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  1. Greetings from just up the M90 in Perth Dave G
  2. Very nice build Alex. Heller didn't do themselves any favours by choosing a peculiar scale but the kits were pretty reasonable. I built the Boeing 727 about 20 years ago and liked it. Good to see the cat taking an interest. He's very like the cat we had when I was a child. Dave G
  3. We might have been in the same situation with sellers in the USA, Mexico, Canada and so on but we would not have been in the same situation with sellers elsewhere in the EU if we had remained in the Single Market and the Customs Union (big clues in both titles!).
  4. I may be wrong but I think you will find that the EU is giving foreign low-value sellers the OPTION to register for VAT in the EU and if they don't the VAT will be collected from the purchaser in France, Germany or wherever on delivery of the goods. The UK is making it COMPULSORY for foreign low-value sellers to register with HMRC and account for UK VAT, a situation made even worse by the fact that we have just left the EU customs union. A German seller selling to the Dutch market will simply carry on as before. A German seller selling to the UK market now has to register with HMR
  5. The Zvezda Boeing 737 kits are in a different league from Revell. I've built the -800 and the -700 and really enjoyed both although you have to be prepared for sink marks and warped wing halves. Milliput will sort the former and a hairdryer used carefully the latter. As well as the points listed by @Abandoned Project the Zvezda kits have accurate winglets (with the options of plain wingtips and split scimitars) and the correct stance on the ground unlike the Revell one which suffers from over-long main undercarriage legs. To get the best out of the Revell kit you need t
  6. The Dan-Air decals in the 1994 issue of the Airfix kit are actually quite decent but I'll use the sheet from 26 with Authentic Airliners windows ..... when I get round to it
  7. Very nice indeed Neil. Like most Airfix kits of its generation the Comet can be turned into a good model with a bit of effort, as you have proved. I'm planning a Dan-Air 4B at some point and I'm torn between improving the Airfix kit or correcting the AModel one. At the moment I'm leaning towards Airfix and I think you've just given me another nudge in that direction! Dave G
  8. For any fellow airliner modellers following this thread, Authentic Airliners have just imposed a minimum value of €155 on UK orders, presumably as an alternative to the registration nonsense. At least they are prepared to keep selling to the UK.
  9. Sorry @Pin but I'm not clear what you're referring to. I'm pretty sure I've read every article on correcting the Airfix Trident ever published and the only tail issues mentioned are the fin leading edge, the upside down APU and the dubious shape of the No.2 intake. Can you post or link a photo? I know what you mean about the "kink" being an optical illusion but everybody calls it that! For strict accuracy the same optical illusion needs to be replicated on a model.
  10. Thanks Sini. What a great story! I'm glad to hear the 757 won't be an "ultimate kit". The silly gimmicks (dropped flaps, open doors etc) have always put me off the Zvezda A320/321 and IL-62. They just add to the price and make building more difficult than it needs to be. Anybody who really wants these features is likely to be capable of wielding a razor saw themselves. Do you know whether PW engines will be offered as an option in the 757 kit? Dave G
  11. Eastern Express prices are just silly particularly given the dubious quality of some of their products - Hannants are asking £50.80 for a 1/144 F27 Without even thinking about it I can say I'll be in for at least six Zvezda 757s - Jet2, BA, LTU, Britannia, Monarch, Air 2000 - with several more to follow.
  12. There is very little wrong with the Airfix Trident which can't be sorted with skill and care as @Vikingshowed with his Cyprus and BKS conversions. Probably the most difficult fix is the "kink" in the wing (something that F-RSIN got spot on in their 3B) but very few people would notice its absence. The Airfix kit is a bit of a blank canvas. The wing/body fairings differ slightly between the 1C and the 2E and since Airfix don't bother with the fairing at all it's a simple Milliput job to replicate whichever version you want. I'm hoping to do a Channel Airways 1E at some point this ye
  13. Strictly correct but a pretty significant effect for those of us used to buying directly from cottage industry manufacturers in Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic etc who only sell directly. I'm lucky that I have family in Germany and I'll set up a workaround if I have to but it is ridiculous that there is no exemption either for small orders or for "foreign" sellers whose UK sales are below the threshold for UK companies to register for VAT.
  14. As the Dutch border official said when he confiscated the British lorry driver's ham sandwiches, "Welcome to the Brexit sir" The real area of concern isn't eBay sales - eBay will collect and account for the duty so apart from paying a bit more there shouldn't be much practical difference - it's sellers who DON'T use eBay as discussed at some length here.
  15. Excellent! I remember seeing Lima Uniform at Edinburgh a couple of times and you've captured her well. I must have built the Daco Skyline 737s a dozen times and I've always had good results from the leading edge decals even thought I generally regard l/e decals as more bother than they are worth. If you build the kit again I find a hairdryer very helpful for getting the l/e decals settled although you have to make sure you direct it so that it doesn't blow the decal off the model, as I found out the hard way! In my experience the Daco l/e decals also respond well to decal solvent.
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