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  1. That said, the F-86 selection is pretty saucy, so are the T-33’s… SD
  2. I simply have no idea what to build. I’ve had these Flight Colours decals for as long as I can remember - donkeys years. Suspect I’ll kick off with a CF-104 as I have plenty of Starfighters in the stash SD
  3. I did this in reverse. When I met my wife, I was living to the west of London (I was based at LHR) and Mrs SD lived in a small village in rural Essex. Approaching retirement I sold up and moved to Essex. I ‘hated’ it, I’m not built for country living as all the stuff outlined by Dennis didn’t do it for me. Upon retirement we sold up and moved 300 miles north, now living on the coast just 15 minutes train ride to Newcastle and I love it. I filled the car up the other day, first time this year! City life for me, every time SD
  4. Welcome to the site, and a big hello from North Shields SD
  5. Just been for my second sortie, and even though it’s not as jaw dropping second time round, still a fine romp. May we’ll go a third time! SD
  6. What a beautiful model of a stunning looking machine. Had the pleasure of a flight in ZS-BMH back in 1998 SD
  7. The Aeroflot 104’s operated Heathrow to Leningrad on a Friday back in the early 70’s, and were low enough over our school to read them off with Mk 1 eyeball, making the most fabulous noise (most aircraft did back then!) SD
  8. Well, even Mark Kermode (eminent British film critic) really liked the film, and admitted he went in with low expectations . I’m going to go again next week, and the more I think about it the more I prefer it to the original (despite not be a massive Hornet fan) SD
  9. Rewatched Goodfellas just last week. Sad news SD
  10. Oh no you most definitely have not!!! But no spoilers here! It will take a long time to wipe this silly grin off my face! SD
  11. I’m on my way now for a 1530 screening. Suspect the will be a happy 62 year old by 1800hrs, then the Crazy World of Arthur Brown this evening - did he ever have more than one hit song? SD
  12. I have very fond memories of driving Luton van’s up to the Mildenhall Air Fetes and Greenham Commons and all sorts of shows for years when I did the air show circuit for Tony. Happy, happy days SD
  13. So sad to hear this. I’ve known Tony and Jan for what must be the thick end of 50 years, and was in TAHS pretty much every week until I moved to the Northeast 3 years ago RIP Tony, you were a cantankerous old sod, but I’ll miss you Mark
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