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  1. I like the gold, whose paint is it? Malc.
  2. Your S65 looks good, I will be interested to see how you have managed the cockpit sides between the cylinder fairings. Interpretation of this area varies wildly between models as photos of the real thing are not very clear. Malc.
  3. Brilliant! That Roy Cross chap was responsible for a lot of my Airfix purchases. The box art with the pyramids is indeed fantastic and after completing the Airfix 1/144, I was seduced in to buying the 1/72 Contrail vacform......... Malc.
  4. Thats great, always love to see another racer on here. Please do another one! Malc.
  5. Hi @Chimpion, no they are not included, would be good to know which aftermarket decals @mral47 used though, I have the Tabu decals and the yellow is much much brighter than the kit decals. Malc.
  6. Fantastic! Did you do a WIP anywhere? Malc.
  7. Hi @Dave Swindell, at the risk of sidetracking @CliffB's thread, would it be possible to see a pic of all your unbuilt Micro model kits together? Malc.
  8. Wow, fantastic choice, thanks for the film link, not seen that before, it was very interesting. Malc.
  9. Its certainly looking a bit different to the artisits impression back on page 1! Great work. Malc.
  10. Thanks! Always interesting to see what other people use. Malc.
  11. OK, Thanks, great tip! PS. Which make of laquer - Tamiya TS13? M.
  12. Interesting technique, why do you put on the clear laquer? Malc.
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