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  1. Herb

    1:72 Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Your considerable skills deserve a better canvas! I strongly recommend a Roden/Toko/Eastern Express/Eduard kit for your next 1/72 biplane subject, the results will be much more satisfying...! Cheers, Herb
  2. Herb

    P-47 N SWORD 1/72

    Outstanding job! I like very much the way you kept the yellow toned down to a realistic hue. Everybody screws that up, including me! Cheers, Herb
  3. This is news to me. Are there actually records of unpowered attacks?
  4. Herb

    Why car-doors?

    Fighter canopy design prior to the fully blown perspex is an interesting topic. The primary trade-off between low drag and good visibility was explored in a lot of ways, and of course considerations like emergency jettison, rollover protection, and aerodynamic effects on the empannage were also important. I think the variety of different designs used indicate the perfect balance was hard to achieve. Every engineering decision is a compromise, and thousands are made with every design. In hindsight the "car door" canopy may not have been the best solution, but neither was it radically worse than the contemporary choices.
  5. A manly conversion! The smell of plastic dust and putty is thick in the air...
  6. Had to jump in since I received this kit in the mail just yesterday. It's beautiful! Very nice detail, truly outstanding for this scale. Look at the clear parts, the rear-view mirrors are on there! I was happy with refinishing the F-Toys gashapon, but AFV Club has definitely improved over that mold in just about every way. Highly recommended, and I hope they plan on doing a lot more more modern subjects! Herb
  7. Fuad, your builds are always a pleasure to view! The weathering on this one is particularly nice, thank you for sharing it! - Herb
  8. Herb

    Revell 1/144 Grumann E-2C

    Nice! Where did you get the decals?
  9. Herb

    Curtiss Y1A-8 Photos

    Here's an A-12 cockpit shot, I'm thinking the Y1A-8 would be similar...
  10. So strange, I'm seeing it clear as day. Hmm.
  11. Herb

    Seversky Convoy Fighter

    http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2009/11/ Cheers, Herb