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  1. Monogram represents the best quality vs cost that ever existed in this hobby. At 55 years old I absolutely love building some of their kits. And while I’ve built a lot of their kits I still haven’t built them all. Sad that they haven’t rebounded the way airfix has
  2. Any updates? I'm thinking of getting this kit and found your build. Seems that you're pretty close to getting it done if you haven't already
  3. Hi Tony, I'm building the same kit. Just wondering what the camo pattern is on the bottom side? Is it a mirror image of the upper surfaces? Thanks, Jeff
  4. I’ve been searching for pictures or information regarding the inner flap color for the green and grey era C-130’s. My best guess so far is silver or possibly white but not sure....so I thought i’d throw it out to you guys Thanks for your time
  5. The intake splitter plate is also different as I recall
  6. If the definition of “hot cakes” is 5 or 6 then yes she had a real gold mine on her hands before unfortunately going TU. Almost makes me miss the pirate post days
  7. I wouldn't bother with a new canopy. That is what's called a basket case.
  8. He speaks authentic frontier jibberish. Seriously though, you guys should have a sword fight. Ferrerer!
  9. Absolutely this. If you upscale to 1/32 you own the market. Stay at 1/48 and you have a small piece. The French aircraft are relatively small and need to go to 1/32. I'll buy one for sure in the larger scale.
  10. Does anyone know of a review for this kit? I've been wondering about the accuracy of it for awhile but I can 't find anything written about it...
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