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  1. Hi Badder, I had the same problem, I am running windows 10 and was using Chrome as my browser. The solution is to use MS Edge that comes with win10. Once I changed to Edge all the websites I could not access and the invisible imgur pictures all appeared again. I went through all the same frustrations/checks as you did, - resetting my router, different DNS addy, re-install win10 etc etc nothing worked. Malc.
  2. Hooray!! Niice work, glad you are able to get back on them. Those jigs are a work of art in themselves. Malc.
  3. This looks fantastic, its one of my favorite threads, There is some bloke also doing a Short Crusader - I wish he would restart that also! LOL. Malc.
  4. Nice 126! Over at F1M, a couple of the guys put together a 'spotters guide' (free download PDF) of the 126C2 and it race by race changes, should answer all your questions! http://bit.ly/1oxy29H Malc.
  5. Limester, they look fantastic, I'm in for a set of those when your happy with them! When you get to the bonnet hinge, I was thinking of one of these:- http://www.phoenixmodeldevelopments.com/acatalog/The_Phoenix_Miniature_Hinge_Range.html#aA54 Ref: H100N - second down RH column.
  6. Followed the WIP, fantastic, makes me want to do a sports car instead of F!! My vote is for the Toyota GT One after the bike! Malc.
  7. OK, try this. I will blame you if I get banned....!!! You may have to copy and paste the link addy below in to your browser if the link is not 'live'. No spam, no viruses, promise! http://bit.ly/1oxy29H 126C2 spotters guide http://wolfwr1.free.fr/html/pics/312T4Guide/Ferrari%20312T4%20%20Spotter's%20Guide%20v.1.2.pdf Ferrari 312T4 spotters guide Malc.
  8. Cool. Not sure what the rules are about posting links to other forums on here, so i won't. Log on to F1M, type 'spotters guide' in to the search and its at the bottom of the first page. There is a 312T4 guide as well........ ;-)
  9. Thats bloomin' marvelous. Thanks for showing how to. Surprised not more F1 modellers use this method for chassis and wings. Malc.
  10. Manu, doing a great job. Have you seen the 126C2 'spotters guide' over on F1M? Free download, every chassis, every race, detail changes, lots of pics. Malc.
  11. Your welcome guys. Funnily enough no one takes any pics of the LH side of the engine, including me....! This is all I have collected from t'net. Malc
  12. Limey P, Nice work, wheels look great, I'm going to use your method for mine. Re ref for blower carbs, at Goodwood a few years ago I took these with mine in mind:-
  13. Hillarious, if you put Creative Models post code in to Google, go to maps, in the bottom LH corner of the map there is a pacman link that turns the streets round Creative Models in to a PacMan game! Sorry, I'll get me coat...........
  14. I am no T70 expert, but I believe the descriptions on Bestbalsa website are not entirely right, the rear body for No. 11 was unique for '67 LM, No. 12 had the normal rear body. As you rightly say, the only T70 entry for the '67 1000km DE race was with the 'standard' rear cover. Google is your friend! Look here:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/thehenryford/sets/72157629300692179/ first 4 pics, then scroll down a bit for some more. Malc.
  15. Yes, its very nice, but too expensive for me also...... Right! The engine conversion is for the 6 hours 1000KM at Nurburgring with a standard rear body. http://www.racingsportscars.com/photo/Nurburgring-1967-05-28.html Malc.
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