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  1. Hi Heather, Smashing job, it came out really well, as we knew it would Love the photo setting, perhaps I will do the same, one day....if I can find the space (and the lighting gear...) And I think it's a pretty plane All the best Geoff
  2. Cracking job Heather, that glazing came out really well, and I love the look now the matt coat is on All the best Geoff
  3. Cracking build Mister, and as has been pointed out already, those seats are bloomin' wonderful Will join you on the next build...... Cheers! (whatever you're drinking) Geoff
  4. Hey PC Well, what a thing, and I'm sure it is the right thing for you, right now. Family is the most important priority and you have two young people to care for, and one more senior, and they are all worth your devotion (of course, sorry, that sounds crass, I can't find the right words) - seems to me that so far, you're doing a grand job! Make a model when you can or when you wish, and I for one will be delighted to hear about it, and all the back story and research and your philosophical musings, I have always found those to be most profound and thought provoking, your wide historical knowledge is a marvel to me, you are very well read. To quote John Laidlaw, 'I'll look out for more Epistles to the Brimothians from Saint Procopius' When you wish to All the best, onwards & upwards Geoff
  5. Hi Pete, Actually looking at that one, mine may be a Silverline one......nice cost saving too! I don't use Milliput so haven't had Ced's bad experience with it blocking the grit Cheers all Geoff
  6. Hi Johnny, Very nice work on the plane and the pew (that's 2 p's for you, not quite PPP) For cleaning my abrasives (ooer) I use a rubber pad I bought from Screwfix yonks ago - it's now called Titan Abrasive Belt Cleaner at £8.49 a pop - sounds a lot but I find it cleans everything - power tool sanding belts/pads, wet & dry, micromesh, steel files, mini-tool grindstones, everything so far I bought 2 about 14 years ago and the first one is but part worn - I'd recommend anyone who does a lot of sanding, like most of us here I guess, get one Onwards and upwards! Geoff
  7. Hi PC Well it all looks fab as per a usual PC build, that Azure Blue- beautiful And the sky blue ain't too shabby either Like most here, I have a stash that beggars reality but I am so tempted by these Hurri's, might have to get a couple. Just for, you know. You know you know! We are all the same under the skin! Always room for one (or two) more in the stash because... well you know! We can smuggle them in or just brazen it out Onwards and upwards (It's the only way to travel!) Geoff
  8. Hi Johnny Appleseed, Lovely work, as usual - going back a bit, that cockpit, especially the IP is fantastic I wonder if Matchbox ever thought that their project (must have been their 'best ever' at the time) would be refined like this...... Now raising a pint* in Tribute (actually it's Speckled Hen) to this - fantastic! All the best Geoff *I like cider too, just not at the same time as beer
  9. Just catching up now Crisp and your attention to detail - and the detail itself - is very extraordinarily impressive! I can barely believe what I am seeing! Stay safe all Geoff
  10. Hi Heather, To quote from the first line of your first post: 'This will be my first Work In Progress thread, and I thought I’d kick off with what I hope might turn into a good one.' Well it did turn out to be a good 'un, not without its difficulties and so sorry about the health issues, nobody needs that I will look forward to the next one! All the best Geoff
  11. Terrific build and what a beast! You wouldn't want to go head to head with that......... Take care of yourself, looking forward to your next project Cheers Geoff
  12. Hi Eivind, I just found this and was interested because (like so many schoolboys I am sure) I made one of these in the seventies, the old Airfix Dogfight Double with the RE8 as its foe - always loved the shape of it Watching with interest All the best, get glueing soon! Geoff
  13. Hey PC! Up and running again, what a guy! Just watch out where those scalpels go........... And love the video too, you have a career choice here mister Alistair Cooke, bless him I had almost forgotten Sunday mornings listening to his well modulated tones. Aaaahhhh All the best with the Hurri's, will follow keenly Geoff
  14. Ah yes, Doom Bar I am lucky enough to have one of their pint glasses which I regularly use..... Mmmmmm Geoff Sorry, off topic
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