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  1. Mark, That is all we can ever do - the minute it stops being fun is the time to take that step back. And just by the way, your best is far better than most of us will ever achieve, Cheers, Roger
  2. Alistair, That's certainly impressive engineering on the kit and you've cracked on nicely with the interior! Cheers, Roger
  3. John, Nice choice - will look forward to a masterclass in weathering! Cheers, Roger
  4. John, A lovely and thoughtful treatment of this subject, and a most engaging and educational WIP. It's been a pleasure to watch and the result certainly doesn't disappoint, Cheers, Roger
  5. Lovely finish John, and as ever a WIP full of education and useful tips! Cheers, Roger
  6. Alistair, Consider it done - I think that's a fair trade given the amount I've learned from your build! Cheers, Roger
  7. Thanks Chris - it's an absolute beast, even in this scale! Cheers, Roger
  8. Thanks Mark, They are a bit wrong, aren't they?! The astrodome was a bit of a faff but doesn't look too bad now, Cheers, Roger
  9. Hi All, Some more good progress on the Sunderland today. In between sanding, scraping and scribing, I gave myself a break by fitting the astrodome. Now I knew already that the part was oversized, so offered it up to see the extent of the problem: Now to my slightly worn Mk.I eyeball the scribed surround to the hole looks to be almost exactly the right size for the part, so I duly fettled the material away to this line. After a few false starts (and dropping the d*mned thing inside the fuselage , here's the final result fixed in position: I also fixed the nose transparency in position with Krystal Kleer: You can just about see that the top strip on the starboard side of the transparency had been broken off, so I replaced it with a small section of plastic card glued in place: I'll fill around that and sand it smooth once it's dry. I also got the wings attached, and the gaps at the wing roots filled: I belatedly realised that I'd not built any structure into the wing for the landing lights, which in typical SH style have been omitted despite having a transparency there! I'll have to figure out a retrofit solution to put a light in position behind the transparency, but that will be a problem for next time. There's still a deal of preparation to be done before painting, but I don't think I'm too far away from the whiff of primer! Thanks for looking, Roger
  10. Some lovely scratchbuilding work on show there Chris. Love those tail bumpers and foil panels, Cheers, Roger
  11. Jeff, Happy to help - I chanced upon it myself, and as they say, the best ideas are simple! Cheers, Roger
  12. Jeff, Krystal Kleer is my guilty secret for most smaller gaps. I simply apply and then wipe away with a damp cotton bud (or a finger, depending which is closer ) I also use Tamiya putty on occasion but have the same feeling as you, Cheers, Roger
  13. Never mind the 'tache, check out the stash
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