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  1. Hi Folks, Don't know if this has been mentioned before I came across a brilliant reference for anyone building the Airfix 1/72 kit or any other model of this subject. You can find it online at: Panoptic Motion Severn Class Lifeboat virtual tour virtual tour You can walk around (virtually) both above and below decks including the wheelhouse, engine room and survivor spaces plus on the flying bridge the Y boat is uncovered. Far too much info to be incorporated into the Airfix kit I'm currently building but maybe next time... Phil
  2. When I came across Ebbro's forthcoming 1/20 Lotus 33 on HobbyLink Japan a couple of weeks ago, I preordered one and in a rush of blood to the head, I backordered one each of Nunu's 1/20 McLaren MP4/2C kits & the accompanying detail set. It'll be a while, I told myself, before the credit card takes the hit. Well, the while was a short one. The McLaren stuff now sits in my private warehouse at HLJ! In other news, my nice postie did deliver a parcel yesterday which slipped through Royal Mail's system with no VAT & handling fee. It contained a Fujimi 1/20 FW14B & a Lotus 97T. They took 3 months exactly by surface mail after Hobby Search cleared their postal backload in March. Am I now expected to build some of this stuff? Phil.
  3. I've never needed to use Revell's clearly excellent service. I have, however, had good experiences with Airfix's customer service. The decals in my first issue Seafire FR46/FR47 disintegrated years ago so when the kit was re-released a while back, I emailed Airfix asking to buy a sheet from the second issue. Lo and behold, I received the sheet a couple of weeks later with a lovely hand written compliments slip saying there was no charge and they hoped I'd enjoy completing my model. I had a similar pleasant experience when I asked to buy a sheet to double up the notoriously translucent decals on their Severn Class lifeboat. Like a lot of people, that kind of service goes a long way with me. Also, as a good business knows, its a lot cheaper to keep a customer than it is to attract a new one. Thank you Airfix! Phil
  4. Hi all, I'm told I'll be late for my own funeral! I know this thread ended a long time ago but I have just discovered my favourite Modeldecal detail of all time. While perusing Set 98 for the 2 Sqdn GR1 I am building, I noticed a spelling error on one of the stencils. "RESCUE" is spelled "RESOUE". Aha thought I! A rare Modeldecal error until I read the Jaguar photo caption in the set; "... and if you spot a spelling error in decal 10... that's the way it was on the real aircraft. If you want authenticity...!" I always think of Scale Models' Geoff Prentice's comment that he wasn't supposed to be reviewing decal instruction sheets. They were worth the price of the set on their own. Having said all that, their printing quality was of its time. However they were and still are fantastic value. Modern print quality vs enthusiastic detailed research... you pays your money and takes your choice. Phil.
  5. Marco, Judging from the writing on the kit box, will your F-104 have a pilot? Phil
  6. Stunningly clean job on the camo. I have a couple of these little beauties so I can gauge just how small the airframe is. Phil
  7. Fantastic stuff Ron. The engine looks like a larger scale. Always the sign of excellent modelling. Are you getting a bit more used to 1/12 now? That gearbox is looking particularly amazing. That dull cast off-black finish is superb. Phil.
  8. I would say the Shuttle is a glider in wing-borne flight. Its doesn't carry its own fuel so its engines are only used for ascent as a rocket. After re-entry its a pure glider albeit one with very poor performance! It was certainly a glider during Enterprise's Approach And Landing Tests. Go on Erwin, give a Shuttle some love. Phil.
  9. Biggles can I interest you in twenty-seven 8 x 10 coloured glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one?
  10. That is extraordinary. I was looking for the 1/43 scale Colin Chapman in the background as it could easily be a full scale build photographed from a distance! Phil
  11. Top work Ratch. Will you follow it up with a bit of Hole In The Ground or even a touch of Gossip Calypso? Phil
  12. Great theme! How about Platz's 1/144 F-106A towed by a Roden C-141A? The Eclipse Project Phil
  13. Great project Craig! Martin's a star isn't he? Tom was a force to be reckoned with too. How about a TWR XJ-S to go with your XJR-9LM? Thinking about your exhausts, like Planebuilder62 said, how about 4 slices of plastic rod to fill the gaps then some judicious sanding? With the right thickness and plenty of liquid cement the excess will fill any gaps. or if you use slices of the kit sprue stretched, the joint will be virtually invisible. Phil
  14. This is great stuff Sloucher. It may feel like a slog but you're overcoming each issue. Your comments on enlarging screw holes and which screws to use are gold too. In fact, my credit card is starting give me ideas about buying thus kit myself now I see what are doing with it.
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