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  1. Hi Bertie, Well I think that many of us can relate to that, to a greater or lesser extent, I get it about reverting to the RAF basic training, it gives you a fixed routine and that is something that has worked for me, (and I have a dog too).............I have only miniscule issues compared with yours but I did lose my mojo when I retired, and it has been restored by various means, including adopting some fixed routines of my own, I find it gives me a focus and encourages me to do all the other things I have on my 'list' All the best Geoff
  2. In your own time Bertie, you can't force the mojo it has to come from within - and it will, when it's right All the best Geoff
  3. 'Oh sorry Geoff, I wasn't intending to 'get at' you in any way' No problem Bertie old chap, I wasn't taking it personally, but you do seem to do yourself down rather, and I wanted to build you up a bit, as it were. All the best Geoff
  4. Hi Bertie, To clarify - I am not holding you up as an expert practitioner, just saying that in your copius research, which you are kind enough to share with us here, a new world of information and techniques is being opened up for us But you also do a very good job of putting that info and techniques in to practice (OK maybe not always perfect, but mostly pretty damned good, and more than passable for sure) which adds a 'human' dimension to it all You tell us the bad bits as well as the good, and your solutions - sometimes 'physical', sometimes philosophical (eg OK it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, but actually it is good enough for the purpose - or heck! I can't be bothered to try that again!) We can all learn from that I think All the best Geoff
  5. Great build Bertie, we are all learning a lot as you increase your own skills, isn't BM great!! Love the concept of the carpet monster puppy, but doesn't putting it on your workbench make it easier for it to snaffle titbits? Or maybe you took it to puppy training classes? All the best - and keep up the great work! Geoff
  6. What a fascinating collection of books...............
  7. Hi Bertie, Thanks for your kind response, and......I never read Psmith. (I left it to him.) You are clearly familiar with his work, class! Shame about the flying model, some do, some don't, you have clearly found your true calling now though, I'm sure we all look forward to your progress as it unfolds.... All the best Geoff
  8. Hi Bertie/Psmith* Loving your build, wood is good (repeat 20 times) To quote your wise words, 'Beautiful tools are a joy to use and that's more than enough justification for me. ' Yup, that'll do for me too, and if they have wooden handles (eg your Gents (Gentleman's)) saw so much the better That plank bending tool is ace, I remember Doug McHard making extraordinary shapes in balsa and spruce for his flying models, amazing stuff....with a candle and a spam tin! (So if wood is good why do I have so many plastic kits in the stash.....? I've got a few balsa fliers too though......errrrrm I dunno) Keep up the (extra specially) good work Geoff PS I love Psmith in the PGW books, especially 'Mike and Psmith*' which I'm sure you know - anyone else - I recommend it for a bit of light hearted, light reading * Psmith Journalsit ain't too bad either........ Just sayin......
  9. Another brilliant build and paint job - love those props! For what it's worth, Firefly for me if only because it was a bit of a beast, I believe, and I've not seen one on BM so far.....(probably not been looking hard enough - I just skim through 'Work in Progress' actually, grabbing what interests me at the time either plane wise or builder......) Whatever you decide: 1) It'll be great 2) I'll be following All the best Geoff
  10. Hi Bertie, Great model and a great build log too, I like your style and humour! Those other guys don't know what they're missing With all the new techniques you are honing, Beagle will be worth seeing and the unpronounceable one (OK, Bellerophon) stupendously good! Looking forward to more, in your own time, mind All the best Geoff
  11. As always the first entry is informative, captivating and with PC's special blend of wit and self deprecation Sure you're not actually British, PC? Following of course Geoff
  12. Sorry PC, I love your builds, and look forward to them greatly....but I was just overwhelmed by the back story on this...... Carry on as usual, please
  13. With the greatest respect, Sir, I do not have the words, to respond with the the appropriate honours for these people..........amongst so many others......words cannot suffice
  14. Whoo Hoo!! Engine loking absolutely fine!! Saucerful of Secrets even more so Envious.....I should say! Hmmmmm!! Geoff
  15. What can I say that's not been said before.......astounding attention to detail - new techniques/technologies to be conquered - and you make it happen!! Repeatedly!! .......In1:72!!! Flabbers Gasted all around... I think I'll hang up my Modellers Knife and acccessories and just watch the (many) Masters on this Forum, now on..... (But then, the Stash is calling..... Ooooh............) Geoff
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