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  1. This is inspiring stuff Colin! I'm about to start a MkVIF build and will certainly refer to this as I proceed! Cheers, Roger
  2. Lovely finish Ben, and it is great to see the evolution in design! Cheers, Roger
  3. Good idea undercoating in DE too - another top tip for me to steal!!
  4. Coming together nicely Chris - I don't envy you painting all that yellow! Even prop tips give me the heebies Cheers, Roger
  5. Got to love an Aussie Spit Tony - even better a brace! Beautifully finished as ever mate - congratulations, Cheers, Roger
  6. Thanks for the kind words Pete - much appreciated. I look foward to seeing your B.III! Cheers, Roger
  7. Thanks for all the kind words - much appreciated!
  8. Coming together nicely Mike - good recovery on the masking and colour! I hope you are recovering from your accident? Cheers, Roger
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