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  1. I received a Basset on Wednesday which was a bit of a surprise since I only pre-ordered a Beaver and not a Basset. I've had no notification from Airfix that they've put KitStarter on hold but I suppose they'd say my order has been fulfilled. I'd better check the contents given Ant's fuselage half problem. I say hats off to Airfix for the experiment. I guess they're not in a position to simply reissue this kind of kit on spec but I question their choice of subjects. Perhaps mould availability is an issue. As for the Basset price, £15 including postage seems reasonable to me. Phil
  2. That's great news James. It's only the high shipping cost that stops me from buying direct from Ultracast. I look forward to seeing the range on your site and buying from you. Phil
  3. Nice start Shaun and great choice of subject. I'll follow this one closely One question, who are the rain tyres made by?
  4. I had sit down when I read this thread! I've been waiting for a kit of this car since 1983 when I first got into F1. Thanks Beemax. Their upcoming MP4/2B is also very welcome. I wonder whether they'll do both early and late season BT52s? What price Keke's Championship winning FW08 now? Ebbro are doing a Lotus 91 so it's time for an Austria '82 finish line pairing. Phil
  5. Heritage now have the T8C & T8M conversions back in stock. Phil
  6. Good on yer John. This is quite a bit more complicated than the 126C2 but it should be very detailed and pretty accurate. Judging by your last build, I reckon you'll be fine with spraying the tub. I see you have the Monaco version with the smaller front wing & wide rear wing. I've got a few pics from contemporary magazines if you get stuck for 'em. Who's car will you builds it as? Phil
  7. I have a copy of Scale Models magazine from 1973 which has an article on using photoetch made by Fotocut. IIRC it comprised of large scale WWI spoked wheel rims, machine gun barrels and the like. To put its cage in context, the other articles included a build of the new Revell 1/32 Harrier GR1. Phil
  8. Cracking result John and you enjoyed it so everyone wins! I'm glad to have been able to help in a small way. How about another top F1 car next? Phil
  9. Hannants have 2, 3 & 5mm sizes in stock at £3.50 a time. https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=8229&product_type_id=&code=&scale_id=&keyword_search=Tape&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=0&save_search_name=&save_search= Phil
  10. Slightly OT I'm afraid but those Pantone colours are the ones approved by the Flag Institute for the Union Flag:http://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/british-flags/union-flag-bill-2008/ Phil
  11. He looks spot-on to me John.May I just say that the above pic looks very realistic and I think it captures the feel of Gilles in his 126C2 superbly. The only thing which I reckon would help is, as you say, to trim the visor a bit. I wouldn't worry John. The tub being bonded aluminium honeycomb rather than riveted gave it an extremely clean finish for an ali tub.Time to finish it off! Phil
  12. Nice set Ian. Thanks for those. I visited NNAM for the second time this past Christmas period and took the flightline bus for the first time. The aircraft collection outside is impressive but as Sammy said, many are looking far past their best. The flightline tour guide was hilarious & very knowledgeable. I love the way the museum uses veterans as volunteers. Phil
  13. Nice one Shaun, Great decalling work, especially those big red bulls. Phil
  14. Looking good John. I can't help thinking Gilles wants to sit a bit lower though. As for the windscreen, I guess they were bound by moulding limitations on the thickness of the clear part. The real thing is recessed but not as much as the kit part. http://motorsportsunplugged.com/f1/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/gilles-villeneuveFerrari-126-C2.jpg Phil
  15. Fantastic article Malc. Thanks for the heads-up. I must have missed that one on F1m. Phil
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