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  1. This. 13" wheels on a Mini is generally a bad idea (except tarmac competition cars perhaps) but I'm told the real problem with the Sportspack cars was the factory failing to be consistent with setting the tracking and dealer PDI being a lottery. Some drove better than others. The only Sportspack I drove felt ok, but was nowhere near as eager to turn-in as the 10" car I had at the time. Very much over-tyred for what they were. Plus they look wrong!
  2. Nice to see a kit with a sunroof, and your detail painting looks sharp.
  3. The wheels are 100000000000% better than Fujimi's oversized crime against modelling. A lovely conversion and the colour is spot on.
  4. Yes Pete, lightly rusted. It's very easy to go too far with rust holes I think, I've been quite subtle with the floorpan... I'm thinking maybe too subtle now! I know from experience how Minis tend to dissolve before your very eyes... I've grown up now and drive proper cars these days.
  5. So, the plan is to create a partially dismantled Mk2 to serve as diorama materal. I just think that will be more interesting than building it up as a complete car, given they're not exactly rare around these parts... Off with the decoration and paint. The paint finish was quite a competent metallic grey, I'm quite impressed with my former self in that regard. But five minutes of rubbing down and it's history. As part of the Mk3 conversions I used to sand the Mk1/Mk2 door hinges off, but only to standard of a gibbon armed with barbed wire, so additionally flatting was needed this ti
  6. Right then, groovy people, here's the latest from the workbench. Regulars may recall I have a stash of badly built Tamiya Minis that date from the late 80s and early 90s. I'm gradually scrapping them off or salvaging what I can... as per this previous installment: Now I've moved onto another hopeless wreck from the stash/breakers yard. I originally built this one into a passable replica of a Mk3 Mini packing a very approximate 16v head on its A-Series. The eagled eyed amongst you will note the headlamps have already been scavenged for the Cooper rebuild. It can't stay as it is..
  7. Your bonnet looks ace. The kit is a great basis OOB but there are infinite little tweaks that can be made, interesting seeing your interpretation of it. There is shaping up to be quite a fleet of these on here...
  8. Filthy numbers plates would be an easy way to get pulled over really, why attact attention? RFI is up
  9. From the build thread here: You come about the van, mate? It's in the lock-up, step inside... Sorry it's a bit gloomy in here, the tube light has blown again. It's seen a few miles has this van, still going though. It was orginally supplied to a groundworks company in South Tyneside but long since de-fleeted and sold off. Of course, the paintwork faded everywhere apart under the old company stickers, so the ghosts of its past are still visible, a good polish might help. Someone fitted a roofrack after it was sold off but it's a useful feature. The beacon might come in
  10. Very cool, I like that, it looks like it has a story to tell.
  11. Time for another update. This is how the interior turned out: I've added the badges, the Transit one is nicely produced by Italeri, very crisp. Up front, I still have to add some wipers. The kit offers a RHD dash but no corresonding wipers so I have drilled new holes and will convert the kit wipers from LHD using a simple cut and shut technique. They're reasonably delicately moulded so I don't think think I could do better building my own, not like they're big clompy things. Note the AA badge on t
  12. That's what I like, full commitment from the first post
  13. Great work, as always, but I particularly love the colour scheme.
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