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  1. Lovely! I have this and the Scimitar (x2) in my stash!
  2. Great model! Did you get the interior detail set to go with it? Both on my wishlist!
  3. I remember there being a Conquerer as a gate guardian to Proteus Training camp in Sherwood Forest (https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/proteus-training-camp-notts-01-09.36915/) - back in the 1970s. I wonder what happend to that.... Great model - and happy memories! AJ
  4. I like it - you can see the lineage of that tanks that came before it. Well done Fishbed!
  5. Now look what you've done! The wife is going to kill me when I try and sneak one if these into the house......! I hate Britmodeller sometimes - there is too much good stuff here! It's got to stop!!
  6. I've managed to get hold of a partially built, white metal, 1/35 scale FV107 Scimitar made by Barton Miniatures. I think it's circa 1985. Long shot - does anyone have a copy of the instructions? Some parts are missing and will need replacing. I'd like to be able to draw up an inventory of what's needed. Fortunately, I do have an AFV Club Scimitar in my stash, which I can refer to, but it won't necessarily be that same. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPs_87TiBKE70vYZtphKwdUanynuBQEk6R46039 Keeping my fingers crossed. I've never done a white metal kit before so I will also be needing your help along the way..... AJ
  7. I love the history lesson that goes with your dioramas!
  8. I have some photos I took from the Conning Tower of HMS Osiris, when I was down in the Falklands - they served up the best curry!! Had the best time down there - I even volunteered to extend my tour and bring the wife down. No such luck, unfortunately.
  9. "Lost in the clouds"? It would be fun to be lost in the clouds in one of these beauties!
  10. Noted, with thanks!
  11. I use the Vallejo grey primer. Maybe it's my sweaty hands! Much obliged to you sir!
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