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  1. It was done brilliantly in 1922 but under the name Nosforatu because he didn't have the licence and the stories surrounding Max Schrek (also remade in '78 with Klaus Kinski and a great film called 'Shadow of the Vampire' which told the story of making the film Nosforatu) made it,and in '79 with Frank Langella in a more romantic version but isn't it starting to flog a dead horse remaking stuff you've already done because you have run out of ideas....
  2. My biggest gripe with it's it's not even close to the book,given the millions they rake in it should've been better,,, As for the new Dracula that's another one they'll mess up...The beeb did Dracula in '77 with Louis Jourdan and it was perfect so why bother remaking it....Unlike WotW it's faithful to the book...
  3. Good grief diminutive's an understatement,lovely job....
  4. What a load of drivel,another ruined chance by the Beeb.....
  5. That's a beautiful job,just a thought but how a very tired Traction Avant in here....
  6. There's a coincidence,i saw one at Vazon last week for sale and wondered what the hell it was (i'll go and have a look to see if it's still there)...
  7. with other local witches
  8. That's a lovely job,it reminds me of a dio that used to be on here called 'Baby be Brave' which was the recovery of a B-17...I hope whoever did it sees this and could repost it....
  9. That was the glory days of Punk,in the mid 70's there was a group of them used to meet by the town church over here and i was in awe....Mohicans mainly but all the different styles of the same hair amazed me (i was only about 10 but i can still see them now)...
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