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  1. wow very good work. jagdpanther looking very beefy for 1/76. and I love that German leaping out of the half track. they could be right out of a present day matchbox catalogue.
  2. Not bad at all, I'm saving one of these for the armoured car group build later this year.
  3. great work, love the shell casings on the rear deck. like the camo an weathering too.
  4. Nice work on a lesser seen subject. On painting road wheels I usually paint them using a circle stencil with the surrounding holes masked off from the size I need, although still need to be careful with the airbrush.
  5. A T-34 with a browning 50cal on it, that is my kinda tank
  6. Cromwell was my first 'favourite' tank after returning to the hobby, I think I bought at least one kit in every scale, one day I'll get them finished and have them lined up like Russian dolls
  7. I have the Cromwell in 1/48 and 1/35, not built either yet.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions, it was for some inspiration really, I also wanted to avoid any 'dogs', not sure tamiya has many, or any recent 'dogs'. After spending a good 30 mins staring at kits in a tamiya shop in Asia. I bought a 1/48 t-34/85 kit. they didn't have any Hellcats yet or they were all gone already.
  9. No, this is a great comment as it does give me a choice as I'm normally a 1/72 guy I don't have a clue about tamiya other than they are popular.
  10. I am putting this in ww2 but it could cover any era, also I'm not confining this request to just 1/35 as tamiya have quite a few 1/48 kits. what is considered the best, that is the most accurate out of the box tamiya AFV kit? or any military vehicle. cheers Calum
  11. Unconventional decal placement, but nice job. This kit comes with a great decal sheet but in 1/72 trumpeter don't give full decal placement instructions. On scalemates.com it is worth looking at the trumpeter 1/35 kit instructions as they are usually more comprehensive on the decal options. I'd paint the lower hull and fit the tracks separate and you could hide the join at the top under the side skirts, superglue can come in handy.
  12. I actually think that 1/48 is the sweet spot but there isn't the choice yet.
  13. Ah the Germans stuck every weapon on every chassis it seems, Nice work.
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