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  1. If you work through the aviation photo forum you will find that @Old Viper Tester has put up many, many pictures of F-4Gs in all 3 schemes.
  2. Look out for Richard L. Ward's book (Lightning Squadrons of the RAF) - lots of photographic evidence in that. When based at Leconfield with F.2s and T.4 the baremetal 92 squadron a/c had blue tails and spines (Roundel Blue or Oxford Blue) and arrow head markings around the fuselage roundel. It looks like on transfer to Germany with F.2As (square tails) the squadron markings had changed to the checker board pattern. There was speculation about the actual green used as it looked different to standard BS Dark Green but I'm pretty sure it was the standard colour with a combination of the slab sided Lightning causing light to fall differently and constant cleaning with WD40.
  3. Gene, I'm all for dry fitting and careful planning but isn't putting a whole kit together to test a few decals a bit obsessive? (asks he with 185 F-4s!)
  4. And I think it will be at the Duxford Show on the 18th/19th.
  5. The Sea King came from this organisation: https://www.historichelicopters.com/
  6. @Tim Moff - you might find this useful. She is now at Kemble - looking very weathered but part of a great project. https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=79313
  7. Great news on what must have been a challenging decision. Can I clarify if IPMS members will need to advance book a ticket (understand it's still free for us) for you to control numbers?
  8. Whenever I paint those areas on an F-4 I brush paint and start with a tin of silver, one of black, one of brown and one of blue and mix colours. Just remember that Black Mike is now clean and most of that area would be very mucky in service - best reproduced by running a lit candle (carefully) up and down for the sooty effect.
  9. I use the weights they use to balance tyres; the ones I get have a sticky side so it's just take off the protective paper a stick. I've been using them for 10 years or so and no problems.
  10. I'm sure you are placing them on to a gloss surface. I am about half way through decaling my oceanic camo F-4 and did wonder how the multi-linked decals would go on. However, I glossed over the paint with brushed on Klear, dip the decals for 10 seconds then just slide them onto the model with a brush which has only a little Klear on it. So far no silvering at all and they look painted on, but I haven't yet washed off the decal adhesive. In all seriousness I wonder if it's down to the quality of the water - or rather the mineral content; I'm in a UK hard water area.
  11. The Museum of Army Flying did an excellent series of lockdown lectures, they are all worth listening to and this one links to the topic thread: https://armyflying.com/what-s-on/lockdown-lectures/double-agents-double-crosses-spies-in-history-fact-fiction/
  12. Letraset used to do all sorts of rub down lettering in a variety of colours and fonts.
  13. I asked the same question and the manageress said they just could not get hold of Humbrol and the Airfix supply wasn't great. I think the supply of Humbrol paint has been an issue for a long time as they have (had) the policy of supplying set batches rather than colours that were selling more quickly.
  14. For those who don't know the original painting was not of the whole fin. Take that panel line which runs parallel with the front of the finflash and the black went back from that.
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