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  1. Excellent looking Hun! I'm a sucker for anything Bentwaters/Woodbridge, and that's a scheme that's not seen too often. Great save on the decals too, you must have been turning the air blue when they kept breaking up!
  2. Yes, I was thinking that, even if I did manage to drill them all out, and the kit retain its structural integrity, it would be possible to see right through it. Without installing some kind of structure behind the holes, it will just look really odd, so I think to paint it black (to quote The Rolling Stones) is the way forward.
  3. Wow, I love that Panther! Never seen one in that scheme before.
  4. Actually, yes, I like that. I was just wondering how I could use the frogmen without having to do any kind of a sea base. I like the fact that on the display the main selling point seems to be the frogmen, with the boat added to the description almost as an afterthought! It is fair to say it does have a slight hint of bath toy about it.
  5. Yes, that is my concern, that I will plunge in full of enthusiasm and get the first few done (after which there is no going back) and then rapidly lose interest or the will to live!
  6. My, someone's feeling bold! Fresh from the Matchbox GB, and straight in with TWO build threads in this one! Prior to 2019, I had never seen this kit before. My wife saw it in Home and Bargain for £1.99 and bought it knowing it would be up my street (or down my river in this case). Worth £1.99 just for that awesome retro box art! 20220622_202321 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr A few more bits with this one, than with the USS Lionfish, including the all important frogmen! 20220622_202602 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Yep, definitely eligible for this Group Build! 20220622_202620 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Decent looking, clear instructions; 20220622_202833 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Decals look OK too (all 3 of them!). 20220622_202856 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Again, I am aware that this kit may not be entirely accurate, and has its issues, but its got to be worth a go! Will be finished on its stand, so my first thoughts are how I can incorporate the frogmen. After all, it would be wrong to consign them to the spares box!
  7. First question is, do I drill out all these drainage holes? I do have a Dremel, but there are rather a lot of them! Alternative is to just paint them black, but not sure how good this will look. 20220622_210756 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr
  8. Right, time to drag this kit from the murky depths of my stash, where it has lain for almost 25 years! I started to get interested in the US submarine war in the late 90s after reading "Submarine Diary". I subsequently picked up a copy of "Silent Victory" by Clay Blair, in all its 1000+ page glory. When I saw this kit in my now long gone LMS, I snapped it up, but I don't think I was ever really sure how to tackle it, as its quite large, and still to this day the most nautical kit I've done is an Airfix 1/76 DUKW! Still, looking at it now, it does seem a fairly simple kit, but it certainly hasn't shrunk at all! I am aware, having read a few reviews, that it is far from the most accurate kit (being based on a Gato, when Lionfish itself was a Balao), but I think it will still look good (hopefully!). So, here it is; 20220622_201911 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Not a huge amount of parts! 20220622_202101 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Not the largest set of instructions I've ever seen either! 20220622_202125 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr And just a handful of decals; 20220622_202200 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr The painting instructions (if you can even call them that!) just mention painting the lower hull red, leaving the grey plastic as is, and just painting the propellers, stand and a light on the bridge. I want to do a bit more than that, and am thinking of finishing it in the grey vertical surfaces/black horizontal surfaces scheme from later in the war (from when Lionfish would have been in service). Got this to help me along the way; 20220622_203011 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr OK, clear the bridge and lets get started!!
  9. Thanks for running this group build! Only one build from me, but pleased that my first GB was such an epic one! Loads of great models, and a hefty slice of nostalgia along the way. Right, time to join the "Revell-o-gram" group build!
  10. danbuoy

    Cracked decals

    Thanks for all the advice. The only aftermarket set I've been able to find is the Printscale one, but to be honest, none of the schemes grab me. I really like the scheme from the kit. I had thought about possibly masking the yellow/black stripe on the rear fuselage, and possibly the "Y" shaped decal that goes on the top, though I don't have a cutter. Obviously, the USAF insignia I can get replacements for, and I may be able to salvage some off the sheet, though I think it would be prudent to coat it in decal film first. I am tempted to try the scan and print option, as making my own decals is something I want to try for another project.
  11. danbuoy

    Cracked decals

    Yes, I was wondering about that, as the cracks are quite obvious. Doesn't seem to be much aftermarket about so I may put up a post in the wanted section.
  12. danbuoy

    Cracked decals

    I've got a Monogram 1/72 Grumman HU-16 Albatross, and the decals are badly cracked; 20220620_203423 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20220620_203451 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Are these beyond saving, or is there something that can be done? I have read about Microscale liquid decal film being an option. Has anyone tried this? TIA
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