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  1. What a great idea for a little diorama. I've got that Airfix USAAF bomber resupply set to build too, it looks a great kit.
  2. The F-104 really was an aircraft that could kill you in several ways, with upwards ejecting seats having to contend with the tail, and downwards ones not exactly being great at low level (I've always thought the whole idea of a downwards firing ejector seat seemed a bit off!), and then we get onto the wing leading edge that was so sharp the ground crew needed to wear gloves. Still, they lasted a long time in service, and always looked great. I picked up a book a few years ago from a sadly now defunct discount bookshop, called "German Starfighters - The F-104 in Luftwaffe service", which I high
  3. Wow, that is impressive work. I really like that. I do like the Grumman Panther. Still got my Matchbox one hanging from the ceiling!
  4. That is looking amazing! Great job!
  5. Nice pics from Bury St. Edmunds. I was last there in 2014 and I know the area has changed quite a bit since then. Always thought the F-104 looked smart in the green/grey scheme whether Dutch or German.
  6. I was last at Great Ashfield in 2016. I went to see the memorial in the churchyard and I was also aware there is a memorial stained glass window and altar inside. The church was locked but on a notice board by the door was a phone number to ring for access. 10 minutes after phoning, a lady arrived and opened up the church for me. About 15 minutes later, her husband turned up and he gave me a tour round all the parts of the airfield that aren't accessible from public roads and footpaths. According to his wife, he needed very little excuse to show people round the airfield! Not been to Debach si
  7. Don't think I've ever seen Sally B in the 351st BG scheme before. I love visiting all the old Eighth Air Force bases. I usually manage to get away for a weekend once a year and head over to Norfolk and Suffolk. The museum at Thorpe Abbotts is my favourite, but they are all good. Visited Wendling, Attlebridge, Rackheath, Framlingham and Martlesham Heath last year.
  8. The lighting in those HAS pics looks perfect. Nice to see the vehicles in their element! That is certainly an eye catching Spitfire!! Sally B would be an interesting one. Don't think I've ever seen a plastic kit done in those markings. I liked her in the pre-Memphis Belle movie scheme, when she was in 447th BG Rattlesden markings. Would this still be in 1/48?
  9. Yes, all the HAS doors and ones off the tanker garages were removed a few years ago for scrap. Must admit, I did wonder how these UrbExers got on site. I went on an organised visit to Woodbridge back in 2016 (when thankfully all the HAS doors were still in place). The airfield side, where the 17 Tab-Vees are is very overgrown and deserted, and the control tower is in a right state, with all windows in the control room on top smashed. The runway is in very good condition, and is still used occasionally. Trials of the A400M had taken place not long before our visit, and whilst we were there, an
  10. I was watching a video on YouTube earlier that some UrbExers had filmed at Woodbridge and at one point there was a good view of one of those tanker garages, including the inside as all the metal doors were removed a while ago, plus the doors off all the Tab-Vees.
  11. Agree, that engine lighting looks great!
  12. OK, here are 3 more pics, one showing the rear of the one above, and 2 of a different one, also at Bentwaters; 867 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 481 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 891 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr
  13. They were a standard fixture on all USAF bases in Europe. I'm sure I'll have more photos too from my various airfield visits.
  14. Those decals really finish off both refuellers nicely. How about a hardened fuel tanker garage for your next building, like this one at Bentwaters? 868 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr
  15. Think that photo with the figure stood next to it looks spot on, like he's just about to get on board. Airport fire trucks are big vehicles and I think the wheels look fine, and thankfully not too toy-like. Most photos of RAF fire trucks that I have seen show them in a red scheme, sometimes with a yellow stripe, but then I saw these; raf2 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr raf3 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr raf4 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr I do think the Pathfinder would look great in the green with yellow stripe scheme, which would also be a nice change
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