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  1. Nice, had a go in a Blanik too, can't believe how heavy they are to push round the hangar! M.
  2. Those seats have come out really well, great job! Agree on the ign wires, real HT leads are between 8 and 10mm diameter, so in 1/24 should be between 0.3 and 0.4mm. You may be lucky and find some copper wire in electric cable that is the right diameter, or your local Hobbycraft centre may have some fine aluminium wire in the jewellery section the right diameter? If you know a BT engineer, or find one doing some work at an exchange box on the pavement (as you do.....) they use pretty fine wire in a multitude of colours. M.
  3. So Guten Tag meine Leiblings, lets get caught up some more. The sides of the body by the radiator were further refined to lower the join between body and rear floor Floor in place, it looks like a gap at the front, but its filled with superglue. To provide a positive and repeatable location for the engine, a pin was added to the body, matching an existing hole in the front of the engine. Much marking out and procrastinating over the height of the engine ensued, as it became clear that there is not enough room for the engine under the body if the sump is flush with the u
  4. Thanks Ron Cheers J├Ârgen A BT45C would be great to see, so when do you start!? Malc.
  5. Thanks, I have the 1/24 Monogram 904 somewhere! This is turning in to 20 questions, but what is the white open top car with the green stripe? You have no idea how many other questions I could ask! Malc.
  6. Wow, great place to work, is that a red 904 tucked away in the corner? What is the 6 cyl engine on the stand from, 911 or something more exotic?
  7. What an amazing picture, I don't think you would find me standing that close to a UXB! M.
  8. Cheers Nick, Thanks for that, I thought they might bespoke PE suspension pick up points, I have seen a set of these for sale somewhere and can't remember where! M.
  9. Very nice, I like that the finish is not over shiny. I see you have done a few of F1 models also! Malc.
  10. I bought this model when it was first released in 2005 as it is pretty much my favourite F1 car of all time, short and stubby with pugnacious looks and in conjunction with the great Jackie Stewart bagged the 1973 drivers world championship which marked the end of his career. Needless to say I started the kit as soon as it arrived, but being a bit disappointed by the fidelity of the castings, it was almost as quickly put aside in lieu of a Tamiya BT46. In the meantime MFH released their 006 in 1/20 and 1/12 scale, the instructions proving very useful in discovering hidde
  11. Yes, great art work, enjoyed it very much when I got it, shame the Edelwiss series is not in English as well, otherwise it would have been at the top of my Christmas list! M.
  12. Cheers Poul. Thanks Keith. So where does the desert meet the sky? Or are you just an Eagles fan? On to the next build! Malc.
  13. Hi Nick, Some fantastic scratch work going on here. Where did you get the sheet of photo etch from that says 'Made In Czech Republic'? Malc.
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