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  1. That's my main concern with them, watched a couple of guides online and they do look good but you have to get it exact first time, bit worrying. My patience with the CMK upgrade snapped last night and I decided to just use the Airfix parts for the final set of undercarriage doors. After this I doubt I'd buy CMK again, mostly just because of the pretty awful, awful instructions. The Airfix doors went on just fine, and you wouldn't be able to see much difference unless you peeked right into the undercarriage bay. Still not 100% happy with that homemade pistol, I might just remove it alltogether. I think what did it was I saw a masterfully-done TSR on Scalemates and they just omitted the pistons/actuators alltogether, and I realised if someone can leave those parts out and still produce something that brilliant, then I shouldn't worry as much. I also had a go at the Tamiya Smoke on the exhausts. Overall I think it's...ok. Still on the fence wherever to leave it as-is or just go back over with the Alclads. You can also see evidence where I've filled in the rivet detail I did a while ago. I gave the new river-cutter a go on some scrap and it really doesn't do much. Maybe I bought a bad one (even though it's Revell) or maybe it's just not meant to be visible at all. Once it's ready for priming I'll make sure all the rivets are gone. Cheers all, Joe
  2. Unusual choice of livery but looking good, liking the detail work on the engines
  3. Decided to get the engines and exhausts ready. Was hoping to paint them then leave them off until the rest has been painted to avoid any mishaps but due to the angle of the elevators the exhausts have to go on first. Simple coat of gloss black followed by Alclad Airframe Aluminium and that's pretty much it. Once the Alclad has set I may try to add a bit of heat staining with some Tamiya Smoke but I'm rather hesitant to do so: My knowledge of the heat staining process is rather limited, would Tamiya Smoke be sufficient? My experience with Alclads is...varied...with some of them simply melting the plastic. Now I have a nice coat I'd rather not ruin it by adding a coat of something else. I figured it was also time to add the last of the Eduard details to the seats. The seats fit rather deep into the cockpit so some of it really isn't visible, but overall they're pretty decent for an older kit. Still undecided on wherever or not to add the pilots or use the PE seatbelts at this time. Last point of consideration for tonight is the decals. The decals supplied in the kit are mint condition, but if they'll still work after all this time remains to be determined. I was considering getting a set of these decals, mainly as they include more of the technical markings and stencils, but I also read in a publication that the white part of the roundels are clear, meaning there won't be a visible difference between the roundel and fuselage. My only concern is that they appear to be dry decals, something in my 20+ years of modelling have no experience with whatsoever. Does anyone have any tips or guides to help me out here? Thanks for looking, any feedback appreciated. Joe
  4. Cheers, being rather indecisive I thought best to have one engine on show, the other on the trolley with the bay for that one just sealed. Thanks man, it was lucky there's a perfect example at Hendon, so was sure to get a few snaps last time I was there.
  5. Looking good so far. I much prefer the second scheme down, that art on the tail is pretty cool.
  6. For some reason I thought I had updated this one, might have too many projects on the go... The first decals went on, and I couldn't help but apply the roundels and squadron markings first, just to add a bit of colour to the model. The Xtradecals went on very nicely, no problems except that I have a quite a few sets leftover, so if anyone wants any Meteor squadron markings just let me know. I also went over some areas with the MiG Shaders, was very impressed with the result on my MiG-21, but less so with the green one on here, really didn't do much. I'm also less happy with that gun hatch just to the lower-left of the ejection warning label but I suppose it's too late to change that now. The engine is just there for the photo, there are a couple of parts to add if you want it mounted, which will be the next step. Cheers, Joe
  7. I meant the droplets on the last photo, but thanks for both those tips Joe
  8. The Eduard upgrade is definitely worth it IMO, bit fiddly with some of the levers but the decal provided was just awful. The offer's still there if you want those decals, just let me know. For the yellow tail I used Vallejo Dead White as a basecoat, goes on really well and a couple of thin coats give you a lovely bright base for the yellow.
  9. Gorgeous finish on a pretty bonkers aircraft. How did you do the very fine spray effect?
  10. Nice to see another Meteor. I got the Korea version in the mystery box but decided to go for the green/grey with the yellow as well, For your queries, I did use Tamiya silver for the underside, based on other examples I saw on Scalemates. If you want another green/grey (does this scheme have an official name?) one without the fin, there are a few in the Xtradecal upgrades. I have a set and WA893, WF654 and WH263 don't have the yellow fin. I don't need these particular decals, so if you want them let me know.
  11. Ah fair enough then, good luck with it
  12. Please do follow, great if I can help anyone out on their build, although to me it looks very difficult to make an FAW1. There are large panels missing from the wings that'll have to be scratch built as well as the booms reshaped. Unless you can get aftermarket parts I wouldn't want to try it. Joe
  13. Thanks, it's definitely a monster of a kit but it does show it's age somewhat in some areas, such as the sprue joints being rather chunky in places. Nevertheless from what I've heard it's the best Vixen kit by far in this scale. Back from a nice holiday and spent a few hours on the rest of the cockpit details. The radar observer's panels and the dividing wall were next and it was a bit of an unusual fit. The major PE panels are now in place, and while there's a heap of extra levers and buttons, I'm only going to attach the most obvious ones, for the sake of my own sanity. I do think this is a bit of a letdown in the Eduard PE sets I've used in the past in that the levers, etc simply have little in the way of strong connections and snap so easily it's almost not worth it. With that out of the way I attached the two bulkheads, the forward one still needs painting in black and did a dry fit of the fuselage. The first dry fit, before the forward bulkhead was attached, was overall rather poor and the fuselage looked rather warped. Quite relieved to see the problem sorts itself out once all the parts are there. I also had a look at the seats and several issues arose: The most glaring one being the ejector handles simply snapped off the moment I even thought about removing them from the sprue, pretty poor part placement in my opinion. Will have to build some from scratch, and the couple I tried already just don't look 100% correct. Second is this weird fuzz you can see on the sides, the result of the rivet detail. Some light sanding should take that off no problem. Last issue isn't obvious but is crucial, in that they don't actually fit in the cockpit! I've checked and there's no fouling of the PE parts, the pilot seat in particular is around 1mm too thick to get fully within the cockpit. Hopefully if I sand down the rivet detail a bit it might let me slide the seat in without any further modification needed. Cheers all, thanks for any comments. Joe
  14. Thanks for the info. I did think of using some spare ejector seat warning decals for the red labels but they do seem too large after a second look. I may just try to paint them by hand. Joe
  15. Little bit of progress made before I head off on holiday tomorrow (fingers crossed my flight isn't cancelled!) Did a bit more research and found just what I was looking for regarding the WE177s. From what I can gather they would have been white during the period in which the TSR was built, but seeing as this is a partial "what-if" build, I think I could be forgiven by the purists if I went for green. The bombs were previously given a basecoat of Mr Hobby gloss green, the closest shade I had to hand. I then masked off the areas to apply the distinctive stripes. Vallejo white was applied first, then yellow before that stripe was masked off and orange applied over the rest. It doesn't look too bad in my opinion. The stripe widths are a bit different from the technical drawings above but this is more consistent in my eyes. I tried to get a thinner yellow stripe on the other bomb and that just ended up a bit distorted so will redo it as the one above. They're a nice little project in itself. Next steps will be to apply the red markings. As for the triangular labels I might look for some spare decals, or even if a company out there does do a dedicated set. If anyone does know of any that'd help. Cheers all, Joe
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