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  1. Hi @NorbertBu It was lovely to meet you and have a chat. Thanks for your kind words about the display. My wife and I put a lot of work into it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. We thought the organisers did an excellent job of getting the Scottish Nationals up and running again after a two year gap and we hope to be back next year. All the best Dave G
  2. Perth and Perthshire are full of history much of which is well known. When I worked along the road In Dundee I frequently took a lunchtime stroll beside the River Tay and close to the rear of Discovery Point is a plaque commemorating the record-breaking flight of the Short Mayo composite on 6 - 8 October 1938. The composite took off from the Tay at Dundee and after separation Mercury under the command of Captain (as he then was) Don Bennett flew 6045 miles to South Africa, which I believe still stands as the world record for a flight by a seaplane. It may not count as "hidden" but it's an interesting piece of aeronautical history which had passed me by until I came across the plaque by chance.
  3. Here is the Zvezda Tu-154M finished as LZ-BTX of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines circa 1994. The build is more or less OOB although I used BraZ engine fans in place of the unlovely kit items. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Mr Hobby H338 grey with Humbrol and Tamiya metallics. Decals are by Two Six and are up to Ray's usual standards apart from a couple of minor points. The green sections of the two small forward doors on the right need to be shortened by just over 1mm otherwise the doors will be too tall and affect the placement of the main “Balkan” title. If you have filled the door outlines it’s easy to get caught out as I was. Also a bit of patching material would have been nice since the red and green stripes don’t meet under the belly and the green in particular proved difficult to match with paint. Windows are from Authentic Airliner Decals and I added a sensible modicum of stencils from the spares box. The obligatory soot staining was done with artist’s pastels. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome Dave G
  4. Thanks for the comments and likes everyone. They really are appreciated. Thanks John. I agree about pinstripes round the nose but the decals were so good that I only had to do the tiniest bit of touching up. The build wan't really that difficult. The biggest problem was getting all four engines properly aligned. This is the second F-RSIN Viscount 700 I've built and I'm planning an 800 for later in the year. Thanks Martijn. As I said to John, the build wasn't really so difficult although it helped that I had done it before. The antenna is stretched plastic sprue. Thanks Sergei. You did indeed see it sitting beside its Cambrian/BOAC counterpart. I'm just getting ready to head back to Dewars and do it all again for a second day! Dave G
  5. Excellent and unusual build Martijn. Thanks for sharing. The Il-14 is a strange looking beast, a bit like a cross between a DC-3 and an HS-748 with a few more cockpit windows and an extra large fin! I’m looking forward to your Comet. You don’t often see a Comet in Mexicana livery. Dave G
  6. Thanks for sharing a fine model. I would also like to know the actual colour of Plasticote you used. What problems did you have with the build? I have the Zvezda boxing in my “waiting to start” pile and I’d be interested to know what I need to look out for. Dave G
  7. It's part of the aircraft's registration (I-LIFT). Most airlines put some or all of the registration on the nose gear doors, presumably so that the aircraft can be identified from ground level when the main registration may not be readily visible
  8. Here is F-RSIN’s Viscount 700 finished as I-LIFT of Alitalia circa 1959 before application of the “flag tail”. I-LIFT was built in 1957 and delivered to LAI which merged with Alitalia a few months later. She stayed with Alitalia until withdrawn in 1969. She was broken up in 1971 after spares recovery. F-RSIN’s Viscounts are among their best kits although as always with short run mouldings the end result depends on the amount of work the modeller is prepared to do. The 700 gives a choice of radar or non-radar noses and straight or bulged engine nacelles. The bulged nacelles (necessary for the V.785D) are a little too bulged but I didn’t fancy trying to sand them down and get all four identical so I decided to live with the minor inaccuracy. The panel lines on the fuselage are very poor. I gave up trying to fix them and just filled them in. The props are supplied as separate hubs and blades. They are unusable and I replaced them with a set of Aeroclub metal props salvaged from a deceased S&M model. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and some original Humbrol Metalcote exhumed during an audit of my paint stash. Original Metalcote was a good product and having found it I decided I might as well use it. Despite being about twenty years old it performed pretty well but it did show how paint technology has moved on and I ended up wishing I had stuck to my usual AK Interactive. The kit came with Alitalia decals but these are inaccurate around the nose. They also include the door outlines which were only carried at the very end of the Viscount’s Alitalia service. I used the Classic Airlines sheet instead. The cheatlines went on beautifully but the “flag tail” fin decal was obviously designed for another kit and nothing I did would make it fit. The F-RSIN tail decal wasn’t a lot better and eventually I decided to swap to the original livery. I made up small Italian flags from spare decal and sourced registrations from the spares box. I don’t think the “Servizio Postale” logo was carried on the earlier livery but I had applied the cheatlines before I found the problem with the fin decal so it stays the way it is! I also used some items from the very handy 26 Viscount details sheet. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  9. I've never researched the conversion but I don't imagine it would be difficult. The most obvious external difference, the oval windows, would need decals since the F-RSIN fuselage is solid.
  10. The F-RSIN Comet is a straightforward build, bearing in mind the limitations of short-run moulding. It looks like a Comet 1 and has the best engine intakes of any 1/144 injected Comet. The undercarriage is basic and ideally should be replaced which is probably easier said than done. I'm not an expert but as far as I know the only UK "military" airframe you can build directly is XM823 (aka G-APAS and formerly F-BGNZ). Happy to be corrected if that's wrong. Dave G
  11. Another excellent result Alex. I never saw the real aircraft, something I regret, but that's a superb model and a fine tribute. Dave G
  12. Excellent as always Alex but I can't help thinking it might have been easier to start with the Roden kit The early United livery is lovely and you have captured it to perfection. I remember doing lots of research into 720 wings when I built my Invicta 720B a couple of years ago. I don't know why the 720 had such an unusual pattern but it was completely different from the 707 and pretty much unique. Of course as airlines did repairs and modifications things tended to change and by the end I doubt if there were two 720s with identically painted wings. All part of the fun of modelling! Dave G
  13. That's very generous and flattering but there are many airliners specialists on Britmodeller who are more technically accomplished and knowledgable than me. @Adam Poultney In Britmodeller terms a "classic" airliner first flew "up to 1968" so basically it's pre-Boeing 747. I wonder if it would increase interest if the "classic" was dropped and we went after a general "Airliners IV" GB? The Airliners III GB was in 2016 and since then the only GB specifically for airliner fans was the Boeing 737 STGB in 2018. A general GB for civil aircraft would allow everything from the HP 42 and Dragon Rapide to the A350 and B737 Max. I'm not actually volunteering but if nobody else was willing and I was suitably bribed I might be persuaded to host (or preferably co-host) an Airliners IV GB. Dave G
  14. As @Eric Mc points out, the Airfix Boeing 707 is sixty years old and you cannot really compare it with modern standards. If you are prepared to put in the work you can still make a good model from it - see this as an example.
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