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  1. Hi Ian Try Pattos Pllace. He has decals galore 1/24 & 1/32 listed under decals D for dashboards
  2. Nice one, but still needs to be done in 1/72.
  3. See ludwigs-hobby-seite.de he has Churchill, Comet Centurion and others in kit form.
  4. I may have missed this but there is a bloke who has given me hope, 1/16 scale British armour. OK it's not a mainstream kit but a sort at least. ludwigs-hobby-seite.de. On offer are Churchill, Centurion, Comet, and more.
  5. Peter Hall from Atlantic Models built one in 1/350 scale. That's if my memory is functioning correctly
  6. Rumour has it these GE/PW things have had hairline cracks in the LP shaft up front, so this one escaped the once over maybe
  7. try KIT FORM SERVICES, they do conversion kits
  8. Fleet scale have a 1/72 fibreglass hull, hollow one at that. JR Haynes has a gun for it but all the rest has to be scratch built. It's a start
  9. That 380 in EK colours with Real Madrid sure looks hot. Who will be first out the trap with a set of decals?
  10. A bit late but here goes, it's relevant to Xmas for those who celebrate. Man gets stopped for speeding on Christmas eve, officer says that he was 5 mph over the limit. Man pleads that it is Christmas please show a bit of compassion. Right then, officer said, if you can show me anything in the vehicle that is related to Christmas I will let you off with a caution. Poor man then frantically struggles to search car, boot glovebox, everywhere. He is the resigned to a huge penalty and is pretty sad. He glances at the back seat and sees a pair of old ladies underpants, with enthusiasm he holds t
  11. Army squad on exercise in jungle, Sgt Major briefs the boys on things to look out for........... Lads, the women are so loveable you will fall for them. You must avoid them at all cost as they are diseased. Next, the water, it has the dreaded Ju-Ju worm in it , drink it and you will suffer . Be warned. Finally there is a snake so deadly you must REALLY avoid it. It has black and yellow stripes, easy to recognise, If you can't grab its tail and run your hand up to the head and whack it. On yer way lads! Two weeks later three hospital cases the Sarge visits. What happened soldier? Gorgeou
  12. Sorry about the clarity, nothing too clear in these times! What I was after is Henglong, Trumpeter or some company to make a bold move and produce these. I'm a tad tired of the Nazi onslaught, but they sell well. Whinge over with. Submarines would also be nice
  13. Any takers for a 1/16 centurion, chieftain or even churchill? I'm being very patient,
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