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  1. I have the tank transporter with the Abrams. the British army uses the same transporter but I need to do the research to see what changes building it to British army standard would take and then it would get a challenger 2 on it.
  2. If that is the sabre models one I am pretty sure it is the same as the Takom version. although Takom have only done it with the Oshkosh as a limited edition. yours is looking very good so far.
  3. Well they should end up as different colours, although with my usual washes they may end up being very similar in colour. quick update, everything primed and ready for colour.
  4. Nice looking kit, plenty of decal options there, I have the s-model kfz-13 Adler kit that I was thinking about doing once I get my dingoes done. The Vallejo panzer grey is very dark for 1/72 I've started to lighten it up a bit with some lighter grey mixed in. Although there is probably no right answer and I notice that many modellers favour a more blue grey for panzer grey.
  5. What a coincidence, Zvezda have just announced a BM-30 Smerch along with some Kamaz and Ural trucks in 1/72.
  6. Took a bit of a break on the dinky dingos, but got some work done tonight. The main part of the British dingo to still complete was the open hatch. I doubled up the PE part that holds the open hatch in place as I wont be using it on the German version. This was a royal pain to superglue in place along with the hatch. I used some VMS Flexy superglue that I can recommend. I dislike buying expensive glues if you end up not being able to use them all but lets see with the VMS. Next I started to get the stowage sorted out for both models. First up we have the Bren with PE bipod that will be the British Dingo's main weapon. It will get two sets of 3 flimses with the photo etch trays from the DTM parts. Also a shovel, Enfield and Brodie helmet from the Dingo kit. Along with a few bits from the resin stash. The second set of flimsies will go on the German machine, along with a spare German shovel from a panzer 1 kit. The MP40 came from the same sprue as the MG and some resin stowage. Painting to come. Cheers Calum
  7. Nice job on these, you have made me want to do some figure painting.
  8. My brain can't cope with the scale . Nice job, something different.
  9. Nice, looks great, seaweed reminds me of Japanese Nori sheets that the wrap sushi in sometimes.
  10. Hey @echen just checked out your 'about me' hadn't noticed it until now, some interesting stuff in there. I have an unfinished Dragon Wagon too.
  11. I started on 'only building tanks' but before you know it there are all kinds of military vehicles in the stash. SS-23 Spider next maybe? Looking at the hobby boss line up, I quite fancy building a Bereg, costal defence gun.
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