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  1. Spectacular! Superb base as well. Respect to you, sir!
  2. Oh my good life!! PLUS, it's going to be hidden from view unless your diorama includes a wheel change...!
  3. Absolutely fantastic! I can see Flightsimmers the movie industry beating a path to your door! (Sorely tempted myself!) Maximum respect Janneman!
  4. FINALLY something interesting over my house multiple times yesterday - a Boeing P8 Poseidon. Not bad for Orkney and beats the usual Saabs and Islanders. Did some lazy circuits to the east of Hoy, then 3 or for more circuits over Orkney mainland (between 4500 ft and 6500 ft), and then some tighter circuits to the east. Presumably this was just training as it did do a run over Kirkwall Airport.
  5. Always good to remember that, since when we are building military models there is a real-life back story that needs to be remembered. Lest we forget and thank you!
  6. Great diorama, well executed. Lest we forget.
  7. Lovely build - and one to remember for when my stash gets to a more manageable size!
  8. Great model - what did you use for the anti-slip (if you don't mind me asking)? Thanks Etienne!
  9. My Grandfather worked on Blue Steel in the 60s - I remember he hated all the politics that surrounded its development (a la TSR2).
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