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  1. Count me in, I spend about as much time trawling ebay for bargains as I do modelling, my recent chaffee build would have met the criteria if I hadn't built it already. Plus there are still a few 1/72 armour kits under a tenner new from certain online shops. I just need to decide which kit...
  2. This is very cool, I like the subject, something a bit different. Congratulations on such nice work.
  3. I did some more work on this, to be honest after watching lots of youtube videos I'm still not sure on the whole process, enamel wash on acrylics or on gloss varnish or satin or matt, when to do enamel streaking, pigments chipping etc, oh acrylic chips or oil/enamel. Its a minefield but I imagine I will get into a habit. Anyway some washes and pigments later.
  4. I am getting there, the end is in sight. However I have shelfed the idea of the base, it will be a project all of its own, right now I just want to fire out more 1/72nd tanks. Its not quite finished yet, it will be getting some pigments for sure, and I'm considering freehanding some chipping. But here we go decals, wash and some rusty streaking later.
  5. Nice job, looks like a nice kit, compared to the Hasegawa version it has quite a bit more detail.
  6. I like it, I'm working on this kit at the moment and its nice to see a finished version.
  7. Hello all Picked up this ancient Hasegawa M-24 Chaffee from ebay for a quick build. I didnt think it was a commonly available kit these days but since I picked it up I keep seeing newer reissues for sale. I love the box art, the kit itself was largely in good condition, an easy build and the rubber band tracks didnt give much hassle. However the decals were toast they just came apart after soaking. I had to raid a few other kits for allied stars, not sure the bow one is correct however it was on before I noticed. The name Bronco came from a skytrex set of B
  8. Fantastic job, will come in handy I'm sure.
  9. Fast forward almost 2 weeks and one bank holiday weekend. 2 weeks is about my record so far for actually starting a build and calling it done other stuff always gets in the way. This is one of the reasons I like 1/72, 1/35 might take me forever. The kit is very nice, I wanted to try and do a good job with it and paint some sub assemblies although I've found doing so adds other problems often. Some of the parts are very fine luckily I invested in some decent snips recently, far better than the army painter ones I was using which to be fair are fine for space marines and
  10. Hello all Since I got into scale modelling armour under lockdown Ive focused on mainly on WW2 armour and mainly British bar a panzer or two. One thing I love about the hobby is how it prompts me to learn more about the history. Interest in cold war tanks had been growing at the back of my mind because mainly after ww2 most countries didn't build their own tanks and certain tanks became ubiquitous and none more so than the T-54/55 or Type 59. Ive heard it called the Kalashnikov of tanks which is cool. The number of variants is also huge. 1/72 T-54 and T-55 ta
  11. I like it, armourfast kits are great for this kind of experimentation before you go wrecking a 40 quid kit in 1/35th. Of the fastbuild kits I think plastic soldier company kits have better detail and more options but then they are 3 for £20 vs 2 for less than £10 with armour fast. Also both are noticeably bigger compared with other offerings. Not tried any italeri fastbuild kits yet. S-model kits are great but not cheap once you've paid for postage from china, wish they had a UK distributor.
  12. Nice job, T-54/55 are my current favourite tanks.
  13. Time flies but I will get this one finished. I finished the detailing base coats and assembled the tracks and schurzen, not sure the camo lines up but hey ho. Decals and weathering to come.
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