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  1. Look great does that, Mark. Regarding The Prisoner, I've always considered it to be a guide to how to conduct myself in wider society.
  2. Brilliant, excellent work. Now, how about scratch building some big arches for it and dropping in a BDA and an Atlas...?
  3. That's brilliant. I wasn't aware of this kit at all... you've got me thinking now...
  4. That is well cool, mister. In particular, the colour is absolutely spot-on, I remember Renaults of that era being that shade. When did I last see the real thing? Probably in the early 90s or something.
  5. That's very pretty. Much better than remaining a pile of bits in a box.
  6. Well, I've been away from this site for over a month and managed to conclude the most difficult house move of all time, and you still haven't finished it??? Looking good!
  7. There won't be too much in it compared to having someone else rebuild an original car from a base model donor; https://mst-cars.com/models/ £69,995 plus VAT at 20% only gets you the basic "touring model". A Group 4 build is "from" £89,995 plus VAT... and their ultimate spec is from £98,000 plus VAT... All prices are the same for either the Mk1 or Mk2 shell. Like I said, not bad value in context, even if the actual figures are scary. Still would though.
  8. I know they're well cool. I'm £64,995 short but they do look like quite good value, considering.
  9. We've all been on the same entry list as a few "names" as it's the nature of the sport, but my most fondly remembered moment was a couple of years ago on a historic when Ron Beecroft rolled up after a very long absence. Keith, you'll know who he is, even if not everyone else will. We finished ahead of him that day but on a Motoring News event in the 1980's I wouldn't have seen which way he went! A top dude though, no airs and graces about him at all, lovely guy. And he still has his fog goggles. Anyway, this is @Windy37's thread, and the Manta is looking great
  10. It certainly was, "Dear God" being pronounced in full Ulster. Vatanen's save is one thing. but keeping it going to the end of stage with a front left puncture at that sort of speed is equally as impressive. Last time I tried to drive on a flat the tyre pinged off within yards and the wheel rapidly turned into a hexagon. We pulled over mid-stage to change it, upon which the jack collapsed and got jammed under the door which I had left open, leaving me to bash the jack free with a rock. This is one of the reasons I am not a works driver.
  11. Lucky man, born at the right time. A mate of mine used a (non-400) Manta with a (Ford) Atlas rear end on tarmac to very good effect back in the day. Mantas ruled the British Open Championship for a while, even if Vauxhall's DTV approach was arguably inferior to full centralised factory backing. I think Irmscher ran the Opels on the world stage if I recall correctly. Two defining Manta memories for me are Ari's "Dear God" moment on the Manx, and in-car of him wrestling one round Colerne on an RAC.
  12. Pretty much the point this article makes... https://viaretro.com/2021/02/the-escort-xr3-comes-of-age/ 40 years old!!! Anyway, back to the Manta...
  13. I can't comment on your traction bars but the rest of it looks great to me.
  14. Nice Sherpa Drophead. Don't get me started on number plates. At scale, I am a fan of the BECC sticky letters and either reflective or black plates. At full size, my 1974 car wears pressed reflective plates as black and silver would be an anachronsim, though they are retrospectively popular with some people. Very few people would have ordered b/w plates after around 1968; they were old fashioned and the reflective "safety plates" were the trendy thing to have. Some quite expensive cars came with pressed plates in period though, not just commercials, look at some old pr
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