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  1. With regard to radomes being changed around. 56 painted a radome with a VF-111 sharkmouth on the FGR.2 displayed at Greenham for the Phantom Meet in 1983. Later that year (possibly '84) the same radome was on display at Finningley but on a different machine.
  2. "I've already got aftermarket decals in the stash and it would be a waste not to use them." "Just one to complete my line up of RAF/USN/USMC Phantoms."
  3. The finish (from ultra matt to satin) could affect the shade of the gray.
  4. Model Junction in Bury St Edmunds had one in the window on Friday morning and they do mail order if anyone is desperate. Super shop, very well established - my only link is an occasional visit when I'm down that way.
  5. A good 24 hours for me. Last night about 9 an RAF Herc went over followed 5 minutes later by an Atlas. 2.10 on the dot this afternoon, Red Arrows right over the house with a slight formation change over the garden and a Crowsnest Merlin this afternoon. (Great Oakley on the southern edge of Corby)
  6. Interesting thought that it was an experimental camouflage scheme, especially as the RAF went black with their trainers to increase visibility. I'd always assumed it was to show VX-4 were special. Mind you, the idea does bring some interesting potential colour schemes to mind - VF-74 in black with red markings for instance, VF-84 and the Jolly Roger in white ......... hmmm.
  7. @bar side Not sure regarding the thickness question - maybe one extended, one retracted? Anyway I have found some pictures of the slatted wing in a Detail and Scale; pm your address and i'll copy them and send them too you. Bear in mind I'm off to Fairford early Friday so be quick!! Iain
  8. looks like you have the bits you need. Enjoy
  9. @bar side I'll start my answer with the caveat that it depends on personal levels of accuracy required; for me, if it looks nearly right I'm happy! First, the slats on the wing; not quite so simple as it first appears but if you take the same route as Esci with their 1/72 kit it looks ok. They provided the 3 underwing actuators (different sizes) and a slat to glue to the front of the outer wing panel. Looks fine. It also needs a fence basically on the wing fold on the upper service. The tailplanes are slotted not slatted (to be pedantic) - basically a strip of metal fixed along the front of the tailplane which restricted over rotation on take off. Slats move. The gun was removed from the E and replaced by the bulge on at the front of the gun housing and the pod was added to the top of the fin. That's the basic stuff. The radome on the G was slightly different to the E )I think) and there were various antennae. Obviously it's your personal preference as to detail. Colours are easy - all available by Humbrol, Xtracolor/Xtracylix - let me know if I can help further. Happy researching on the most capable of Phantoms.
  10. @bar side. I can't tell from the photos but I recall the AMT "G" is provided with an unslatted wing and the Esci one is certainly moulded that way. Consequently you can't make a G from either kit as all of the Weasels had the slatted wing. (and I'm not a rivet counter but it's like building a Spitfire with a Hurricane wing) Colours are much easier to sort out.
  11. @RMP2 A fair point which I hadn't noticed; it would have been helpful if they put the code letter on the nosewheel door! Edit: I have just come across this photo of XV409:H on display. Grey tail and black code. I doubt the tail would have been repainted once white. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/XV409
  12. Personally I look at those two hanger photos and see a grey tail - it's the same a/c outside as "H" which clearly is grey.
  13. @Tbolt, possible/probable although I do have a picture of 153070 - as the only EF-4B - with the long fairing on the shoulder of the starboard intake. (VAQ-33)
  14. IIRC the B/N a/c had the longer fairing while the J/S a/c had the shorter one.
  15. @canberra kid, that paint info is fascinating and further explains the colours the Js arrived in. Are you aware of BPAG who own one of each of the three RAF variants and who are aiming to restore all of them? I'm sure your information would be invaluable. https://bpag.co.uk/
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