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  1. England were on fire against the Aussies - they would beat anybody playing like that. Hope we have one more game like that (this Sunday). But any win over the Aussies (in any sport) is sweet - it doesn't happen that often! Bring on The Ashes, should be very competitive
  2. Was doing over 100 flights a year until recently, in the main originating from LHR or LCY Terminals 2 and 5 at LHR are world class, though I admit it can be a bit of a trek to the satellites Since BA moved at CDG, it’s been pretty reasonable IMHO My least favourite (by a county mile) is Schipol -I simply don’t get this place, it’s inefficient in the extreme, and FRA has its bad moments too - guaranteed a 15 minute bus ride arriving from LCY (good for spotting!) ZRH probably most efficient, especially for connections - works very well and all I’ll say about STN, tried it once, NEVER again! SD
  3. Well, in support of Jonners, I've lived in the South East all my life, am fast approaching 60 and just about to move to the North East (east of Newcastle). Best decision I've ever made - the people are amazing, public transport is pretty good and the beer ain't bad either (not that it's too shabby here either) SD
  4. Fabulous! Especially fond of that C.A.T machine SD
  5. I’ll be doing my photos on Friday and will try and post any that are decent - the silver Daks were a sod to photograph! SD
  6. Apparently the Norwegian has a serious oil leak and shutting down the other engine on landing was in response to a faulty warning, but a sensible precaution. I understand Duxford are looking to provide hangar space. No idea about the other one SD
  7. Norwegian glider and the Dak in a beige/brown livery was still on the deck when I left SD
  8. Great day today, and when the Dak’s tipped out this evening - simply breathtaking- what a wonderful sight. I feel for the crews of the two that didn’t make it SD
  9. I sailed in (not literally!) off the M11 at 0830 this morning. Car park was open early. Plan to do same again tomorrow and hope weather is better (I could have literally sailed out). Made a good decision to leave st 1400hrs by the look of it - but the Daks are magnificant! SD
  10. My first time at this show as now I only live 5 minutes up the road (rather than 5 hours away, where I used to live). Really enjoyed it and even treated myself to a new airbrush. Looking forward to next year already SD
  11. Excuse me if I Ramble On.... That is one fabulous looking machine, and they are one fabulous, brilliant band. Mr Plant in all his incarnations is always top value SD
  12. Been in the airline business since 1976, and have lived out of a suitcase ever since. I have to say the novelty wore off years ago. I was due to retire last Friday, but have been asked to stay on until Christmas - happy to do so on the basis I don't have to get on aeroplanes every 5 minutes and I can work from my adopted home just outside of Newcastle (not the most convenient commute to LHR). SD
  13. Looks great. I fancy giving this a go. Do decals go straight on to the foil, or any varnish needed? Thanks for sharing this SD
  14. Swamp Donkey

    Aer Lingus

    I don’t mind it, but as others have said, it’s a tad uninspiring i was in FRA this week and the new Lufty scheme looks sharp, as does my employers ‘new’ scheme, Air Canada But they are all very corporate. I sill like China Southern, it’s quite retro SD
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