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  1. You can use RAF light a/c grey as well. At least 1 model paint manufacturer does.
  2. Waiting for paint to dry on the latest F-4 so I thought I’d try to bring this conversation together. The first key point is that the 2 pictures initially posted are not service a/c; the QF-4E is one of the drones painted to represent a former Phantom scheme, the other is the Collings F-4D (actual 65-0749) marked as 66-7463 c. 1972 and however good the paint scheme ……. The first USAF Phantoms (F-110A/ F4-C and RF-4Cs) were delivered in the USN scheme of Light Gull Gray (FS36440) over white. The Vietnam War led to the need for camouflage for many a/c @fubar57 is correct in
  3. Julian, that picture is of the Collings Foundation a/c which has been refurbished and repainted- be great to see it as the star exhibit in Gloucestershire in July! I have just been checking through D&S 1 (F-4C/D and Rf-4C) and have found a picture of an RF-4C with the extra dark green camo. She is RF-4C-23-MC 64-1066 assigned to the Minnesota ANG. Tail codes are all white, she is covered in stencils (white on the green, black on the tan) and the fin cap has a band on - probably green, bordered in gold. Arrestor Hook warning is applied just in front of the stab and she has,
  4. Stefan I have just done a quick look at a few books, (including Airdoc USAFE Phantoms, C&M 13 post Vietnam F-4Es and Vliegen voor de Vrede (USAF in Europe) and this may help. For what you call the SEA 2 scheme I can find pictures of F-4Es with PN, OS, RS and SJ tail codes; F-4Gs with SP code but no USAF RF-4Cs. The only short nose Phantom I could find with the "extra green" was the Spanish F-4C at Greenham Common IAT in 1977 and that was not uniform across the Spanish fleet. The 2nd picture you post is one of the heritage jets specifically repainted in a former F-4 s
  5. I'd hazard a guess that SEA 1 was to the original paint scheme and that most Vietnam era a/c were so-painted. Afraid it'll be an a/c by a/c search of photos to get an exact answer but I can't recall seeing an RF-4 with the extra dark green (now prepared to be proved wrong!)
  6. Al Check my 2 posts just above _ I'm pretty sure they give a fair reason for the Lightning F.2A green issue. Dick Ward on his Modeldecal sheets also gave it as standard Dark Green. I also think it's something to do with the slab sided design of the fuselage and how light reflects off it. Pm if you want me to go further. Iain
  7. Hi Ian,


    Can I have this one please:- 


    Hasegawa F-4G Phantom  PT9.             Lizard and Gray schemes


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    2. Gundylunch


      Thanks Ian !! - Will do,



    3. Gundylunch


      F-4G arrived safely today in pristine condition !! - Many thanks for selling !!



    4. iainpeden


      I look forward to photos of the finished article!

      Many thanks


  8. The new Italeri decal sheets are pretty good for both the F-4C and FG.1 Phantom boxings so that could be good news. The Esci E/F was available in at least 3 boxing all with 3 or 4 decal options and the ability to model the original and later slatted wings. The Italeri F/G was also boxed by Tamiya and has probably the best slatted wing available. Whichever kit it is, it's most welcome as long nose Phantoms are in short supply - as are RFs
  9. I was heard that the tone of green on the Lightnings was caused by regular washing down with copious amounts of WD40 - if that was tried as a weathering technique I wonder if there'd be a model left?
  10. Unlike Jamie I'm not an expert on these things (no sycophancy just true!) but I think a few things have been missed in this developing discussion. First, I believe that the underlying formulations of paint - the "paint technology" if you like - has changed over the years and this has led to differences in hue/shade/tone of what is meant to be the same colour. Next, for modelling purposes, the effect of scale colour - which can be argued about endlessly. Then there is the actual application of the colour on the a/c - I'm thinking of the F-4Es at Alconbury show in 1984(?) - all us
  11. Fujimi Spey Phantom all the way, unless you want to add half the plastic in the box to the landfill.
  12. The McAuslan books are hilarious and worth both reading cover to cover and dipping in to. I'd also recommend Mr American by George MacDonald Fraser - set in Edwardian times - a great story and a great read. if you like detective stories with a difference, the Bernie Gunter books by Philip Kerr are superb. The stories dip from the Weimar republic through the 2nd WW to the 1950s; they link history to fiction. The information about various real characters at the end of each book give a worrying insight into how many former Nazis ended up in positions of power in what became the E
  13. That's great. If you decide to display her as she is today you'll need to bend the front pitot tube abit - it was either run into something or some horrible child decide to hang off it!
  14. Go to Halfords and get a yellow spray can.
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