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  1. Nice work on the Gladiator Chris - look forward to seeing this come together, Cheers, Roger
  2. Thanks for the kind words Chris. With the washes, I believe @tonyot runs a scalpel blade through the panel lines after painting just to ensure they are there... Cheers, Roger
  3. Thanks for the kind words CC. They are awesome, but I can't order them direct here. When I do get them it's in bulk! Cheers, Roger
  4. Hi All, I managed to get a quick hour at the bench in after work tonight (there are some benefits to a lockdown ). I wanted to see the back of the gloss coat, so started off with a Flory wash: And with the wash removed: The surface detail is simply superb, and it's popped out nicely thanks to Mr Flory! Finally here's the state of play following a flat coat: I'm not displeased with that - the paint variations are subtle but clear to the naked eye. That'll be it until the weekend (or will it?!!) Thanks for looking, Roger
  5. Simon, Great work on the knocked back stripes - they look spot on (and a good tip - thank you!) Cheers, Roger
  6. Thanks Dennis - most kind! Cheers, Roger
  7. Thanks mate. That Tiggie was an absolute beauty. In fact you haven't put a foot wrong since then, so maybe 1:32 gave you a superpower?
  8. Very much enjoying it, but that could be the kit. I'm sure not every 1:32 kit is this good! Painting has been complex but a blast
  9. Thanks Chris! The kill tally looks ok if you squint, but you are very kind! Pretty happy overall though... Cheers, Roger
  10. Hi All, Another progress update after a good day at the bench! The next job was fixing the missing camouflage from the rear stabiliser: Easily fixed! The next task had been causing me some trepidation - although the Montex masks are for LO*D, they depict MH526, whereas I am modelling MJ586. There was therefore no decal for Clostermann's kill tally: I decided that rather than just freehanding this, I'd better give myself a grid to work from. Here it is: And after painting with a cocktail stick: The final result following unmasking: Macro photography is not kind, is it? I couldn't resist dry-fitting the engine compartment bulkhead, just for a look: Once that had been pryed out again, it was time for gloss coat and decals. Here's the state of play now: Here's a shot of the codes, which were cobbled together: Fortunately the 'other' scheme from Montex had an 8, and I cut the bottom of the J from a 3, and freehanded the upright. Doesn't look to bad, I thought! That'll now have a few days to settle down before a Flory wash and assorted weathering, Thanks for looking, Roger
  11. Hi All, Some strong progress on the Spit! Last night I ended up doing the wing camo pattern with a nice glass of shiraz: Once I'd added some blutac worms this morning, on went the Dark Green: A lighter coat was then laid down (mixed with Mid-Stone). Once this had dried for a (semi) decent length of time, I began the laborious process of demasking: Camo is looking nice and crisp! And a short time later, drum roll please: The red of the roundels has run on the underside, so that will need touching up, along with a couple of other minor bleeds: Once everything had settled down for a while I started at the chipping, using a wet cotton bud to gently remove the patches shown: I'm not displeased with the overall effect! So here's an overall shot showing how she looks: Next I masked up to spray the codes in this very complex (but very enjoyable) paint job. Here's the masks in place: And unmasked: Finally I masked and sprayed the wing walkway lines (forgot to photograph the masking): Looking sharp! Has anyone spotted the deliberate mistake yet? I missed the DG camo on the stabiliser - doh. Will fix that up along with the other imperfections before I put down a gloss coat. More to come later, Thanks for looking, Roger
  12. Hi CC, Coming along nicely! The blister window was indeed fitted over the original opening, so what you have done is correct - Huzzah! Cheers, Roger
  13. Some lovely work here Elger. I will definitely use your beautiful Merlin as inspiration for my current MkIXc build - awesome work sir! Cheers, Roger
  14. @corsaircorp you are a bad man Alain (but I like you)
  15. Cheers Chris! Is that a Malta Spit in grey? Sounds intruiging... Cheers, Roger
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