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  1. Why do I feel like I'm taking one for the team?!
  2. Thanks very much James! It does take the edge off the lovely Tamiya kit, but hopefully it won't be too much of a hippocrocapig by the time I'm done! Cheers, Roger
  3. Hi All, Some good progress today - I took a cheeky day off work to make an extra long weekend (Monday is a public holiday here - yay). The first job of the day was the instrument panel shroud. Now this is canvas in the actual aircraft, so I stole the idea from another build in the GB decided to use some tissue soaked in diluted PVA to add the surface texture. Here's with the tissue applied: A couple of wrinkles in there to add realism! Once that had dried it was given a coat of Khaki and detail painted: This and the gunsight were then attached to the front canopy and the assembly affixed to the cockpit using Krystal Kleer. I could then fill the gap between the canopy and the nose with Tamiya filler: Once that had dried I sanded it down, leaving a smooth surface: Some rescribing and general cleaning up, and we were ready for primer: This coat revealed the usual minor imperfections and defects which were soon sorted out. However, it did also reveal this: A rather prominent mismatch between the fuselage and nose That was not going to pass muster, so I'm in the process of sanding the area back: It's looking much better already, so I shall rescribe tomorrow and re-apply the primer, and no-one will ever know! More to come over the weekend, Thanks for looking, Roger
  4. Lovely work Chris - those decals have really complimented your lovely paintwork. Not far off now! Cheers, Roger
  5. Impressively speedy work Mark - look forward to seeing this one! Cheers, Roger
  6. Thanks very much Wu! I agree that the range and ordnance of the P38 could have made a big difference - what juicy modelling subjects too! Appreciate the kind words...
  7. Thanks very much James - most enjoyable it is too!
  8. Now that is a good looking scheme CC - will look forward to seeing it take shape! Cheers, Roger
  9. Coming along nicely Alistair - I'm almost tempted to crack out my 1:48 Tamiya FB Mk.VI, Cheers, Roger
  10. Andrew, Lovely build and finish - particularly impressive is your treatment of the exhaust collectors. Most realistic, Cheers, Roger
  11. Mark, A stunning RFI and a very engaging WIP - impressively speedy with no sacrifice in quality. Lovely work, Cheers, Roger
  12. Good to see you on board Colin - great personal connection too! Good luck with this little beauty, Cheers, Roger
  13. This one is worth a little trouble Chris
  14. Thanks very much Chris - the kit is jaw-droppingly good. You need one...
  15. Hi All, Another brief update. I decided to crack on with the nose this afternoon. Gluing the 3 components together with CA was a simple enough task, and on offering up the nose assembly (with bearing blutacced in place) revealed the extent of the gap: I'd already noted that the nose was slightly wider than the fuselage, so you can see I've started the process of profiling it (no shortcoming of the Red Roo set - as noted previously it is intended for the Academy kit ). In order to fill the rather cavernous gap I cut a shim from 1mm plastic card: Once that had been glued in position and set I then started profiling it: I also shimmed the area ahead of the canopy, and filled the remaining gaps with Tamiya putty. I'll let that dry until next time, so here's a final shot showing the state of play on the underside: A bit out of focus, but taking shape nicely - some attention with some fine wet & dry and some rescribing should see it come up nicely! Thanks for looking, Roger
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