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  1. Looking good! Which brand of Oaty biscuit goodness transfers did you go for in the end? Malc.
  2. Thanks, certainly does! Its always interesting to hear how the 'hidden' aspects are tackled. I would never have thought of using double sided tape! M.
  3. Hi Ron, Thats looking great, all the extra details really make it look busy - in a good way of course! What glue do you use to fix the panels in place and do you localy remove the paint to get a plastic to plastic glue joint? Malc.
  4. This should be interesting, I have not seen one of these built before. Malc.
  5. The replica had two 1.3L Suzuki Hayabusa 4 cyl motorbike engines, one driving each prop. One of the original 50B aircraft engines (No7) that was used to design the fuselage around is in the museum at Prescott UK and has never been restored. Also in the Prescott museum is a colour chip (approx 4in x 6in from the wing fabric) donated by Don Lefferts in 1981, from this I assumed that the aircraft was originally painted? But could be from their restoration attempt? Malc.
  6. Hi Chris, yes once seen I can't unsee something like this! The downside is - seeing things stalls a lot of builds............................ M.
  7. Wow, thanks, how did you find those?! However they don't look in great condition - maybe the first release? Holding out hope that the Rotodyne does get re-re-re-released. Malc.
  8. Cheers Ron! Its funny, making the extra details, improving what you get, and indeed making the model as a whole is where I get my pleasure from, once the model is finished and on the shelf, I find I hardly even look at it! Malc.
  9. I have a 2000ish release Rotodyne with no decals, does anyone know if Airfix could be persuaded to sell the transfers separately? Malc.
  10. Afternoon all, heads down for some more progress updates:- You know how this goes, had to do the same on the Lotus 101 and the Tyrrell 006 and no doubt all future resin F1 models I make, clearance had to be made for the drivers gear knob. You don’t want to be chafing your knuckles while shifting your knob at 100mph do you? Position marked After One detail I wanted to capture was the cuffs on the lower wishbone made from Milliput, so blobbed a piece in place and after some careful sanding. In place Different angle Back at the rear, rockers made for the dampers Gearbox painted silver then black then brown. After looking at the photos in F1 Modeling, I found the wing mounts should not have the curve forwards at the bottom, so I extended the gearbox backwards, now the rear wing mounts will have to be remade – again - sigh…. Next up is getting some top coat on the body Comments welcome! Malc.
  11. Hi Nick, Does this mean you will have a table at Telford, or will you be on a club stand? Malc.
  12. Interesting! I have had great results from Arctic decals, I send him the art work or a picture and he posts the decals back, but I guess Finland to Oz may be expensive for a few decals! Malc.
  13. Thanks Ian, have to give up on that then! In the last episode of Dominic Chinea on youtube, he visits Bicester scramble on 10th October. At 7.46 mins in there is a stripped Bentley engine on a stand with an Amherst Villiers supercharger on the bench behind! Malc.
  14. Oh goody, an update! Looks great, where did you get the decals from? M.
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