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  1. Wow, great find. How has it been made (what of?) How were the original logos made? More photos please! Malc.
  2. Malc2

    Model Shops UK

    Thanks, you are doing a great job here, I think you may have this task for life!!! A long time ago, before the internet was a thing, the IPMS issued a pamphlet called 'Shops That Sell Models', it was titled as such because a lot of shops sell models alongside other stuff. I may still have a copy somewhere. Malc.
  3. Malc2

    Model Shops UK

    Great thread! Another one for Brum Tornado books and hobbies (ex Ian Allan) 68-70 Dalton Street, Birmingham B4 7LX and Penn Models 134 Moss Grove Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 9ES Also Cosford Museum shop always have a few kits for sale. @binbrook87 - Would be good if you could update the first post to include all the subsequent additions so there is one up to date list? Malc.
  4. Malc2

    Napier Lion

    Hi Mechanic, A detailed 3 view with dimensions appears in Flight magazine 26 April 1928 page 281. These magazines were available here:- https://www.flightglobal.com/flight-international/flight-magazine-archive Sadly they have been taken down temporarily............. M.
  5. Nice, one of my favourite aircraft. Made my own rubber power flying model from the Aeromodeller 3 views. There is a good book about Art Chesters racing planes called 'The Art Chester Story' by Caler and Underwood, comes up on the bay quite often. Malc.
  6. Great finish, I like the offset stand, it adds to the illusion of flight. Great job, thanks for sharing and looking forward to following the Macchi (and Curtiss!) M.
  7. Fantastic, it looks wonderful! M.
  8. This is superb, I'm not sure I could bring myself to cut up the wonderful Vector resin engine though! Looking forward to seeing it complete - even though I will miss your updates! (onward with the Curtiss?) Malc.
  9. Wow, holy grail. Can you share it? Does RP have any more unseen S4 info? M.
  10. This is fantastic, its nice to see a conversion of the Airfix Bentley, thanks for showing it, looking forward to your next project! M.
  11. Followed this from the beginning, its superb. I keep re-reading the beginning about making the engine cowling and fairings - amazing! Malc.
  12. What fantastic images, thanks for posting! Malc.
  13. Hi Badder, I had the same problem, I am running windows 10 and was using Chrome as my browser. The solution is to use MS Edge that comes with win10. Once I changed to Edge all the websites I could not access and the invisible imgur pictures all appeared again. I went through all the same frustrations/checks as you did, - resetting my router, different DNS addy, re-install win10 etc etc nothing worked. Malc.
  14. Hooray!! Niice work, glad you are able to get back on them. Those jigs are a work of art in themselves. Malc.
  15. This looks fantastic, its one of my favorite threads, There is some bloke also doing a Short Crusader - I wish he would restart that also! LOL. Malc.
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