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  1. Watching with interest! I hacked together this example from an MPM Wirraway, a Heller T-6 and a lot of putty. Looks like that Lift Here! kit is a much better route!
  2. Any consensus on the better kit? Both look nice from the photos I can find, although more 'parts' to the KP version. Both accurate? thx Herb
  3. Outstanding work on both aircraft and schlepper!
  4. I use buckshot, which comes in various sizes that can approximate both big modern helmet sizes and smaller 'leather' styles. I put them on blobs of plastic and add small lead wires for arms. Also use blobs of glue for oxygen masks, etc. Yeah, kind of tedious, but I haven't found any other options!
  5. Several Russian-built single-seat Nieuport N.10 aircraft seem to have a sort of "boxed-in" gun installation on the top wing. Looks vaguely streamlined. Anyone have decent photos or drawings of what this might look like? And what kind of gun it usually held? thx Herb
  6. The Dragon kit seems to be the best. Good surface detail, some etch, nice internals like cockpit and wheel wells. Full engine exposed option. The fit is a little challenging, but nothing dramatic. Might be a little hard to find right now? Don't forget to put some weight in the nose!
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