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  1. Lovely photos. Visited Haifa in 2018 and indeed most of the preserved aircraft have gone - shame! SD
  2. Alpha Delta 210 has inspired me to order a photo scanner....need to dig the prints out now! I worked at Greenham one year (Phantoms?) on the Celsia models stand, did several trips to London in the Luton collecting the newly issued Matchbox Victors - sold like hot cakes! I was just happy to spend 4 or 5 days on the airfield SD
  3. Lovely collection and such happy memories - I loved the shows at Greenham Common May well invest in a scanner to digitise all my old prints...was just looking at a load of shots of TTTE Tornado’s at Cottesmore, seems like yesterday, not 1982!! SD
  4. What a lovely selection of photos, thanks for posting SD
  5. Totally agree with that - I find modern aviation (military and civil) all a bit sterile. I love reminiscing about the 70’s,80’s and 90’s...... (My alarm call when I lived near LHR was OH-KDA piling out every morning around 0600, and the Aeroflot Tu104 on a Friday whistling over school as we tipped out - low enough and big enough reg under wing to read off with mk 1 eyeball)
  6. Absolute magic, happy days indeed. I remember a Greenham Common where there were loads of F104’s, mid 70’s, I guess Great video, Mrs SD just asked what was making me so happy and why the broad grin?....doubt she’ll ever understand such things! SD
  7. Swamp Donkey

    Lock Down.

    Recently moved from Essex to Geordie Shore - fortunately, never seem either....am I missing something important? Doubt it! SD
  8. Discovered 4 AlleyCat Lightning conversions in a cupboard, so took advantage of Big H selling Lightning F2A’s at a 3rd off...will start carving them up after stalled projects are finished....Airfix Phantom and Revell Tonka, then the Airfix Bucc which isn’t stalled but just subject to my usual glacial pace....oh, and the decorating that Mrs SD has allocated me... SD
  9. Like most places, Newcastle is pretty quiet, but had the pleasure of a Kuwait Air Force C17 arriving this morning, and flew over our place on the coast at about 3000’ on its way in - much obliged! (I used to live 5 miles from 09L threshold at LHR, its all a bit sleepy here by comparison) SD
  10. If I had a front lawn I would be more than tempted to have Gods finest aircraft out there! Can’t park one in the street as the traffic wardens are a bit keen at weekends, and I’m not convinced North Tyneside Council would issue me a residents parking permit???!!! SD
  11. Getting new stuff delivered under the circumstances seems entirely reasonable......to me! SD
  12. Mrs SD has been very lenient with the several kit deliveries this week on the basis that it would be irresponsible for me to go to our storage facility to recover (some of) the stash. I wonder how far is safe to push this? SD
  13. Really nice. Flew on one of these mad dogs PHX-ORD when they were brand new, and connected to an AA B727. Your lovely MD80 brings back good memories SD
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