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  1. I cant comment on 1/48, if I was desperate I might buy one of the aoshima kits with the 105 barrel which you can get if lucky for about £20. However I was raking through my after market stash and I have a Zedval L7 barrel in 1/72, I do tend to throw in extras I may use at some point with orders... , more to come once I can take some pics, I'll have about 6 1/72 Tirans at this rate once I've done all my aftermarket kits . But next up is the less common (in the modelling world at least Tiran 5 in as much plastic as possible).
  2. I commented already but that kit is now on my wish list.
  3. I have this built as is but not finished, I've seen it built into a great model. For me 1/72 is where it is at for various reasons so I will be following along. Cant wait to see more.
  4. Good job, the blacked out stars are a nice touch.
  5. I haven't painted it yet . Motivation comes in bursts will try and make the most of it. Dymok appear to have 4 different L7 guns, not often you're spoiled for choice in 1/72. Edit, sorry and a centurion barrel.
  6. Hopefully someone is working on a tiran conversion kit in 1/48 including barrel. There must be other L7 equipped tanks in 1/48, but bit of a waste of a kit just for the barrel.
  7. Thanks John You do have me wondering about the 105mm gun, I know this is a version of the British L7 gun, but are they close enough that an L7 could be used instead?
  8. T-74? I recently built this in 1/72, nice tank.
  9. Thanks Ben T-55s and Tirans in particular seem to be an excellent subject for kit bashing and Israeli tanks in general. I've discovered that the ace Tiran 6 has a 'Tiran' sprue which was common to all the ace tiran kits. I was able to acquire a couple of the ace tiran 6 kits, so I think I'll use one of the tiran sprues combined with revell/trumpeter to build the ultimate tiran 5 in 1/72 , the ace kit will become a T-62. For the decals I've ordered a couple of what looked like the most generic sheets from peddinghaus. I haven seen any decal sheets specific for Tirans possibly because of the lack of plastic tiran kits. Cheers Calum
  10. I was searching for Tiran builds for some inspiration and found this thread as well as the gallery page and this is a fantastic build. I love all the scratch building going on. I've yet to touch my tamiya t-55 1/48 kit but this would be an excellent way to go.
  11. Almost done with construction and ready for painting. Progress since yesterday. I've built up the engine deck with some mesh I bought off eBay, based on the engine deck of a miniart tiran 4sh I have in the stash. The mesh was surprisingly easy to cut to size as long as you follow the weave of the mesh. Tow cable is from the a variety pack of scale ropes from Eureka, 0.6mm. The stretcher on the front is from the blackdog kit which came with a spare. I thought about replacing some of the turret detail like the jerry cans however it looks good enough. The 30cal came left over from a Trumpeter sherman. The antenna came from my washing up brush. I'll paint the hull, wheels and track separately then assemble. I think I will go with the PST tracks on this. Annoyingly the kit has no axels for the idler wheels so I'll add using paperclip wire. For painting, I'll probably follow the miniart painting guide, as for decals no idea yet, I'll see what might be going 'spare' in my Merkava/Magach kits, there does seem to be some IDF decal sets in 1/72. Cheers
  12. Excellent collection Simon and the AA tank is a nice addition to it.
  13. To add to the above I forgot to add I went the route of reaming out the turret ring with a metal reaming tool to accept the plug of the tiran turret, this was a case of keeping it slow and test fitting the turret every few turns of the tool and it worked well, however I did have to reposition the turret ring extensions on the PST kit. They were interfering with the fender storage in the designed positions, I'm also not sure why they are tear shaped. Possibly because the PST turret is also tear shaped.
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