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  1. This is a great advertisement for a monochrome screen! I'm watching Amazon for some after-Thanksgiving day sales on printers. I picked up my PLA printer for a steal a few years back on black Friday.
  2. Fantastic! I wish Airfix would reissue her...
  3. I think you are thinking of "Parkerized" otherwise known as phosphate coating.
  4. I really enjoy mine. So far I've been cutting masks with it quite successfully.
  5. Photon, curious about your silhouette settings (speed, pressure, etc.) to cut the styrene. I've had hit or miss luck with mine.
  6. awesome! How was the build? I've not heard a lot about this kit - as far as build logs go anyway.
  7. Thanks to the OP for bringing this topic to my attention. It inspired me to do some googling of the subject. Never heard about this raid and I have to say I was pretty amazed to read about the lone Beaufighter that took the war to Germans occupying Paris.
  8. Extraordinary effort! Very nice! How did the kit go together, any pitfalls?
  9. The exclamation point at the end is still a nice touch
  10. Still waiting for a build review before I pull the trigger - the Kitty Hawk plastic looks great but the real test will be to see how it all fits together.
  11. Having just seen an F-35B in action last weekend I can assure you that the only thing even remotely boring about that jet is the grey.
  12. That's what I do. I would also add an air dryer to the line to eliminate moisture. Compressor turns on every couple weeks instead of every 5 minutes.
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