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  1. There are some fantastic figures about these days! Great model, well executed - well done mate!
  2. Nice tribute, well done!
  3. Very nicely modelled, sir - well done! Paint and weathering are a very close match to the photo - again, well done mate!
  4. I see the pilot is M. Chatterton - I wonder if this is the Mike Chatterton who then went on to fly the BBMF Lancaster (and then on to taxi Just Jane at East Kirkby (Silksheen)? Always nice to see a Lightning!
  5. Nice build! I hope you are going to add the appropriate amount of rust and holes as per the original!
  6. Excellent - you SHOULD be well chuffed with that one!
  7. Coming along nicely Simon. Watching closely, as I have the Tamiya version in my stash!
  8. Hi Crisp - glad to hear you are on the mend. Did you did you do a Falklands tour whilst aboard HMS Broadsword? I had a six months posting to JSSU (FI) and we did a two week exercise on her - I have very fond memories of that time! Adrian
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