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  1. G-AMPO (Air Anglia {?} DC-3) at the Waddington Airshow in the very late 70s.
  2. My father-in-law served on HMS Dido in the Med and the Russian convoys; unfortunately he's not about to ask about camo.
  3. All come with Geiger counter included!
  4. Anybody want to buy 20 Esci phantoms? (without checking I'm not sure if that VMFAT-101 has been available before???)
  5. Prince Philip served in the Mediterranean and later in the Pacific on HMS Whelp as First Officer. My father-in-law also served on the Malta convoys and later, as a stoker, on the Whelp; this included being in Tokyo Bay at the signing of the surrender. In 1992 HM The Queen and Prince Philip led the ceremony to inaugurate the Siege Bell at the entrance to Valetta Harbour; my parents-in-law also attended. About 6 months before I wrote to Buckingham Palace that they would be there and received a reply that they should make themselves known. At the parade as the Royal party walked by, Jack cal
  6. I managed to use an enamel thinner in an acrylic paint a while ago - might be something along those lines?
  7. Did you wash the model before painting to get rid of all the release agent? I've found some models from the same firm seem to be saturated in the stuff whereas others appear not to be affected.
  8. Love the authentic 1980s 'tash on the pilot.
  9. A trick to clean up old decals which have yellowed is to tape them, "business side" out, to a window for a weeek or so - the UV "can" get rid of the yellowing.
  10. @Selwyn - must be 3 butties at least - we are talking about a triple ejector rack after all. @canberra kid - that schematic is fantastic to see and answers questions I didn't even know I had!
  11. Last 2 questions (probably). Was this a standard piece of kit across all nations or UK only and was it a semi-permanent fit - maybe only being removed for servicing for example?
  12. I'm going to have to crawl under XV474 at Duxford to make sense of this one; once we get back to being able to volunteer. (yes, I am that person who takes something apart, reassembles it and has a few bits left over!)
  13. Phanks Rob does that mean the Aero27A was an internal mounting point?
  14. There's a picture in Dick Ward's book of a NASU F-4K with a CBTE with 3 bombs attached on the porter outer wing pylon. Was the centre line fuel tank and/or the EMI recce pod attached via the CLMWA pylon or did they have their own dedicated fixings?
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