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  1. Alistair, Will follow with interest. I've got a 6AEF version sitting on the SoD, and I can't remember why! Maybe this will inspire me to remember... Cheers, Roger
  2. Alistair, Lovely finish to an awesome build - it looks like quite the kit and I am almost tempted. Cheers, Roger
  3. Thanks Bill - a good tip. I have not yet looked at the plastic cover but will proceed with caution Crikey Andy - no pressure!! I am with you on the aesthetic, it has a certain ungainly charm. The undercarriage does give me the fear though...
  4. Nice one CC! Will look forward to seeing yours take shape - I didn't have the courage to do the origami... Cheers, Roger
  5. Alistair, Looking good. Interesting about the landing lights - I do not recall a fit issue, Cheers, Roger
  6. Alistair, Lovely work - I think going for a cleanish look is the right choice, Cheers, Roger
  7. Chris, Nice to see this on the go again, and the Nomad is a treat! Cheers, Roger
  8. Thanks Colin - I'd say it's no worse than any other SH kit, although some are much better! Apart from the exploding cockpit it has been ok so far - the undercarriage does fill me with dread though...
  9. Aren't there just - even by SH standards this one is vague... Thanks Chris - it's been a bit of a trial but getting there now
  10. Hi All, Some good progress with the Barracuda this weekend! It very nearly ended up on the Shelf of Doom yesterday, after the cockpit components almost exploded on my first attempt at buttoning up. I let things cool down overnight and revisited the situation this morning, and reasonably quickly ended up here: Always best to sleep on that sort of thing! Finally I managed to get the fuselage buttoned up: Here's the view through the observer's window: And here' the glazing posed in place (just to check the fit - again!): Next I moved on to the undercarriage bays - made up of four pieces, none of which have any positive location : Although there are no landing lights, a couple of sequins sourced from the craft box sorted that out: I've also cut out the spaces for the navigation lights - rather curiously the transparencies are provided, but not the cutouts: This is the extent of the location for the wings: Strong CA is the order of the day. I'm off to put together the other wing now, Thanks for looking, Roger
  11. Alistair, Crikey - that was quick! By the way you have inspired me once again - my next build will also be wearing desert camo... Cheers, Roger
  12. Alistair, I keep saying 'nearly finished', but it does now look like you're nearly finished! Cheers, Roger
  13. Alistair, Nice progress - that IP looks just the ticket! Cheers, Roger
  14. Thanks Chris - it's the usual SH guessing game but looks pretty good so far...
  15. Hi All, Once again the constant social whirl that is my life precluded me from posting last week, although progress was made on the 'cuda. I started off in the cockpit - there are no instrument decals, and as the glazing will be closed up I made do with dry-brushing and picking out the dials with gloss: Talking of the glazing, I've been bitten too many times by SH kits so a dry-fit was in order: This was after a little judicious shaving of the fuselage opening at the rear end of the canopy, and you can see that the glazing now sits down nicely. Here's the key cockpit elements coming together: Finally a nice shot of the starboard fuselage half showing some of the radio gear: Tomorrow I should be able to get on with drawing those threads together! Thanks for looking, Roger
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