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  1. Lovely finish and weathering - great job on the mottling!
  2. Great photos Peter - much appreciated!
  3. Crikey, I think I'm glad I'm doing the Eduard kit. Cracking work CC! Cheers, Roger
  4. Cheers mate - getting better but it's been a full bore couple of weeks.
  5. Hi All, What with an intense couple of weeks with the new job, and a dose of man flu to boot, the old mojo is a little low at the moment. However, I've had an enjoyable couple of hours on the Airacobra. On @Dana Bell's sage advice I decided to respray the cockpit and interior components. The cockpit therefore got a dose of Schwarzgrun, and the remainder was sprayed in Zinc Chromate Yellow. Here's the cockpit: And the rest (including a photobombing foot ): I thought I was being extra organised by spraying
  6. To my eye that collector ring looks bang on - nice work! Cheers, Roger
  7. Any info gratefully received - I've drawn a blank thus far...
  8. Cheers Chris! I think it could be a cracker of a kit - the undercarriage bays look suspiciously bare to my eye so some further investigation required, methinks. Back to week 2 tomorrow (and looking forward to it!), Cheers, Roger
  9. CC - I must say you've done a cracking job of cleaning that up - nothing worse than a flashy ring (fnarrr)
  10. For all the flash there's also some lovely resin detail, typical SH! Enjoy...
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