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  1. Have you seen this? https://www.airlinefan.com/airline-photos/Royal-Air-Force/Blackburn/Beverley-C.1/XM103/3696713/
  2. Fantastic job , looks great. I do prefere the sloping canopy to the more upright one.
  3. The word muscat is on the decals sheet
  4. Just seen a video , thats horrific. Texas Raiders and her crew gone, That is so tragic. Sympathies to all involved. RIP
  5. Well it’s finally done. It’s taken a while for me , mostly reshaping and rescribing the head. The 3D printed canopy is beautiful too. I have built a lot of Y-wings in my time , but this colour scheme is my all time favourite. The model is old and not accurate to any particular y-wing studio model , but I did the colour scheme as close as I could to Gold 5. There’s been times when I have hated this model , and it spent a few days on eBay unfinished , but I’m glad I saw it through. It was good to do an old skool resin kit again.
  6. http://hud607.fire.prohosting.com/uncommon/aircraft/sra1/sra1_15.jpg Found at this web page http://hud607.fire.prohosting.com/uncommon/aircraft/sra1/index.html
  7. Last week my SMT/Blue Moon 1/48 Y wing fighter arrived. Lovely model
  8. Lovely , very nice and very neat! Well done
  9. Thats great , love it. Looks like my Cocker Skye
  10. Im seriously considering build my HK lancaster as either an all over grey version or the white and grey version. Basically an MR3. Does anyone know what the interior colour would be? would it have just carried over from the wartime ones with green and black or would it have been all black inside? Cheers
  11. If your modelling skills are modest then go for the hk kit, The border kit is amazing but the clear parts , fragile decals and poor instructions let it down. If you want lots of detail and accuracy then the Border one. I personally got fed up with the border one and sold it on. I now have another HK one
  12. Agreed , fantastic film. Makes all the others look really poor in comparison.
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