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  1. Count me in Mig 29 for sure, Libyan Mig 23 if that new tool comes along in time SD
  2. Sad news indeed. Never did see Fleetwood Mac live. That rock band up in heaven gets increasingly awesome RIP SD
  3. That look splendid, one of my all time favourite liveries SD
  4. Well, outstanding news which is thrilling! Just leaving the house for our five weeks away and what was there on the carpet in the hallway? Oh yes, the gear door Carpet Monster 0 SD 1 SD
  5. Just noticed I’ve lost one of the nose gear doors. Will have to wait until the new year to hunt for it or scratch build a new one. Oh well! SD
  6. The fog has lifted but the sun is very low. Managed to photograph the finished article, will post more in the GB gallery SD
  7. Thank you. Hopefully some brighter weather tomorrow and I’ll get some photos in the gallery. If not, it will have to wait until January SD
  8. Almost done. Just a small bit of touching up and this can go in the display cabinet. No chance of gallery photos today as the fog on the Tyne is thick SD
  9. Planning to get this finished today, I’m packed and ready. Mrs SD on the other hand……! SD
  10. Some progress this morning and looking smart. Taking a break from the endless stencils. Up against the clock with this one as we leave for our Christmas break first thing Wednesday morning, will try and get this finished before we go SD
  11. Merci Patrice hope you manage to find one or two, it’s a very nice kit SD
  12. Decals going on - having a rest from the dozens of stencils. Would these Meteors have had a gloss or semi gloss finish? SD
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