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  1. Plenty of Phantoms to choose from. The Hasegawa kit, although now dated, is still a very good build with or without all the available extras depending on what you want.
  2. Is that a reboxed Hasegawa kit?
  3. A Saro Princess Flying boat because he certainly liked the yous ladies.
  4. iainpeden

    RF-4E Phantom

    I suspect Andre is correct - the 14 RF-4EJs were built in St Louis, not under licence in Japan. I have had a quick flick through my pictures and all the Japanese ones have the later nose.
  5. iainpeden

    RF-4E Phantom

    It's always been a bit of a conundrum because there are examples of RF-4Bs and Cs with both noses as well as the E However this quote from Spirit in he Sky might help. "RF-4Es have been delivered with both recce nose shapes. For example The German aircraft with the angular nose of the RF-4B and early RF-4C and the Greek, Israeli and South Korean aircraft with the more stream lined nose." I suspect the original Turkish ones (the ones with the later slatted wing) would have the rounder nose because only they and the Greek ones had the outer wing slates of later Es. (if you get the logic). At least some of the Japanese ones had the sleeker nose (eg 47-6902 and 57-6909)
  6. Personally I prefer the Esci one, now available through an Italeri boxing. As Nigel says you are looking at aftermarket decals. I think microscale/Superscale did them but that is ,literally, decades ago.
  7. Hi Gareth The Brazilian newspaper article on this page http://www.vulcans.co.uk/blackbuck.htm makes me suspect it was the outer Shrike which hung up - despite the fact the newspaper saying it's a Sidewinder. I also seem to remember that most refuelling probes have a deliberate weak link so that the probe breaks if things go wrong. It makes sense that the tip is the weak area and consequently what broke off. All the best Iain (it'll look good in Thrifty Blue!)
  8. I think some early F-4s had gull gray rudders.
  9. There's a lot of related information on this thread: https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=79313 Note that ZE350 didn't have the ecm fairings on the intakes and only 3 of the a/c underwent a repaint.
  10. Andres in the UK we tend to use a foam oven cleaner called MR Muscle. You need to wear gloves and it is best used outside. Spray the sprues and put them into a plastic bag. Leave for about an hour and then rinse off with cold water. Not sure what is available in Spain but you might find something similar. I would suggest trying out what you get on some sprue runner first.
  11. Gareth I have a spare tin (well 3/4s of it) of X317 if you want it. I might have the DACO blue if you let me know the code for it. Let me have your address (via PM) and I'll get it in the post. Iain
  12. Ratch, I am finding that my Klear is a bit less liquid than before; have you any advice on what to thin it with?
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