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  1. peterburns

    Sanger 1/48 Avro Vulcan vacform

    If the definition of “hot cakes” is 5 or 6 then yes she had a real gold mine on her hands before unfortunately going TU. Almost makes me miss the pirate post days
  2. peterburns

    ***finished*** b52

    I wouldn't bother with a new canopy. That is what's called a basket case.
  3. peterburns

    Kitty Hawk's 1/48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    Shouldn't you have a hook for a hand?
  4. peterburns

    Harrier GR3 1/48 resin conversion set

    He speaks authentic frontier jibberish. Seriously though, you guys should have a sword fight. Ferrerer!
  5. Absolutely this. If you upscale to 1/32 you own the market. Stay at 1/48 and you have a small piece. The French aircraft are relatively small and need to go to 1/32. I'll buy one for sure in the larger scale.
  6. Does anyone know of a review for this kit? I've been wondering about the accuracy of it for awhile but I can 't find anything written about it...
  7. peterburns

    BAe Nimrod Advice

  8. peterburns

    BAe Nimrod Advice

  9. peterburns

    BAe Nimrod Advice

    I used the D mold parts and the Alley Cat ones when I built the Nimrod. There was also a weapons bay resin part as well...not sure if it was Alley Cat or not. Anyway the parts were difficult to make work together; part of that was the design of the wing, which is very flimsy, and part was the nature of all that resin. I like the final result, but it was a major pain in the butt. After getting it done I remember telling a friend that I would never build another. Not trying to talk you out of it, just know it is a lot of work, but can be done. I have not flat coated the paint yet so the windows are not unmasked, which makes it difficult to see how the new window looks. I will try and get a few pictures and post them so you can see the results.
  10. peterburns

    XV Squadron Buccaneer MacRobert's Reply

    Nice Avatar Roy, One of my favorite films ever.