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  1. Nice choice. When I built one, I found it impossible to stretch the body wide enough to go over the chassis without fear of cracking it, so I cut one door sill off along the panel line to get the body over the chassis. Malc.
  2. 1:1? I always wanted a Clerget or Bently BR1 for the corner of the living room................ M.
  3. Great job! The overhead views certainly show up the size difference! Would it be rude to call it a fat boy Auster?! I still have to try automotive filler on a model, although used plenty on 1:1 cars....... Malc.
  4. LOL, life as a modeller! Looking good. What did the postie bring? M.
  5. Lotus72, great choice!! The other thing that jumps out is that although the car is mid corner, the artist has got Ronnie steering straight ahead! M.
  6. Thats a fantastic model of a rare subject - looking forward to your next rare civil project!! Malc.
  7. Thanks, Its always interesting to hear the background reasons why! M.
  8. Fantastic!!!! Great start. Well I say start, as Graham says, this is the culmination of a huge amout of research. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. M.
  9. @Moggy Any chance you could post the pictures from ICARE 189? Malc.
  10. Sadly no, and believe me I have looked! There is the Aerotech 1/32 kit, so it may be worth asking John Simonds of Marsh Models (Aerotech) if he has any more info? The other person you could approach is Ralph Pegram whos recent book 'Schneider Trophy Seaplanes and Flying Boats' has mention of the S65 but no more pictures than you see on Google. You could also try contacting The Italian Air Force Museum (Museo Storico dell' Aeronautica Militare Italiana) at Vigna di Valle, Rome to ask if they have any more information? They have quite a few of the Italian Schneider planes on display. If you do find anything please let me know!!! Malc.
  11. I don't want to derail your thread too much, but what sparked your interest in making a model of the Bloody Mary? Its great subject and I am really pleased you are doing it! Malc.
  12. Nice, I shall look forward to your progress with this. There is a project underway to reproduce a full size exact replica, their website has a bunch of great period photos and they have a few youtube videos discussing the project. Malc.
  13. Nice pics, thanks for posting, the SG-38 is interesting. I visited Medlanky a few years ago. Malc.
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