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  1. Got a couple of Tamiya Mossies to have a go at, but simply MUST finish a couple (at least) off the shelf of doom SD
  2. On rereading my post, now corrected the misspelling of your surname, damn that predictive text - apologies! Super book, great memories from the early 70’s (the smells and all that smoke!) and my subsequent 44 years working at LHR before moving North SD
  3. Morning just looking at the recent Adrian M. Balch book ‘Heathrow in Photographs’ The Trident line up on the front cover taken in July 1968 does suggest white undersides, but I suspect this is a trick of the light or fading of the original photo. Delving further into the book, it seems to me that the following BEA Red Square machines, Vanguard, Argosy and Tridents have a very pale grey belly, Viscounts could be a mixed bag of grey and metal, and the Comets all look natural metal. With photographs of this vintage it seems reasonable that there may be some variations or deterioration of the negative SD
  4. Superb! Remember seeing one of those Spearair DC-8’s at LHR in the early 70’s. I liked the livery then and your model brings back happy memories SD
  5. And warped and unplayable. Moved on to 1975 ‘Original Soundtrack’ by 10CC SD
  6. Crickey, just put my original copy of Aladdin Sane on, its 50 years old good grief SD
  7. Always a critic of taking photos on a phone - but this one okay. Only just got to Nick Drake, heaven knows why - brilliant, and now need to swot up Massive dilemma now, that can never be solved The first album I ever bought was either ‘Diamond Dogs’ (original vinyl now playing on the deck) or ‘Aladdin Sane’, which I will play next with a lovely bottle of something. Either which way, Bowie = Genius SD
  8. After yet another splendid evening of live music at The Engine Room, North Shields, home listening to ‘Five Leaves Left’ in anticipation of the gig (at The Engine Room) ‘I saw Nick Drake’ A big thumbs up to Seamus AKA ‘I See Islands’ forgive the walk home photo (a little refreshed) Rock on SD
  9. This is brilliant. Spent hours waiting around for the Eastern S2000 and the short lived LCY flight from NCL when I was backwards and forwards to London. I decided the train is much easier! Great project SD
  10. Ooh, I like the 3 Typhoons. Was lucky enough to have a ride in G-PBYA a couple of years ago, so I like that too! SD
  11. Love that Tranny. It’s a very long time since I’ve been to an air show (other than the Daks at Duxford). I used to go everywhere but got a bit fed up with the bouncy castles and craft stalls, not to mention aircraft that I wasn’t so interested in. Maybe it’s just me being a grumpy old man? Maybe it was being so spoilt by Greenham Common shows? Oh well…! But your Leuchars shots are fab SD
  12. Right, no if’s, no but’s, this needs to get through the vote!! I just took delivery of this bad boy, thankfully Mrs SD is out. It gives me all the motivation I could ever need to build Newcastle Central Station. Of course, where it goes is a problem to be solved as and when the GB happens SD (who hasn’t touched a model railway for over 30 years)
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