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  1. Marco, Judging from the writing on the kit box, will your F-104 have a pilot? Phil
  2. Stunningly clean job on the camo. I have a couple of these little beauties so I can gauge just how small the airframe is. Phil
  3. Fantastic stuff Ron. The engine looks like a larger scale. Always the sign of excellent modelling. Are you getting a bit more used to 1/12 now? That gearbox is looking particularly amazing. That dull cast off-black finish is superb. Phil.
  4. I would say the Shuttle is a glider in wing-borne flight. Its doesn't carry its own fuel so its engines are only used for ascent as a rocket. After re-entry its a pure glider albeit one with very poor performance! It was certainly a glider during Enterprise's Approach And Landing Tests. Go on Erwin, give a Shuttle some love. Phil.
  5. Biggles can I interest you in twenty-seven 8 x 10 coloured glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one?
  6. That is extraordinary. I was looking for the 1/43 scale Colin Chapman in the background as it could easily be a full scale build photographed from a distance! Phil
  7. Top work Ratch. Will you follow it up with a bit of Hole In The Ground or even a touch of Gossip Calypso? Phil
  8. Great theme! How about Platz's 1/144 F-106A towed by a Roden C-141A? The Eclipse Project Phil
  9. Great project Craig! Martin's a star isn't he? Tom was a force to be reckoned with too. How about a TWR XJ-S to go with your XJR-9LM? Thinking about your exhausts, like Planebuilder62 said, how about 4 slices of plastic rod to fill the gaps then some judicious sanding? With the right thickness and plenty of liquid cement the excess will fill any gaps. or if you use slices of the kit sprue stretched, the joint will be virtually invisible. Phil
  10. This is great stuff Sloucher. It may feel like a slog but you're overcoming each issue. Your comments on enlarging screw holes and which screws to use are gold too. In fact, my credit card is starting give me ideas about buying thus kit myself now I see what are doing with it.
  11. Great stuff Ron. Its all about layers eh? I wouldn't call your technique weathering either. More like bringing out the natural colouring/sheens of the bare metal. I've always found it really difficult to get a realistic finish on plastic parts which are meant to represent cast, forged, machined & sheet metal parts. I'm hooked already. Phil
  12. Nice one John. I learned America with my primary school choir. Loved that track ever since. 30 years later I got to count the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike when I first met my wife! Phil
  13. This is pure gold Ron. Not only are explaining your techniques but telling us what materials and tools you use. The two things go hand in hand. Thanks so much for this. When they say "Every day is a school day", this is the kind of school day we want! Phil
  14. Moody Blues - Question. I first heard it when on a fan club tour of the Williams F1 factory in February 1985. It was being played over the factory PA system. Phil
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