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  1. Picked up an Airfix HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant off ebay. Been wanting a kit of one of these, and heard the Airfix one is decent, plus one of the decal options is for a Woodbridge based aircraft which is right up my street. Then yesterday, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace and found an Airfix RAF Bomber Command set (with Lancaster and ground vehicles etc) that was being given away for free, as it has been started. Best of all it was 5 minutes away from my house so I collected it after work. Not much has been done on it, just as well seeing the mess the previous person made of it, but apart from the instrument panel decal which is in place and badly ripped, the rest is salvageable.
  2. This is a kit I am very interested in, so glad to see one that has been built. Nice job on the camo, and the doors! Would like to add one to my USAF in UK theme, and was curious about which unit the model depicted, but it seems, like you say, that they were all fairly generic, which is good. This would look great with one of the PJ Productions M1009 Chevrolet Blazers. I've got a load of photos of various USAF vehicles, including quite a few showing GLCM convoys from both Greenham Common and Molesworth. An interesting idea for a diorama would be one of these TELs, with a couple of other vehicles and some protesters throwing paint etc at them, or lying down in the road!
  3. Like that a lot, and great work on the wading trunk!
  4. That kit certainly got about! Italeri still insist on calling it a WC51 though!
  5. Bit more work done on the Dodge last night. So since last time, some priming and painting has taken place; 040 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Note the bodged repaired exhaust pipe! 039 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Using a couple of Posca paint pens that I bought for my seperate diecast project, I did the dashboard, gear knob and rear lights and reflectors; 041 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 048 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 047 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Also picked out the exhaust in matt rust; 042 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Gave the radiator a wash with some Citadel Nuln oil; 046 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr And fitted the windscreen using Glue n Glaze; 050 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Painted the tyres with Tamiya Rubber Black; 049 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr And lastly, gave the winch a coat of Gunmetal; 051 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr
  6. Yes, got both of those in the stash, they look like really good sets, and the van is very nicely detailed. I know they don't do the van in 1/48, but don't Hasegawa do at least one ground equipment and/or figures set in that scale? There is definitely more ground equipment available in 1/72, but the lack of a suitable USAF refueller in this scale leaves a gap in the market.
  7. I like the look of that. Really wish Skunkmodels did 1/72 versions of their kits though. That tractor and their R11 refueller would be on my wants list if they did!
  8. Think I'll tag along on this one. Love the M10, and I do like the look of this Tamiya kit. Those Steve Zaloga books are great reference material. Have you also got "Armored Attack", which covers from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge? Plenty of M10 photos in that!
  9. Looking good! Be interesting for me to follow this too! FYI, the brush guard is upside down.
  10. I have one in my stash, though will be keeping it as an ambulance. Might do it next, or, having also recently finished an Airfix AEC refueller, I might have a break from airfield vehicles after finishing my weapons carrier and do a plane. I believe the Academy Dodge also sits slightly high (what is it about the Dodge WC series in 1/72??). Found a review of the kit online that gives tips on how to alter it, so will refer to that when the time comes.
  11. Yes, I have one of those, though mine is branded as Warmaster. The trailer it comes with is a post war one too.
  12. Sorry! I must admit, even though I knew beforehand that the kit needed altering, I wasn't expecting to have to alter it quite so much. It will be interesting to see how it sits when I attach the body to the chassis. Modifying the body is beyond me I think, and, even if it's not perfect, what I've done will still be a lot better than building it straight from the box. Its a shame, as the kit is quite nicely detailed. Think the Dodge weapons carrier is overdue a new mould in 1/72, as it was a widely used vehicle.
  13. Didn't get chance to do any modelling over the weekend, but managed to squeeze in a quick session last night, mostly getting things ready for priming. Attached this small piece to the left hand side front axle. No idea what it is, and there is no corresponding one for the other side. Because of my suspension modifications, it doesn't fit quite as it is supposed to, but then it won't be very visible afterwards; 056 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Also attached the backrests to the rear compartment; 059 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Also glued all the wheels together. Unfortunately, the holes/vents on the rims haven't formed properly, meaning only 1 wheel has them, plus another only has a couple. Most look like this; 076 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr This view of the wheel rears shows the extent of the ejector pin marks; 075a by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Had to spend a short while saving the convoy light from the clutches of the carpet monster, but have since realised that he has already feasted on the broken off part of the exhaust pipe. Might see if I can scratch build something that looks passable. Then spent an unfeasible amount of time using my digital vernier to make a windscreen out of some clear acetate. Will give it a good wipe prior to fitting, once the frame has been painted. The frame itself is now fitted and awaiting primer/paint. 063 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 064 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr Lastly, I fitted the sides to the cab; 065 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr So, not much of an update, but progress is progress!!
  14. Won a Matchbox T-2 Buckeye off Ebay for a fiver. It's a model I've wanted to add to my stash, as I do like the old Matchbox kits, and the Buckeye is a nice and unusual aircraft. Same seller had a Revell F-89 Scorpion which rather appealed, so ended up winning that too. They arrived today, and the F-89 is about twice as big as I was expecting!
  15. Photos re-sized! Should be a lot clearer to see them now. I see where I went wrong now, when uploading them from Flickr.
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