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  1. I did read that its like a sequel to the joker film
  2. I hope there will be one , it looks great. When they announced Pattinson was the new batman i really groaned , but from the trailers , he looks great.
  3. I picked this up from a friend on 30th September and finished it today. Great fun to build another full option tank. This is the fifth one i have owned since it was first released , and the third one i have done in the worn winter camo. Again the inspiration being the TMMI issue from the time. Nice to have a big tank again. The figure is a ready painted one from Torro. Im not too keen on it . When i have some time i may repaint him and re pose him a little. And just for fun.....
  4. Theres no pics on the interweb of this kit so heres the parts "whats in the tube?" i hear you ask Some lovely cowlings.... Beaching gear , guns and stuff! Here are the props. They are quite nice , but i have noticed they are virtually identical to the revell 1/48 DC-3 props , so i may replace them with those. Ailerons are nicely done. As are the floats 2 sets of clear parts
  5. if im posting the direct link , do i have to worry about image size being too big?
  6. Things are progressing. Fuselage is now joined and is very sturdy. Did they fly the mk5 with top turret and upper camouflage? most of the camo ones i have seen are mk3s One of the things i like about these big resin kits is that i can use car filler on them.It dries fast and sands beautifully. I will post some photos later.
  7. Bravo Sir! I love vacforms. This is keeping me inspired to do my 1/48 kit.
  8. Next up it needs some rigidity. The Alphaflight kit has an interior to make it strong , it is also made from a harder resin. The pend orielle kit is a softer white resin. I have made some formers from plasticard to give it more strength. Im also going to spray the main interior black , as theres nothing in it! The cockpit has been assembled and primed and looks OK. I may add more detail but im not sure yet. It needs seatbelts at least. Heres a photo of the cockpit. I need to put the armrests on the seats and add the control wheels. I will use my special hobby kit for reference. The molded in detail The progress so far....
  9. Pend Orielle or pomkit, What great kits they made. I built their 1/48 Mariner a while ago and i loved it. The resin is smooth , and the quality is great. Not up to todays standards but good enough for me. This is their 1/48 Sunderland kit. I have had the Alpha flight one and im really starting to wonder if they bought the pend orielle masters and improved them. Theres some things i recognise , like the cockpit detail. I could not find any info on this kit other than a couple of pics of the box , so was surprised how small said box was when it arrived, Its such a big kit. The fuselage was in quarters and the front parts were warped quite badly , luckily the hot water technique worked out OK so the first thing i have done is to join the front and rear parts to make the fuselage halves.
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