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  1. Delicious! Will be having ours on Friday SD (no Scottish roots whatsoever, but haggis, neeps and tatties is a real treat)
  2. Tiny update, a bit of Milliput and primer, busy tomorrow but Thursday, Friday and the weekend look promising for a bit more work Hopefully my new spray booth will arrive in the next couple of days and I can crack on with some serious painting SD
  3. Swamp Donkey

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Not a fan of the music, but totally iconic. R.I.P. big fella - go and rock it to all those bats x SD
  4. Mark I’ve been following this thread and wasn’t sure if I should respond, but I will. You say in your original post ‘there but for the grace of God’, which really hit home with me. It’s many years since I’ve been ‘skint’, but when I was living just East of London I was volunteering for a homeless charity (and still need to do the same up here). My point being, there is very significant proportion of people seeking help through little or no fault of their own, but due to a rotten set of circumstances at the wrong time. The amount of ex service personel was shocking. I sincerely hope your lot improves, I honestly do SD
  5. Small update, wings on, first pass of primer, a bit of filling and sanding when I get back on Sunday. Still an odd looking aeroplane to me! Until next time SD
  6. A little more done, may get a couple of hours on it tomorrow SD
  7. I’m liking the look of L2670 of No 14 Squadron, in desert scheme but with dark earth/dark green bomb panniers. Will see if I can cobble the decals together SD
  8. A little progress this morning, probably won’t get much more done before Sunday as I’m away for a few days again Built a rudimentary wooden floor, but not too much to see once closed up A few more floorboards. Will close up fuselage, affix cockpit and let that dry. May get the wings on later SD
  9. Nice builds! I may go down the dark earth/mid stone route. Managed a couple of hours this morning. Standby for (rubbish) photos SD
  10. Just doing a fictitious busy up of the interior, and will chuck in a couple of seat belts before I button this up. I’m off to London on Thursday morning for one or two refreshments, so there will be a slight lull in progress for a few days SD
  11. Very nice. Managed to photograph a few of these in a compound at Mojave a million years ago. Lovely job on this one SD
  12. Im pretty much a 1/72 chap, so it would be easy to be disappointed. But I’m not. Although of the new tools I’ll only be having a couple of Meteors away, one has to be impressed with the 1/48 Anson and Bucc, and the big Spit - if I built in those scales I’d be pretty chuffed. These are not for me, but a thumbs up to Airfix anyway SD
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