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  1. There's the well known "Hanni" Beutepanzer that earlier (before the Cambrai capture) belonged to the Batallion F. It is pictured there https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/614178467906792780/ wearing the French-style three- (or maybe even four-) colour camouflage of sand, chestnut brown and blue grey (plus pale green according to M.Filipiuk at Batailles & Blindes in 2008). According to some authors the camouflage has been retained during its German service with photos documenting both sides available. My question is whether are there any pictures known of the same Mark IV Female tank from the pre-Cambrai period of her service (as F.7) within the Batallion F? Was the side s/n (four digit) overpainted? Was the F.7 on the back (the one visible from the rear) white or yellow? Was it repeated on the roof? Was there any individual name painted on? Cheers Michael
  2. Especially the desert-schemed LA164, which is not the H75A-4, but one of the six HAL Bangalore-built H75A-5s. Cheers Michael
  3. BTW does anybody remember what were the last Armee de l'Air units operating the Bre XIX up to 1938 ? Syria/Lebanon? Morocco? Chad? Djibouti? Cheers Michael
  4. Yesssssssssssss! At least three for me please Cheers Michael
  5. Hi Ben, Pretty sure that S-model is the later ZTZ-99A. I have it in my stash, really good one. But it's like the T-72 and T-90 or T-64 and T-80. ALMOST the same, but not THE same... Scorpion is the same case as Gvozdika - ACE kits are really SHORT runs unobtainable 3-4 years after the release already. And most of them are fairly decent. And regrettably not replicated by mainstream mfrs (e.g. BTR-50/PT-76, Gvozdika/MTLB family, FV100 family, a.s.o.) Cheers Michael
  6. KRK4m

    Best ju87

    Regrettably I had no time to visit London last year, but AFAIK there is one late Ju-87 exhibited at the RAF Hendon Museum. Could anybody there try to measure (or at least to make an orthogonal photo) it's nose? It will surely help to end this Fujimi vs. Academy uncertainty. Cheers Michael
  7. Yes, John. When talking about the Yaks you're always right :) The Yak-7DI (thus -7B with metal wing spars, larger fuel tanks and one MG less) when put into series production has been renamed simply the Yak-9. Cheers Michael
  8. Homebee - would you please correct the topic name. Now it's: Yakovlev Yak-9DD & Yak-9A & D by Modelsvit - Yak-9DD released - Yak-9D & Yak-9A release in 2020 - Yak-7 resin conversion set by Vector There have never been anything like the Yak-9A. Thus it should read: Yakovlev Yak-9DD & Yak-7A & Yak-9D by Modelsvit - Yak-9DD released - Yak-9D & Yak-7A release in 2020 - Yak-7 resin conversion set by Vector Cheers Michael
  9. I have purchased one last year directly from the manufacturer - British S&M Models. The 2019 new tool, really not very bad. Frankly speaking the M47 Patton and M59 APC also need the 1/72 portraits desperately. Urban legend says that it's pretty decent and accurate - regrettably it's impossible to find for last 10 years at least. BTW I should add two Russian machines more - the WW2 T-37A floating tankette and the modern 2S3 Akatsiya (both available only as resin kits - pricey and hard to find). Cheers Michael
  10. "Looks like" is really the closest one can say. The Y-20 is much smaller however - it's 88% the dimensions, 83% the MTOW and 85% the payload of the C-17. Cheers Michael
  11. Couldn't find such a list there, so let's start. And it's not a joke - I think that some kit manufacturers could find such a list useful. 1. AMX VCI - hope that ACE has one in the pipeline 2. BTR 50 - just a modification of PT-76 tank to be issued by Revell in 2020. Half of work is done already, so maybe... 3. 2S1 Gvozdika - just a modification of MT-LB. So maybe Modelcollect in the near future? 4. ZSU-23-4 - anybody? anywhere? 5. M114 troop carrier - no ideas :( 6. Chinese ZTZ-96 - maybe Trumpeter/HB ? 7. YW/WZ531 - as above 8. Soviet T-27 tankette - maybe Unimodel or Zvezda ? 9. YPR-765/AIFV/ACV-15 - to be based on any decent M113 kit 10. FV-101 Scorpion family - maybe Airfix once again? New tool in 1/72 please :) Cheers Michael
  12. Finally I have received the pictures of the #67408 from Compiegne museum. https://imodeler.com/2019/08/renault-tank-ft-7/ And now the question is what colours should I use for the French WWI four-colour "tiger scheme" of light sand, rusty brown, sage green and greyish blue with thin black stripes between them? Cheers Michael
  13. Could anybody tell me whether the tiny UE Chenillette tractor displayed at Bovington Museum has been painted Khaki overall with some Vert Fonce superimposed or was it the other way round - bronze green overall with some earthy brown over it? IIRC the Chenillettes M1931 were delivered usually in Khaki, while the later M1937 ones are known to leave factory in bronze green. It seems to me that the Bovington specimen is described "1931", although the shape of forward wings does suggest rather the UE2. Cheers Michael
  14. R'u talking about this one? Cheers Michael
  15. I seems to me that some 40 years ago I have seen the photo of the camouflaged Mi-4 destroyed in Afghanistan war. However I have no idea whether it was the Soviet or Afghan aircraft... In Poland the ASW Mi-4ME variant wore the plain green/light blue camo till the end of service, while the army Mi-4As became multi-coloured already in the late 1960s. Cheers Michael
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