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Swamp Donkey

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  1. Swamp Donkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Just about to embark on an evening of red wine and King Crimson Why not? SD
  2. Swamp Donkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Had a Skyvan very low level the other day - fantastic!
  3. Swamp Donkey

    Phantom intake ramps for 1/72 Airfix kit

    Got mine yesterday, very nice. Airfix Phantom #2 will receive the treatment SD
  4. Swamp Donkey

    Cold War Shield, Vol. 3 update

    I’ve been in touch with Roger, and looks like Volume 3 is a matter of just a very few months away. SD
  5. 1/72 Buccaneer 1/72 Lightning F1/F3 Simples SD
  6. Swamp Donkey

    1/72 Airfix Phantom

    Once I’ve wrestled this Airfix machine in to submission, I will build both at once. it was a long, long time ago since I built the Fujimi Phantoms SD
  7. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    But back to the thread... didnt do a lot of flying on BCal, did a 111 back from FRA, B747 (G-HUGE? Would need to look it up) to DXB (when DXB was fun),and back from ATL on G-DCIO, but that was BA by then SD
  8. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    I went to school in Langley, and every Friday as we tipped out of school the Aeroflot Tu104 to Leningrad would whistle over. I used OH-KDA as my alarm clock, and the National B747 (to Miami, or was that the Delta?) was a sight and sound to behold!!! Swissair Coronado’s disappearing in their own smoke, the fabled TAP jumbos........I could go on for hours!!
  9. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    I used to sit on the grass (inside the fence) at the holding point of what would have been 28L. Pan Am and TWA B707F, TMA DC6 etc taxied past - seem like the wings would be over our heads - happy happy days SD
  10. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    Courtline BAC111 diversions from LTN we’re always a welcome sight at LHR SD
  11. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    They all look great, and I think Paul J is correct about the VC10. Also love the old BY B737’s and Air Europe machine. Do I also spy a Redcoat Brit? Golden days SD
  12. Swamp Donkey

    British Caladonian +

    Fabulous! Where’s the VC10? SD
  13. The Royal Air Force got their hands on Gods finest in late 1959 Count me in with an early Lightning F1 SD
  14. Swamp Donkey

    1/72 Airfix Phantom

    I remember nothing but pleasure in building Fujimi Phantoms and all those lovely Modeldecals (regret none survived a couple of house moves) I'm sorry to say I’m not enjoying the Airfix offering as much, but it has rekindled my interest in the subject Fortunately I have quite a few Fujjmi’s in the stash, and I will hang on to them once the 20’ container is ‘liquidated’! SD