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  1. Thank you, I am coming from a near zero knowledge base when it come to naval.
  2. I am no naval modeller although I was keen sailor in my youff but the last plastic ship kit was back in the early sixties when I was a bairn. Looking at these diminutive Eagle kits in the trove I am minded to put one of the Lilac models together, my maritime attraction always being to these unsung work horses of small ships who seemed to be steady away allowing the Fleet giants to strut their stuff. Probably due to me coming from a small Highland fishing village and having spent time fishing and sailing on water both salt and fresh Anyway consider me a tyro and has anyo
  3. Thank you for the replies and advice. As they have taken my money I will not be reordering from another supplier. I don't believe that the order was posted yet as they say I will be notified when it is and I have not been. If it was then I could understand the postal delays. It is over four weeks since they took my money but the order seems not to have been sent and no explanation. Not good in my book. I will not use faceboke or messenger so that is not a contact option for me.
  4. Anyone know anything about this company? I placed an order early December and received the confirmation email, since I have heard nothing. I have tried contacting them by email and via the website for an update but to no avail. I understand that there are complexities at the moment but that should not interfere with communication surely?
  5. My preferred primers are Stynylrez as it comes or Mr Surfacer 1500 thinned 1 to 1 with levelling thinners. Both self levelling, robust, have some micro filler qualities and sand well. I usually go for black as I like to build up my finish in thin mottled layers to give some depth to the final colour finish.
  6. Forgot to add that the Procon Boy nozzles and needles are a tad cheaper to replace than the Iwata ones, however it is unlikely that you will need to replace them due wear. User abuse is the most common fault methinks.
  7. I use a 0.18mm nozzle in my Iwata Custom Micron and I use this brush for everything, currently doing a 1/32 project, this nozzle size has made all my other airbrushes almost redundant including my 0.2mm Efbe's and my Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH 0.3mm nozzle. I do have a 0.5mm Creos Procon Boy PS 290 for those odd occasions when I need to hose on the paint in short order. I think more people should consider the smaller nozzles as they are almost designed for our hobby and are no more difficult to use than any other airbrush in my experience spaying my chosen enamels with aplomb as well as t
  8. I have had mixed experiences with low odour white spirits with enamels some brands have turned Colour coats to jelly. I find Naphtha (lighter fuel) a better cheap alternative (little smell and readily available on the internet) as I don't have reliable brand of white spirits any more. I buy it by the gallon as I use it in my hand-warmers as well. Colourcoats do an excellent enamel thinner and well worth stocking up on if your are putting and order in, just be aware that variable stock levels means that you can have a wait for a completed order.
  9. Does the plastic model industry not have a professional body for representation and help with clarity on this?
  10. After nigh on six months of keeping my money without delivering RB productions have finally honoured my refund. Great line of products but unfortunately verging on the criminal in practice, in all this time the only communication I had from the shysters was confirmation of my order, no explanation of the delay. All I got was the bank info on the refund still nothing from the company by way of explanation or apology. If this company starts again I for one will not be giving them my custom. Shaft me once shame on you. Shaft me twice shame on m
  11. Aye stainless airgun BB's from a gun shop are the best around £5 for 500, far cheaper than the specifically packaged stuff.
  12. Apologies if I am stating the obvious but I am going to share this regardless. I am a devoted enamel user due to their high quality all round performance, durability, ease of use and with the use of odourless thinners like naphtha or branded thinners like Colourcoats then the are pretty domestic friendly on the perfume front too. Their versatility means that you can almost thin them with nails so the day I tried something I have been meaning to do for a while, thin them with lacquer thinners. In this case I used Mr Levelling Thinner with Colourcoats Sky on m
  13. Gosh! I thought interchangeability and standardisation was a feature of the H&S line. Good luck with the work arounds. I don't use such a preset feature on my Iwata's a lot be when it needed its good to have
  14. Your compressor gives pressure the "MAC" valve adjust the volume of air going through the brush at whatever pressure the compressor is delivering. I like to spray small and close up, I can drop the pressure to around 8 psi as indicated on my compressor, real value unknown, and still get decent paint atomisation. With the "MAC" valve, I have mine mounted on the quick release end of my air hose so I can use it with all my airbrushes, I can reduce the volume and this will give me an even finer spray than the lowest working pressure can. When you get to the edge of the working volume f
  15. I'm a Brora man born and bred with my family having lived on our "croft" since the 1600s and when I walk through the village nowadays I am a stranger in my own home. Lossiemouth was great source of entertainment of me as a bairn in the 60s watching all the daily "airshows" and the spectacular night time NATO exercises, when working out the hill you would be looking down into the Buccaneers cockpits as well as the odd Shackleton. The of course there were the happy weekends there with the ATC. Nowadays you can still hear the current crop of RAF aircraft thunde
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