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  1. gunpowder17

    eBay rant.......not the usual

    Yes Jan was doing the selling. You are right though , it will all get returned in the end.
  2. gunpowder17

    eBay rant.......not the usual

    I didnt want them to close the account , maybe just suspend the listings or something
  3. gunpowder17

    eBay rant.......not the usual

    Thanks Guys. Yes they are all valid points , as i said Lawrence has no vision and everything was in his partners head , passwords etc. It has no impact on me , i was just thinking that he has some expensive listings ending soon and that someone may bid and pay for them. Nobody will know that they have sold or been payed for. I was just trying to save buyers frustrations.
  4. gunpowder17

    eBay rant.......not the usual

    No not a complaint about the price of things...... Yesterday i received news that my best friends partner had died suddenly. She died from sepsis from her own dog scratching or biting her. Her partners name is Lawrence. He has been a modeller all of his life and Jan always helped him tinker with kits. They active active listings on ebay right now. Lawrence is totally blind. You may have seen him in years past at the nationals with his german shepherd guide dog. Anyway i thought i would end his listings as there will be no one to even know that they have sold let alone post them. I tried contacting ebay and explaining to them the situation , that Lawrence is blind and has no clue as to passwords etc. They told me that they need to have a copy of the death certificate before they can end them!! I know that they have guidelines to follow , but come on i wasnt trying to get money or anything , just stop people having to open disputes to get theirs back. RIP Jan
  5. gunpowder17

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    I would say 1/144 too , it looks like its a 1 piece lower fuselage/wing
  6. gunpowder17

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    Thats probably the best review i have read. I need to watch it again i think , in the comfort of my own home. Having a really bad view (2 rows from the front right out on one side) at the cinema really didnt help.
  7. gunpowder17

    Ju-87A Stuka interior

    Thats a great link , thank you!
  8. gunpowder17

    Ju-87A Stuka interior

    Posted this on LSP but thought people on here may be able to help/benefit Ok im pretty clueless to the equipment in the Ju-87A cockpit. I am building the trumpeter 1/24 Anton and i have started by painting the interior RLM-02 so far. Thats as far as i have got! Not sure what the various colours should be of the boxes and things. Instrument panel i believe is RLM-66? Any help please! These may help So i know that number 4 in photo 1 is a trailing antenna winch Photo1 number 9 throttle?
  9. gunpowder17


    I just oredered a kit from them too , thanks for the link!
  10. gunpowder17

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    Yes if i can get a good result.
  11. gunpowder17

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    I just made a nice accidental discovery. I was going to make a template for the plate panel with rows of small rivets on it that fits in the top of the wheel bay. I was using gorilla tape and noticed it had near enough the exact pattern embossed on it that i was looking for , so i used the tape itself! What a time saver!
  12. gunpowder17

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    Excellent thanks for the tip. I will give it a go.
  13. gunpowder17

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    The vacformer turned up today and i eagerly rushed into using it. Set the top oven to 170 , gorilla taped the hoover nozzle to it and away i went. One thing i have noticed so far is that the PETg clear stuff hold the temperature longer that the plasticard that came with it , which is good. I also did not realise that vacforming would pick up the tiny little imperfections in the milliput master. It doesnt look bad for a first attempt , and im happy with it as a test. I wouldnt really use it on a model but it looks OK. Theres plenty of time later on for playing around with it. Back to the model for now. Heres a couple of pics of my first efforts
  14. gunpowder17

    Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    Funnily that was one of the very few photos i took. It was amusing This was my favourite , it was gorgeous. Only 1/144 too. Didnt take anymore photos. I only had my iphone and i dont like holding it over models just incase!
  15. gunpowder17

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    Heres the kit gear bay. It acts as an wing spar/stiffener too. I may add more detail but then again.....oh who im I trying to kid , of coarse i will add more detail.