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  1. Very nice. Love the tiling. The Tamiya kit is one i have always wanted to try.
  2. Glory be! never thought i would find one of these again , especially at a reasonable price!
  3. This is great stuff. Cant say im too bothered about the cockpit in my full kit , but i have bought the nose art kit too so this will be invaluable for that.Thanks for the effort!
  4. Metal drive sprockets , metal wheels with plastic inserts and metal rear idlers.
  5. How odd! I have never owned this kit. , they must have been in with my B-52!!! Thanks for that Guys
  6. I found these today and I have no idea what kit they are from .Anyone know please? Part number JWG-17058 Z parts. If this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it.
  7. Yup here in south woodham ferrers too. Thought it was mod shoeburyness at first.
  8. I cut off and moved the mandibles back to make them a bit shorter , also making then toe in a bit. The jawboxes (the box like structures that run down the centre of the front of the ship were removed and made shorter and narrower. This give the whole ship the correct look of the 32" falcon. I cut out all the the notches around the edge of the hull in the armour plating. Soldering iron battle damage added too! I have been doing little bits here and there over the last few months.
  9. Cool. I have built so many of these as commissions etc. Im actually most of the way through one now thats had alot of mods. Ive corrected the jawboxes and mandibles etc and im now adding all of the tiny details. Looks like you have the revell release of the finemolds kit. For some reason the decals were about 10% smaller than they should be so they dont fit the panels. If you were thinking about using them for the colour panels all over the ship let me know and you can have mine. Mine are the correct size as its the FM kit that i have. I will use the cockpit ones but the rest i will be painti
  10. Luckily we had just got in .We had been at my mother in laws. Also luckily our house has single glazing!
  11. My Wife , Son and I were sitting here and we could hear a rumpling noise that got louder and louder , then disappeard. A couple of minutes later it came back so the Wife went to the front door to listen , then i went and straight away i knew what it was. Vulcan XL426 was doing engine runs at Southend Airport. It was incredible , we are 8 miles away as the crow flies , and you could hear it clear as day. I honestly thought it had taken off by mistake , and was going to appear over the trees. So good to hear the Vulcan howl again. Just thought i would share that!
  12. Loved battle of the planets. The Phoenix is an awesome ship desgn , love it!
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