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  1. Thanks Chris - hopefully a straighforward build! Cheers, Roger
  2. Good tip GB - many thanks! Cheers, Roger
  3. Thanks for the kind words Homer - much appreciated!
  4. Hi All, My next project will be Eduard's Dual Combo boxing of the Hellcat (so I'm moving in quick succession from the Stringbag to this beast!) The boxing allows for building a MkI and a MkII. Here's the box art: Here's the sprue shots: You can see that the MkI fuselage has a rear quarter window, whereas the MkII does not: There's also some beautifully cast resin wheels: Here's the transparent parts, the PE etch and some masks: Finall
  5. Thanks Chris, It's an interesting thought - as with any personal connection it is no longer an abstract concept but really makes you appreciate what that amazing generation endured, Cheers, Roger
  6. Thanks for the kind words! Thanks Harold! Yes it is a fair size - I thought that folding a wing would add some interest (obviously saves space too!) Cheers, Roger
  7. Thanks Stephen - much appreciated!
  8. No worries mate. I've got a day off tomorrow so all may be revealed
  9. I'll see how my patience holds. I do have another possible alternative for my next build. It's a heavy, but not a Lanc or Halibag. Hmmmmm...
  10. I'll hold out for a group build if you like Chris!
  11. Thanks for the kind words Dave - much appreciated! The rigging is a Tamiya PE set, which looks very effective but is a pig to fit! Cheers, Roger Thanks for the kind words!
  12. Thanks BB - much appreciated!
  13. Thanks Chris - I'll call it a save! I'm thinking a brace of Hellcats next, although I do have an Oxbox winging its way to me as we speak. I was doing a bit of research and saw your lovely Navy version from a couple of years ago - very nice work! Cheers, Roger
  14. Thanks Tony - much appreciated!
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