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  2. Sounds like my wife. Or the other one, "No one will notice"
  3. Oh well - not to worry - it's only a toy tank
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    Vultee Vengeance TTIV

    Thanks Col, hopefully on the home straight now, but there will be a short break as we're away over the coming week or so. Mind you, the painting is finished and the Sky band (which looks really incongruous) has been masked and painted.
  5. Thanks Dave and Alan for your nice comments. I was surprised myself - how good that I asked the Lady in the supermarket.
  6. Another West Londoner here, which considering I'm from Hayes, isn't too bad! Could be worse, it might have said I was Brummie, a Scouse, Yorkshire or even heaven forbid, Geordie!
  7. Hey youuuu guyyyssss. How I managed to get some modelling in this weekend I know not. I was out for pretty much all of Saturday, meeting up with old friends, drinking some of the most beautiful and expensive stouts and bitters ever. £9 for a half pint. Milo had a fencing comp today too. During the bits where I wasn’t doing that I worked with this. I wanted to add some pipes to make it a bit more special. I used lead wire and heated up styrene rod. here’s a shot half way through. I’m loving doing this. One side done and the other. And bottom. Just the top to go. now although this is ok I have seen it painted and I just don’t like the look that the mould gives. Soooooo. away with it and replace with lead wire. That’s better. Hopefully it’ll paint up ok. It should. I glued all the top stuff on. next bits to do are the fire wall/ bulk head, is that what it is? Why so many pin marks on the detail side is beyond me. also these need drilling. And a sand. Here’s one set dry fitted. much better. Also these arrived. woot!! That however is it I’m absolutely pooped so it’s early nights all around I think. Thanks for dropping by and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny. 🌪
  8. Vulcan, at least in Britain, mainly because of xh558. Maybe not by name, but it certainly rivals the Spitfire for most iconic. Seriously, who doesn't like a big tin triangle?
  9. 825

    Miles Martinet TT1

    Finishing off the painting and touching up. Cowling masked and painted with Akan's dull iron. The exhaust pipes have had the ends drilled out and painted with the same paint. I'll add on a dry brush of rust at some point. I'm away for the coming 10 days on Tuesday so it will probably be a little while before any more work is done, but still hopeful of finishing on time.
  10. Hi everyone, Thank You all for bringing me on board. I'm Brazilian with interest in aircrafts, space, war and to preserve the occidental civilization. I have begin in modelling as early as a child , was out for studying and working hard for decades ... I still do so. Now I am returning and wish to improve my skills, specially in painting and weathering. Thanks SouthViper
  11. Hi all. Huawei phone, running Android, this is the second phone that I've been getting the error on, previous was an LG. It happens on both WiFi and phone data connections and has been an issue for some time. I can post a screen shot of the error message if it'll help, there's a link on the pop-up to a script on BM. Any thoughts/fixes from admin? Thanks, Rob.
  12. Seen this guys stuff. Very interesting, but will require some finishing. The surface is rough and the medium is a bit resistant no sanding. No doubt purchasers will be given instructions on how to best deal with the product.
  13. Condolences @Silver Fox, family first, every time.
  14. I don't normally follow anything but 1/72, but in this case I'll be watching your build. A most interesting effect, for sure. It might be hard to reproduce in 1/72 but you never know. I'm sure there's some brave ( or frikkin' crazy ) soul(s) on this forum that may try. Chris
  15. I thought posts 127 and 129 above were quite specific, 129 has the kit parts next to Mk.18 wings. This clearly shows the different panel layouts. As the post above shows, the under wing panels were also eliminated. From a modellers perspective the changes are noticeable. There are also the under fuselage camera pair. This requires new upper AND lower wings. The broader rudder will account for the longer length. The Spitfire books are notoriously vague on the specific external differences, the photos I posted kindly supplied by Peter Arnold clearly show the changes, these are all in the post I made in Jan 2017 Note the annotated drawing from the manual, as well as the photos. This also has info on the rudders. I don't have info on the rocket fittings.
  16. Wow, that zimmerit looks really good. I've been experimenting with wood filler and it's come out sort of OK but the NMN idea looks like it could be a winner
  17. @f111guru--very interesting info on bomb loads and ECM locations--from photos, the seems MER loads on stations 1 & 9 were the exception to the norm. Grew up in VT, but now am in the South East, heading to Mid-Atlantic. If you are hunting VTANG F-4D display, it has been relocated to the VT militia museum at Camp Johnson--believe the EB-57 is at the ANG base--its been a while... Best, Erwin
  18. Good job, not often one can see properly battered ship, I like the effect of structure poking through plating
  19. Hi Being very interested in German WWII subjects I was frequently consulting the LEMB site, but I can not access it anymore. Have they changed without notice ? SouthViper
  20. Oh, the galactic joy! If it is for these august forums than it shall be built by August. Starting the clock. Very happy for you, Master Sandpaper would be so proud of you if he had ever existed! You may even qualify for Modeling Heaven (where no kaboomba is allowed) with a number of such builds.
  21. I saw your model and she looked great. I couldn’t find a WIP though. Will you do one for the repaint? Ahem yes indeed. Thanks. I couldn’t possibly comment. 🦹 Oi! Welcome aboard Ian. Hopefully I’ll pull it out of the bag. Wowza!!!!! Thanks for the share.
  22. Hi John, That's not a scale I would ever venture into, but it certainly looks more enticing than 1/72nd. I like that you have options to build a early, mid or late, am impressed by the fine detailing on the upper deck, and I really like the fact that the tracks and outer wheels are moulded in one part, and the inner wheels are separate. Top marks to the kit pattern-maker/designer! Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Rearguards, Badder
  23. Hands are not doing too bad at the moment, I am just trying to get ahead, I relaxed on the Panzer IV GB and only just made the deadline. Plus it will be nice to have a KT on the built shelf.
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