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  1. Skodadriver

    Skodadriver's 2018 Airliners

    Thanks Chris. They haven't all been in RFI. I'm sure people have seen enough bread and butter B737s, MD80s and A319s without me adding to them! I only posted Donbassaero because of the colour scheme and an amusing anecdote about the real airline. The Dreamliner has an error which I only realised after I'd finished it. I'm not going to say what it is but sooner or later somebody would have pointed it out so I decided to spare my own
  2. Skodadriver

    Ratch's 2018 completions

    I think the word "versatile" is appropriate here! What an amazing variety of excellent models. Well done
  3. Skodadriver

    Skodadriver's 2018 Airliners

    I present in no particular order the dozen 1/144 airliners which I finished this year. I haven’t really been as productive as the number suggests - several of the models are delayed 2017 builds which for various reasons weren’t finished until early this year and some are older models which have been refurbished and repainted usually, although not always, quicker than building something new. The better and/or more interesting builds have been in RFI but several are appearing here for the first time. Thanks for looking and I hope you like my civilian collection. Happy Christmas and see you in 2019. Dave G Condor Boeing 707-430. Heavily modified Minicraft kit with decals from various sources. British Airways Boeing 767-336(ER). Revell kit with Two Six decals Air France Airbus A319-113. Revell kit with F-DCAL decals. Cambrian/BOAC Vickers Viscount 701. F-RSIN kit with Two Six decals Flybe Bombardier DHC-8-402 Q400. Welsh Models kit with RJS decals Hapag-Lloyd Express Boeing 737-4K5. Daco Skyline kit with mixed BOA, Drawdecal and Brasil decals. Built for the Boeing 737 STGB. LOT Boeing 787-85D. Revell kit with F-DCAL and Authentic Airliners decals Air UK Fokker F27-600. Doyusha kit with Two Six decals. Donbassareo Airbus A320-233. Revell kit with BS Modelle decals. Britannia Airways Boeing 737-204. Airfix kit with Two Six decals. SAS Scandinavian McDonnell-Douglas MD-81. Minicraft kit with Welsh Models decals. BOAC Cunard Vickers Super VC-10. Roden kit with Two Six decals.
  4. Skodadriver

    BOAC Cunard Super VC-10 in 1/144

    Thanks GS. In the 1960s and 70s my aunt and uncle lived in Uxbridge and when we made our every-other-year trip down from Scotland at least one full day's spotting at LHR was de rigeur. LHR was a very different place then but I'm glad I can remember seeing VC-10s in the flesh, so to speak. They really were awesome aircraft.
  5. Skodadriver

    BOAC Cunard Super VC-10 in 1/144

    Thanks for the kind comments everybody. Makes it all worthwhile That's interesting Jeff. I can't say I've noticed an issue with the nose shape. I have a copy of "Silent, Swift, Superb" by Scott Henderson which has some three-view drawings although they're pretty small scale. To my eyes the kit nose doesn't look glaringly wrong alongside the drawings. The grey is Halfords Racking Grey Thanks Ian. There are a couple of subtle differences between the early BOAC Cunard livery and the later version with the door outlines. The early version (as on my model) has the narrow blue stripes extending forward from the fin which are absent from the later scheme and the extreme aft of the cheatline extends right to the end of the fuselage instead of finishing at an angle just behind the engines. Despite the problems I had with the decals, Ray did an excellent job of providing alternatives for both schemes as well as clear and comprehensive instructions. We'd been saying for some time that the "den" really had to be redecorated but it was one of these things that kept being put off until my wife took it on herself to phone the painter, get a date from him then tell me what she'd done! I'm glad she did otherwise it would never have happened. It was a huge upheaval but worth it. As well as the nice fresh decor we now have vinyl on the floor which makes finding dropped things so much easier! The Standard livery is tba but the British United delivery scheme (navy stripe, red lettering) is the most likely at the moment.
  6. One of the great things about Britmodeller is learning from and being inspired by other modellers’ work. Some time ago @Turbofanposted a wonderful BOAC Super VC-10 in RFI and that was the push I needed to do one of my own, despite knowing I could never match Ian’s standards! My model was actually completed several months ago but I didn’t post it at the time because I wasn’t happy with some aspects, particularly the finishing. Unlike Ian who sensibly painted his cheatlines and fin, I used Two Six Decals. The cheatlines proved to be thick and intransigent and the less said about the fin decals the better. In fairness to Ray these problems are not typical. It was an old sheet which had been in my stash for some time and I see he is now using BOA for his printing so hopefully more recent issues will be better. I was also unhappy with the over-scale pitots and some of the other smaller details so I didn’t really feel the model was up to RFI standards. In the early summer my wife decided we were going to redecorate our shared office-cum-hobbies-room which meant a massive (and much-needed) clear-out during which I found the remains of an old Two Six Models photo-etch fret intended for the Airfix VC10. There were a couple of pitots and some other small parts left. That prompted me to revisit G-ASGD and after a bit of smartening up here she finally is. The kit is, of course, by Roden. As I’ve mentioned, decals are by Two Six. I supplemented them with Authentic Airliners BAC1-11 cabin windows, another idea pinched from Turbofan, and BM member @Malair provided the excellent windscreen decal - thanks Martijn! Although finishing was a bit of an issue, building the kit itself was easy and straightforward. I have a second one laid aside for conversion to a Standard, again borrowing ideas from other Britmodellers. No timescale for that just now but hopefully it will appear in the next couple of years. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  7. You might want to have a look at Mr Color #107 "Character White". Following a trial spray of both colours over Halfords white primer #69 "Off White" is still too grey, at least to my eyes. I am making leisurely progress with an A350 just now and I'm planning to use #107 when I get to the painting stage unless anybody comes up with a better alternative in the meantime. (Apologies to phil1 for the thread drift)
  8. Skodadriver

    Stores in London area

    Any time I'm in London I make a point of visiting AJ Aviation at West Drayton. As noelh says, it's near West Drayton station which is only 25 minutes on the train from Paddington. You can also get there from Heathrow by bus U3 from the Central Bus Station or bus 350 from Terminal 5.
  9. Skodadriver

    A320 conversion to A319 or A321

    I have plenty of form for making two and two add up to five. I suppose we assume 1/144 because it’s the scale the majority of us use. I never think of 1/200 because advancing age doesn’t bring improving eyesight! From what you say about the Hasegawa range you only need to convert the A318 or 319. The Airliner Modeller article tells you how many windows to remove to make the A319 so it still might be some help in 1/200. Please feel free to get back to me any time if you want a copy.
  10. Skodadriver

    A320 conversion to A319 or A321

    I'm not sure why you would want to convert the A320 series other than the A318. The A319, 320 and 321 are available from Revell and the 320 and 321 are also kitted by Zvezda. The Revell A321 has been off the market for a while and is becoming harder to find although if Revell run to form it will probably be reissued eventually. If you really, really want to convert the A320 into an A319 or A321 there was an article about doing just that in the first ever issue of the old Airline Modeller magazine back in 1995. I have a copy and I can scan it for you if you pm me your e-mail address. You should note that the article is based on the first Revell A320, not the current kit. The author also ignores the difference between the wings of the A321 and the A319/320 although that's not a problem with the current Revell kits since they all come with A321 wings which need to be corrected for the A319/320 Dave G
  11. Skodadriver

    Lockheed Constellation 1:144

    Congratulation on an excellent build. I’m working on a Revell kit just now so I know it has some problems but yours has turned out beautifully.
  12. Super job. Great to see some WP models that aren’t The Simpsons!
  13. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    I have a CD collection which runs well into four figures and a reasonably high-end hi fi system. However that is in the livingroom and the computer is in the modelling room so when I'm modelling it's usually YouTube. YouTube is also a brilliant way to find new music particularly if you set up Autoplay and just let it do its thing. I have often bought CDs after discovering a new artist or composer on YouTube. I donated my last vinyl records to charity about 35 years ago
  14. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Another one I rediscovered from my John Peel tapes:
  15. Skodadriver

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    It's kind of difficult to listen to music on YouTube without getting the video as well For my own part my computer desk and my modelling desk are on opposite sides of the room so when I'm modelling I have my back to the computer and I'm very definitely listening rather than watching. Anyhow, I was having a clear out of the loft and I came across some old cassettes I'd taped from the radio decades ago. Most of them featured stuff from John Peel and I was reminded of this gem by Wild Man Fischer produced by Frank Zappa who probably also played guitar. No video, just a picture of the album cover: