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  1. Frankly speaking whole front fuselage (forward of wing leading edge) is different. It has been caught precisely by AZ in their Frescos. The gun pack is shorter (3x23mm instead of 1x37 and 2x23mm), the fixed canopy part is noticeably longer and the fuselage diameter (both height and width of all the forward frames) is significantly greater in PF than in older (-17A/17F) variants, which were using virtually unchanged MiG-15 nose. In simple words the A/F (and-15) nose is more conical, whereas the PF one is almost tubular. Cheers Michael
  2. OK, Gentlemen, thank you for all the answers. So I'm almost decided to build the ADC gray-finished one. The only question remaining is WHEN was this scheme introduced? 1954? 1956? Or later? Cheers Michael
  3. Yesyesyesyesyesyes ! I won ! And the final price was just Ł16, thus some 2% of the estimated value of my car (a 2003 Clio RS) So the only Patton missing from my 1:72 collection now remains the M47 - messrs Trumpeter/Revell/ Italeri please hear this Cheers Michael
  4. Thank you Ben, I see it too Now it's only the matter of the final price fetched. Hope I wouldn't have to sell my car to buy it... Cheers Michael
  5. Building the Kiev class heli-carrier on the Yorktown basis is something exceeding my imagination - this must be the brave undertaking indeed! The WEM Airstrike aircraft are very difficult to find, however in last period there appeared many 3D-printed 1/700 aircraft (e.g. Snafu Echoco series) of literally everything subject I need. They even look quite good on the Shapeways website and I had been quite near to ordering some dozens of them before I saw the Seahawks and Sea Venoms on the Fujimi HMS Eagle deck here https://www.paulooimodelworks.com/hms-eagle-r05-the-suez-crisis/ Then I understood that the website shows digital renderings that are as close to the printed product as the LEGO Spitfire is close to the Airfix 1:24 kit of the same RJ Mitchell masterpiece Of course I know the Trumpeter (excellent in most cases) range of 1/700 aircraft, but buying 6 Greyhounds or Prowlers just for putting one or two of each on the Nimitz deck is a mental disaster. Thus I will try to build a new fuselage (and modify the quadruple tail) of one of the dozen or so surplus Hawkeyes I have and it will be OK. Similarly using two Intruder (more than dozen in my drawer already) fuselages one can easily get a Prowler. The Kuznetsov kit features 6 Kamov choppers, which is the standard "deck readiness" fit for this vessel. The problem is that Trumpy gives us 2x Ka-27 ASW, 2x Ka-29 assault and 2x Ka-31 AEW machines, while there have never been more than one Ka-31 available and the number of Ka-27 varied from 3 to 4. So one of the Ka-31s will undergo the rebuild to the SAR/ASR Ka-27PS configuration. The Fujimi F8U (like the Dragon F9F, F2H, AD4 and S2F) are the other problem - they're impossible to buy for years. If they appeared on the market again it will save me a lot of time (and strain too ). Nevertheless I wasn't conscious of the F-86 within the PitRoad 1/700 range. Moreover the S10 set includes also the S2F and E-1 that are also necessary for the early 60s fit of the USN supercarriers, so I will put it on my "hunting list" ASAP. Thank you for this info ! Cheers Michael
  6. Frankly speaking most 1/700 carrier kit manufacturers do supply their products with such a plethora of (more or less crude) aircraft, that no one is able to put all of them on the decks (at least in "ready-to-fly" configuration). Thus after building a dozen of such models my drawer is full of 100+ such small aircraft (with 3 DOZENS of omnipresent F/A-18 caricatures among them). So this is neither the matter of ability nor of will to invest in additional parts for this (or any other) waterline project. For me converting these tiny aircraft is just some kind of challenge or eyeball/fingers test after 53 years of modelling If the Nassau attempt is successfull (surely the pair of Broncos will be the most challenging part of it) I will try to convert subsequent dozens of similar aircraft to get the Loire 130, A5M, F8F, C-2, EA-6B, F8U, Alouette 3 and Ka-27 (feasibility studies completed). Unfortunately there are still many other aircraft that I have no idea where to start from: FJ3, F3H, Etendard, Alize, Seahawk, Sea Venom - here I will have to follow the Bronco path I'm afraid... Cheers Michael
  7. For years I've been hunting Ebay for the 1/700 Dragon kit of Tarawa-class LHA. Unfortunately both original Dragon (Tarawa/Saipan/Peleliu) and Revell-boxed (Saipan) kits are fetching prices above 60 $, sometimes reaching even the three-digit level. And then some weeks ago at Scalemates I have found the assembly instruction sheet (in PDF) of Italeri 1:720 USS Nassau that I (and thousands of other people) thought to be the rebox of the crude 1970s-vintage Revell 1/720 Tarawa/Saipan kit. Then I compared the Italeri sheet with Dragon one and the conclusion shocked me totally: the 1/720 as stated on the box and instruction sheet cannot be true - this mistifaction has been done by Italeri perhaps only to "fit into" their line of 1/720 ships. And Italeri #530 USS Nassau can be easily bought for 20 Euros ! In 5 days such an opportunity appeared on Ebay and in next 3 days the kit in pristine condition (wrapped/unopened box) joined my stash. After opening the box you can find the sealed bag of plastic sprues labelled "Made in China by DRAGON" and all the sprues are identical to DRAGON 1/700 Tarawa-class ships. Even on decals set there's "1/700 USS Nassau" inscription and THIS IS THE TRUE... Nevertheless the kit features the airwing consisting of 4 AV-8B Harriers, 4 CH-46E Sea Knights and 2 CH-53E Super Stallions - the same aircraft are already standing on the deck of my 1/700 USS Wasp LHD-1 model by HobbyBoss. Wanting to differentiate these two amphibious ship class a little I decided to build the USS Nassau with her 1982 airwing. Of course 1982 means no AV-8B and no CH-53E. Moreover the aircraft supplied by Dragon/Italeri can be only called the caricatures of the original thing. So I dug my drawer a little to find several Trumpeter/HB aircraft surplus to fit the deck of USS Wasp and USS Nimitz. The lone AV-8B will be modified to represent the AV-8A, while two CH-53Es will be backdated to the CH-53D standard. Then I'd like to build 3 or 4 UH-1Ns using parts of SH-60s and (if patience allows) scratch-build some 2 or 3 OV-10 Broncos. So let's look at the Harriers: The main fuselage is almost the same. The nose must be shortened, the canopy lowered and the tailplane leading edge must be modified too. The biggest task however is modifying the wing - AV-8A had shorter span, more sweep, outriggers closer to the wingtips and the LERX must be omitted. Here you can see the AV-8A fuselage and the tailplanes after surgery (there's an unmodified AV-8B left on the same sprue): Then there are the Stallions: Here also happily the main fuselage is the same. The sponsons must be shortened, the third engine deleted (as will be one rotor blade too), the tailboom must be shortened and thinned, both vertical and horizontal tail must be shortened and the dorsal "hump" must be seriously modified. After all these operations cutting 0.8mm off each tail rotor blade and 1.4mm off each main rotor blade looks trivial. Here you have the modified CH-53D airframe next to the "stock" CH-53E also awaiting paint job: And here some old joke - a safety match just to remind you how tiny the 1/700 aircraft really are. To be continued Cheers Michael
  8. Cessnas aren't the oldest ones we are still waiting for... All we have seen the box with painting schemes for Miles Master in ... December 2012 :) Cheers Michael
  9. Absolutely right - single-seater Yaks are "rear canopy/small cannon" variant, so either -9M or -9DD (the radio mast is slanted forward). Taking-off is Yak-9V and the group of radial-engined light bombers are Su-2s. Cheers Michael
  10. Don't bother, Brother, the Airfix cowlings are slightly too big... The original R-1830 diameter is exactly 48", so close-cowled engine should feature some 50-51" diameter. There was no need to use the clearance of more than 30mm between the outermost point of cylinder head and the cowling panel. 51" in 1/72 is 18.0mm and this the size that looks just all right on every 1/72 PBY model. Of course - when looking for the similarities - one cannot follow the DC-3/C-47 cowling dimensions, as their diameter increases all lenght back up to the firewall, that was designed to accomodate the 54.3" in dia 9-cylinder Wright R-1820. The PBY cowlings are cylindrical (i.e. not conical) in shape. Cheers Michael
  11. Thank you Giorgio - April 1986 explains why there are no pictures known of plain FS34097 CH-53Es (except for the prototypes). Andy - the Portsmouth photos are great. Nevertheless on #3 you can see one CH-53D with white lettering and high-vis insignia (in front of two others properly marked in "black-only"). Existing of such oddities was the main reason for my question. Nevertheless as I have only black 1/700 MARINES lettering I feel justified for using them on all my 1983 micro-airwing. Thank you for your interest, Gentlemen Cheers Michael
  12. Do you have any idea (better supported by pictures of course) about the camouflage of UH-1N, CH-46 and CH-53D helicopters operating from LHA amphibious carriers between 1982 and 1984? Currently I'm building the Dragon/Italeri 1/700 USS Nassau LHA-4 featuring the airwing consisting of three abovementioned chopper types plus AV-8A and OV-10A planes. Harriers are already sporting the low-vis grey+green over light grey camo with black lettering and all-black insignia. Broncos are overall dark green with black lettering and insignia, but how did the helos look these days? On a picture showing AV-8As aboard Nassau there's a "monocolor" UH-1N looking decidely more grey than green, but the tailboom is outside the camera scope and I don't know, whether is this a Marines or Navy machine (white lettering USS Nassau on side door directs me closer to the Navy option). AFAIK the beautiful green+2 greys (or is it grey/black/green?) wraparound camouflage has been introduced on USMC choppers a little bit later (1985/86?), so the machines contemporary to the AV-8A and Bronco on the LHA-4 deck should be rather uniform dark green. But was the lettering white or black? Were the insignia still colourful or already all-black low-vis version? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers Michael
  13. Jan (hope it's not too late already) - can you modify the spelling on the Il-2 box? There's no something like "guner" in English. Should be "gunner" :( BTW - will you also try the arrow-wing variant? Cheers Michael
  14. As no answer has appeared in 6 weeks (the Museum asked directly also hasn't answered) I have to increase the search scope... I'm looking for ANY photos (or at least profiles) of 4-5 colour "Japanese style camouflage" Renault FT (octagonal turret, MG armed) used in 1917-18 period by any French (not US) unit. Serial/tactical numbers as well as "card" insignia warmly welcome. Any ideas, Gentlemen? Cheers Michael
  15. Surely new Airfix is miles ahead of ESCI and Italeri. IMHO the ESCI one is a very little better than original Italeri, but you can buy ESCI sprues in some Italeri boxings (e.g.1338). Revell have never had their own C-47/DC-3 mould. In various periods they boxed both Italeri (4248, 4357, 4371, 4399) and ESCI (4234, 4236) kits. There's also a very good Amodel kit of L2D Tabby and Li-2 as well as the new tool by Hobby Boss - perhaps both are better than ESCI/Italeri/Revell trio, but not than the new tool Airfix one. Cheers Michael
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