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  1. Jay I don' t think any of us need correcting - there are obviously different sources which say, marginally, different things and until somebody can get hold of some official documentation making it clear we won't know for certain. I'm going to stop worrying about it and get back to modelling them! May the Phorce be with you all Iain
  2. (Non Phantom obsessives look away now!) Just adding a bit to our discussion on the designation of the Japanese recon a/c and whether it's RF-4E or RF-4EJ. I have been going through a book called Defenders of Nippon: F-4 Phantom II Published by Kaburaya Books in 2002 authored by, Peter Fearis, Peter Scott and Glenn Sands who are, or were, members of the IPMS (UK) Japanese aircraft Special Interest Group. They state that the a/c were delivered with the designation RF-4Es but on the upgrade from the APQ-99 radar to the AN/APQ-172 radar became RF-4EJs. The fighter F-4EJs which were converted to recon platforms became the RF-4EJ Kais. The plot thickens.
  3. Defenders of Nippon: F-4Phantom II Published by Kaburaya Books in 2002 There is no ISBN number I am afraid. The book is a series of colour profiles which according to the authors have all been checked against photographic evidence with no guess work. I believe the authors, Peter Fearis, Peter Scott and Glenn Sands are, or were, members of the IPMS (UK) Japanese aircraft Special Interest Group.
  4. I have just checked the Bicenntenial kit; no crew figures.
  5. Giorgio - you might be right there. Most of what I have seen refers to the original recce bird as the RF-4EJ. However I have just had a quick look through the KoKu-Fan Illustrated No.3 Phantom. While it is in Japanese, I can pick out the designation F-4EJ for the fighter version but the recce a/c is referred to as the RF-4E (no J). You live and learn.
  6. No confusion Rick, I was referring to the original build RFs. My source (Spirit in the Skies -World Air Power Journal 1992) quotes the number of F-4EJs converted to RF-4EJ Kai specification as 17. Interestingly (for me anyway ) the same source says that (original) RF-4 EJs which received the same electronic updates as those 17 EJs were also given the suffix “Kai” meaning you had 2 different models of the Phantom sharing a designation - RF-4EJ Kai. edit. The same source says the original RF-4EJs were “almost identical to the RF-4C, the only difference being deletions eg the RHAW suite” - which is either a typo or means they had different engines to the F-4EJs. More research I think. edit again. the RF-4EJ does not have a gun but the RF-4EJ Kai might.
  7. The Japanese ordered 140 F-4EJs, 2 were built by MCAIR, 4 were built by MCAIR but assembled in Japan by Mitsubishi and the remaining 134 were built by Mitsubishi. The RF-4EJs (14) were all built by MCAIR at St. Louis.
  8. That clears things a little; 2 boxings with one for the original F-4EJ and one for the Kai. As Hannants don't list Finemolds as one of the manufacturers they stock does anybody know of a UK seller?
  9. By using Halfords white acrylic primer and then dirtying up as necessary.
  10. I got 2 copies of the Tiger F-5 for £20 in total. It is a simple kit which goes together quite well but has deep panel lines. All went well for me until I got to put the canopy on and it just looked odd (boxed in the loft at present so can.t be more specific); if you do it with canopy open it’s ok. Decals are good. Depends if you want perfection or a straight forward bit of relaxing, non-competition modelling.
  11. How do I explain to my better half (her description!) that all the money we have saved by not being able to go on holiday this year can be recycled into Finemold Phantoms?
  12. Who was it said the British and Americans are the same people separated by a common language? We could talk afterburner and reheat too; if it's a we're tallking about Phantom it's 'burner, if it's a Lightning it's reheat.
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