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  1. Herb

    Loire 210

    Superbe! Thank you so much for sharing this information!
  2. Here's a nice looking drawing I've collected for the 209 V-5. I say "nice looking" as I've no idea if it's accurate at all, or even where it's from... for what it's worth...
  3. Wonderful job with the paint and weathering Fuad, just right! Herb
  4. But of course the tradition of "sh*t-hots" was also prevalent around that era... (also the sideburns and pornstaches...)
  5. Beautiful! And as was said about the Fairey Barracuda in its folded state, "...well I don't know what it does to the enemy, but by God it frightens me..."
  6. Herb

    Eindekker questions

    And I've got the older datafile, so there's my problem. Thanks much for the info! Cheers Herb
  7. Herb

    Eindekker questions

    Is there a consensus on the most accurate 1/72 Fokker E.III kit out there? The Eduard mold has a fuselage that is noticeably longer than the Airfix subject, and neither has wings that conform perfectly to the Windsock datafile. ( I'm assuming the Revell mold is right out.) Thanks for your opinions... Cheers Herb
  8. Is he a Shaolin Modeling Monk, or really a Plastic Necromancer? Only time will tell...
  9. Excellent work on the canopy Moa. As the ancient saying goes, "Canopies are the windows to an airplane's soul...". Well, maybe it's not an ancient saying, but it should be. Cheers
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