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  1. Converting a two seat tactical aircraft into a capable Electronic Attack platform is a huge project. The actual airframe is the easy part. The system and associated pods is a much more major, complicated, and expensive development, which then would have to be integrated into the chosen airframe. Short term it would be smarter to buy the EA-18G, long term it would be smarter to start with a fresh sheet of paper.
  2. Very, very nice! Convincing colors, neat job on all markings, superb attention to detail. Rigging is outstanding, particularly for the scale. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I'm betting Eduard will set the new standard for this type, like they have for the Spitfire VIII/IX. As I understand, the old Revell mold wasn't too bad for outline accuracy, but of course is simple and crude when it comes to details. And the fabric is over-pronounced, like all their WWI subjects. I think it was also the major basis for kits by some other forgotten manufacturers (ESCI, Fuji, Eldon, Nichimo, Sunny). Anybody have an opinion on the Mac Distribution kits?
  4. Lovely job! And I agree on the choice, I think the Heller kit is the only one to get the canopy right...
  5. Superb! I assume it's the Eduard kit, and you did a wonderful job with it...!
  6. Good to see talented modelers also use 'to do' lists. Thought I was just getting old... Looking great, by the way. Worth the fight!
  7. Superb! Nice to have a satisfying build also work out to be such a beautiful one! As for the clear material requirement, I feel your pain. I'm also on a perpetual search for the perfect clear sheet stock. Various commercial options are available, I think butyrate sheet is working fairly well for me right now. I find that I can simply cut it to the Mattel Vacuform size and clamp firmly within the frames to make it work. No need to have all the little holes around the edges. Hope that's useful info... Cheers, Herb
  8. Thank you so much for bumbling along John, you added some wonderful subjects in 1/72nd that I still appreciate greatly! Cheers, Herb
  9. agree, worth the battle, the result is excellent!
  10. "What a pleasure it is to work with a good kit..." It is! You speak for us all!
  11. Outstanding Fuad! You got the best out of that kit!
  12. "Duels in the Sky" by Capt Eric Brown is an excellent comparison of WWII naval aircraft. (It has an F4U and Fw-190 on the cover, so again probably not your quest...)
  13. You certainly brought the most possible out of that Execuform kit! Appreciated the build sequence greatly...
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