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  1. Been on a bit of a roll with the MiG-17 this week after the success with the Alclad, and it's pretty much finished. The black is simply Vallejo black airbrushed on, with the whole thing given a couple coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss. Doesn't look like much but the black really breaks it up well. I now take back everything I said about Alclad in the past, particularly the Aqua Gloss. Brilliant stuff all around. The kit itself was a nice build, although the fuselage was a bit warped around the nose. While some sanding and putty helped it's not the neatest underneath but overall I'm happy with it. The major markings have gone on, but as for the various technical details I might not bother, mainly as they're so fiddly, but also as they're near-invisible against the silver. So that's one out of my pile done. Next steps would be to just finish off the last details on the Warhawk. Currently looking for a nice white for the TSR-2 but in the meantime I've treated myself to an early birthday present, a brand new Lightning F6. Bit of an impulse buy but I figured it'd contrast nice with the silver F2, painted up in the later grey scheme with the overwing tanks. Will post photos when it arrives. That's all for now, any comments appreciated.
  2. So I bit the bullet and ordered the WE177s from Shapeways. I initially found the Aviation Workshop set on eBay but the seller was refusing to ship from France to UK. To me that seems a bit ridiculous; I made a decent offer and stated I'd cover any additional shipping cost, they still declined for some reason I can't fathom. Anyway, spent a few hours last night with the Mig-17. Once the cockpit tub was assembled it was pretty quick progress, although overall I'm a little disappointed with the kit. There seems to be some considerable warping around the nose, meaning getting the fuselage halves aligned with the lower panel and the nose-ring was exceptionally difficult. Some filler and considerable sanding was required but it's not going to be perfect. I also thought I'd give the Alclads one last try and replicate the classic Mig bare metal finish. On went the gloss black except this time I went against Alclad's advice and barely sanded it. Whereas before I went through all the grains of polishing paper, this time I just used the finest and gave it a very light go-over. Couple of coats of Hi-Shine Aluminium later and the result is pretty decent. Ignore the cotton bud, that was just used to suspend it while drying. Despite my grief in the past, I'm pretty chuffed at this one. Off to the RAF Museum at the weekend, will stop by Hannants afterwards to return the crappy WE177s and pick up some Alclad gloss varnish, after which the decals will go on and it'll be pretty much finished.
  3. So I've decided to bite the bullet and get the Mustang done. The experience with the Alclads (again!) put me off for a while but I've gone back and was able to: - Neaten up the yellow/green banding at the front. I wasn't too keen on how it tapered at first. It's come up a little thick so I may go back over with some wet/dry. - The cockpit has been masked and sprayed. The Eduard mask wasn't too bad but the pieces could be more prominent on the sheet. - Started applying the decals. The decals were a bit of a letdown. The chequerboard pattern just didn't want to fit and the instructions provided were pretty poor, needing to be swamped with softener a few times before it fell into place, and even then I suspect it was more luck than skill. Some neatening up with a brush is needed but, in my eyes at least, that's the worst of it done. Also started the prop and spinner. The blue banding was hard to achieve due to the curvature of the spinner, but I used a ring of blu-tack and tried by eye to get it level, and overall it's not a bad attempt at all. I've also painted the interior of the TSR-2. This was pretty difficult due to having to recreate that shade of blue by eye. It's slightly different but once it's all put together I doubt it'd ever be noticeable. The ejector pin marks will also be hidden by the cockpit and consoles. In the meantime I've started on the bomb bay superstructure and got some nice goodies to go in it: Here we have 2x 300kt WE.177 bombs, each one 15x the power of the Hiroshima bomb. I'll be honest I'm a little disappointed with them; they're a generic bomb part lacking any detail of the real thing. In addition there are some big resin gates and flaws, and no way of mounting them to the model. Might return them and go for the more expensive but more detailed Shapeways set. I really don't want to go down the Shapeways route due to their obscene shipping costs, if anyone knows a UK retailer that still has The Aviation Workshop set I'd be very grateful. Here's where the project is going to get difficult. Next step is to attach the engine intakes which require painting beforehand. Still unsure on the anti-flash white recipe I was thinking of, some recommendations would be helpful. Thanks all, comments appreciated.
  4. I think given the hassle I've had with this kit I'm not particularly fussed on that level of detail. It was a ballsache from the start and redoing it was even worse. All I'm caring about is wherever it looks ok or not.
  5. I'll start by noting that I made a big mistake when ordering the TSR parts. I thought I'd ordered the cockpit upgrade when I actually ordered the parts for the cockpit, ejector seats and the interior detail, which was a nice happy accident I guess. I'm not 100% sure what these are, probably just part of the structure, but they went on nicely and break up some of the plain cockpit wall I guess. At this point I cleaned up the fuselage halves for a dry-fit and I'm very impressed with how cleanly it fits together. It's almost a perfect fit with no glue required. Here you can see the cockpit detail before the other parts were added. Once the fuselage interior's all painted it'll definitely start looking the part. However this also got me thinking about pilots; both the pilots in the kit are very plain and identical, given the detail in the cockpit it'd be nice to have some decent pilots to match. With that I have two options - Find a suitable alternate set of pilots. - Leave the cockpit empty and use the Eduard seatbelts. I'd rather add a couple of pilots, but if anyone has any sources for some good figures please do let me know. And just to finish up I decided to have a start on the MiG-17.Given that it's a small kit I wanted to just keep it simple, no photo-etch or other upgrades. So far it's gone together nicely. The cockpit just consists of 3 parts before the seat is added, and the fuselage just fits around it in the typical manner. I did balls it up however and get ahead of myself on the wings. For some reason, if you want the undercarriage raised you have to glue the doors into the wings before gluing the wing halves together, which I didn't realise. Quick go-over with the knife and I managed to separate them enough to get the part in. And here we have a quick dry-fit of the model as a whole. Doesn't look like much yet, but we're getting there. Plan is to give the Alclads one final shot and do it the typical MiG baremetal finish. If this one doesn't work then I give up on Alclad for good. That's it for now, any comments really would be helpful.
  6. Great work. I've just started the same kit with the Eduard cockpit, nice to see another example of this great kit. From what I've heard the gold tint was to protect the crew from the radar emissions. The E6 Prowler has the same coating for that reason. Brief search on Wikipedia states it was to protect the crew as well as reduce any interference from outside sources.
  7. Morning all, Currently looking for a couple of pilot models for the 1/48 TSR-2 and Gloster Meteor. The pilots in the TSR are a bit undersized in my eyes and both identical, and the Meteor kit doesn't even include one. Anyone know of any good third-party suppliers? The Meteor is Korea-era so it fits more in the Cold War section. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the tips. Is there anything to be said for the preshading idea?
  9. Currently working on the rare 1/48 TSR-2 and I'm rather stumped on how to paint up the classic anti-flash white scheme. I've seen a couple of brief guides mainly using Halford rattle-cans, just a base of white and a topcoat of gloss white, although I'm not sure if this'll get the effect I'm looking for, particularly as it's 1/48 and the guides I saw were working on 1/144. I did a bit of a test run using a base of white, and a preshade of light grey in the panel line, over which I did a coat of gloss white. While it seemed to work on this small test piece, I'm wondering if there are any examples of this technique used in the past, or if there are any other techniques I could use? Thanks all
  10. Bit of a late-night update today The TSR-2 cockpit's nearly complete. Slight cockup with the throttle controls, they're somewhere in the carpet so won't bother. The P-40 is nearing completion. Took the time to paint up the pilot so I went for a rather generic scheme with the yellow lifejacket to add a bit of contrast Final transfers have gone on as well. There are a few last little details to put on but probably won't bother, they don't show up on the darker basecoat anyway.
  11. Another quick update tonight. Did a bit more of the cockpit consoles while the other half's working late. Quick photo with one of the 40k figures for scale. Overall the base components are there. The pilot console is finished as far as I'm aware, the co-pilot one needs some more work but overall looking pretty decent, and a lot easier than I anticipated.
  12. So now my workdesk is properly set up, spent a fair bit of time over the weekend hopping between the various projects. For the Airfix fans, been pretty busy with various decals. Make a little start on the TSR-2, first step being the cockpit tub. The photoetch parts unfortunately don't seem to be the correct shade of blue, being much lighter than the Airfix instructions or real life photos. Took a little bit of trying, eventually managed to match it by eye, mixing Vallejo light grey, white and a little Sea Blue. Below is just part of the photoetch instructions. I will never ever complain about 40k instructions ever again. Here's the result so far: Pilot's console is complete, the co-pilot console shown in the instructions above is still incomplete. Side panels have also been added. Fit wasn't 100% perfect but I managed to get it done. For the Warhawk, the large decals have been applied. After a coat of Vallejo Decal Softener they settled very nicely on the panels. Just got the tiny decals to apply. They're not that visible over the green but at least then I'll know it's completed. Also dusted off the Lightning, applied a few more decals there. Little bit complicated trying to merge 3 different sets of decals but it's coming together so far, fingers crossed it stays easy :S- Also spent the time looking over the Meteor kit. Hoping to try a different scheme from those in the box, want something to break up the fleet of silver I seem to be building. In the meantime I've ordered masks for the Mustang, Warhawk and TSR-2. Once they arrive I hope to get the paint on the Mustang finished and start the decals. Thanks all, any comments appreciated.
  13. Still not much progress as I'm still unpacking in the new flat but had a very important parcel arrive: Given the rarity of this kit I was struggling to find the cockpit upgrade, similar to the one used on the Lightning a few pages back. The company itself didn't have any spare and every major retailer I came across didn't have any either. While it wouldn't be the end of the world if I couldn't get it, it would add that extra touch to the final piece. Eventually I found a small distributor based in France of all places, managed to get their last one. I would be pretty surprised if I could get another anywhere else. OupsModel if anyone is interested, definitely worth a look. While I've worked with the photoeched stuff before, I still can't get over how small it can be. Just for reference, here's it compared to a penny. Pretty small and fiddly parts needing folding and gluing. This one's a bit easier as the parts are self-adhesive so no messing about with superglue. Next step would be to get the cockpit prepped and ready for the upgrade parts, but I may put it to one side and get some of the outstanding projects out of the way first. In the meantime however let's go back in time a bit and look over the Lightning I mentioned in the OP: I originally bought this kit around 2010 (possibly?) and got halfway through before it was sidelined by other projects. I quickly learned that the 1/48 Lightnings are pretty hard to come across these days so thought I'd refurbish it. With that I stripped it as far down as possible and used Biostrip20 to take off the original paints. Anyone who hasn't used Biostrip before: use it, you won't regret it. I went rather all-out with the third-part upgrades including: - Eduard 1/48 cockpit interior - CMK cockpit tub - Xtradecal markings for XM186 of 111th Squadron - Additional decals provided by Airfix to replace the stencil markings lost. Here's my main gripe with the kit. For some reason, Airfix decided to extend the engine intake to around 2-3" inside the model, likely so it can act as a bulkhead for the structure. However this means fitting the cockpit is a nightmare as the whole subassembly simply sits on top of the intake, with no actual lugs, slots or other bits to hold it. Cockpit was painted up in standard Vallejo colours, going more by eye than any particular guide. This is as far as I managed to get. Base colours sprayed up after several failed attempts with the Alclad paints. Gloss varnished in prep for the decals. Once the decals are applied the last step will be to finish off the undercarriage and cockpit canopy. Once I'm more settled in the new flat that's on my list of priority projects. Thanks all
  14. Thanks very much. Hoping to get another chance to try out the preshading again. I'm wondering if it'd work on the antiflash for the TSR. I heard grey preshade over a white primer works.
  15. So I've had a good look through the TSR2 and I've certainly got my moneys worth: Fuselage is the standard 2-halves arrangement, and the Terminator shows the size of this thing. I was honestly expecting something half the size! Wings are in upper and lower halves, with the tail and ailerons similarly moulded in single pieces. The kit isn't particularly old, dating from the mid 2000's yet the detail is pretty decent for the time, nice crisp panel lines etc. Remainder of the fuselage and other details. Again, nice condition, no issues there. Two halves of the nuclear payload, looks more like the older Red Beard nuke rather than the newer WE.177. Plan is to get a replacement bomb and use this for something else, probably a 40k objective marker or something. In the meantime the cockpit parts have been ordered from France, hopefully should be here within a week or so, at which point I can start building up the cockpit itself and other smaller gubbins before taking on the main fuselage.
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