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  1. don't remember master chief looking like that. great job.
  2. early Halo was amazing at the time, only reason to buy an xbox but the games did go downhill.
  3. Yeah I saw something like this in amongst the pikachus and the gundams, must've been around 2005/6.
  4. great work, having the canvas roof changes the look of this vehicle a lot.
  5. that's a nice KV2 interesting as a captured vehicle.
  6. very nice job, I've been planning a leopard 1 after building a leopard 2 in that STGB.
  7. painting the main colour with the airbrush is a lot faster too. yeah I remember jin-roh I was never a huge anime fan but the sci-fi nazi uniforms and weapons caught my eye years ago when I was looking round the shops in akihabara, Tokyo. I did watch the live action version of the wolf brigade a few years back and couldn't stand it, maybe I'll give it another go.
  8. thanks Jim, taking pics should probably be part of the process.
  9. More paint practice, these are 28mm Eisenkern Stormtroopers from Wargames Atlantic seems they were designed for something called Iron-Core. Yes they are space ww2 germans, I think. I picked up a single sprue which made 5 figures, lots of options and nicely detailed minis. I wanted to use my airbrush and scale model paints to do as much as possible, they were undercoated in black Mr Surfacer zenithal highlighted with tamiya white and then sprayed Dunklegelb with Mr Color's modulation set, so 4 shades of dark yellow, detailed with acrylics and a sepia wash. was actually very quick to do. just when I thought id got all the mould lines...
  10. following along too, I feel a vespid centurion somewhere in my future.
  11. lot of interior detail for a 1/72 kit, interesting stuff.
  12. I didn't think your usual output in RFI was too outrageous. what were you planning, a candy stripe tiger?
  13. nice, I've picked up a few copies of imperium over the years if something caught my eye, don't think I've painted any yet. very nice work. at this rate you might have an ultramarine army finished by the time they discontinue primaris for the even bigger super primaris they have planned 😜
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