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  1. Until your build I had not seen the airliner version. The ugly bomber cleans up nicely. Well done on both. Cheers, Wlad
  2. The Mexicans flew the P-47D in the Philippines. Brazilians flew them in Italy. Cheers, Wlad
  3. Donation made. Keep this great site going. Wlad
  4. So is that why the Argentinian capital got the name of Boi nos Ares? That's what the Brazilians claim.
  5. Hi Moa, Regarding the missing front control stick, it's very common on these types of planes. The pilot flew from the rear seat while the passenger sat in the front seat near, or at, the centre of gravity. The control stick would be present for training flights. My father had an interesting landing when a nervous passenger freaked out when they hit a little turbulence, and clamped her legs on the control stick. After that, it became regular practice at the flying club to remove the control stick from the passenger area when carrying passengers. I don't recall where I read this funny one: An instructor would signal his confidence in the student to fly by removing his control stick, showing it to the student and tossing it overboard. A joker student then tapped the instructor on the shoulder, showed him his control stick, gave a thumbs up, and tossed it overboard as well. You can image what went through the instructor's mind! The student had a spare stick, so all was well. Cheers, Wlad
  6. Lovely work Chris, and your first pass at the propellers is impressive. They would look really cool on the model. Cheers, Wlad
  7. Beautiful job Guilherme. I had no idea Varig flew them. I built the Heller kit back in the early '80s and seem to recall it was a nice kit. Cheers, Wlad
  8. Very nice Seafire Paul, though I doubt they got that chipped while in service with the RCN. I built two Special Hobby ones, and one of them is the other airframe to sport code letter 'L', PR 479. I kept mine glossier as per some of the reference pictures I saw. I was tempted to bash the Airfix folded wing into one of the Special Hobby Seafires but the surface treatment is so different between the two manufacturers I decided not to try. Cheers, Wlad
  9. Well @Moa you now have outdone yourself. After all the scale toilets you made for your airliner models, you now have a flying toilet seat. I won't ask what is next... Amazing build as usual. Cheers, Wlad
  10. From this angle the Seabee is rather cute looking. Not sure about the black and orange scheme though. I rather fancy the yellow. Cheers, Wlad
  11. Beautifully done. One minor nitpick though: either Academy goofed on the rotors, or you managed to install the rear rotor upside down. The rotors should spin in opposite directions from each other, as in this Wikipedia photo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Vertol_CH-46_Sea_Knight#/media/File:CH-46_Sea_Knight_Helicopter.jpg Cheers, Wlad
  12. Brilliant. The graffiti art really adds to the derelict effect. Well done. Wlad
  13. How about this http://twinbeech.com/images/RC-45J/rc_toilet_comp.JPG? Crisis averted? Cheers, Wlad
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