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  1. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    Dirndls help,but ya know (tempted to post a few photo's but i like it here)...
  2. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    It's not that bad,watch the action man one (surprised they didn't use YMCA for the music)...
  3. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    One bonus of it is Oktoberfest,big jugs and beer...
  4. Vince1159

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    without a pint of (pork scratchin's are the best)
  5. Vince1159

    28mm Mongol Cavalry

    Fantastic job on that size Jim ...
  6. Vince1159

    What have you purchased / been given

    Ha Ha Ha! Boom! Boom!....
  7. Vince1159

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Ritchie Valens,i haven't seen La Bamba with Lou Diamond Phillips for years,have to get a copy...
  8. Vince1159

    When the Wehrmacht and US Army Fought the SS

    Pete,google lipizzaner horse rescue the story's on there...
  9. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    Coffee = Kettle,jar of Nescafe,tea spoon,mug and milk (end of,no matter how posh it might sound)...
  10. Beautifull job,i love the B1-B next to her as well....
  11. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    That makes me feel even worse,we don't have home deliveries...
  12. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    How much is your fresh/normal milk....
  13. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    I think Jersey milk is sold in the UK at £1.10 a litre so ours should be around the same price there as well....Hopefully Laurie'll see this and say how much it is in Jersey....
  14. Vince1159

    Airfix 1\72 Tornado Gr1

    Lovely job i'm more of a piston fan but when it comes to looks the Tornado wins hands down (the 1/32 must have been a monster)...
  15. Vince1159

    Grump Britain.

    I think petrol's about £1.30 over here,the problem is that the dairy's states owned and badly run,also no one's allowed to import milk from the UK so basically we are stuffed...