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  1. Skodadriver

    Douglas DC-3 Minicraft 1/144

    Since you raised the point, the shape is more than a “bit suspect” - it’s plain wrong. Does it look like a DC3? Yes it does. Does it look like an accurate DC3? No it doesn’t. It’s your model and if you’re happy with the Minicraft shape that’s fine but the Roden kit is superior in every respect and that’s not just my opinion.
  2. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    I second that. I still remember having to pull the car off the road and cry my eyes out after taking our first cat Cindy to the vet for the last time.
  3. Have you looked at Airline Hobby Supplies? I find the suggestion that there is noting available in the USA rather surprising. Dave G
  4. Skodadriver

    Modelarstwoalexander decals

    Just for the record, on 24 June I ordered a sheet of Brasil Decals from Guilherme Kosciuv via eBay. It arrived through my letterbox in Scotland this morning, 6 July. Time from placing order until receipt - 13 days. That's pretty impressive considering the distance from Brazil and a lot better than the two months referred to by misterblank. There was no messing with tracking numbers or anything else, only a straightforward transaction with somebody I know to be reliable.
  5. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    From the excellent "On the Prowl" FB page
  6. Skodadriver

    Airfix DC9 twin build

    I'm not in the GB but I'm going to follow this with interest. You've made a great start. The Airfix DC-9 is an underrated kit and in the right hands it can come up really well. A recent stash inventory revealed eleven (!) Airfix DC-9s so I'll be glad to have some ideas to encourage me to build them instead of just accumulating them. Dave G
  7. Skodadriver

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Marnie and Poppy are both gorgeous. Marnie is the double of Isy, my sister's Junior Cat. Unfortunately I don't have a decent photo to post. I don't know what Poppy's expression means but sometimes it's probably better not to know what they're really thinking!
  8. Skodadriver

    Minicraft kit price lunacy!!!

    Not sure I get the logic of that. I know the comparison isn't exact but in the model railway world N Gauge stock is ofter dearer, sometimes significantly so, than its 00 Gauge equivalent. The Graham Farish N Gauge "Tornado" locomotive is nearly twice the price of Hornby's 00 Gauge version. Much will depend on how committed you are to a particular scale and, obviously, how much you are willing to pay for the particular kit. I only work in 1/144 and I never, ever compare 1/144 kit prices with larger scales. I couldn't even tell you how much a basic Airfix 1/72 kit costs although I do know that Minicraft kits have never been particularly cheap. If I want to build a particular subject and the 1/144 kit is within my budget that's all I need to know. If another manufacturer produces a 1/24 Scruggs Wonderplane which costs less than my 1/144 kit I'm happy for anyone who wants a 1/24 Scruggs Wonderplane but it's not going to influence my purchasing decision. It's also worth remembering that for all their many excellent qualities Hannants tend to be expensive and it's often possible to source kits more cheaply elsewhere. Dave G
  9. That's really splendid Ian. Well done I may pm you at some point for further details of the conversion which looks very tempting. It's the first time I've seen anyone use Metallic Details photo etch. I bought a set for the 787 but my eyesight isn't what it was and some of the smaller parts looked so fiddly that I eventually chickened out of using it. Seeing the result you've achieved, particularly that stunning undercarriage, has rather made my regret my decision. I suppose I'll just have to build another 787 ! Thanks for yet more inspirational modelling. Dave G
  10. Skodadriver

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    When we were discussing reference sources earlier I should have mentioned YouTube. There are several superb videos of DC-7Cs in service and in preservation including this which might inspire you:
  11. Skodadriver

    Boeing 787 question

    Important lesson number one - never assume that painting guidance in decal instruction sheets is accurate. Important lesson number two - always assume that painting guidance in kit instructions is inaccurate. Important lesson number three - doing research is fun!
  12. Skodadriver

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    It's not my favourite task either but I'd far rather decant the paint and later clean out the airbrush than deal with the consequences of a botched can spray!
  13. Skodadriver

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    As I said Stu, I totally accept that the problem is mine and others get superb results with Appliance White sprayed directly. It can be done, just not by me! If you're determined to stick with cans I suggest you either dig out an old scrap model or knock up a cheap kit and practise, practise and practise some more before you go near your 787. I recommend Micromesh polishing cloths for finishing off, starting with 3600 if there's any roughness or "orange peel" and working up through 6000 and 8000 to a final polish with 12000. Micromesh isn't cheap but it works brilliantly with Appliance White and I don't know of anything better for final finishing. Just make sure you buy regular Micromesh and not the MX type which is for metal and wood rather than paint as I found out the hard way!
  14. Skodadriver

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    My advice, for what it's worth, is don't. Appliance white is superb but personally I just can't get along with rattle cans which aren't designed for modelling. I know the problem is mine and I admire anyone who can get good results straight from the can. However rattle cans only have two settings - on and off - and I like more control than that. After a few bad experiences I always play it safe and decant Halfords paint into my airbrush.
  15. Skodadriver

    Douglas DC 7C

    For a good general reference I recommend Airliner Tech Volume 4 - Douglas DC-6 and DC-7. Amazon currently have it listed for £12.63. It won’t necessarily answer every last question but as a reasonably priced source of detailed information it’s hard to beat.