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  1. God that brings back memories from 01,they were on Gran Turismo and they spoke to each other as you raced except they were built by Toyota and called Pods...Scary really.....
  2. Skymarks 757-200 1/150 Icelandair 'Hekla Aurora'....I've got her in 1/400 1/200 and i was in the right place at the right time for the Skymarks with the price...
  3. It'll probably be a very long wait even if designers had any imagination when they built petrol ones...
  4. Same here keef,i just need to hear the sound of rumblin' V8's from the States and classics from all over the Europe (back in the 70's when i were a lad)..
  5. Another two Skymarks again,A321's.. Delta. American (Medal of Honor).
  6. Just found this if anyone wants to watch...Strangely relaxing and sometimes hilarious...
  7. This version for me Sd.. Whilst we're in France,not much to see here except pure talent..
  8. Back in the 80's i and a lot of others had jacked up Escorts etc and i thought they were the dogs nuts,see one today the owners a muppet,even the Chally i bought back early 90's was jacked with metalflake paint and had side pipes in a previous life..
  9. I reckon you'll be better of building Transformers,you see some of the cars they've modified is nothing short of sacrilege...
  10. Not to mention he doesn't need an alarm,any self respecting thief would just walk away because they wouldn't have a clue as to what they're letting themselves in for...
  11. Same here Cff,i'm also a big fan of the Shadows but this track is special...
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