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  1. Great work on the intakes and nose gear leg, Hendie. This kit is scary... Wlad
  2. Very nice. Now you know why I the chair in my model room doesn't have wheels...
  3. Nice work on the Beaufighter. Both camouflage schemes are interesting. I can see TSS top over Malta, though in Egypt dark earth and mid-stone seem more appropriate, yet it's a night fighter so who knows? Cheers, Wlad
  4. Hello @Dunny, I have been looking at Beaufighter builds this weekend to get more familiar with the type and discovered there is a mistake on the kits: The tab actuators are actually below the elevators. The example at the RAF Museum was put together incorrectly and the kit manufacturers used it as an example. Sorry I caught this after you added the tailplanes on your kit. Cheers, Wlad
  5. Awesome collection Paul. I hadn't seen a kit of the Fleet Finch before. Cheers, Wlad
  6. 10/10 on the PERS scale, wow. I'm concerned Airfix would be scanning a Vampire by the time I would finish mine. Carry on Hendie, you're whipping it into shape. Cheers, Wlad
  7. This is interesting. I got this one in the stash, not sure if I'll build it as a Mk 5 or a Mk 3; either way it will be in RCAF markings. Read horror stories about this, and the Venom, so I'm really curious how you tackle this one. Cheers, Wlad
  8. Ah! You left the flaps down! Lovely build. I like the fact you added the "cheese cutter" aerials. What did you use by the way? I plan on using tippet line on mine. This is great inspiration to get my almost finished Spit Vb through the finish line. Cheers, Wlad
  9. Very nice Spitfire. Well done. Wlad
  10. Very nice Spitfire. As for the undercarriage doors, they look like they're the right way around though the bottoms are indeed at a strange angle. Must be a kit inaccuracy. There is one thing missing for a Mk II: the Coffman starter bulge. It's teardrop shaped, on the starboard side of the nose. It's one way to tell the Mk II apart from the Mk I. As for the spinner being too pointed, many of the Mk II had a blunt, more bulbous, spinner. This one looks more like the spinner used on the Mk I. Cheers, Wlad
  11. Very nice. I like the way you capture the sheen on the upper rear fuselage; must have sanded quite a few rivets. Cheers, Wlad
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