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  1. Lovely work on both Tony, and great to see that the Airfix kit can be built into a great model, Cheers, Roger
  2. Thanks Chris, Had a lovely family holiday, but a big week at work put paid to stress-free! It is interesting to see the differences between the 2, and I have to say this is one of SH's better offerings - remarkably benign (so far!), Cheers, Roger
  3. Iain, Looking forward to this after seeing the beautiful work on the 1:48 version - I'm in! Cheers, Roger
  4. Hi All, Some good progress on both 'Fires today! As I'd forged ahead with the Mk.XV, I decided to bring the Mk.I up to a similar stage. Here's all of the cockpit sub-assemblies: I had procured Eduard's etch set for the Mk.I, so you can see that the IP has been applied (self-adhesive, donchaknow!). Here's another shot, as there was a bit of glare in the above photo: Doesn't look too bad! This is where the Mk.XV is up to: The two kits are very different in their approach to the cockpit assembly. Airfix have you build up the cockpit tub thus: You can see that I'm halfway through assembling the Sutton harness. As many have noted before the tolerances on the cockpit tub are hellishly tight, so proceed with caution! Here's another shot showing the IP in position: And here's another showing the completed harness: I then buttoned up the fuselage: I had a few odds and ends to complete on the Mk.XV (harness, drybrushing etc.), so here she is just prior to buttoning up: You may notice that I've done an oil wash on both cockpits. Finally, here's a shot of both fuselages together: I'm rather enjoying this! Thanks for looking, Roger
  5. Looking good CC - you've almost persuaded me do do mine as a post-war bird (almost!), Cheers, Roger
  6. Hi Chris, Been away with work and missed this - Anson is looking superb! Do you dream in yellow now?! Cheers, Roger
  7. Lovely build and finish - I think you have captured the look of the brute perfectly!
  8. Looking really good Iain - I've got (another) one of these in the stash, and your build is certainly inspiring! Cheers, Roger
  9. Hi Chris, The Anson looks lovely, shame about that paint reaction on the Sea Gladiator - I'm sure you'll recover the situation though! Cheers, Roger
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