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  1. Glad to see it's become a home already,what's the large door on the left for,a horse....
  2. Back in the day it was sacraligious but these days it's getting difficult to race them because of all the computers/electrics,as for the petrolheads kids wouldn't know where to start these days,give 'em a carb to tune or a cam to balance...
  3. Dvd's from the charity shop,classics i didn't have... The Blues Brothers Gone with the Wind Lawrence of Arabia...
  4. They are a bit on the pricey side for a good one but the main problem is over here we have an autocross club ever since the sixties which means everything gets raced on the beach,Jersey doesn't and is full of classics.... Just to give you an idea in the mid 80's i've seen MkI/II/III of all Fords,Imp,Minx, V8 Pilots (everything between A and Z basically)and even a 58 Humber Hearse that was in mint condtion it still brings a tear to my eye 35+ years later...
  5. For crying out loud i feel sorry for whoever was in that!...
  6. Three cars i've always wanted to own one of these beauties a DS and a 2CV,i've had 2CV's but not the others worse luck...
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