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  1. Herb

    Hoops, I saw an old post of yours and was curious if you ever pulled the trigger on a Tu-214R conversion? I'm also looking at that as a project, and wondered if you had any advice?




    1. Hoops


      I never did, it was one of those "this would be really cool" ideas, but then I open the closet and look at the unbuilt stash and decide "I'm never going to even finish the aircraft that I already have."


      I would love to build one, but it's so far down the list, I don't think it will ever happen.




    2. Herb


      I know the feeling! Thanks for responding anyway....




  2. “Quantity has a quality all its own.” ― Joseph Stalin ....including quantity of putty, I guess...
  3. Outstanding! Thank you for 'freshening up' your Elephant and supplying its most interesting history!
  4. Herb


    I've done both a B.E.12a and B.E.12b. The 12a was done years ago, and used a vacuformed fuselage with modified R.E.8 wings, as described by Pheonix above. Much easier now to use an Airfix B.E.2c kit as a base. The 12b was mostly that kit with a resin nose from the HR Models kit and new tailplanes. Still intend to do a standard B.E.12 and round out this trio someday. Not sure which variant was used by 17 Sqn, but I would say all are quite doable as conversions from that new Airfix kit... Cheers Herb
  5. Excellent work! And the quote by M. Lewis says it all about this early 'kite'....
  6. Excellent! Simply excellent! Don't deprive us of any future accomplishments!
  7. Excellent! Thanks Richard!
  8. Thanks David, I've since learned that the Jags provided laser designation for some Harrier GR.7s, as well as perhaps being loaded with two GP bombs on centerline for their own targets during those operations. The PHIMAT/ALQ-101 load seems almost standard. Not sure if overwing AIM-9s loaded at that time. Still looking for further confirmation if anyone can add...
  9. I'm looking for typical loadouts for RAF Jaguars operating over Bosnia and the Former Republic of Yugoslavia during the late 90's. Can anyone help? Also hoping to confirm the overall ARTF gray... Cheers Herb
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