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  1. iainpeden

    A very understanding wife !!

    Reminds me of the Trotters' adventures with the propane filled "adult" dolls.
  2. iainpeden

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    I knew that (oops)
  3. iainpeden

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    Spanish slatted RFs would suggest new build RF-4Es; all my info suggests that all the Spanish a/c were former USAF RF-4Cs. Would love to be proved wrong. (PS 8+8 =16 - I knew that number came into it somewhere!)
  4. iainpeden

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    Larry I'd love to see the slatted wing RFs you mention. My understanding was that Greece and Turkey had 16 (new) RFs each and those were the only ones made; you would add to the global F-4 knowledge bank if it can be proved otherwise. Iain
  5. iainpeden

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    As ever get photos of the a/c you want to model. You're right about the different jet exhausts. The main thing with the Spanish ones was the refuelling probe they plumbed into the system behind the cockpit. Hi-Decal (I think) do a decal sheet with an anniversary jet on with a gold tail and spine on one side and black on the other.
  6. iainpeden

    Which 1/72 Victor kit

    I'm going to take a different slant on this one. The Matchbox/Revell Victor is 30+ years old but the one I have in the stash is still crisply moulded( Revell boxing). Once made it also looks fine from a couple of feet away. The kit already has basic tanking equipment on the sprues. The Airfix one will cost you c.£50, the Matchbo/Revell one less than £20. If it's your first big model I'd go for the Matchbox one and use it to learn on.
  7. iainpeden

    RAF Phantom R.3 (RF-4E)

    In typical British fashion it was cheaper to leave the cockpits as they were and slap a bit of plumbing on the outside.
  8. iainpeden

    RAF Phantom R.3 (RF-4E)

    Phantomr3 011 by Iain Peden, on Flickr Phantomr3 005 by Iain Peden, on Flickr RAF R.3 Phantom When F-4 Phantom production ended in 1978, McDonnel Douglas were left with a small number of Iranian Phantoms which they were not allowed to deliver due to sanctions imposed after the Iranian revolution and the associated siege of the US embassy in Tehran; these became known as “The Iranian Stores” and took up space at the back of one of the St. Louis hangars. The introduction of the Tornado GR.1A was intended to modernise the RAF’s reconnaissance capability allowing the Phantoms serving with 2 and 41 squadrons to convert to the air defence role and the Canberra PR.7s and PR.9s to be retired. However software problems with the GR.1A were proving insurmountable and it was realised a capability gap existed – something seen as more important then than it is now. The Canberras were worn out and the air defence units needed all the airframes they could get. A British Aerospace executive happened to be visiting St. Louis to discuss the proposed Super Phantom upgrade and noticed the “spare” airframes. Realising that these could be the answer to the RAF’s reconnaissance needs, and looking to make a quick buck for Bae, he organised a private sale – company to company – of the RF-4Es which then sold them on to the RAF at a distinct mark up. A few modifications were made, RWR on top of the fin (but no ILS), an additional data link behind the canopy and most noticeable a refuelling probe plumbed into the USAF system similar to that used by the Spanish Air Force on their RF-4Cs. Wiring to allow the carriage of the EMI pod on the centreline station was also added. Unconfirmed reports say the HIAC pod could also be carried but no photographic evidence exists. 13 squadron retired its Canberras at RAF Wyton on the 1st of January and stood up again on the 1st April 1982 at Wattisham (where it gave useful experience in the servicing of J-79 engined aircraft before the F-4Js arrived) The serials given were in the XV520 series; these had been put aside for an additional buy of FGR.2s which never materialised. The sharper eyed may notice that this aircraft appears to carry the serial XV495. Nothing to do with a misinformation programme, simply a point in time when the RAF where beginning to use stickers for everything rather than painting markings on and some poor erk got the wrong stickers out of the box. (and he didn’t do it very well, hence the silvering). The Phantom RF-4E (UK) – sometimes labelled as the Phantom R.3 – was the final version to serve with the airforce, being withdrawn in 1996 and sold to Malta, by which time they had all been painted in grey overall. (This also explains why the F-4J (UK) were so titled as F-4 Phantom F.4 is a little convoluted) The model itself is the 1/72 Esci RF-4C/E with refuelling probe and blade aerial from the Kinetic Harrier T4 (1/48). Decals are from the spares box. I have still to add the recon nose windows and the EMI recce pod. Phantomr3 003 by Iain Peden, on Flickr Phantomr3 001 by Iain Peden, on Flickr
  9. iainpeden

    Framing Completed builds

    Years ago, at airshows, there was somebody selling framed models. He basically did half the kit so the wing stuck out at 90 degrees to the wall. That way he got 2 models for sale out of one kit.
  10. Many a true word spoken in jest! Not a bad idea either - patent it quickly.
  11. iainpeden

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    I am a little ahead of you. RAF RF-4E (one of the undelivered Iranian ones which we bought to supplement the Tornadoes), overall grey/green in 13 sqd markings. It's half decalled with no stores yet.
  12. iainpeden

    Airfix ecranoplan!

    I did a model, I think the Revell one, years ago of the Erakoplan, and finished it in the Iranian Navy 3-blue scheme - just a suggestion.
  13. iainpeden

    Airfix ecranoplan!

    Multiple rocket launchers on top?
  14. iainpeden

    Airfix 1:72 Phantom FG.1

    A beautiful build, Sam. Having found it quite a tricky build I wonder what you did different to me (apart from inate ability of course!)
  15. iainpeden

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    James, about 10 years ago I attended a talk by Trevor Snowden where he said that the rule of thumb for moulding costs was £1000 per part. Had Airfix missed a piece out I might agree with you but the intake ramps and the outlets above the exhausts are included so just missing a bit of detail wouldn’t save much if any money. I think the reps on the Airfix stand at Telford might be in for an ear bashing considering the quality of other recent releases.