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  1. I spent an afternoon driving one of these recently (not in BTTF spec). They're basically rubbish but you can feel how a little more development might have produced a decent car. Shame the whole project was built on sand.
  2. Good finds. The Wood & Pickett Range Rover is fabulously bad taste. Townley did a similar front end and you could have theirs in 6x6 driveline if you so desired. The red 2.8 Capri is an auto, which is very rare but completely wrong for the car. With the manual box they're nice cars but I feel values are too high today considering I had a couple of good ones around the £2k mark (erm... 20 years ago...). The grey one has been withdrawn. The listing claims it has only been run on leaded fuel and been in storage for ten years; alarm bells there. The BMW 2002tii appears to be a rather insipid "gentleman's rally car", ie. not really one thing or another. It looks like it failed to sell last year and you could do a lot better 2002-wise for the money, trust me. The Daimler Sovereign looks lovely, but you'll pay a premium for the 15k mileage. Give me one with higher miles and it'd make a great daily. That said, the car for sale looks good value for what it is. I'm not brave enough to buy a BMW 6-Series but I do fancy a Rover P6. If I won big at the dogs I'd be sourcing one and phoning Retropower.
  3. Wh-what? Have I missed something?! When will we able to buy one of these???!!! (assuming you can point us to a local friendly source of such things...)
  4. Looks interesting. There are loads of short wheelbase tankers running around these hills too, because we're yokels with oil-fired heating.
  5. The stupid little airbag steering wheels don't help with the ponderous feel either.
  6. Another vote for the Fester. The only car I ever bought brand new, and the newest I've owned by some margin, was a heavily discounted 2006 Fiesta Zetec 1.4. It was brilliant and I planned to keep it for a long time but 18 months later I got a job with a company car and I had to sell the Fiesta at a fair old loss. The job turned out to be a dud and to add insult to injury the company car was a 1.3 TD Vauxhall Disastra which constantly broke down. My employer remedied this by issuing me with a heavily used 1.3 TD Vauxhall Disastra from the pool, which also constantly broke. When that was taken away to be de-fleeted or cubed or something, I was then reissued the original 1.3 TD Disastra which had been dumped in a yard since the last time I saw it. I quit shortly afterwards for a much better job, but not before accidentally dragging the side of the Disastra along a trolley bay in a supermarket car park and leaving the keys with security at the office.
  7. They need to work on their description of that 13" wheelset: These wheels are 1/24th scale 19 inch !! I remember driving a 13" Sports Pack car at a launch event at a dealer in Blackpool. To my young impressionable self it felt like the height of sophistication, having driven (coaxed) there my 1,000cc HLE. Now I am older and wiser, and regularly exposed to more Minis than I would want to shake a stick at, I'll say the best driving cars are the 12 inch wheel disc brake cars of the mid 80s and early 90s, before they became too much of a heritage act.
  8. Spectacular! The colour choice is spot on also.
  9. I always think of the BMW MINI as a "BINI". Tsk, moderns. Launched just over 22 years ago...
  10. Wow, that'd take me years to pull together. It's notable how using the correct RAL codes makes the load of cars so much more convincing.
  11. That's got a bit of presence. It looks at home in your yard diorama too. Like it.
  12. I like the weathering, just takes the shiny edge off it. Looking forward to the full RFI pictures.
  13. Seriously impressive scale engineering there. Thanks for the explanation of the photography technique, I was going to ask about that. To me, that's half the satisfaction of an RFI.
  14. If I could find one for sensible money I'd be keeping it for myself!!
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