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  1. Thanks Guys. I have started the Tamiya p-38 and thats a sublime kit , but they are just quicker to build and easier to store than 1/32 1/24
  2. This lockdown situation gave me a little more time to do some modelling. I have given up on 1/32 and 1/24 i think. I keep buying them , then loads of aftermarket , starting them , getting bored with them and selling them on. Time for a change. I want to build good quality models , that actually fit on a shelf. I will not be using aftermarket if i can help it. I have been getting more into the Pacific Theatre and so have decided to go with planes from that. I will be sticking to Accurate miniatures or italeri , Tamiya and Hasegawa. I really dont have the patience for poor fitting kits anymore. This kit has really bought the fun back into modelling. Beautifully detailed and easy to build. I have a great time just building from the box. The problem is i think i need the rest of the F4U line now! Apologies for pics i took them on my Iphone
  3. Nope creative models in cambs.
  4. Ok thanks. It must have been done at the factory as the decals were in a sealed bag.
  5. I have just received a hobbyboss 1/48 hellcat and the pictures on the box have had the rising sun kill marks scribbled out. The same goes for the decals which is really annoying. Now I can understand the swastica , but now the rising sun??
  6. bad isn’t it. He has zero feedback I have 2300 odd all positive. They are so geared towards buyers it’s redicilous
  7. If this is not allowed please delete. I know some of us sell on ebay , some through the GSP. I personally have never had a problem.....up until now. Heres the story. A new ebay user buys an aoshima airwolf kit from me on ebay UK. I send it via the global shipping programme. Now ebay lead you to believe that its no longer your worry after the shipping center has it ,"we take care of the rest" they say. Fast forward 2 weeks and the guy finally gets the kit , but then asks to return it as there are no French instructions in it so he cant build it?! At first i thought it was some kind of scam , but after talking to ebay they have told me that because he has said its not as described , because i did not state that there were no french instructions , i have to pay for him to return it. Thats right , you are responsible for any return postage costs , not ebay GSP. Its still rumbling on , i agreed for him to return it , but he wants a return postage label etc etc..... Anyway i just thought some of you ebay sellers that use the GSP may not be aware. Thats all.
  8. Thanks guys. Im mainly interested in the US and Japanese ones.
  9. Im would like to build some 1/700 aircraft carriers from the pacific war. Accuracy is not a real concern to me , and i dont want anything to fiddly. Something thats fairly easy to build and not too espensive would be ideal. Im no expert on ships. I have seen the italeri world of warship kits online , they look quite good , but im always drawn to Tamiya. Any other companies that would be good? Any help appreciated please
  10. Im not fussed. Im just going to build it and stick it on a shelf.Nobody ever comes to my house that cares about planes , and to me its just a hobby. I stopped caring about accuracies a while ago , but i can see why some would be annoyed about the kit.
  11. Its only a piece , but saying that its probably a big piece. It looks like a piece that blew off before.
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