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  1. This is the fifth or sixth one , but this one has come out the best. I even used the kit decals all over including the coloured panels. I am now building the FM 1/72 Falcon to go next to this.
  2. What about the reissue of the toyish 1/29 X-wing.....£109!!!!!!!! Seriously? I got one at £49.99 when they were first out , and that was too much really. It takes some work to get it to a good model standard. The little build and play Millennium Falcon on the other hand is actually really nice for the price. The small tie fighter and tie interceptor are really nice , especially a £6 In answer to your question.........i dont know!
  3. Dec 2009 Im sure there was another build in another mag , other than the Airfix special.
  4. Thats cool. I spoke to Jay Laverty who built the test shot and it was Dec 2009.
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong place , but can anyone remember which issue of scale aircraft modelling the build was on the Airfix 1/24 mosquito , when it was first issued. TIA
  6. Thats just what i was trying to convey , but you did it better!
  7. I must admit its getting a bit boring now. Everytime a kit comes out someone says somethings wrong. Everywhere you look everything you read in either news , social media , papers etc is negativity. If you step away from picking holes in every model and just building it the hobby gets much more fun. A-26 , love it.
  8. I used the sticker decals on my first bandai 1/72 falcon. They get slated but i thought they were excellent.
  9. Thanks. Yes me too , i think i like the ESB falcon best though. Fingers crossed Bandai will make either the 32" model in 1/72 or update this one to the ROTJ version with the extra undercarriage.
  10. This is the gorgeous Bandai Millennium falcon. Built from the box except for me mounting it on a cctv mount instead of the kit display stand.
  11. I normally list stuff at £1 starting bid with no reserve , seems to work better sometimes. With buy nows add the postage price to the asking price and then say free posting. The thing with eBay is to remember you will probably never get back what you paid , but thats just as true selling on here or other forums. The up side is that sometimes the bidding goes nuts!
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