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  1. 1/72 Tonka family would be nice (despite the love, can’t get on with the Revell one. New Jag would be welcome too) SD
  2. Another vote for red. Airbrushes nicely. I have some orange and blue but not used yet SD
  3. Almost certainly a Facebook group that will have all the interesting movements posted. We get notifications up here at Newcastle of the stuff planned to do training runs up from Brize and elsewhere SD
  4. Was fortunate enough to be at Edwards Show in 1997 to see Yeager celebrate to 50th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier in the back seat of an F15, which from memory (need to dig out photos) was named ‘Glamorous Glennis’. Will rewatch The Right Stuff this afternoon. RIP Chuck Yeager
  5. Kit Box, Station Road Whitley Bay Wandered past the other day and note on door saying that are trading Monday, Friday and Saturday’s - from memory 1000-1600hrs SD
  6. Another vote for Optivisor Added a lot more pleasure to my modelling experience SD
  7. Great photos of a stunning aircraft. I love 106’s, one of my all time favourites, and fortunate to see many in service on numerous trips across the pond, William Tell (in I think 1981) among the highlights SD
  8. There’s no straightforward answer here.....as I have recently found out I’ve been a long time aviation photographer and use Canon kit, and agree with comments above about getting decent lenses... And recently I bought a whopping great telescope and really fancy a bit of Astrophotography, and that’s where this can get complicated... So for now, I have bought the adapters to fit my EOS5D to the telescope (The telescope then becomes the camera lens), though not used it yet. However, having discussed at length with the telescope suppliers, the best way to conduc
  9. Last ride (and suspect last 747 trip ever) on one of these beauties was G-CIVD January 2019....I will really miss these, just such iconic, fabulous beasts... and vividly remember the National B747’s doing LHRMIA back in the ‘70’s low level over our school that was about 8 miles from the end of 28R, and probably no higher than 1500ft by the time they reached us....and like GH above, flew on every version (including freighters) except the -800 SD
  10. I’m liking that little lot, superb collection SD
  11. Been twice and a truly superb collection. Don’t recall the Hughes helicopters and suspect the KC97 I saw was not this one. Brings back memories seeing this little lot, thank you! SD
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