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  1. All Do-22 were painted in standard grey colour for Naval Aviation. On the night of the first day of the war (6th April) an order was issued. According this order all airplanes of Naval Aviation should be camouflaged by painting their topside surfaces in patchy pattern using green paint. It was done only on few aircrafts and probably only on upper surfaces of wings and floats. Not on fuselage. When markings were changed in September by removing crosses, all Do-22 flew with their original Yugoslav camouflage. In that period area outside circles were overpainted in some kind of light grey to match camo. Circles were overpainted in dark blue-white-red but large Yugoslav light blue-white-red flag remained. When Do-22 received new two tone camouflage Yugoslav flag was reduced to smaller with dark blue instead of light blue. I don't know if Yugoslav grey colour remained on under surfaces when they received new upper surface two tone camouflage. If so, the fresh overpainted areas around circles probably remained on under surfaces of wings. Regards Voja .
  2. Yes, the blue is darker because ground personal used same paint that was used for blue on RAF roundels. When white crosses were removed, the remaining light blue-white-red roundels were then over painted with fresh paint. Only paint they could find at that moment is the same paint used for RAF red-white-blue roundels. In very short period all roundels had white rings. Later the white rings on upper roundels were over painted in red and some weeks later the same was done with roundels on wings under surfaces. Regards, Voja .
  3. I have done this drawing only for this topic. Hope it helps you. Cheers, Voja .
  4. More close up photos on https://krila72.wordpress.com/ostale-recenzije/focke-wulf-fw-190-a-8-eduard-70111/ .
  5. More photos of this nice little kit on my blog https://krila72.wordpress.com/ostale-recenzije/dh-88-comet-sbs-model/ .
  6. I bought it today at Mosonshow in Hungary. Very nice little model. I recommend it to all 1/72 fans. I payed 40 Euros for it and it is worth all money. Tomorrow I would buy another one, in red painting scheme. Here are some photos of what is in the box. Sorry, photos are of poor quality. They are from my hotel room. .
  7. In my Blenheim I sprue with clear parts was missing. I received missing sprue from Airfix. Now when I see that many had problems with missing sprues in Airfix models I'm little afraid what is going to happen when I buy next modell from Airfix production.
  8. In 1938 Yugoslavia ordered 12 Hurricanes Mk.I (Merlin II, two bladed Watts propeller, fabric wings). First two delivered in december 1938 and rest in april 1939. Only two first delivered Hurricanes had venturi tubes. All in standard RAF camouflage Dark Earth/Dark Green scheme "A" and "B" with silver under surfaces, markings on all four positions on wings. Large white numbers I-XII on fuselage. Later all equipped with 3 bladed De Havilland propeller. Hurricane No.2301 (first delivered Hurricane) in 1941 equipped with DB.601 to serve as prototype for future Rogozarski 24 licence build Hurricanes. In 1940 second order for 12 Hurricanes (Merlin lll, 3 bladed De Havilland propeller, metal wings). All in standard RAF camouflage Dark Earth/Dark Green scheme "A" and "B", silver under surfaces with one wing in black while other in white. Markings on all four positions on wings. In 1940 order for 48 licence build Hurricanes (Merlin lll, 3 bladed De Havilland propeller, fabric wings). 24 to be build by Zmaj and 24 to be build by Rogozarski. Only 24 by Zmaj were build and delivered while there was no more Merlin lll engines available for Rogozarski Hurricanes. Instead for Merlin lll those should be equipped with DB.601 engines. About 80-90% of parts, fuselages, wings were build before German attack on Yugoslavia and all destroyed by factory workers to prevent failing in German hands. All licence build Hurricanes had 3 tone upper camouflage with light blue grey under surfaces. Only two markings on wings (one large, one small) with narrow blue-white-red state flag. .
  9. Excelent build I hope to find one of those Revell Migs for my own build. .
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