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  1. Lovely job and a fantastic colour....
  2. Vince1159

    Reverse Parking Sensors for Mercedes Benz

    Who needs sensors on Mercs
  3. Vince1159

    French Line Grenadiers

    Nice job Ratch and great photo's as well....
  4. Vince1159

    Has the heat...

    People usually tell me i look half asleep anyway so who'd notice.....
  5. Another great dio Cadman,lovely job...
  6. Vince1159

    Grump Britain replacement

    Definitely,but it gets political....
  7. Vince1159

    Grump Britain replacement

    Lol,me working for tourism (or finance/banks)...Yep born,bred and proud....
  8. Vince1159

    Grump Britain replacement

    I can't speak for the other islands but moving over here's a mugs game,an overpriced pile of granite....
  9. Vince1159

    Grump Britain replacement

    Sorry Beardie i've edited it,should've been a litre....
  10. Vince1159

    Grump Britain replacement

    I know that feeling well,around 1.80 for a loaf and the same for a litre of milk,yet petrol's £1.30 a litre (somethings are certainly screwed up somewhere)....
  11. Vince1159

    World Cup 2018

    One of the best finals i've seen for a long time,two great goals from France,three from Croatia and a penalty that was a bit iffy....Not only that when they brought the cup out they played 'Ecstasy of Gold'... Edit: France ....
  12. Vince1159

    What have you purchased / been given

    Marlborough - Richard Holmes.