-draggers who wouldn't recognise creativity if it bit them on the bum. I hope the modellers manage to come back from this. I know of one guy who had spent two years scratch-building an EM gauge loco only to have it stolen off a layout at a show somewhere in the London area. He was so sickened he's never exhibited again.
  9. Sorry to see that Grumpy Cat has died. I never really understood the Grumpy Cat phenomenon and I couldn't help feeling slightly sorry for her but she obviously made a lot of people smile and seven is no age for a cat.
  10. The general view seems to be that Canadian Voodoo Gray FS16515 is a close match to Boeing Gray. Do a Google search for "The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart" and use that to match FS16515 to whatever paint range you want to use. Don't get too hung up on the "correct" colour. When your wings look like this the exact underlying shade is pretty academic.
  11. Just a couple of points to add to what Ian has said. The PAS Boeing 757 is generally OK but unfortunately their Rolls Royce engines are very inaccurate. You could get round that by fitting a pair of BraZ replacements but that adds significantly to the cost. For a Rolls Royce engined 757 Authentic Airliners is by far the best route. The eBay decals are produced by a guy called Richard Warcup. He is trustworthy and offers a good range of decals. Apart from eBay he also sells directly. As far as I know he doesn't have a website but he's on Facebook under the name RichWs Model Airliner Decals. I have no connection with him except as a customer. Dave G
  12. Brengun make a set of replacement 727 wheels. They are available from Hannants
  13. Be very careful about parking in the retail park. Bizarrely it's divided into sections (not that anyone would know) which have different owners and rules. The Morrisons section, which is nearest to the Dewars Centre, allows a maximum of two hours free parking. My wife, who does most of the shopping, "thinks" it's three hours for the rest of it. About 18 months ago there was a spectacular piece of nonsense when the owners of one side of the car park decided that you were only allowed to park there if you were shopping in the units at that side. If you parked your car there then walked across to Morrisons, less than 100 yards away, you would find yourself hit with a £100 penalty notice. That particular madness has been stopped but I'd advise against using the retail park for anything other than actual shopping. Parking at Dewars is free on Sundays. I may have imagined it but I thought there was some deal that exhibitors (I don't know about traders) could park for £1 on the Saturday. I don't have first hand experience since I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance but I'm sure the show organisers will know.
  14. Superb modelling Pat. In the late 1960s and early 1970s we spent several family holidays at a house belonging to friends of my parents near St Andrews. I have happy memories of lying in the back garden watching the Bulldogs from the University Training Squadron at nearby Leuchars. It was always a slightly worrying moment when you heard the engine stop (presumably engine out drill or something similar) but they always got it going again!
  15. That is absolutely gorgeous. I never thought anything derived from the Skyvan could be called pretty but you've proved me wrong! Superb modelling. Well done sir. Have a round of Dave G
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