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  1. Good luck with this build Ced - new material to work with - exciting! Great tips from Heather how to deal with white metal - you will definitely need to prime by the way All the best Geoff
  2. This forum is full of such nice people! I'm a bit far away to help but I do wish you all the very best with your house move, and all the mucking about that goes with it Power to the PC! Geoff
  3. Hi Adrian, I'm late to the party as usual but what a fascinating build so far! Will be following and enjoying this Geoff
  4. Hi Hendie, I've never been in on a build as early as this before (just lucky this time I guess), as with all your projects I'm sure this will be a cracker Love picture 2...........!! Looking forward to the rest Geoff
  5. Staggeringly good build and posting Hendie, so much innovation and just darned good modelling -truly epic Cheers, Geoff
  6. Very nice! And impressive work on the home brew decals, yet another thing I'll have to look in to This kit now on my 'onedayI'llbuildthat' list....* Cheers! Geoff *The day is soon approaching, I hope....
  7. Well what an epic build, cracking stuff all round and one to refer to over time methinks Thank you so much for entertaining and educating us By the way what are your 2 other 1/24 in the stash? All the best Geoff
  8. Well done (as usual) PC, another cracking build Not just excellent modelling but great* life experiences too All the best Geoff *Well not all great but you know what I mean I'm sure
  9. What a beautiful pair of Spitfires, cracking build, I'm enjoying this! All the best, Geoff
  10. Well that is very nice indeed! (Dammit! wanted to insert image of the Fast Show jazz man but failed......) This is one classic build mister! As always, a fascinating thread from you All the best Geoff
  11. This is a fantastic thread that I happened on by chance - wonderful! You are very lucky to have a talented daughter who shares your interests and wants to build/create things (lots of different things, by the sound of it) And credit to you for encouraging and teaching her and sharing your time, your skills and your patience I'm sure you will keep up the good work All the best Geoff
  12. Hi Folks, I don't think I've ever been in as early as this before.....(luck, mainly) Looking forward to it Cheers Geoff
  13. Hi PC, Mrs PC et al, (Bet she doosn't* read it anyway) 'the entire world is now populated by total nut-job a-holes' There, that's said it, but, yes, here and there are the gemstones that are the decent types, (largely on BM perhaps?) Good news for 'Young Winston', and all the best with the well-off GF, (or you might win the lottery, or whatever,)....but he will triumph on his own merits, to be sure. Both his parents are high achievers (oh yes you are PC) And I think you are too hard on yourself and your self perceived shortcomings - over the years you have shown perseverance in the face of adversity (many, many times (Round the Horn anyone?)) and an amazing ability to overcome all sorts of challenges, time after time. Learn new techniques, acquire new skills (and tools - don't we all?) and have the grace to share, and ultimately deliver a splendid model as the result. Should we have a vote on the 'best', folks? You couldn't call it, could you So, carry on as you are, you seem to be doing more than OK and that ain't a bad achievement Mister! All the very, very best Sir Geoff *West country. Where I ain't from but it sounds good
  14. A voyage of discovery - and we're all enjoying it! (Aren't we?....Spad,......Spad…?) Good stuff, where will it all end? Cheers Geoff
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