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  1. Kids need exercise these days at school...Any teachers watching,this is what you need at assembley...
  2. I don't know if this counts but it's classic,iconic and hilarious...
  3. Drums and guitar this time (and Blondie again)...
  4. Not instantly recognizable but like Kraftwerk you know who it is...
  5. One of the last scene's from one of the best series ever shown...
  6. The same as Greg Lake,couple of seconds guitar and you know it instantly...
  7. on a walkman takes (remember the day's when music was music and not drivel)....
  8. If it is it gives a whole new meaning to 'Rat Truck',yeah is that the one that Edd finished as a mobile take away in the UK as i stopped watching it when they went to the States...
  9. The Citroen and the Mini are bordering on sacrilege,what a waste....
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